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How does this look?

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is it just me or does the wiki shit the bed with 500 errors all the time? Can;t use the visual editor and the formatting when editing is fucking cansur.

Thanks for taking the time to make a page anyway.

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visual editor was disabled I think due to spammers

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Why would anyone create conventional parititons sdc1,2,3 for a root_vg? Although it can be done the more sensible thing is probably to pretend it sits directly on either sdc or sdc1

Also if it contains /home only, maybe it might be called home_vg

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Whoops wrote reply on old thread before I saw there was a new one
Here is the link to the rack I bought. I it actually a bit cheaper now than when I bought it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084NXSLTG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1
>Gaming on a VM server
I'm not an expert and have never done this before :) From what I have seen, as long as I have enough resources available, it shouldn't me much different than baremetal.
>3 GPUs
1 for Unraid (it requires just a cheap one, or you can also use an integrated GPU i.e. intel), 1 for me (have a 3070), 1 for gf for gaming
My ram is not ECC. I don't think of this as being a server per say, more like a beefy gaming computer that I have split off bits to run stuff like a nas and also an additional workstation.
From what you are describing, I wonder if Xeons would be a better fit. You would get more cores for way cheaper than a high-end CPU like the 5950x which is for "content creation" and gaming. Check out the NAS Killer builds here: https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/guide-nas-killer-4-0-fast-quiet-power-efficient-and-flexible-starting-at-125/667

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>Why would anyone
point is to show what LVM can do in terms of pooling disks, compared to mergerfs.

>Also if it contains /home only, maybe it might be called home_vg
fair point

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You should also put an animoo partition on there too, because you're a fucking weeb.

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kinda concerned with recent news about hackings
is there such thing as a software where i could setup a honeypot? just sponge in all the scanning and login tries that accepts all ports/protocols. atleast i know so i can purge the whole network.

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>point is to show what LVM can do in terms of pooling disks, compared to mergerfs.
If it was me I'd seat it directly on sdc without partitions to show that's also an option, and then actually show the filesystems on top of the LVs.

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is it possible to make a libre home server that's also decent? what I mean specifically is running a server using only libre hardware. what should be included in such a server? ignoring budget.

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Just as a design tip, when editing an image, open it in Krita and hit "Soft proofing" in View. Everything that appears neon green is a color that cannot be printed reliably, so you may want to optimize that.

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Get a case that allows putting fans in front of the 5.25 bays. Most typical workstation cases don't, as they expect a blank faceplate or a very simple mesh insert. Alternatively you could place sheets of plastic (or metal if you feel HxC enough) to properly force the airflow through the disks.

Remember: after physical impacts and random, dead-after-90-days defects, the the main killer of hard drives is temperature. A drive that is sitting at above 40°C is aging prematurely. 50°C and up is a stress test.

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Henlo frens pls help

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crystal disk info if on windows. smartmontools/smartctl on linux

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>Sorry, wasn't trying to beat you up. I just thought that was .. impossible? Idk.
not the other guy, but it's definitely possible to have a thin client that logs into the VM. As long as his CPU has support for passing in PCIe devices to the VM it should work fine. Would definitely need gig Ethernet to reduce latency though.

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It has anime character on landing page how do I know this is not a botnet

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What am I looking at here?

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I can upgrade from 500/500 to "1Gb speeds". So, 940/880 for 85$/mo.
Thinking of cancelling and having my wife put it in her name for the new customer pricing which is like 75$?

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Sorry. I'm a dumbass. Thanks again.

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chill bro it was 20 dollars and im getting a full refund

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maybe this is what you are looking for?

Added in ZFS.

should I label the individual layers or no?

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I thought you'd notice it after last OP, but the wiki link is in fact pointing at the case guide instead.

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Thanks, I'll take a look. Seems like this is designed more for Windows with the NTFS/FAT32 restrictions, but I'm curious what's going on behind the scenes with the bootloader install. Right now GPT isn't a necessity since my drives are >2TB, but that might change in the future. I'll play around with this and gdisk a bit more

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Meant <2TB

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Yeah, I really should replace the default drive considering how cheap small SSDs are now. The old desktop came with a 2TB drive, and I've got an extra 750GB one from an even older computer. Part of me wants to just get a Synology NAS but I figure I can try to get some use out of this PC.

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>Hewlett-Packard h8-1080t

Specs here

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> Core i7
I tought that it will have an AMD CPU. Never saw those with Intel CPUs.

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I figure limiting myself to the command line is better for learning too

My mom is still on a similar h8-1010t which has an i5.
>tfw 2010 was 45 years ago

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What's some small, interesting software you run on your servers?
For me it's ArchiSteamFarm - mostly used to pointlessly bump CSGO playtime on my bot accounts, but sometimes I buy a bunch of games for cheap and make a tiny profit by idling them and selling dropped trading cards.

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Podcast generator so I can listen to my audiobooks in my podcast player (it syncs play position between browser, phone, tablet, has voice boost, smart speed, etc). New one I just installed is tubesync - it’s a DVR for YouTube. Basically just a front end for youtube-dl but it has some nice extra features. I’m enjoying it.

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wouldn't be easier just to have a virtualized text file? If I were you i'd find a way to convert that to raw text.

So data hoarders, I organized over 10,000 files into 6 folders (Covid downtime). However, accessing the files from the internet takes forever for previews/ to find what I want. What's the best way to split folders into auto-generated ~100 file size nested folders with year-month(#) in each folder? I was thinking either UNIX utils (i'm on mint) or python.

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Any ZFS chads here willing to help fact check/provide feedback on this article?


Still very much a work in progress. Need to add Pros and Cons for RAIDZ vs striped mirrored pairs, snapshots and clones needs content. I still need to finish the graphics for the page too.

nice another OP image.

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>Don't know what the hell is going on
Windows is going on.

Most people either gloss over it by giving it faster hardware with moar NVMe, moar CPU cores and moar RAM and hope that solves it (which it actually usually does, at least to satisfaction if not completely), or just use Linux/BSD.

But feel free to get a SBC or new x86_64 to avoid switching OS.

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Looks pretty organized for ghetto NAS.

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How does one become independent from steam? Can you play the games without the client?

And i wrote a python script to download your liked youtube videos using youtube-dl. if anyone is interested ill post it.

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Use gog, pirate games or quit gaming

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I just realized it might be the power supply. I picked the PSU from some dead PC I found from the recyclers.

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so at the recommendation of some anons here I've been giving jellyfin a try for the last ~week, for music only
gotta say, overall it's just not as good as Subsonic; maybe it's because I got used to how Subsonic works, I don't know, but so far I still feel like I'm battling a finicky and untested piece of sh..software
music library parsing is odd and at times simply broken (multi-disk albums simply won't work regardless metadata or folder structure), metadata updating overall is meh, the 2 plugins it comes with both work half so I need to use both
yes I am perfectly aware that there's yet more shit that I could install and manage to fix things, but that's not really the point of such programs imo
Subsonic just does what it says on the tin, in a fairly predictable way

I can imagine jellyfin might do things for movies/series better than Subsonic does, but it's just impressive to me that a 1-man project is so much more mature than an open-source one that has so many people contributing
unless I completely missed the point somehow
was hoping/expecting it to work a lot better desu
things that aren't already perfectly labeled require a pile of manual work to set up, because it seems it will prioritize metadata over folder structure, so it can barely handle "Misc" folders, or stuff from classical composers that are a mess to label properly
>inb4 lidarr and picard and more crap that I need to manage
or it could just...use the folder structure, like Subsonic does, it's there for a reason

haven't gotten to using the mobile app/external access though

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To add to this, on an odroid nas could you run shit like docker and have pihole running as well (so I can get rid of my raspberry pi)?

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>Also, would the odroid be more powerful than the synology I mentioned?
Really hard to make the comparison, it maybe is faster but a lot is different and it certainly also depends on what software you decide to run.

4GB RAM vs 2GB RAM is however probably a clear win for the Odroid given how a whole lot of server daemons need that more than particularly much processing/GPU power -

I don't even know why the synology has THAT little given the recent release date. Probably for increasing market segmentation, I don't see a 4GB or 8GB model for a few bucks more after all. The fucking shit companies pull...

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Obviously it still runs the same OS.

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yea, I think next I'll try Kodi (for the music part), and if that still doesn't work for me I'll just cave and try Navidrome and run something separate for movies...

I think part of the problem is that most ~newer projects like this mainly focus on Video, and the Music part is an afterthought, probably because there's a much smaller demand for it since Spotify has picked up so much
...and yes I've already tried Spotify, but that also didn't really work for me because of the interface and how focused it is on listening to random songs/discovery instead of listening to albums
one really nice feature of it was the notifications telling me about new albums from artists I listen to, but then I'd need to import that data and that's just too much work for something that I already have in last.fm
then I learned that Lidarr might be able to do something similar, and I imagine there's also other options for that

I can understand that jellyfin works for others, and I was willing to "change my ways", but one too many little things just made it too annoying, up to the point of the bloody space-bar not working properly:
https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-web/pull/805 (closed because fuck you)

anyway, that was my blogpost
if anyone uses Kodi for music, or Navidrome, I'd love to hear your opinions/experiences
or even if someone moved from Subsonic to smth else

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> Thanks lads, I think I'll get the 4GB odroid and go from there.
Should be fine.
> I guess there's also the benefit of learning, as I know fuck all about RAID and the such.
No big deal. You probably just want to use mdadm, example:
mdadm --verbose --create --level=6 --raid-devices=4 /dev/md0 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde1

That's like 50% of your learning experience, the /dev/md0 you created will basically just act like a single big drive. You probably don't even have to activate it on startup, most distros already are configured to do it.

Rest is filesystems, lvm, luks, whatever as usual, above or below or between mdadm.

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thanks, does it matter if I use something like this to hold the drives? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B085D9ZF3F/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_l-Z4Fb04K2KWV?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
It seems to have its own RAID switches and I noticed there's just one usb port.

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So I wanted some kind of playground where I can test stuff and I figured I would just install VirtualBox to emulate them on my pc first.

Is VirtualBox still the way to go or are there better alternatives?

>> No.79343851

Qemu (virt-manager?) is nice if you're on Linux.

Virtualbox has been a bit less capable/efficient and sometimes less stable for something like 10 years now, the only advantage since qemu surpassed it was the arguably more intuitive GUI.

Quite many people coming over from Windows also prefer to just continue with their VMWare. Also runs ok as such, you're just trapped in a fairly restrictive VMWare ecosystem that wants to sell you more products.

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thanks for the answer anon
I'm on windows and don't really want to be stuck in the vmware ecosystem, so I'll stick to virtualbox i guess.

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I have an old laptop with ubuntu on it and a 2TB external hard drive that I want to convert into a home server for shits and giggles. Eventually I'll probably purchase dedicated hardware for this, but I want to try it on my old computer first. I want it accessible wireless to anyone on the network, but not accessible outside the network. What software should I use? Plex seems a bit heavy for what i'm looking for. is Mediatomb any good? I'm decently familiar with the Linux command line, but don't know shit about networking.

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You can buy powerbricks with sata connectors on them if you want to tidy it up a bit,

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Actually, I think this might be /hsg/ related.
I'm hosting a few services reverse proxied with HAProxy. When the subdomain is correct, the traffic is proxied to specific services. When not, HAProxy returns 503 error. That's alright.
Should I be worried that, due to this 503, my IP appeared in Shodan and bots are testing some paths (wp-admin, some php version check, etc.) without a correct domain name? All they're getting is a 503. Should I try to obscure my server somehow, e.g. by resetting the connection instead of sending back the 503?

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seems funkwhale is quite a different concept/idea altogether from self-hosting/streaming your own music
>Personally if I were to set up some selfhosted music service, I'd keep it separated from Jellyfin anyway.
how so?
I'd rather have both music and video in the same media server thing if possible, less maintenance headaches to deal with

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I updated the build based on some input.
Is this a reasonable multimedia-build?
Also, CoreOS + containers or QubesOS?

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I'm taking issue with some of the claims here anon. /comfy/ anon here with 100TB usable across three ZFS pools. I think its an overly negative take on it. What you say is all true, but would you mind if I proposed some edits to the message? I think we should be encouraging anons to strive towards ZFS. As you say, its the most based filesystem. They do need to know about the requirements, the do's and do-nots, but I think we can sell it a little better. This just scares people away from it.

>> No.79346015

>t. paid ZFS shill
joking aside modify it however you want, it's a wiki system we can all contribute to.
can't get rid of all biases butt that whole wiki should be taken with a grain of salt, as with any user generated content

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>seems funkwhale is quite a different concept/idea altogether from self-hosting/streaming your own music
I know a guy who disabled all that federation stuff and uses it standalone, apparently he likes it.
>how so?
I don't know, movies+TV and music are distinct media to me, and just like there's Netflix and Spotify respectively it somehow makes more sense to me to keep them separated. Just a personal preference.

>> No.79346403

so 2020/12/[00-99] with up to 100 files in each?

>> No.79346827

>can't find a good image of Vmware's stupid GUI



shits dead yo. Bought by redhat and turned into fedora coreOS because the fucking redditors need to add fedora to everything

>> No.79346864

>Bought by redhat and turned into fedora coreOS
Good news is I like fedora, except the fucking Multipath is broken.

So what would you use if you only want containers for all the apps.

>> No.79346867

IDK rancherOS?

>> No.79346888

Interesting, will check it out, thanks.

>> No.79346915

Done deal - take a look and let me know what you think.

I love this so much. Took what you have and made it work, and made it look as good as you could in the process. Hats off to you wall mounted anon!

Don't hotplug it and try again.

Do you really need raid? If its just torrents I don't see why having availability/uptime is super important. You'll notice its dead and can swap out for your backup drive. You ARE planning for backups right anon?

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You're like the third anon who has mentioned rocket chat bots and porn. Tell me /coomer/anon, what is this about? You're in a rocket chat that shares links and the bot downloads them automagically or something?

>> No.79346977

FYI OP, your READ THE WIKI! link goes to the case_guide page - I assume that's not intentional.

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I TOTALLY CHANGED THAT WTF. I swear I copy pasted from my document as is.


>> No.79347025

Yes, that's one of the features. The goal is to have the bot scrap and search for porn content you'll normally do by yourself, the bot then posts results in the chat room notifying me and I decide what to download, the bot then leverages the download function to an external program (JDownloader for direct-links and transmission for torrents).

>> No.79347567

Try Jellyfin again, has some HDR tonemapping improvements. What are your client devices?

>> No.79347709

Roku 4k HDR Tvs, windows computers, and smartphones. The tvs need transcoding the rest run fine. Ill give jellyfin a try I like the idea of open source

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Unfortunately its pretty much impossible to go paperless. I have with all the usual stuff, but insurance stuff still is paper-only, some doctor stuff is paper only, and my 5 year old's school is stuck in 1950 with their paper EVERYTHING. I don't need perfect OCR, anything I can get is better than nothing. I just want the watch folder -> queue -> GUI for sorting (manual is fine here).

>> No.79347942

I got the lifetime on sale, I use plex because my users prefer it. Plex is a company, they have to make money somehow. My media is important enough to me that I want a premium experience with it, so the $80 or whatever it cost me is well worth it (considering before we had Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney - that's like one month). For now, a one time payment is enough to keep them going, so I'll support it. If they ever go monthly subscription I'll probably drop it though.

>> No.79348021

My understanding is that it will do its automatic self-healing (bitrot protection) from raidz OR mirrored. With a single drive it will DETECT bitrot during a scrub and tell you about it in the scrub results so you can restore that file from backups. Since there is no partity/mirror it won't automagically fix it for you though.

>> No.79348072

awesome - thank you. Any chance we can get a link on the main wiki's home page? Also what would be a good way to backup this wiki in case it goes kaput?

>> No.79348094

Have any links for more info? How does it scrap/search for porn content? Is it like sonarr/radarr and you give it terms to search trackers/usenet for? or is it scrapping youporn with YouTube-dl or something? Thanks for sharing anon, I didn't know that was a thing - pretty cool

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how does a poorfag get an sftp server so I can upload homework and uni projects?

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> Any chance we can get a link on the main wiki's home page?
There is. if you mean a link to the thread/catalog that is in the home server page already too.

>Also what would be a good way to backup this wiki in case it goes kaput?
Unsure. I'm not familiar with how wikis like this operate.

if all you are doing is an SFTP server and nothing else you can use existing hardware or buy an SBC and attactch some hard drives to it. Install linux and whatever SFTP shit you want, or owncloud/nextcloud if you want more functionality

>> No.79348685

Get really just about any SBC. Or even your router. Run openssh/dropbear on it.

If you raise this to the Rpi4/Odroid N2+ tier SBC, you can easily also run syncthing and more.

>> No.79348844

Hells yea. They do random "flash" sales every so often - most tech news sites will put a blurb about it. If you gave them a legit email, they'll occasionally email you a 25% coupon code too. Otherwise blackfriday, and I think their anniversary they usually have a sale.

>> No.79349306

This is neat. Added to the wiki

If you have any other cool links please do add them, under =External Links= on the Home Server page.

>> No.79349513


thinking about buying one of these for plex streaming/nextcloud with raid. 2 12tb ironwolves to fill the bays. good idea?

>> No.79349575

Only supports 2 drives with no USB3 to expand, better get an Odroid N2+.

>> No.79349863

>Odroid N2+
I mean if you only want 2 drives it's a good option that comes with a nice little case/stand. the oled is a gimmick though, definitely don;t buy that.

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Any info on these drives? It's labeled as HP but then at the bottom says it's from Seagate. Pic is from a seller.
I was thinking on buying 3 for a RAID 5 since they're cheap and "barely used" but that got my attention. Should I go for it?

Model is ST4000NM0033.

>> No.79349997

>bottom says it's from Seagate
its a seagate drive. They make drives for big companies like HP who have servers that they sell. That likely what this is.

Look up the model number to see if it's SMR. If yes, thats fine as long as you aren't using ZFS or something with them.

>> No.79350340

No, it won't matter unless you are insecure some how.

>> No.79350556

Thanks, hopefully all is airtight.

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I've just bought a NUC to replace my shitty 10 year old home server. What distro should I use now that centos shat the bed? I've been running it on all my servers for years and don't really care for debian/ubuntu.

>> No.79350959

coming from centos, fedora is the obvious choice. Or, y'know, just dont upgrade.

>> No.79350967

I was afraid you were going to say that.

Yes it does. I'll definitely will not install a meme distro like arch or Gentoo. While I'm pretty happy with fedora on my desktop, I'd hate to run dist-upgrade on my server every 6 month then spend the next two month bugfixing shit. Suse I've used the last time in 1998, is it any good as a server distro?

>> No.79350989

>fedora is the obvious choice
Might actually give the server version a go. See how it goes with the rolling release stuff.

>> No.79351000

Well, my answer might sound ironical, but it is not.
Debian/Ubuntu are the most widely adopted distros out there and there's shitton of documentation around.

Want bleeding edge like Fedora? Go Debian Sid
Want stability? Go Debian Stable / Ubuntu LTS

>> No.79351066

C'mon anon, it's not that bad, I never had packages issues. Mostly install and forget, specially if it is a server.

I do hate that Chromium is now bundled as a snap image since 20.04, ugh what a mess, but it can be worked around easily.

>> No.79351181

You're welcome anon. Since you're going containers I can suggest you the following:

- Portainer: For managing containers, local and remote.
- Nginx for reverse proxy, avoid the edgy proxies like traefik and that crap.
- Try to build your containers using docker-compose, push to version control and if possible run Continous Integration.

Good luck!

>> No.79351234

>Try to build your containers using docker-compose, push to version control and if possible run Continous Integration.
That sounds interesting. Is it really worth it for a home server though?

>> No.79351265

It sounds like it is not, but manually managing 8+ containers in your infrastructure can be time consuming.

A CI/CD system is able to automatically pickup any code changes in the docker-compose files and automatically deploy them.

>> No.79351420

Why shouldn't I simply edit the .yml and run docker-compose up -d? Genuinely curious, because sure, for big multi-server deployments it makes sense to me, but on a singular homeserver?

>> No.79351422

>I'll definitely will not install a meme distro like arch or Gentoo.
Good memes though, but use one of the other options then.

>I'd hate to run dist-upgrade on my server every 6 month then spend the next two month bugfixing shit.
Maybe if you are relatively inexperienced like that, you should actually just use Debian. Same setup as 'everyone else' is documented.

> Suse I've used the last time in 1998, is it any good as a server distro?
It's around mainly as server distro. And it would be one of the other options.

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Technical advice requested:
I am trying to install Nextcloud on Debian 10. So far, I have installed the recommended environment at the nextcloud admin manual however, when I type my debian server's inside IP address from my home network, http does not resolve. The IP itself is reachable, and I can access the apache default index html from lynx in at 127.1
Any idea what im doing wrong?
relevant files: hastebin
nextcloud.conf: uqomagaguj
envvars: aqupijurub
apache2.conf: yicacavuba
tree of /var/www: zededikequ

>> No.79351872

>really hate apt
Then yes, Suse is a good choice for your server

>> No.79352084

Check firewall allowing ports, check port is listening.

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>> No.79352267

How'd you go?

>> No.79352284
File: 202 KB, 600x600, Aluminum-2-5-Inch-SATA-III-to-USB-3-0-5Gbps-External-HDD-Enclosure-Hard-Drive.jpg_640x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably a retarded quesiton but you guys must know the most about drives n stuff so I'll ask you.

Could hard drive enclosures be botnet?
Specifically cheap chink shit.

Have a couple of old and mismatched 2.5" drives from old laptops. One 320GB, one 500GB. No use for them so wanna put them on eBay. But I'm thinking normies don't want internal drives because they don't know what to do with them, the only people who'd buy internal drives would be those who then want to 'turn' them into externals by putting them in a cheap chinkshit enclosure and flog them to normies looking for externals. So instead of getting lowballed by one of those turnaround guys, I'm thinking of cutting them out altogether and just doing what they do myself, buying cheap chinkshit enclosures for the drives and selling them to normies as externals.

Pic related are the cheapest solid ones I can find (I don't trust the tool-less plastic slidey shit to not break).

But one worry I have is could these enclosures be Chinese botnet? Like, when connected and running, they siphon and send the person's personal files on the drive to some server in Chinkland and the normie will suffer personal damage and then blame me?
Or would putting some kind of advanced chip like that in a basic hard drive enclosure just be too much effort, or cost too much to not make it worth it for Chang?

>> No.79352394

it's a classic

>> No.79352731
File: 42 KB, 845x671, 1593792510945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, I'm curious what opinion anons have on this. Right now I'm torrenting from a home server via an apparently decent VPN. Once a month I tend to go on a "why the fuck is this 2 MB/s per peer upload bottleneck happening" troubleshooting spree, with no results so far. Also, I had a 30-40 MB/s multi-peer download bottleneck with qBittorrent and OpenVPN in a VM, yet when I dockerized them (currently also in a VM), the throughput dropped to 20 MB/s. What went wrong - no idea, here's hoping that move to baremetal+Docker will fix it all.
On the other hand, I have a solid reason to keep the machine running and drives spinning 24/7 - I can upload to almost anyone at any time. Almost, because some peers seemingly either can't connect with me, or transfer at abysmal speeds. Not sure if that's caused by VPN (ports are forwarded, obviously) or what. Having lots of space is also nice for permaseeding things for bonus points.
I was also thinking about renting some dedicated server, putting the torrent client there and having storage from home mounted over internet. It's much more expensive though, and I'm not sure if it is worth it at all.

>> No.79353449
File: 112 KB, 1695x722, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are contributing to the wiki, right anon?

>> No.79353746

Learn by doing. It’s the /hsg/ way

>> No.79354319

>I give up my remote seedbox and move my torrenting to my NAS
Did exactly that two years ago. Never looked back. If you've got decently fast Internet at home, it's cheaper, more fun and has much much more storage. Never looked back.

>> No.79354485

>You can't even pay for faster upload?
> pay 100+ more USD a month to get more than 10mbs upload speed

no thanks. They literally do not offer reasonable upload speeds on any of their packages. It's all download. even the 1000mbs download plan has like 20 up or some gay shit number. It's pathetic.

>> No.79354529

Oh that's shit. I have 200/50 with vodafone. Which I pay 3€ extra for. Otherwise it would be 200/20 or so. 50 is pretty decent to seed and stream to a couple of friends. Even in a private tracker economy the larger retention of your home server will make up for the loss in speed compared to your seedbox.

>> No.79354588

kinda, but i still will have to buy a VPN
>more fun
most definitely
>more storage
most definitely
i have great internet at home but I'm just paranoid about seeding from home, can't trust even a VPN + private tracker setup.

>> No.79356869

It's more of a gaming case I think, only 3 or so HDD. Not much for a x86. Most uses here are mainly storage-centric.

>> No.79358456

Not sure if this is the right place to ask. I am looking for a long (20 meter) Ethernet cable to connect my pc to my modem. I am doing some research on the different types of cables and decided to get cat 6a. My question is, do I need to care about it being shielded or not? I have a couple of devices like laptops and tvs between my pc and modem, is the shielding going to do anything or should I not bother? Also looking at flat cables so I can attach to the walls and keep it flush. Are flat cables any worse than regular round ones? I saw a couple on Amazon but fear they are cheap chink shit. Where do you buy quality Ethernet cables online bros?

>> No.79358772

No, unsheilded is fine. Sheliding is only if you plan on running 50m+ cabled alongside powercables. If it's internal and <20m even with some electrical interference it will be able to maintain gigabit no problem.

>> No.79359025

>Are flat cables any worse than regular round ones
Yes but for 20m it likely doesn't matter. Just get cat6a and use.

>Where do you buy quality Ethernet cables online bros?
Order almost directly from China via aliexpress or chinese stores.

>> No.79360445

Whats Kasm all about?

>> No.79360574

Selfhosted server that lets you spin ephemeral Linux environments. I use it mainly to test packages.

>> No.79360997

Is 100W for a server consumption too high?

>> No.79361129

How much money does it translate to, and how much of your salary is it?
t. unemployed student, "server"+drives consume 40 watts on average

>> No.79361291

Thought it wasn't secure/was a pain to set up? But if you say it's better I can look into it.

>> No.79361347

You can tunnel NFS through a VPN.

>> No.79361393

All I heard were horror stories about this but I'll make sure to look into it. Does the rest of the plan seem attainable? (mounting local hard drive with NFS to the remote seedbox and seeding off of it)

>> No.79361759

Oh, I'll do more research into that then - thought it's an acceptable solution. Sorry.

>> No.79361837

sshfs might not be such a bad choice

>> No.79361911

Yeah the more I read the more I'm inclined to use SSHFS. Especially since I'll be connecting through open internet I'll want the security benefits. I can take the performance hit no problem, it is acceptable to seed slowly in my case.

>> No.79362934

For now I run it on bare metal but plan to move it to containers. The machine it's curently on wouldn't handle VMs to well.

>> No.79363075

Yeah those bottlenecks are beyond beyond acceptable for me, so I guess I will give it a go soon. Will try to keep /hsg/ updated.

Also while we're on the topic, my raspberry pi storage is via a 4-HDD externally-powered enclosure connected over USB3. This isn't a problem, right? I've seen people recommend using individual SATA-USB cables and plugging the drives into the individual USB ports but 4 spinning disk cannot saturate a single USB3 connection I'm assuming?

>> No.79363261

Nice, report back on your containerized setup please. I went with dperson/openvpn-client and regular torrent clients bound to the former's network stack - I'm curious what you'll choose.

>> No.79363327

Supposedly they are actually aiming for competing latency with undersea cables.

>> No.79364054

>it sure feels nice to have everything declared in a single .yml file
That's the beauty of it.
>container restart, killing openvpn, having a misconfigurated .ovpn or unplugging network cable from host
This is pretty much what I would test too in all possible combinations. Simply curling ipinfo.io should suffice but I'd also do dns leak tests and run tcpdump on my router while killing, restarting and manipulating. Might also be prudent to verify the full chains in the vpn container once it's running and maybe adding a few more if necessary.

>> No.79364292

It seems that no DNS leaks are happening, but I specifically set custom DNS for the VPN container. I'm thinking about adding stubby to the mix for easy DoT.
You know, my first thought was instead of doing that network stack binding (which causes internal port clashing, if you run e.g. 2 Transmissions without changing config), I wanted to use some VPN client container with access to both regular WAN and internal no-WAN network as sort of a "router" between these nets. Gave up on the idea though, as I couldn't find a way to use a specific container as a gateway in the internal net. With appropriate iptables rules this seemed more safer to me.
On the other hand, people use these containers and don't report leaks (mostly) - maybe there's no need to fear?

>> No.79365314

I tried this person's config, and it seems that as soon as you drop the GROUPID environment variable, the firewall is working again, no matter what interface qBittorrent is bound to.

>> No.79365617

>Maybe assigning the same pgid also allows for this.
Spot on. When the GID of both qBittorrent and openvpn matches, the former somehow can connect with tracker over eth0 after a few reannounces, despite firewall rules being seemingly intact.

>> No.79365764


>> No.79365898

Funky. I tried using ubuntu base image plus a few network utils as service and I don't seem to get anything out over eth0 except when adding net_admin which wasn't added in the issues yaml. Must be something with the qbittorrent image and definitely warrants further investigation. Anyway good job, anon.

>> No.79366016


>> No.79367790


>> No.79368540

Anyone successfully moved an existing Jellyfin database from native install to Docker?

>> No.79368786

have you checked their documentation and forums? you might be able to find an answer there

>> No.79369165

- pfSense router
- Network boot server (this is awesome)
- Seedbox
- Application server
- All of the above

>> No.79370288
File: 49 KB, 1251x704, Screenshot (12).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Retard here, How do i permantly get rid of this warning? the server is on my network

>> No.79370635

server a valid certificate

>> No.79370727


>> No.79370828

yes, usually they are enterprise grade boards meant for servers. try supermicro or asrock rack

>> No.79370946

Thanks, I picked up one with an external port too. Are there any smaller SAS drive enclosures or am I just looking for rack mount units for that part?

>> No.79371350
File: 172 KB, 400x300, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are there any smaller SAS drive enclosures
There are ones that take sata I think?

in that case you would want something like this, SFF-8088 to SATA breakout cable.

Also, I should warn you that there are counterfeit LSI cards on the market. I recommend watching the videos linked in the wiki, they are very informative.


>> No.79371493

Because it's usually this >>79370828 and also card slots and drive bays etc are generally limited on mini ITX cases too I'd suggest to just contemplate mATX instead.

>> No.79371506
File: 124 KB, 640x480, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>card slots and drive bays etc are generally limited on mini ITX cases

Enter NODE 304

>> No.79371600

You can't have a fully loaded Node304, you're either picking between all drives or a nice video card and half the drives removed. It's also not a very particularly nice case to work in. I've owned several now and I keep thinking about more recent cases since they simply wouldn't involve pulling the whole damn thing apart half the time.

>> No.79371612

Fair point.

You should add that part to the case guide BTW I was unaware of the GPU/drive issue, though in hindsight it makes sense

>> No.79371718

how many of you /hsg/ also /ptg/? seems a logical combination. Years ago was a dedicated seedbox user but was starting to cost me too much a year with the added storage and what have you. I still have all the private tracker accounts and great buffer there. Will also be looking to add usenet when I have my sbc nas server together with a decent home connection. The one thing I'm not really understanding is how to connect a sbc, let's say an odroid n2+ to many 3.5 harddrives? There zero info on the wiki about this and I honestly don't know how I would acheive this.

>> No.79371852

Not fond of data exclusivity kingdoms. It's a shit idea IMO. If they didn't mind bulk resharing but only wanted to keep peers private I'd not see them the same way, but they seem more like subversive data traps to me. Fortunately I don't need their type data, more interested in hoarding website copies.

Ymmv, not blaming you if you want to use these.

>The one thing I'm not really understanding is how to connect a sbc, let's say an odroid n2+ to many 3.5 harddrives?
Via usb? External drives on hub, multi bay enclosure or dock.

>> No.79371865

I've been trying to partner with /ptg/ for a little while now with not luck. They don't seem interested. but yeah, torrenting and data hoarding are welcome here.

>how to connect a sbc, let's say an odroid n2+ to many 3.5 harddrives?
Hard drive docks. There are many kinds, the orico 5 bay thing seems decent enough, I wouldn't attach any more drives than that to a single USB3 port tho. unless you can find a dock that does usb USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 or whatever that does 10gbs

>> No.79372053

You are correct in thinking that private trackers and power hungry gate keeping staff go hand in hand. goes with the territory I guess.

It's starting to seem that a sbc isn't a good solution as a nas with how you're limited by the amount of multi bay usbs you can connect. even the thought of an odroid n2+ connected to 2x oricos 5 bay sounds like a recipe for a disaster.

At this stage I'm probably going to build a proper nas out of an old tower case and leave it running somewhere out of sight, and have the odroid purely as media center close to the tv.

>> No.79372114

> goes with the territory I guess.
Apparently. But generally there'd be nothing in the way of re-sharing files minus the other users. Maybe it's intentional sabotage, maybe it's power hunger, but either way it seems shit to me.

> how you're limited by the amount of multi bay usbs you can connect
With 5 to even 10 drives or so per SBC, you're not THAT limited. You can also scale horizontally. But sure enough if you run a partial mirror of archive.org or an initiative for a significant partial archival of youtube or whatever, you might want to just go with 40-60 drive rackmounts.

>> No.79372126

which optiplex is that? Thought about getting a used one on ebay but not sure what specs would be decent enough for a small server/nas

>> No.79372139

> even the thought of an odroid n2+ connected to 2x oricos 5 bay sounds like a recipe for a disaster.
About this: No, not really any evident disaster here. But it's not a fast array. Probably can't add much more drives without it being definitely too slow for some things like running scrubs.

Your GBE or internet probably still isn't faster though.

>> No.79372224
File: 390 KB, 1767x756, bigger fish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get hdd because its cheap and fast enough for hoarding
>put the server in my bedroom
>click clack 24/7
am i being wrong here or is it a right concern to have?
i guess you run OS from usb sticc anyways and it should idle most of the time but if i wanted to seed it would still make sound

>> No.79372273

Get the server out of your room

>> No.79372286

i live with my parents :^)

>> No.79372477
File: 2.75 MB, 2112x4608, IMG_20201207_203439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's why you put your home servers inside a home server room.

>> No.79372772

Get one, if UAS works (AFAIK they have UAS but I think on some models Linux disables it due to some standby/resume bug or whatever) then the second one will also work fine. Likewise if you can just re-enable UAS when it was only put in place because of suspend/resume, you surely don't need to suspend/resume on a 2W server box. If however UAS doesn't work you at probably just don't want RAID-like storage across 10 drives.

That said the cost per port is pretty normal even if you run 2x5 drives on 2 odroids or rpi4. Not actually much costlier than with one bigger x86_64.

>> No.79372954

How much do you actually access your server? I got a rather small nas with 4 drives in my room. I just have everything i access a lot as well as the OS and programs on a SSD and put the drives in spindown after 5 minutes because i access them like 2-3 times a day. Basically silent because its also passively cooled.

>> No.79373273


This one worked for me. try that.

>> No.79374829

Neat, but won't there be any issues with cooling?

>> No.79374964
File: 178 KB, 1500x1024, 71gpIdORA9L._AC_SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is the there a $100 difference between these two? Seems color and sled are the biggest differences they claim the grey one is for enterprise not sure why.

This is another im considering that looks very similar

>> No.79375055

> Why is the there a $100 difference between these two?
They don't show the prices here so I'm not even sure I guessed the right way around, but I'm currently going to guess it's the front accessible ENTERPRISE bays marketing for ENTERPRISE.

Also I'm guessing they're both costlier because "RAID" enclosure. Wouldn't even recommend using random RAID modes like that with no repair/management etc. tooling. IMO Getting non-RAID enclosures and just using mdadm or such is a much better idea.

>that looks very similar
Wouldn't be surprised if Orico was the OEM for all of them anyhow or at least the cases were made by the same factory.

>> No.79375094

>>79375055 (cont'd)
Yep, Yottamaster is is another burgerification rebrand,

In this case it is not an US company flipping Chinese goods, but Orico itself.

>> No.79375479
File: 146 KB, 1500x853, 71nLN0c2dYL._AC_SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are correct about the front accessible one being enterprise it costs $200 (Yottamaster and Orico) the other one is $100 (pic rel). Both are 4 bay and not the built in raid versions im planning on using snapraid. Im leaning towards going with the enterprise style Yottammaster or Orico the sleds seem a good bit better and overall looks nicer.

>> No.79375613
File: 158 KB, 800x800, 202704A2-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure. I'd probably go with the cheaper option, but if you prefer the others I'm guessing it'll be fine.

>> No.79375745


>> No.79376393

Cheap, physically quite stable, passively cooled because open.

But with regards to data pushing, I think it's completely normal.

>> No.79376806

What do you guys think of this?

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