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since it's blatant advertising they should have been banning them a long time ago. it's comforting to know that a website like this will just advertise for free and hiro gets no money out of it. awesome way to run a site.

> be apple or any other corporation
> huh. can't risk advertising here in a legit way
> nothing to stop us pretending to be "legit apple users"

and that magical retard mook wonders why they struggle to get money from advertising when they ALLOW IT FOR FREE? it's embarrassing for them.

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Same goes for Brave and it's advertising scheme meme browser shills

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You really think anyone would advertise anything in this shithole full of NEETs pretending to be programmers?

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based Redditor

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Linuxoids know they can't compete with the mac daddy, so they just plead with an unpaid intern to do their bidding and remove facts.

It's why they're on Linux in the first place, they do it for free.

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I've made a thread for my fellow mac chads.
Come join me.

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>hiro gets no money out of it

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Nah I'm just a phoneposter

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Why do you think India and China are rangebanned? Hiro forces the ad agency to get 4chan pass

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What's even the point though. Shilling on /g/ is a complete waste of time and money, you're never going to convince autists like us to use anything but Linux.

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Threads are all still up dude, it's just hard to get the catalog to filter them because Apple shills now avoid apple-related keywords in the post or image name to avoid mass bannings.

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Wait are indians and chinese banned? there are plenty of indians on the boards with flags.

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And yet they do it. It doesn't matter thinking why, because they do, unless you can say with a straight face that you actually believe the 20 Apple advertisement threads made every day are just trolling, in which case I don't really care to argue with you.
>paying 100 pajeets 10 dollars a day is not a net benefit when you convince 1 person every year to buy a mac.
Are you high or something? Why would you need 100 people to make 20 fucking threads? Pay 1 pajeet 10$ a day, that's 300$ a month. If every month he convinces someone to buy a 2000$ mac, Apple just made 1700$. Even if he convinces 1 person in every 10.000, a shitty 0.01% success rate, 4chan had 22 million monthly unique visitors in 2018. Let's assume like 5% of those go on /g/, that's 1.100.000 people. 0.0001*1100000=110 macs. At 2k each, that's 220000$. Your 300$ pajeet with a 0.01% success rate made you over a fifth of a million in profit.

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Oh so you weren't making up numbers when you wrote
>No, paying 100 pajeets 10 dollars a day is not a net benefit when you convince 1 person every year to buy a mac.
These are like hard figures then? Post source.

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I don't disagree with you but I think your numbers are off. Let's just say 1mil posts/day to keep it simple, sourced from expandedramblings.com/index.php/4chan-statistics-facts/
/g/ gets around 16,000 posts/day. That's 1.6% of the daily posts. I'll keep your 0.01% success rate because its a nice agreeable low number. I'm going to extrapolate 1.6% of the posting traffic to the total unique visitors, which may be a stretch but whatever. 0.0016*22,000,000=35,200. Multiply that by the 0.01% success rate and you get 0.0001*35,200 = 3.52 macs sold per month. Which, now that I think about it, the 0.01% success rate could be a bit generous, so it might actually be even lower than that, but we can assume that's 3.52 people who would CONSIDER buying one and maybe try one out in a store, and that seems more reasonable.

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Meant for >>78657870 of course

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>your numbers are assumptions
>my numbers are basic logic
>I don't need a source for my numbers

Even if you're not getting that many sales right away, you're getting mindshare. If someone sees Apple being mentioned all the time in a tech website, when they need a new laptop 1 year later guess what brand they're going to go to. Dell just released a new XPS recently, it's a fantastic laptop, but you probably wouldn't even consider it because it didn't get 20 threads up at once. A 300$ pajeet increases sales in the long term, not immediately.

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that is retarded and i think you are a faggot. please kill yourself.

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When will these shills realize I dont have the money for a mac?

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Apple is technology and people wants to talk about it in the fucking technology board. And there's nothing you can do about it but cope and seethe.

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technology for retarded zoomers

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The numbers are arbitrary, basic logic dictates that they will have a 0% success rate.

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