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It's called a mini phono jack.

>> No.78385852

yo where da wifi cable?

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right here

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Phono does not apply to the cable
what's wrong with that, you want the cable that connects to the aux of the radio or amp so calling it an aux cable is valid
or is it just about the passing of the cable ?

>> No.78385960

>Phono does not apply to the cable
It is the connector. Otherwise it's just three wires.

>> No.78385989

isn't that the Jack? Phono is for turntables

>> No.78385992

So this is from Europe? Are they really this stupid to require such a sign?

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kek this photo appears right side up on my phone

>> No.78386149

Where's a good place to use a public etheret cable?
I'm looking to install arch linux and I'm concerned my wifi will be an issue.

>> No.78386335

Phono is specifically for turntables. AUX has been a term for other audio equipment for at least over half a century.

>> No.78386351

>Phono is specifically for turntables
Incorrect. Who the fuck told you this?

>> No.78386382

not him, but while i do understand it's not exclusive to vinyl record outputs/inputs, i've only seen it used in that context, so i can understand if someone would assume that

>> No.78386454

It's in a library in an Anglo country. Lole.

>> No.78386471

I'm pretty sure IE is internet explorer, not i.e

>> No.78386472

>Will it just werk?
if you have the modules for your wifi card and software to actually connect to wifi, yes
if you mess up and find you need to do something else, you can always boot up a livecd that can use your wifi, and chroot into your on-disk installation in order to make the changes you need
while it can make it easier, there's no case where you absolutely must use wired ethernet

>> No.78386493

Well, I'm on a macbook and I'm pretty sure there are wifi driver issues (Maybe not on this model idk) but your reassurances make me want to install arch right now...
I'm pretty sure I can get it to work...

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better question is why do you need an Ethernet cable in a public space, you don't have internet at home ?
perhaps you don't have a home ?

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yea, i don't know specifically if your hardware needs any special attention
for any supported wifi card (as in, it's part of mainline linux), all you need is software to set it up, such as wpa_supplicant (advanced), wifi-menu (intermediate), or Network Manager + nm-applet (easy)

it's a macbook, maybe it doesn't have wired ethernet at all

>> No.78386535

I think all I use in the vm is netork manager. What's nm-applet?

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>thats my fucking university
I mean I graduated years ago but still, jesus.

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fucking phoneposters

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