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>> No.78212394

based ram hoarder

>> No.78212407

its a sign of genius plus if i didnt need them they would have been closed ofc

>> No.78212408

I rarely have more than 15 tabs (except coomer hours) and I shut down my browser and computer every night

>> No.78212416

Occasionally. I have 587 open right now. Many many more saved with tab outliner

>> No.78212447

zoomers wouldn't get it, 10 years ago when Firefox was dominant I used to have multi-line tab addon, Chrome is disgusting

>> No.78212487

No I have a plugin that automatically discards the memory after it hasn't been used in a while.

>> No.78212670

since when does Tang play on chess.com?

>> No.78212886

cute twink

>> No.78213223

I use Firefox with tree style tabs, so I don't suffer big disadvantages from keeping lots of tabs open.
I don't have a real statistics on this, but my tabs last either less than an hour or multiple months, with rare exceptions in between.

>> No.78213328

The configurable window for tab groups was so based.

>> No.78213340

Tab Mix Plus, right?

>> No.78213369
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I don't close anything.

>> No.78213394

I got loads of shit for this at my last job. Let me have too many tabs in peace.

>> No.78213395

No, the literal default built in tab groups feature.

I think they removed it some time ago when the trannies invaded Mozilla.

>> No.78213396
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no, i just use it as favorite, i have 1000 tabs open

>> No.78213418

>The controversial tweet has been deleted by the author, no longer stored in your cache or memory when you reload the tab.
Closing and re opening just ain't the same thing bruh.

Sorry you think RAM is expensive.

>> No.78213803

>what is archive?

>> No.78213805
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They have a close button?

They removed it back in like 2013 because it was a "maintenance burden but it was okay because it still worked as an extension". Then the extension got worse and worse until it didn't work with webextensions. There was an extension called panorama view that works with current firefox but it isn't maintained anymore. There might be a fork but it does what I want so I don't care.

>> No.78213815

Tab hoarding is for smooth brained mouth breathers, while tab hoarding with tree style tabs is for high IQ power users.

>> No.78213852

Der Koomer

>> No.78213881

How in the fuck... I am listening to that song as I clicked this

>> No.78213882
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And a shameless one at that.

>> No.78213887

If I haven't accessed a tab within the last ~4 hours, it goes in bookmark.

>> No.78213965
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Same, except for stuff that requires computing resources, as I'm electricity bill aware.

>> No.78214240

>3 or more people in this thread listen to Last Christmas
based thread?
i dont like people who have multiple tabs open all the time. wtf guys?

>> No.78214280

I exclusively use private browsing, so the tabs go whenever I close the browser.

>> No.78214493

Based penguin

>> No.78214500

I already have several thousand bookmarks that I rarely use because organizing them is too intimidating.

>> No.78214506

All the time. I prefer starting fresh.

>> No.78214531

>4GB ram PC
How does it feel not having to close the browser tabs so your computer won't freeze bros?

>> No.78214618

not with those eyebrows

>> No.78214815

>16gb ram
>less than 40 total bookmarks, 14 for college shit
>never more than 4 tabs open at once, between 2 monitors
I keep things minimal. I'll go through my history if I need to find something.

>> No.78214822

If your adblock isn't raking up dozens of thousands of blocks from an idle old tab left open, you're not even computing correctly.

>> No.78214874

Install Gentoo.
Also get SSD.

>> No.78214957

I usually have 4 or so windows open.
>4chan window
>youtube window
>window for random searches
>window for research
Most of the time I don't go over 10 tabs per window

>> No.78217885

Based dad

>> No.78218146

I rarely have more than 10 open at a time. If I'm actively engaging in 4-6 tabs the majority time. I don't want to keep inactive tabs opens. I'm only using 3 GB of RAM right now.

>> No.78219243

I'll go to a page, open multiple links, read the ones I opened and sometimes I'll go back to the original and sometimes I'll go down another rabbit hole. There's never actually a reason to purge opened tabs more than rarely so I never do. Often I'll return to a website I opened earlier by just opening it again because it's more efficient.

No history is not equivalent because it's not stateful, and saving webpages in a stateful way is slow no matter how you do it.

>> No.78219785

OneTab is your friend

>> No.78219837

Even when active in a thread I close the tab after every post. Never have more than 3 open. I feel unclearn if I don't.

>> No.78220174

I have only around 1 thousand tabs open now because my browser crashed recently and took the open tabs with it. I won't come back to 90% of them but it feels wrong closing them so I keep them open.

>> No.78220349

On my home pc? Yep, I barely have more than 5 tabs at one time.
On my work laptop? I must have around 70-80 open at all times.

>> No.78220417

yes if im not actively using a website i close it
i do however have a few hundred sorted bookmarks on my toolbar

>> No.78220521

Of course.
If it is something I want to view later, I bookmark it.

>> No.78220583

in firefox scrolling tabs, if it wasn't within view then it might as well not exist
until the eventual crash, it would just pile up indefinitely
switched to edge which forced me to manage my tabs since i can't stand looking at OP pic
not sure how to feel but hey, my browser's never been faster

>> No.78220900

it's ok bro. The road to self improvement is one open to us all. I read Jordan Peterson 12 rules for life, the subtle art of not giving a fuck, meditations, how to win friends and influence people, 52 ways to live to live a kickass life, you are a badass, and the french art of not giving a shit. My self improvement journey has only just started but i can already feel crazy changes happening from meditating daily for 30 minutes. My mental clarity feels god tier, like i could understand even the hardest math problems, I'm on my way and i don't care who tries to stop me, I'm gonna fucking be somebody. And there is nothing stopping you from doing the same.

>> No.78220934

This. if i ever need third tab i just can open new window for it

>> No.78222611

RAMlet logic.

>> No.78223142

>my cousin Diane, who was in truth in waking life the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Maybe, but a little iffy...

>> No.78223189

> playing chess

Lol, chess is a solved game for like 20 years. People can't beat computers at chess, so there is no point in playing it anymore.

>> No.78223359

It's OCTOBER you fucking retards.

>> No.78223479

>i'm bad at it so nobody should play it
yeah nah, fuck off

>> No.78224068

use your keyboard

>> No.78224111

Just because you have hundreds of tabs open, doesn't mean they are cached into RAM when you re-open your browser, unless you have that stupid background loading option enabled.

>> No.78224118

>chess is a solved game for like 20 years.
Chess has never been solved faggot
>People can't beat computers at chess
Yes they can retard

>> No.78224122

I rarely have more than 3 tabs open. Usually just 2.

>> No.78224174

Absolutely based and redpilled

>> No.78224338

>If I need to refer back to something I just use history.
But I clear my history compulsively every 10 minutes or so

>> No.78224686

yes, when opera crashes and I lose all tabs

>> No.78226176

>I save a copy
in the archive(s) I presume?

>> No.78226534

4gb ddr2 here

>> No.78228343 [DELETED] 

I reinstall my OS every month, completely loose all bookmarks. If you hoard tabs or even bookmarks, you are a hoarder.
Trust me, you'll get around to viewing more than 20% of them.

>> No.78228398

I reinstall my OS every month, completely loose all bookmarks, and start fresh (except photos and projects).
If you hoard tabs or even bookmarks, I guarantee you own a lot of material things you'll never use too. All that shit is going to end up in a trash can or deleted when you die and all that effort to hold on to them will be wasted.
Trust me, you'll view less than 20% of those tabs before you die.

>> No.78228400

>Do you ever close your browser tabs?
Yes. when I get done with whatever I'm doing I generally close any tabs that I'm not using anymore and bookmark ones that I plan on coming back to. Usually have less than 10 open.

>> No.78228424

Only one tab at a time, and then go back and forward to switch.

>> No.78228450

I've just discovered a new type of anxiety I didn't knew I had...

>> No.78228514

penguin is a fucking sad case of underachievement because of lack of motivation because of overachieving, if he took the game more seriously he perform so much better, it's depressing to see him stream in important tournaments and read and interact with twitch chat exactly the same as when he plays nonames in casual games. the first tourney he played after getting into c9 was hilarious, only after blundering 3 games away did it occur to him to ask the other guy in the call with him to be quiet

>> No.78230089
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>He doesn't autoload his previous Chrome session on start

>> No.78230647

Oh god, yes. The computer starts to slow down a bit once you've gone over 200 tabs otherwise.

>> No.78230875

>RIP George Michael
>Last Christmas is a fantastic song btw
Careless Whisper is the best

>> No.78231619

>hasnt heard of stockfish

>> No.78231635

i mean i can have as many as 10 or so open in a single session working on stuff, but when i am finished using the computer i bookmark anything i need to remember and close my browser which is set to private only

>> No.78231748

what could you be doing that requires more than four tabs.
certainly not anything productive, right?
anyone who defends having open tabs is a moron and probably plays video games

>> No.78231763

everything she wants is literally best wham

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