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It's an actual IDE not just a code editor you retarded tranny

>> No.78326020

and? what does it do better

>> No.78326024

it's written in java afaik so the performance is what you'd expect. Neovim with plugins can run circles around this shit

>> No.78326056

Jetbrains IDEs are brilliant.
I bought a license for CLion and haven't regretted it one bit.
They're maximum comfy.

>> No.78326061

VSCode with language server extensions is as much of an IDE as Visual Studio 2019

>> No.78326092

>They're maximum comfy.
They're maximum cpu usage

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well ok

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imagine using anything other than a rubber ducky to debug your code

>> No.78326922

yes, that's an option. But OP was talking about an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) so it's supposed to have that built in and be the one tool you need.

>> No.78326963

If throwing out $140 a YEAR is nothing for the real developer, when alright, he can use whatever he wants

>> No.78328892

>30 replies in and no mention of emacs
what the fuck?

>> No.78328900

$140/y is nothing even for europeans and you get discount every (up to 3) years.

>> No.78328979

Also imagine how much time it takes to configure the VS Code plugins to the level comparable with PyCharm. And how much time it will take to maintain this frankenstein.

>> No.78328989

I dont think so, Wikipedia says their hq is in Czech republic

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Holy fuck, that looks nice.

>> No.78329067

thanks for the info ano

>> No.78329097

Holy fuck that looks nice

>> No.78329106

kremlinbots incoming

>> No.78329162

You can seperate people in this thread into two parties.

NEETs who have never managed to churn out anything meaningful yet, but complain all day on a mongolian basket weaving forum.

People who get paid to drag tasks/cards down a line.

>> No.78329176

Jetbrains is the best

>> No.78329644

It tells you what's wrong with your code before you execute it.
And fast autocompletion on large OOP frameworks is neat, it will tells you what methods are available on the object returned by object.method().getMyAss().getYouMom(penis).fag

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>> No.78331053

I love jetbrains

>> No.78332178

Never heard of it but I'll check it out, thanks

>> No.78334031

Linus is a retard

>> No.78334075

Torvalds uses uEmacs

>> No.78334196

What's Rider like in comparison to VS?

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