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>need physical access
Nothing burger

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more about it here:
>Nothing burger
>unpatchable holes are sweet nothings
the extreme cope from itoddler pajeets never ceases being entertaining.

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How are you protected from evil maid attack? This attack only works if they have physical access to the computer and it is not persistent.

"There are a few important limitations of the jailbreak, though, that keep this from being a full-blown security crisis. The first is that an attacker would need physical access to target devices in order to exploit them. The tool can only run off of another device over USB. This means hackers can't remotely mass-infect every Mac that has a T2 chip. An attacker could jailbreak a target device and then disappear, but the compromise isn't "persistent"; it ends when the T2 chip is rebooted. The Checkra1n researchers do caution, though, that the T2 chip itself doesn't reboot every time the device does. To be certain that a Mac hasn't been compromised by the jailbreak, the T2 chip must be fully restored to Apple's defaults. Finally, the jailbreak doesn't give an attacker instant access to a target's encrypted data. It could allow hackers to install keyloggers or other malware that could later grab the decryption keys, or it could make it easier to brute-force them, but Checkra1n isn't a silver bullet."


Do you really think glowies couldn't get inside a mac before and can't get into a loonix stinkpad? This is a complete nothing burger. Keep grasping for straws and letting apple live in your mind rent free. The irony is that you think about apple and iShit more than apple users do

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> goalposts
> exposing you as a mindless fraud is moving goalposts
the mind of a /pol/ communist is a barren wasteland of nuclear accidents and chemical spills.

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so they will release new devices with T3 and stop shipping software updates for T2 devices. So you have to buy new device to install latest OS

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>play Doom on a MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

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Does this mean Jamal can finally unlock all those MacBooks he's been stealing?

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Jamal doesn't have the mental brain capacity to google how to do that, but his white friend Christopher might be able to

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>evil maid attack

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Imagine being apple trying to shill T2 as "protection" for you and not totally lockdown from 3rd party repairs and it fucks up even that.
Now that's pathetic, like bike with square wheels.

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