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>> No.79253645

russian hackers use pirated windows on a stolen computer on the neighbor's wifi.
real security right there

>> No.79253658

Russian hackers use your computer.

>> No.79253664

So they do use FreeBSD then...

>> No.79253713

im thinking about putting it on my T42

>> No.79253773

>Whats wrong with FreeBSD?!
cant play world of warcraft and dota 2 flawlessly like I can on linux

>> No.79253795

Should I try FreeBSD or NetBSD?
I heard NetBSD is what FreeBSD was supposed to be and FreeBSD is spaghetti.

>> No.79253827
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Just use Debian10.7

>> No.79253846

Try both and OpenBSD too. Find what works for your usecase. I use FreeBSD and OpenBSD (and Debian, dear >>79253827) for different scenarios.

>> No.79253931

NetBSD has a gross neofetch

>> No.79254253

I dont like the logo

>> No.79254262

>Whats wrong with FreeBSD?!
it's not openBSD

>> No.79254560

So I tried FreeBSD and I got classic UNIX experience - black tty and typing "help" gives "help: Command not found."

>> No.79254799

I'll try it if Debian GNU/Hurd fails.

>> No.79254827


>> No.79254848

"s/if/when: Command not found."
So this is the power of FreeBSD.
The DVD with GNU/Hurd is almost ready. Here it comes!

>> No.79255098
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I have bee using FreeBSD since seeing this in the good old days.
Linux was suffering a sort of DLL hell and everything you tried to
install needed some specific version of libc and got really annoying.

>> No.79255250

> Doesn't recognise a regex substitution

>> No.79255823

Of course I recognized it, I was just pretending to be retarded.

>> No.79255919

on my laptop
>no wifi
>no multitouch or scroll on touchpad
>no display backlight adjust

>> No.79255930
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>> No.79256730

I overcommed some troubles during the installation, now the installer unpacks XFCE.
The network connection works. If XFCE works, then GNU/Hurd will be more user-friendly than FreeBSD.

>> No.79257251

Not only you can't into documentation, not only you can't into regex, you even can't into English. Why should we care about your opinion?

>> No.79257352

Wait a fucking minute it's been almost three hours and you still haven't even started to install XFCE?

>> No.79257709
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"Russian hackers" is a made up bogeyman for tech illiterate Americans who think Facebook ads and phishing links are "hacking".
The only reason most Russians even know FreeBSD exists is a certain ancient meme from 2004.

>> No.79257934

Err, phk is hybrid as fuck, though.
One minute he's being all woke, the next he's bashing woke shit.
Seriously. It's like watching a dude with MPD.
This is the same guy who was accused of being a Jew hater.

>> No.79258872

>gnutls depends on bash
>mutt depends on bash
>ffmpeg depends on bash

why not just go full gnu, idiots

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