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Am I good for casual gaming and the occasional big dick game like RDR2?

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how does this paired with like a $100 1700 from ebay and a 1050 i have in my old build look?
after about 2 months i'd be buying a gpu for 300-500 and another 2 months and i'd get a better cpu
my current computer is a decade old workstation

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FINALLY got a 3080.

what RAM to get once 5600x comes back in stock? Just saw this video that 4 sticks is getting better performance than 2. can't find good source of info about clock speed/ timings/voltage and this will be my first AMD build

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gamers nexus video about 4 vs 2 sticks for zen 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UkGu6A-6sQ

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Gamers Nexus is a retard who doesn't understand how memory ranks work.
Of course 4 sticks of single-rank memory is faster than 2 stick of single-rank memory because of how memory interleaving works.
But 2 sticks of dual-rank memory is a couple percent faster yet and is the sweet spot right now, while going to 4 sticks of dual-rank memory actually reduces performance because memory controllers daisy chain further memory sticks in your two channels.

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sapphire 6000 series lineup looks fucking nice

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I know
pls no bully

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Just get Ripjaw B-Die if you want high end stuff. It's the 3200 CL14 kits.
Set the infinity fabric to 2000Mhz if yours can do it and set DRAM to 4000Mhz and try to get your timings as tight as possible. And yes, that include secondary timings too, they're important

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oh nice. but what timings/voltage/latency should i be looking for to pair with Zen 3 and is there a better motherboard in the $300-400 max price range that i should be considering?

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Sometimes you can't downgrade if you're going far too much back in time.

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>literally the entire world: nice, when they do they come out???
>company: *says literally nothing*
god i fucking hate the hardware industry

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X570 is a meme, most consumers don't need anything other than B550. Look at Hardware Unboxed B550 reviews.
[email protected] is generally the bang-for-the-buck sweet spot for RAM. If you can afford to overspend, you can look into [email protected] or [email protected]

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Would it be worth picking up a Meshify C to replace an old NZXT H440? Mostly looking for a more quiet case. I'm certainly not getting nuclear temps in the H440 but I was hoping more airflow = lower temps = less noise despite being a more open case. Or should I be getting better fans? Currently using a bunch of Arctic P12s

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They literally said it's 18th of November for 6800 and 6800XT and 5th of December for 6900XT.

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Meshify C is one of the best cases so yes

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sorry talking about the sapphire lineup we got word of today

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AIB cards come 2 weeks after reference launch.

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thanks. will check out HU b550 reviews

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>BUDGET - within 3500, work is paying for it
>USES - Casual Gaming - Wow Classic, Life is Feudal, Panzer Corps 2

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>ctrl + F
no results

Why OP is always a faggot?

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I got one from 2016. What's the deal? I should have access to the XHCI option with the latest BIOS. But ASUS decided to ditch it. The problem is, XHCI is the only way for me to have VR working properly up again.

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What country are you in? I was able to get a 3070 on order, and it will be here in 2 days.

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>5600x is $100 more for a 10-15% performance boost
am i missing something?

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I wouldn't trust Retard Nexus. That retard doesn't even understand how memory ranks work.

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Looking to get more RAM. Currently have DDR4 3600Mhz with 16-19-19-39 timings, it's G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8GB). Should I stick with the same speed/timings or upgrade to better RAM if I want to run 32GB?

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what happened to old hardware prices dropping and new ones being the price of the old ones at launch

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more of the exact same dude.

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I figured, but just thought I'd ask. My concern is that I eventually plan to get a Noctua NH-D15 and I've heard they don't fit without low profile memory.

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beautiful. Thank you.
I'll consider it, but another anon found a great solution overall I think I'll go with.

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that's untrue
t. installed a DH15 today

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the great thing about nhd15 is you can use it with any ram, all you might need to do is move one of the fans from push to pull

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>I didn't think G.Skill Ripjaw V Series is low-profile, is it?
its lower than most. and you can always raise the fan up a bit.

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I see. Thanks for the info, very helpful.

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Their recent video about 2 vs 4 sticks of RAM shows they have 0 understanding of memory ranks and memory interleaving.

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Correct, unless you plan on upgrading your GPU in a year or two.

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>you can always raise the fan up a bit.
Or switch it to the back end of the cooler as I did here (case is inverted layout so up is exhaust), old DDR3 ram kit too tall for the fan to be at the bottom (front) end.

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Is a 650w PSU too small for todays gaming? I would imagine that CPUs and GPUs would only get more power hungry as they advanced.

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Always delete and repost if you fuck up like that

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That's the promised support but afaik no leaks indicate a new socket for Zen 4. And past claims like AM4 can't take PCI-E gen 4 were clearly false... So I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to cram DDR5 in that as well.

You're just saying that, but I don't see how your claim holds up.

Get an 850W to be on the safer side maybe ?

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i say 550 is good desu

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Okay, I'm new to this stuff and trying to upgrade from my 5 year old laptop which is already falling apart and can't even play YouTube videos in 1080p without stuttering.


I'm wondering if there's a way to cheap out on some parts, but I'm not sure which ones, especially since I don't know if frankenstein's monster that I picked out will work or not. Also can't choose between 2070 super and RX5700 xt, so if anyone can help me out here, I'd be really grateful

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Finally someone who understands that guy is overrated

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>3080 sold out everywhere
got one today after being on evga's waitlist since september 17

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Change case to one of the following:
Phanteks P400A
BeQuiet Pure Base 500DX

Get the 5700XT - preferably the Aorus or Gigabyte one.
And my guess is that the 3600 provides better value than the 2700X - not sure on that one

>> No.78612101

Zen 4 is AM5

Fine, if you're planning to buy or upgrade to a high end graphics card like a 3080 or 6800XT, probably 750W

Those are best case in gaming or productivity

My i5-2430M shittop has no problem playing 1080p video. Sounds like user error
2700X is not for gaming. Look through the OP
Don't forget to budget for a monitor

>> No.78612110

That case is good too

>> No.78612187

1660 super or 2060 for some casual gayming mostly
price difference is 80$

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What the hell, it doesn't show up what I picked at all, sending to different page altogether. Uhhh, sorry for confusion here's a screenshot
I see.
I see I see, thanks, was wondering if raytracing was worth it or not since it looks good and I don't care about performance drops since I'm used to play sub 30 fps my entire life.

I mean, my laptop has broken fans and stuff, but might be my fault

>> No.78612240

>switching out CPU
>standard AMD socket RIP out, unscrewing the cooler did it
>"whoops, better make sure everything is okay"
>go to check the pins
>drop the cpu pins down and they all get bent to shit
>one bends off
fuck.... I'm retarded...

>> No.78612242

Get a bronze or gold PSU

>> No.78612270

Gonna give it another shot in this thread.

I have a Cooler Master MWE Gold 750W PSU.
My system doesnt really draw more than 600W at ultra heavy loads, but it would be nice to have space to upgrade in the future.
My power grid is dirty as fuck and I get regular brownouts.

I want to buy an UPS but I dont really want to spend more than ~200 bucks. Problem is, I hear simulated sine wave causes issues with some modern PSUs ( I am pretty sure the active PFC of the PSU could cause issues with the simulated sine since it reads it as bad input, and thus just shut down the system immediately once the UPS switches to battery) and pure sines seem to be over my budget considering the draw of my PSU.

Am I getting something wrong here? Do you guys have UPS recommendations?

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what is a reasonable date to expect the 5700x and 6700xt to be announced? considering waiting a bit more for building a new pc

>> No.78612288

That config looks good, but please do SSD
Doesn't have to be anything fancy like NVMe, just regular Sata with cache
Crucial MX500 for example

>> No.78612303

your PSU and VRM already does the work to ensure your power is clean when delivered to your components

>> No.78612333

end of Q1 2021

I remember some reports of PSUs not playing along nicely with square wave

>> No.78612352

No point in buying SATA SSDs at this point; NVMe is very close in price

>> No.78612384

I hoped that I didn't have to get ssd since they look like they cost more than an hdd, but I guess I can't escape it, huh? If that's the case, would 500 be enough for everything? If not, then I'd have to really pick something cheaper in other parts... And I didn't even include a black box in which everything will be kept in as well as a monitor...

>> No.78612472

If you're that tight on budget, consider buying used if you haven't already?
Loads of people are throwing out their old 5700XTs now - especially when the RX6000 launch hits.

500GB is enough, depending on how you're gonna work with it. You can also just get a 256GB SSD and 2TB HDD. SSD for Windows and program and the two games that really need it and HDD for everything else.

>> No.78612587

what in the fuck is this thread for?

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I don't see any end in sight for 3070 and 3080 being out of stock. Is this a stupid buy at this point in time? It's in $CAD. For a comparison the average price for 3070 is $720.

>> No.78612623

For whatever reason the used RXs where I live go for almost the same price as brand news, which is pretty confusing in addition to looking shady as all hell. But thanks for suggestion. I guess I'll get 500 drive and manage it carefully

>> No.78612628

For the mobo your best bet is to decide on features you want (chipset, USB, networking, etc.) and read reviews+testing of the boards that fit your needs. If you just need "a motherboard" my standard answer is the B550-A Pro. No frills but well built and does a little of everything. Other boards are available.

For RAM just search 3600C16 2*16 and sort by lowest price. If you want to actually OC it (and not just turn XMP on) then the Trident Z RGB stuff you picked is fine (think it's Hynix AFR). Best to consult some RAM overclocking resources for what revision you're getting. 16GB kits of 3600 16-16-16-32 XMP would be a tip top tier bin but might be achievable with manual OC on a good bin.

>> No.78612635

Everything looks solid for your needs, considering the future upgrade plans, although I'd only caution you (unless you already know!) about the GPU compatibility for future card purchasing options. - 330 x 121 x 43 mm
The Corsair SF 650 Gold sometimes goes for $100-120 (gotta be patient for stock to return), and can give you more flexibility later when you upgrade.

>> No.78612642

>Is this a stupid buy

>> No.78612655

*my bad, SF600

>> No.78612689

Looks good. Only real inefficiency is the black version CPU cooler since your case isn't windowed. On the topic of the case you might want to go for a more "conventional" SFF case as HTPC ones make compromises to fit into TV cabinets. It's a fine enclosure, though, as long as you know its limitations.

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I've the chance to grab a 3080 for MSRP right now and I'd like to play a mix of 1440p/144hz and 4k/60hz for the next 3 or 4 years. Will the vram meme become true and will I get fucked or there's no way to know?

>> No.78612739

Unless you're seeing lackluster performance in some activity, no reason to upgrade

If you're playing Apex, make sure that the 1650 can actually maintain a locked 75FPS at your chosen settings

I wouldn't buy it

You're fine, worst case you turn textures down from Ultra to High for no apparent decrease in image quality

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I thought about that, I had the 600 in initially but since this system will only use like 250W at maximum I downgraded. You're probably right.

Fractal Design Node 202 was my original choice for this build but as it turns out it needs additional parts because it tends to recirculate the hot hair inside, I haven't seen anything very wrong with the Silverstone yet, all the other cases on pcpartpicker look extremely dull or ugly.

>> No.78612844

Is this even worth watching for 2 hours?

>> No.78612845

does windows 7 still work on current tech? if not how do i get windows 10 without spending 100$ or more?

>> No.78612866

Yeah, thought as much. What capacity would you recommend?

>I remember some reports of PSUs not playing along nicely with square wave
Yep, exactly my concern.

>> No.78612886

for anyone else like me that got a new ryzen on release morning from amazon i just got my far cry 6 code today. i read some people were worried that they wouldn't get one so keep an eye on your inboxes.

>> No.78612899

LG UltraGear 27GL850-B or ASUS TUF VG27AQ ?
i know there is that one dell monitor but it's unavailable and i think the lg one is better

>> No.78612931

You need Windows 10, also pirating both Windows & Office is easy as hell. You don't even need to torrent anything, just grab the latest .iso from Microsoft's own servers and activate it with KMS_VL_ALL.

>> No.78612939

Apex runs stable on a 1050 Ti, the 1650S should do just fine.

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Am I stupid for considering to buy a 3950x right now?

>> No.78612993

What's your use case?

>> No.78613061

Absolutely. The RV02XXXQQIAP+ is a fine case. Just be aware of the particulars of using a HTPC case on the desktop.

>> No.78613104

>Just be aware of the particulars of using a HTPC case on the desktop.
Sorry, what do you mean by this? Is it about airflow/temperatures/noise?

This is my first SFF build. Thanks for the list btw.

>> No.78613262

If i'm going for a 3600, but got a little extra money, what would be a better step? 3600x?

>> No.78613271

Don't get home at least get pro or education. Home does not have all the features that the others do.

>> No.78613282

Is there any difference between price with a Corsair RM850x or Seasonic Focus Gold 850W?

Should I just go the seasonic as its cheaper?

>> No.78613339

I mean that there's certain design goals they had to meet to fit the case into a TV cabinet that might not benefit a user that is going to put it on their desk. That is to say that it has to be relatively thin, work on its side, have the front and back IO accessible, and so on. There's not necessarily any drawbacks to using it on a desk but the design parameters for desktop use are different. For example, a desktop ITX case doesn't have to be particularly thin (which frees up height for the GFX card), it can be tall as well since desk space is only really limited by the horizontal (which allows for larger, quieter fans), it can have the IO on the side or top (which can free up space for air intake), etc. I'm not saying you shouldn't buy it by any stretch. Just be aware there might be a better option for your money. Or there might not. Every case is a juxtaposition of compromises.

>> No.78613350

Nah they're both excellent units and probably way overkill for your build.

>> No.78613355

when can you preorder?

>> No.78613444

get those 8 cores

>> No.78613461

6800xt founders or Asus tuf/Rog strix? What should I get? I was already able to snatch the 5800x.
First ever build

>> No.78613481

6800xt sapphire

>> No.78613548

I didn't know them but seems great advice! Thanks Anon! Could you give me an estimate of the price? UK fag here

>> No.78613586

the sapphire reference model looks pretty good, no more blower shit and actually good looking 3 fan design. if you want more style or oc version wait for nitro+

>> No.78613619

It's a few percent lower than a 2070 Super, so it might be ok just to keep you around 60-90fps in current games with shitty optimization or true heavy usage, but it won't carry you into future titles and obviously, no raytracing support.

>> No.78613640

YOu forgot to say pcbg in the thread name

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Too early to buy an SSD or buy now? Saw a few are on sale right now at Amazon. Don't want to wait until Black Friday and then none be in stock.

>> No.78613651
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Will a b550-a pro mobo be able to handle OC'ing on a 5600X with2 G.Skill Trident Z 4000MHz 2x8GB (F4-4000C18D-16GTZKW)?

>> No.78613690

Ok i Will check Asus and sapphire at launch then. I would like to finish this build for Christmas.
Any advice on a better case than phanteks p500a dRGB?

>> No.78613736


>> No.78613783

preorder when? and will they be scalable?

>> No.78613821

so were the big 6000 series leaks today just the new sapphire models?

>> No.78613841

Gonna refresh like a crazy every site as I did for the CPU! Worked pretty well last time

>> No.78613935

looks okay except for the nzxt oven case

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I just want a 6800xt so bad

>> No.78613968

Either that or he told me he will give me the 1070 and 5600x for $1000 and I can build around that

Not bad considering $600 for the card and $400 for the cpu

>> No.78614031

you don't actually need 850w. they recommend 650w for the 5700xt...

>> No.78614193

terrible news if you wanted an msi card

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from reddit, ryzen stock situation
remember this is just from one major distributor, there are more.

>> No.78614537

>CPU: AMD 5600X
>Cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
>Mobo: ASRock B550 Taichi
>RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8) DDR4-3600
>GPU: AMD 6800XT
>Case: Fractal Design Meshify C
>PSU: SeaSonic FOCUS 750W 80+ Gold

Storage and peripherals aside, how does this look?
I'm shooting for something under $2k to max out modern games at 1440p 144hz.
Literally know nothing about motherboards, just picked one that is compatible and has USB 3.

>> No.78614572

Seems fine, good luck getting a 6800XT on launch tho

>> No.78614574

Cpu cooler is overkill as fuck for the 5600x unless you plan to do some serious crazy oc which I doubt with that mobo

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literal retard poorfag here but whats the best gayming build for the $800-900 range? i have zero idea what im doing.

>> No.78614724

It's more than fine for stock and light oc, don't bother replacing it

>> No.78614839

A console.

>> No.78614851

lol, no kidding
Thanks bros. A $90 cooler might be overkill, but I read that the stock Wraith Stealth kinda sucks?

>> No.78614880

would a 6800 work in this ?

>> No.78614908

Buy everything used.

>> No.78614936

>no /pcbg/ on OP
Way to go, OP, I've posting shit to /sqt/ for hours because there was no pcbg.

How long is a pc supposed to last if you keep upgrading it? 5 years? 10? 20? For office/browser and (current gen) light gaming. How long before you just scrap it and get a brand new one?

>> No.78615022

Can I build a system with just two sticks of 8GB Ram and later buy a second kit of that same RAM to get 32GB?

>> No.78615048

As long as your motherboard has 4 slots... yes.

Sounds good to me. The 3600 switcheroo just sounds like too much hassle.

>> No.78615066

This is a very good deal desu, I'd go for the 10700k

>> No.78615099
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sup guys i know you recommended me the rx580 but i picked up a 5500 xt 8gb that was slightly cheaper
what am i in for bros? is the drivers meme true? got no issues for now...

>> No.78615211

maybe your webcam was on

>> No.78615219

I'm so glad I bought a 850w PSU instead of a 750w now. I'm wondering just how massive the OC is gonna be on this thing. I sure hope it doesn't have the random split second power spikes Ampere has which trips PSUs even way above recommended.

Worried if it'll be enough as I have a 10700k and the power consumption on intel is nuts.

>> No.78615281

none of those

>> No.78615311

Something like this but with optical?

>> No.78615417

i think you'd be hard pressed to find a b550 board without flashback more than anything.

>> No.78615467
File: 62 KB, 1203x476, scalpedd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Couldn't resist bros, sorry for feeding the scalpers but finding one of these cheaper than $420 I had no choice.

>> No.78615502
File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, 1493456528440.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.78615669

You don't have to, you know? You can just wait

>> No.78615758

I know but im in a time sensitive predicament and I need a productivity workstation asap for the work I do.

Still prob gonna wait for the 6800xt or 6800 because the 3070 scalp prices are fucked tho.

>> No.78615768
File: 46 KB, 843x615, workingbuild.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on this build? Already have some of the components (case, graphics card). Still unsure of what motherboard I want.

>> No.78615804

Usually rendering of varying sorts

>> No.78615868

just ordered a 5600x to finally replace my i5-2500k. it was a great CPU but its time has come.

>> No.78615871

do you like to watch other men fuck your wife too?

>> No.78615934

computers so expensive sigh

>> No.78615935

>he bought MSI

>> No.78615947

I seriously thought about the 5800x to get an 8c16t, but I mostly use my PC for gaming and gaming performance is pretty much identical between 5600x and 5800x. the 5800x is just a horrible deal, it's almost 50% more expensive and comes with no cooler, for 2% more performance

Paid MSRP, most stores in aus had plenty of 5600x stock at msrp.

I bought a b550 board that didn't come updated. my board has bios flash which made it pretty easy to update the bios with no cpu.

>> No.78615961

I know I know, tuf is better but whatever you fucking autist this shit is going to be all outdated when big navi comes out

>> No.78616078

what happened to being able to build a great pc for $500?
should have maybe got the 3700x then
games will likely start using 8 cores here in 2-3 years

>> No.78616084

i'm getting an i7 10700k for $300

>> No.78616094

>what happened to being able to build a great pc for $500?
this was always a meme if you care about gaming

>> No.78616101

i dunno a few years ago a 950 or 1050 was good paired with a old workstation

>> No.78616119

I checked on that
>in-store pickup only

>> No.78616168

Bad board sounds like if 2 PSU's don't work with it

>> No.78616177

>but does not when I plug it into the MSI motherboard.
is it something silly like you have the power button case header plugged in the wrong way on the mobo? cpu 8 pin plugged in?

>> No.78616214

what was the story with this stupid video anyway, i couldn't stand listening to him whine for that amount of time

>> No.78616245

how do you know if you should go with 16gb or 32gb?

>> No.78616249

Ryzen 5 3600 is a 4 pin fan power for the cooler. I saw no other lead from the CPU.

The mobo has no 8 pin header for the CPU AFAIK: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B550M-PRO-VDH-WIFI/Overview

Pretty sure I carefully plugged the power and front panel leads, per the Fine Manual. To be sure, I will remove the GPU (which is in the way) and check again.

>> No.78616351


N00b at this. Installation directions have no words, just pics. You have been a great help.

>> No.78616399

PSU is overkill. MSI boards, bar the most expensive ones, have worse on-board audio, if you care about it. Ventus is trash. Also, why not utilize the PCIe 4.0 with 980 pro (I know, it's not really pro and more of a 980 EVO Plus now, but still)?

>> No.78616428

Well, plugging in the 8 pin CPU power cable solved the screaming fans. I now have video and everything.

Thanks very much guys. Now I just need to figger out how to get it setup and install some OS from USB.

>> No.78616434

Do you want to leave the browser open while playing games?

>> No.78616439

I don't use onboard audio, I need optical on my mobo to use my dac though. I actually did buy an EVO plus, so oops on my screenshot.
As for the PSU, I heard that the 3080 had power spike issues that meant that 1000 watt power supplies were recommended.

>> No.78616470

>I heard that the 3080 had power spike issues that meant that 1000 watt power supplies were recommended.
Only if they are shit to begin with. Better buy a good 750-850 one.

>> No.78616482

I was talking about 980 Pro, though, there are no 2TB sticks as of now.

>> No.78616563

tfw 8gb 600 mhz ramlet

>> No.78616578

about how much longer will a i5 2400 and a 1050 be usable?

>> No.78616593

For Counter-Strike? Until the heat death of the universe.

>> No.78616603

for AAA games

>> No.78616644

yeah should be a good 720p setup

>> No.78616656

> Go to BIOS and find the DRAM Frequency to set the memory
frequency if you want to operate the memory at the marked or at a higher frequency.

I am in the BIOS 5 menu, but see no means of setting the RAM speed at 3600, which the RAM is rated at. It says it's running at 2666 now.

Is there anyone willing to walk me through the setup process? I am n00bish, as is obvious, but listen well and learn quickly. Failing that, where should I find information that will enable me to get my new computer setup?

Thanks in advance!

>> No.78616704

Never used Reddit, and not going there now. Thanks anyway.

>> No.78616772
File: 511 KB, 1752x674, post.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In stock alert. Good luck lol

>> No.78616773

I just said fuck it and bought a 5700 XT because I have everything else and got sick of waiting. Still going to try for a 6800/6900. I have until January 21st to return the 5700 XT

>> No.78616792

I almost sniped a 3080 just now but it was too fast.

Prob gonna go this route since I doubt ill be able to snipe a 6800 or 6800xt next week

>> No.78616799

I’ve been thinking about doing this but then I think maybe 6800 and 6800xt will be somewhat available at launch and it’s only like a week away. If I can’t get one then I’ll just get a 5700xt

>> No.78616821

Used hardware has gone up in price, shit is fucked, better to wait.

>> No.78616859

>tfw jewegg won't give me financing for some reason

>> No.78616888

If you need to finance a $700 card then you should not be buying it

>> No.78616890

>770 freedom bux
fuck 3000 series up its ass

>> No.78616978

are you ln2 overclocking?

>> No.78616994

>tfw about to use the $300 i got from a shitty credit card to put into my pool to buy a $600 pc
bad idea? i just want to play vidya gaymes

>> No.78616996

From what I've read and vids on Youtube the Aorus Master has the best VRM of the boards I've seen tested.

>> No.78617020

well its a $350-ish mega overclocking board, if you're not oc'ing into the stratosphere you're just wasting on money on features and components you don't need.

>> No.78617068


>> No.78617069

well first question for you. do you overclock at all? you don't need to buy stuff based solely on worthington's law especially motherboards. if you're just looking to play video games there's a very wide selection of good b550 boards. if you need a boatload of i/o you can step up to x570 and go from there.

>> No.78617077

was thinking of taking out a $1000 high intrest loan and never paying it back since my credit is bad anyway since poorfag and i let a relative get cable in my name.
had that shitty card almost a year and my credit has improved by like 30 points

>> No.78617123
File: 1.03 MB, 1280x614, 1582420191561.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well the radeon logo does light up after all. leds aside the built quality does look pretty solid and the heatsink looks substantial

>> No.78617201

do you have to play the panel lottery with va like you do with ips to get one with the least amount of glow?

>> No.78617209

ain't in debt if i'm never paying it back desu

>> No.78617210

i have no idea, maybe random panels have less VA ghosting? i still have no idea what 'good' or 'bad' VA ghosting looks like

>> No.78617291

>is the extra $400 for the 6900XT worth it?
i mean if you're already spending on a 5900 what's another $400 :)
but seriously we don't know anything until real benchmarks. if you demand high fps for 4k then you probably wanna consider it .. if you can find one.

>> No.78617313

>ghosting problems at really high framerates
haven;t heard this but then again i don't really seek out that info since im not super high refresh player, i can't tell the difference past 120-ish and i dont go for the super fast twitch games that shit just makes me dizzy.

>> No.78617323

i don't care about framerates higher than 75 so same here

>> No.78617343

if you want 1440p (and amd marketing benchmarks are to be believed) a 6800 should do the trick, maybe bump up to 6800xt if you demand 144+fps. hopefully we will good benchmarks and even more hopefully we get them before the 18th.

>> No.78617676

I don't think you understand how the economy works you utter fucking idiot. It's not free money,

>> No.78617715
File: 27 KB, 453x583, 1597085676235 soi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't think you understand how the economy works you utter fucking idiot. It's not free money,

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