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raspberry pi uses linux

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I guess most packages will have to be rebuilt for arm and that's it, but I'm no expert.

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>So, now that the age of x86 is over,
how can it be over when there are still millions of machines running it?

>> No.78769863

Linux works on ARM long ago.
Even on RISC V Whole desktop like Fedora.

ARM Holding give support for GCC and LLVM.

>> No.78770039

Next to no difference once some uefi equivalent is standardised. Before that Linux will still run fine but there'll be bootloader fragmentation again. MS may push for locked boots, Apple have made vague promises not to.

Linux kernel already supports ARM, and all the distros need to do for 99% of the common software is set up a repo to collect binaries compiled for ARM, just like how they had separate repos for x86_32 and x86_64/ia64 back in the days.

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Parabola GNU/Linux-libre supports armv7h

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>now that the age of x86 is over

>implying this hard
>obvious apple brainlet
>knows nothing about the kernel
14yo detected

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Your post gave me cancer.

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It been a fully supported thing for over 9 years you absolute fucking itoddler

>> No.78770853

UEFI itself literally already exists for ARM

>> No.78772318

Does anything actually support it though?
I don't think I've seen any ARM devices yet that don't use their own special bootloader.

>> No.78772528

I've seen u-boot emulate UEFI on a Raspberry Pi 3

>> No.78772530

Why are you rooting for x86 (CLOSED-SOURCE NONFREE) vs ARM (OPEN SOURCE)???

>> No.78772538

I'm just rooting for the winner, apple shill.

>> No.78772587

>Apple releases first CPU for ultraportables
>~10 Watt
>"Muh 125 Watt Threadripper is still 10% faster for certain workloads"
But curb your anti-Apple sentiment for a minute. It's not about Apple. x86 is shit, especially Intel. It happened many times Apple popularized something and a few years later other manufacturers surpass them.
Apple's ARM platform probably won't ever run Linux, but you bet you that this will be an impulse for other vendors to develop more serious ARM desktop/laptop/server CPU's.
I can't wait until I can buy ARM CPUs from Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Samsung for my Linux boxes that are not Raspberry Pi tier.

>> No.78772624

>>"Muh 125 Watt Threadripper is still 10% faster for certain workloads"
More like muh threadripper (power consumption does not matter and if you say otherwise you are poor) is still so much faster for everything imaginable that going back to an alternative is unimaginable.
Cope apple shill

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how autistic are you?

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Don't you understand that if Apple just slaps more cores on an M1 variant it will be faster than a Threadripper for every kind of workload, and still use less than 1/3rd of the power?
But it's not about Apple, it's about what an ARM architecture can do.
The fastest supercomputer is based on ARM cores.
None of the top supercomputers are x86 bases.
I'm not an Apple fanboy. I want to be able to buy something like the M1 which I can put in my own Linux box. This move by Apple increases the chances of that becoming available in the next couple of years.

>> No.78772789

>if Apple just slaps more cores on an M1 variant it will be faster than a Threadripper
the level of copium in this post

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If ARM is open source then where is the source code? Checkmate freetards

>> No.78772846

>mobile doesn't matter
>laptops don't matter
>desktops don't matter
---> You are here
>HEDT doesn't matter
>servers don't matter

>> No.78772962

>muh talking point that will work on internet nerds

Go fire yourself, as in put yourself on fire

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If you want the best performance in the world, you need an ARM computer.

>> No.78773003

still can't outperform muh 64-core assripper

>> No.78773021

>uses over 8 million cores to do what a few thousand x86 cores do
Yeah, no.

>> No.78773076

For supercomputing everything you're doing is going to scale to an essentially arbitrary amount of cores.

>> No.78773109

Having an open/permissibly licensed CPU or ISA doesn't matter for much when the system built around it is proprietary, non-standard and anti-freedom by design, as is the case with most ARM systems and probably most future RISC-V systems with any commercial traction as well.

>> No.78773116

>using ARM or Applel devices
More like /lgbt/

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>"Performance and that's it, that's all. I'd still be using a computer the size of a house like in the old days if it could give me better performance"
lmao retard

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>what is x86 scaling

Fucking kek, neck yourself applefag.

>> No.78773171

>more power efficient
Except they're not. Japan's newest supercomputer is beaten in efficiency by (among other things) x86.

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>3.2Ghz beating 4.9Ghz
If you want the best IPC in the world, you need an ARM computer.

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>> No.78773194

Most of the hard work is already done from back when people tried getting Linux on Chromebooks

>> No.78773200

You armfags are delusional. Go look at the rest of the benchmark results.

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You understand these are largely GPU workloads, right?

>> No.78773254

>claims high IPC
>uses GPU benchmarks
Does it hurt being this stupid?

>> No.78773261

I mean yeah, it is going to happen, because Fugaku was a one-off and is absolutely going to be replaced by something else sooner or later, probably another Chinese corespam vanity project. The TOP500 has been nothing but brute force for years now.

>> No.78773276

>spec using GPU

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>ARM performs better when core-spamming GPU workloads

>> No.78773301

>not looking at the workloads themselves
Try again retard.

>> No.78773312

Holy fuck, how can you be this stupid...
GPU workloads favor higher core counts and lower clocks.

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File: 69 KB, 1294x478, dumb fuck Terry davies dumb nigger black nigger cattle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao you're dumber than I thought

>> No.78773336

>what is floating point

>> No.78773374

Let's see where you've backpedalled so far:
>1. performance matters at all costs
>2. no, actually IPC matters
>3. no, actually SPEC uses the GPU so it doesn't count

I hope you realise how retarded you sound associating your identity with a multimillion dollar corporation that doesn't care about you, and going on a simping crusade for them.

>> No.78773447

More accurately, GPU workloads depend more on core scaling than IPC.

>> No.78773450

1. ARM has the fastest supercomputer in the world, proving it can scale.
2. ARM has the fastest core in the world, despite lower clockrates
3. ARM has the best IPC in the world by a huge margin
4. SPEC CPU explicitly doesn't use the GPU or any accelerator.

All those are facts.
Your claims are literally wrong and easily disproved by the evidence posted in this very thread:

>> No.78773485

>ARM has the fastest supercomputer in the world, proving it can scale
x86 has never had a problem scaling and they're currently building a 2 exaflop x86 computer (El Capitan)
>ARM has the fastest core in the world, despite lower clockrates
You might actually be retarded.
>ARM has the best IPC in the world by a huge margin
Nope, you're legally retarded.
>SPEC CPU explicitly doesn't use the GPU or any accelerator
SPEC CPU workloads are normally run on GPUs. Running it on CPUs is a stupid attempt to give artificial benefit to other architectures. Run NAMD/etc on a GPU and ARM gets slaughtered.

>> No.78773627

>Oh wow you really went hard on that copium anon kek
Don't believe me? Look it up.
>You know arm can use GPUs right? You know that arm has the fastest integrated gpu rn right?
You know x86 is more expensive than using GPUs, right? You know that integrated GPU's don't mean shit, right?

>> No.78773812

>you only have the absolute best, number 1 to post, with 3x lead over the next best
>y u no have three or five number 1's?
lmao how's special ed treating you?

>due to be superseded by another generation of x86 designs that scale even better.
yeah but those will be superseded by another generation of arm designs that scale even better.
fact still remains, ARM=fastest supercomputer in the world.

>> No.78773828

>Nice deflection. I don't care about GPUs, this is about CPUs. The ARM supercomputer uses CPUs at its core, not GPUs.
>The simple fact is, that x86 CPUs scale *worse* than ARM CPUs, simple as.
See: Xeon Phi
>Using a translator makes it *not* RISC by definition.
ARM uses a translator as well retard.
>Everybody unanimously agrees that ARM rn provides the fastest core.
Objectively, they don't.
>Repeatedly quoting the same benchmark
Kek, try harder faggot.

>> No.78773885

>See: Xeon Phi
I did. It didn't scale better. ARM has provided a system that tops the TOP500 list. Do you have a Xeon Phi system that beats it?

>Objectively, they don't.
Learn to read. It's in the pic. Would you like me to highlight it for you with some bright colours so your toddler brain can pay attention?

>"Repeatedly quoting the same benchmark"
>Geekbench doesn't count
>Spec2006 doesn't count
>*NEW* Spec2017 doesn't count
>*NEW* Cinebench doesn't count

>> No.78773904

>ARM=fastest supercomputer in the world.
>Core spamming got us to the top
You armfags are pathetic.

>> No.78773933

>ARM has provided a system that tops the TOP500 list
Kek, at this point it's not even worth pursuing. You're objectively too stupid to understand basic logic.

>> No.78773996

yeah and an intcel or zen laptop costs more and doesn't even beat a $999 Air, and consumes twice the amount of power.
seems like you made a really good argument for arm in general purpose computers.

>> No.78774029

All the open source stuff should be fine. Many distros have an ARM spin with a full set of packages for that arch.
What will be a challenge is everything that isn't libre. Proprietary applications will not work unless the maintainer ports them to ARM. So for example if you use Lightworks or Davinci Resolve for video editing, that won't work and you'll have to wait on those projects make the ARM version. Same with pretty much all vidya.
Windows and MacOS are taking a different approach of translating the binaries from the old architecture to the new, with obviously a heavy performance overhead as a result.

>> No.78774070
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I dunno, seems like it's just three, bro.

>> No.78774073 [DELETED] 

>Graviton garbage is not replacing x86 in the AWS space any time soon
There's a company wide mandate to get every package working on aarch64 soon. x86 AWS instances will eventually be relegated to customer workloads only.

>> No.78774192

I like how you stopped responding to me entirely after I blew you the fuck out.

>> No.78774228

>"I have a life"
>making dipshit "no u" posts just to have the last word
Pick one.

>> No.78774282

Try again

>> No.78775439

IPC when comparing different architectures, and the way it's used everywhere colloquially, means "performance per clock", in whatever benchmark you're using.
Nobody's actually countings instructions.

>> No.78775528

linux has worked with arm from the very beginning. there is nothing to port

>> No.78778932

>how will desktop Linux handle the move to ARM?
it won't exist because manufacturers will lokc the bootloader and will do EVERYTHING they could to prevent you from doing wtf you want with "your" hardware
> Is it ok since Android has paved the way already?
locked bootloader
no driver update
shit software update
you REALLY want a similar system just to have higher worthless numbers in synthetic benchmarks you don't care about?

SoC are cancer, I don't give a shit if it gives more control to manufacturers because this freedom is taken from users and this is not acceptable
they should suck our dicks, not making us suck theirs

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Buy FPGAs and build our own CPU architectures on them, with competing 8 bit architectures while we laugh at the normies. They may get 4k60 on gaymes but they'll never have a custom built bootloader, OS, word processor, internet browser, etc, etc, etc, running on pure SOUL and custom written compilers with our own individually designed programming languages.
We will create a new general /cpug/ where neckbeards on /g/ show off their latest architectures and optimizations.
We will rule the world with our 8bit beards.
It will be glorious.

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