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0 because I use firefox ESR

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0 because I use W10 and Firefox

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0 because I use regular Chrome

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This lmao

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> using pozzedfox

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0 because I use a binary based distribution
also firefox

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ghacks exists, google shilling tranny

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At least with Firefox you can turn anything you don't like off, unlike Chromium which requires tearing up the entire, massive codebase looking for backdoors hoping that you get everything removed, and then compiling it (because you'd be retarded to trust one of those rando binaries).

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This thing is still gonna take a while to get fixed on any chromium based app. This is what your shitty browser has done to us.

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not a google shill, I just like the *modern* web

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Who cares, do your shitty online task and go outside. Nobody in their right mind care about their browser, they are all the same.

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> mfw am laptop fag

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use brave

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>Google is still the largest source of funding for mozilla by a large margin.
Irrelevant as it's a contract for default search and there have been other buyers of that like Yahoo in the past so they don't have to rely on Google if they suddenly pulled the plug (which they didn't they did 3 more years).

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go away Luke

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zero, because I use a chrome snap pack.

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>t. Brendan Eich
>t. Indian shill
>t. US government who has a deal with Brave to steal user data (Peter Thiel is a major fund provider for Brave)

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>google botnet
>canonical botnet

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>How long does it take /g/ to compile Chromium? What are your specs? Goygled or UnGoygled?
6 hours and fails afterwards, because I'm a ramlet.
Don't even try if you have 8GB.

>0 because I use W10 and Firefox
We already know you're a cuck. Anything new?

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I just let yay do it. I'm a ramlet @ 8GB as well but it just werks when I use yay

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I have 8gb, actually 6gb since 2 is taken by igpu >>78334804
you're doing something wrong

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couple of hours, ungoogled, Ryzen 5 2600

but I use the -bin version instead

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>black Luke
I think you meant to say gigachad Luke

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havent laughed this hard in a while, thanks

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t. not an Arch user

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weird cope but alright

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It's just that it's easy to compile chromium since the PKGBUILD takes care of it. Of course OP is a brainlet because there are alternative repos for pacman to fetch prebuilt ungoogled-chromium.
You fucking ignorant piece of copefag

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It’s worth it for the privacy gains in the end.

Those who fight for their freedom will gain it.

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>ungoogled chromium
>proceeds to use google search and google maps and other google services

sirs, we got him

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firefox uses freetype too

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kek kek
my sides
i use void btw

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unbotneted botnet vs FreedomFox

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what are they gonna do dumdum, it's restricted by seccomp anyway. no wonder i have to keep rejecting your generation in phone interviews, LOL

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~10h with my setting. Low end Ryzen, good amounts of RAM.

Because it's one of the better choices with how few browsers support addons and the modern internet.

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Should be like 5 hours or so. I'm juicing it rn

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The proper term is , The Venerable Tech Nigga

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What is ghack's user.js? This is the second time I'm hearing about this.

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I remember it taking about 7 hours with Ryzen 1700x but I think I used 1 or 2 threads because it would crash otherwise.

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Some 4-ish hours
>Intel i5-4460 and 12Gb of RAM
>Ungoogled because why the hell would I compile bare ass chrome

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no, that shit is for absolute retards. The gains you get for compiling for a specific CPU are minimal as fuck, especially in 2020.

It's literally why I no longer suggest Gentoo except to faggots to make them waste their time.

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Thank you. Gentoo used to be relevant years ago when compiler optimizations actually made a fucking difference. Now? There is zero reason because even the most aggressive optimizations does next to jack shit. You might get 1-2% performance improvement here and there but overall it's not at all worth it.

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Hmm interesting. So these anons I quoted literally have to re-compile if there is an update/patch or someshit? 3+ motherfucking Hours?? What the absolute fuck? Why anons, WHY? Dead AF.

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I just plug in a shitty old 8gb usb stick and use that as swap, then start the compilation overnight.

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The point of gentoo was never speed, it was always the flexibility. I update my gentoo like once a week and it compiles shit while I sleep, it's really not wasting any of my time. Just like anti WM faggots think that you'll be ricing your dwm 6 hours every day, anti gentoo cucks always pretend as if you're gonna be compiling shit every day for 10 hours. Not to mention that stuff that isn't GCC or a browser compiles ultra fast.

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If compiling ungoogled chromium on Windows didn't seem like a pain, I'd give it a whirl.

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I update every day probably for an average of 15 min (thanks chromium for inflating the average) but it's all done in the background while working. And yes main reason for using gentoo is useflags, compiler ricing is just icing on the cake.

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>what is ccache

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I use GNOME Web

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>black Luke
Holy fuck my sides

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I can't imagine myself dedicating a single core of my 3800x, a single GB of RAM out of my 64, or a single Watt in order to do something that Canonical does for me in a timely fashion.
Compiling web browsers is even less useful than than mining shitcoins.

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>years ago when compiler optimizations actually made a fucking difference. Now? There is zero reason because even the most aggressive optimizations does next to jack shit
Compilers have improved immensely over time, both in terms of optimization passes and security features. You very obviously haven't contributed to any of them.

>You might get 1-2% performance improvement here and there
Where are you getting that figure from? Xterm is unlikely to see any significant improvement, but good luck running Tensorflow built with the scheduling model and instruction set of Fermi and Netburst on hardware from 2020.

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>I don't like customization
Might as well get a Mac and a BBC in your ass

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>tfw tried to compile Chromium on my Thinkpad from T410

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>what is the fucking point of compiling
>why do people choose to compile for 3+ hours
Tell me

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Please explain? People say the difference is very minuscule & pretty much absolutely pointless in the year 2005 + 15 because compilers nowadays are more 'optimized' & efficient than it was back in the day, so therefore compiling from source is usually a waste of time?

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> 29 hours
> i3 4030U (2) @ 1.9GHz
> ungoygled

>> No.78346044

> 30 min. ungoogled build
>threadripper 3970

>> No.78346060

do archfags really compile shit on one core?

>> No.78346088

ug chromium is neat but I've gone back to Firefox and edge

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reject modernity. embrace web 1.0

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Oh shit, what should I use then?

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depends on my download speed, since i just download it from web

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~45 minutes to compile ungoogled-chromium
Ryzen 9 3950X

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ryzen 5 3500x 4.1Ghz:
3 hours 20 minutes

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