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Situations like this is why I'm reluctant to do my own builds.
I go to install a video card that takes up 2 PCI slots. Except this case has small support notches (designed for single-row cards) in each slot that block the card from inserting properly. I had to flatten the supports to let the card rest flat against the panel.
>warranty voided
>no more support notch for single row cards
This is the type of compatibility detail that's likely to be omitted when I order a case, nevermind ordering other parts.
pcpartspicker only gives vague "unsure about enough room" notes, so inb4 relying on that

>case and video card are only 12 years old btw

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Building an SFF in a DAN-A4 after selling my old pc to a buddy of mine. Will be used for heavy gaming on a 1440p/ 144 hz G-sync Monitor. Planning to pick up at least my CPU and mobo set now and use an ancient GPU. Would an i5 and a 3070 equivalent be okay for gaming on my monitor?

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Can someone recommend a good PCIe card that adds as many SATA ports as possible and supports RAID?

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is 3200Mhz cl 16 ok?

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i5 will do in most games, but I found that my old i5 struggled in certain games because of the lower thread count. consider an i7 or AMD alternatives. you really might want to just wait for the new AMD CPUs around the corner.
3070 will be fine for 1440p/144hz, with 3080 being the ideal. 3090 is not worth it.

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ryzen 5 1600, msi b350m pro-vdh, corsair 3200MHz (2X8GB) CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 , i checked in msi site before i bought them too. I tried 3200 a few times and it'd sometime crash and defaulted back to no xmp.

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quick question
Will a 3080 be bottlenecked by a R5 2600 and 16Gb at 2133mhz, especially for 1440p gaming

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>ryzen 5 1600
Well yeah no shit youre going to have problems hitting 3200mhz. Not the RAM or mobos fault.

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i hope ur kids die at birth

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>all 1080p recommendations are >meh value

What is the recommendation for good value 1080p 144hz that won't have shitty drivers? Am I going all the way up to a 3070 at that point?

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1660 super/TI or 5600xt at a cheap price, or wait for budget next gen radeon or 30 series cards.

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dude the 1660s/ti and the 5500/5600xt are fucking great for 1080p wtf are u on about

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Compared to a 1080, 1660s draws on way less power and heat, and provides high frames at maxed settings 1080p. Can also be found for quite cheap

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What if I just want to use auto overclocking? I currently own a 2700x and I'm looking to do cpu rendering with Blender.

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how much longer do i wait

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the 1660 can also do 1440p

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Is a Vega 64 worth reusing for 1080p240/1440p144 or should I consider upgrading to 3070/3080/AMD equivalent? Old build had an i5-4690, was looking to upgrade to 10700k or better (or Zen 3 if it turns out to be worth it).

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What's a good gpu for the money? i want to be ready for next gen at 1080p60/144 at high/ultra settings

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I can wait but how long would it take? Early next year?

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posted this in a thread yesterday and was recommended to reinstall windows which i did but the problem is still happening

>brand new pc
>at random (usually when i have chrome open but also because i have chrome open 99% of the time) my computer will "freeze"
>i can still move my mouse around
>can still open the start menu
>can still launch programs
>but programs won't get past splash screen
>can't shut down or restart within Windows 10
>can't use task manager to force close programs
>only fix is to press the physical button to restart the pc

anyone know what the problem could be? this happens every single time i use my pc. it usually happens more than an hour or two into use
the only thing i can think of doing is running the pc in safe mode and see if it still freezes

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I don't know how long it would take, but whats wrong with your current 1050ti? If youre gaming in 1080p it shouldnt be too bad.

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1660 Super

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Is the 3950X worth the additional 300$ over the 3900X if all my use case revolves around games, streaming, coding, and game design?

still on the fence about 3070 vs 3080 for gpu but maybe rdna2 won't be a huge let down?

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>of your screen

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nvidia premium

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a 3950x is about as good of a work cpu you can get short of a threadripper, but the zen 3 announcements are on the 8th surely you can wait for that and decide to wait for that release or pick up a 3950x on sale?

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Zen 3 is less then a week away so wait.

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Yeah, the Corsair with Hynix C-die is garbage on Ryzen platforms.

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I know nothing about computers I’m a console gamer. What pc can I buy to convince me not to buy a new console?

I don’t know what the fuck all these numbers are on all the components, are all of these manufactured by autistic people? What the fuck is a GeForce RTX 3080?

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Forgot to mention, I’m browsing these https://www.pccasegear.com/category/1411_1917/pccg-gaming-pcs/ready-to-ship-gaming-pcs

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Can't tell if trolling or genuinely retarded.

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While reapplying thermal paste to my graphics card, I saw that the gpu had what looked like machining marks on it. Didn’t look good. I’ve never had any performance problems with the card or anything, I was reapplying paste just because

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my NVMe SSD feels slow as fuck
help a clueless retard out, do these look normal?
ignore the animu background, I downloaded the wrong version

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Ah crap wrong thread.
>Should i get 3500x for browser/linux gaming?
>If yes, with which mobo 450/550/other?

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hi /pcbg/ chads, i have a question. i build this tool to crawl ebay for sold items so i can get a good idea what they are going for. what i noticed is that used intel cpus are about 10-20% cheaper than the comparable used amd cpus. is there something i'm missing or is that just the way it is?
(pic kinda unrelated)

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guys are there any games i can play if i only have a really good cpu and a bad gpu??

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every good game in existence

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What keyboard to get? Is there anything better than k120 in similar pricerange?

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I will do a test on my 970 evo. if it doesn't crash I'll post the results in a few minutes.

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Is there a good monitor review site?

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Personally I can't go back to Cherry after using a buckling spring board. Maybe wait for the Keystone beam spring board to be available in a fullsize layout? Or something with those new ALPS clones?

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No love for RTX 20 series? Even after the price drops?

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>feels slow
>Is faster than 90% of computers

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Check'd & respek't. What are they going for now?

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The cooler seems solid, but is it new or going out of production, the prices and availability seem all over the place

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2070S EVGA about 525bux, Zotac about 455bux, give or take

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Nah that's only like $50 off MSRP. Still not worth it with the 3070 on the horizon IMO. They'll probably drop to ~$300 when the 3060 is announced.

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That's not a high bar to surpass when 90% of machines predate 2017 and are low-powered laptops.

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How is that a good deal? I paid $520 for a Gigabyte Gaming OC 2070S way back in January.

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It doubtless exists but I've never seen it or seen anyone complain of it. There's only 4 companies that actually manufacture the DRAM chips themselves so there's little chance of getting a counterfeit there (and if you did you'd know about it immediately). That doesn't preclude the possibility of receiving genuine DRAM with a shitty knock-off PCB or other components but, again, I've never seen it actually happen.

>Is Amazon a legit enough source?
Definitely. Even if you do get a fake Amazon's customer services will side with you 99% of the time. Often times they don't even contact the manufacturer; preferring to take the hit on a refund/replacement to get the dispute sorted quickly.

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RAM is not a typical counterfeit product.

Amazon itself generally gets original RAM but it's not unheard of that they sold used / refurb / returned shit as new.

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>replacing office toaster with a new computer
>office toaster is running OEM Win7

Is it possible to use the product key to activate Win10 on the new computer, or is the key tied to the old motherboard and I'm shit out of luck?

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I want to make a custom loop just for fun because I've always wanted to do it, but with these new nvidia cards being pozcapped, does it make sense to buy a used 2080ti with a waterblock already installed?

>> No.77950516

A Win10 upgrade has to be done on the hardware that the Win7 key is currently activated on. If you don't want to KVM, just buy a 10 key. You can find them for like $20.

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Just opens a game to play on my PC and my computer instantly restarted itself. What happened? Is the GPU or PSU damaged?

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I am going to build $500 (as close to as possible atleast) peecee for poorfag friend. Should I wait for the next AMD gen to launch to try and catch the price dip/$150 AMD Ryzen 3600
Part list is going to look something like this should a 3600 (used or new) come around for $150 cheap.

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an nvme ssd is not worth it if your budget is that low, spend it elsewhere
nvme ssd is like bottom priority of shit to rice your pc with

>> No.77951107

Take the poorfag gamble and OC the ram to 3200cl16
if you won't do that then go with the Team T-Force 3200cl16 ram. its the same price as the geil but the height is shorter and the design is less obnoxious. its slightly more flexible in case your friend wants an aftermarket cpu tower cooler down the line but idk what this pc is even for

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>upgrade paths and last years
A series AMD boards are non overclockable and cheaper budget boards
B series is for overclocking CPU but still budgetish
X series is hardgore xxxgaymerxxx overclocker shit.

Do you think you or your friend will want to overclock? It'll cost more
>upgrade paths
only selective b450 will get zen 3(last am4 cpu) support i think. i dont know about asrock. also it might be a weirder flash to get there by the companies that will support b450 in zen 3.

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please help a person who doesnt know shit about PCs.
Budget: $500–$1000, less is better
Currency: Russian rubles
Monitor: I'd like recs on this. I really want to try 4k, not for gaming but for browsing/media. more than 60fps is a plus but not a must.
Uses: I need a budget machine for gaming. I dont need max settings or above 60fps, i'm fine as long as it runs things at least at 720p. Just need a machine that can run Tekken 7/Street Fighter 5, and launch the next gen at least on low settings without frame drops, as long as it does I'm fine. The rest is just browsing/media, with a very low chance of Blender/video editing where id be satisfied with any performance.
i dont care about re-selling value or anything like that, i plan to use the machine for 5 years at the very least.
please give at least general tips on what i should go for, i have virtually no idea on what to purchase.

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>sole purpose of existing is to make this one mediocre shitpost every pcbg thread
Pick the first one that applies to you

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Is a 1660 Super a downgrade or upgrade from 980ti?

>> No.77952693

>Windows 10
I have found your problem

>> No.77952770

I've heard Americans talk about NVMe SSDs that are less than 120gb. Where the fuck are these?

>> No.77952910

I recently got a navidia gtx 760, my psu doesn't have 2 6 pin pci-e cables that are required for power to the graphics cards. What would be the psu for that. Ty

The budget is around £50

>> No.77952917

Newfag here, what else can I play new games on?

>> No.77953033

Honestly sounds like a dying OS drive. I had a similar thing happen to me when my SSD went bad. The PC was still responsive so it didn't crash but launching programs didn't work and anything that didn't make use of stuff already in RAM was broken.

>> No.77953172

NVLink Quadros

>> No.77953182

This is also a good and easy to check bet.

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>Cinebench R15, I'm talking like 500 points in multithreaded benchmarks.
Also HWiNFO summary would help.

>> No.77953359

what are the cpu temperatures while benching
are you turboing properly?

>> No.77953384

clock stretching
unstable fabric

>> No.77953434

50c idle. 65-70c when boosting although I think this became worse when I changed the power settings. It's not hitting the thermal throttle limit in Ryzen master and from what I could gather from forums these are expected results from a 3600 and AIO.

I'm gonna get some screenshots. It's probably going to take a while with cinebench. brb.

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Ok, first screen shot and I just noticed this shit. This is using the default profile and Ryzen balanced.

Windows, fucking changed the Ryzen power management settings to push 100% power into the CPU even at idle.

What the fuck.

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Maybe anon but for the time being, I'm pretty content with myself.

>> No.77953719

Convince me not to buy 64 GB RAM

>> No.77953782

The only 1080ps with good, modern blue reduction are the 240hz mate, sorry.
Actually, they're the only ones, 1440p and 4k monitors also have mediocre solutions.

>> No.77953808

ryzen balanced power plan is supposed to be 99% minimum state and 100% maximum state.


what's your peak core voltage while running cinebench?

>> No.77953811

>No, this is stock settings.
This is strange, some cores should boost higher than the others on stock settings and I would expect vCore closer to 1.3V

>> No.77953818

just wait and get 300

>> No.77953832

>Too poor to afford server grade motherboards with 16 RAM slots.

>> No.77953878

>case and video card are only 12 years old btw
Even in 2008 that case looks dated.

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Be nice, anon.

>> No.77953988

Well those begin at more than double the price of the 11P, that's why I'm not considering them. I'd be more than happy with whatever blur reduction there is on the 11P/30 since the only monitor I've ever had and the one I'm using right now is a 10+ year old 900p 60 Hz TN Samsung SyncMaster B2030.

>> No.77954022

storage drives, power supplies, aios.

>> No.77954034

Hypothetically, if I buy an 8k monitor now. Would I be screwed later? Does monitor tech even improve that fast?

>> No.77954039

1650S is closer in performance to 1660 than 1650. Prices can be out of whack where you live, 1650 is much cheaper than 1650S here, but 1650 is bad deal anyway.
You will most likely find similar setups on YT to see how it will perform.

>> No.77954050

>looked up the asus rog ryujin 360, because it has a cool name
> review says it's shit

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Not sure man. 99% minimum seems to bring the issues back. Dropping the minimum to 85% seems to allow the CPU to get up to 1.375v on stock and otherwise perform how I was expecting. Could this be a VRM motherboard issue? It's still under warranty. and I was thinking of getting a 3080 when the become available. So a new PCIe Gen4 motherboard was on the horizon anyway.

It appears to be able to do that now after changing the minimum state. This screenshot is while running Cinebench.

>> No.77954073

You'll probably be overpaying like fuck, but you're wondering if anything will supplant 8k, no, unless we see 120 inch wall sized screens with the 16k standard.

>> No.77954116

Oh no I completely understand that, I was thinking colorwise or feature wise. I can't think of anything gamechanging they can do monitor wise in the next few years.

>> No.77954157

are you on the latest bios?
CPPC enabled, CPPC preferred cores enabled, Cool&Quiet enabled, Global C state enabled in the bios?

>> No.77954239

Latest BIOS yeah. I'll check that stuff now. I had cleared my CMOS during the process of trying to diagnose the processor issue.

>> No.77954247

Not sure where you're looking but even the best 1080p/240hz IPS monitors out there (AW, MSI, ASUS) are sub $400.

>> No.77954250

GPUs use either 6pin or 8pin PCI-E power connectors, unless they are under 75W then they can feed through PCI-E slot.

>> No.77954489

Alright bro, Everything was on auto, I have now set to enabled. This combination of settings seems to bring the issues back. The idle speed is also 3920hz...

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Which 4k monitors would you recommend? I'm currently planning on purchasing a lg27gl83a or LG 27GL850, but I might go with a 4k monitor considering the new GPUs perform better on it.

>> No.77954546

What's the downside of having a 512 GB RAM gaming PC?

>> No.77954763

The cheapest available 240 Hz 1080p monitor present in BlurBusters' list, ASUS ROG STRIX XG248Q, is 392$ comapred to XL2411P's 215$ in my country. That's 1,8 times more expensive, and considering I'm also upgrading my 1060 6GB to 3080, 7600K to 10700K (unless AMD makes a compelling argument for games with 4th gen Ryzen because that Intel CPU is better in games that even the 3900X yet costs about the same WITH a decent cooler) as well as my motherboard, CPU cooler and PSU, I don't want to spend that much on a monitor.

>> No.77954828

Consider at least 1440p 144Hz, you won't be hitting 240FPS in gaymes anyway excluding some rare exceptions and e-sport titles.

>> No.77954838

Low memory speeds

>> No.77954957

What if he just keeps his PC on forever and install all the gaymes in a ramdrive?

>> No.77954976

why can't they make a pcie ramdiskncard anymore man

>> No.77955005

I know that full well and I wouldn't be buying it for 240 Hz, it's just that even the more expensive 240 Hz monitors like the XG270 (900$ in my area by the way) don't properly support blur reduction at that kind of framerate and have to be used at 120/144 Hz to take full advantage of it. And the reason I'm getting a 3080 for 1080p 120/144 Hz is because I don't have the money to keep buying a new flagship GPU every single generation to achieve 144 FPS at 1440p in all games and will need it to last me until at least the 5000 series, which should be possible at just 1080p.

>> No.77955138

>Variable Refresh Rate
This is the key, anon. Even lower fps doesn't feel like shit if you don't have stuttering caused by your display also no tearing. And with how DLSS 2.0 let you keep relatively good performance even at higher resolutions I would not worry about your GPU performance for at least 5 years for 1440p.

>> No.77955252

Why did I expect this place to have capable people lol

>> No.77955295

any recommendations for 1440p widescreen monitors ? preferably with high refresh rates

>> No.77955298

Depends on price and what is rest of your system.

>> No.77955331

There's a few scams out there where they replace the heat spreader so it says 2600 but it's actually some budget 1000 series chip

>> No.77955340

Im a russian poorfag whos gpu (R9 270x) just died.
My budget is 200$. Recommendations?
Preferably one that's cold af so it can last.

>> No.77955372

Is there a decent budget QLC 1 TB SATA SSD just for storage?

>> No.77955472

Then consider finding ICC profile for Windows from someone who made hardware calibration at exact same monitor, remember to check what settings in monitor you should use for that profile.

>> No.77955528

check their post calibration results

>> No.77955591

rtings did provide one but I didn't try it since
>This is provided for reference only and shouldn't be used, as the calibration values vary per individual unit even for the same model due to manufacturing tolerances.
Haven't fiddled with them before, so if I don't
I also tried their OSD settings that apparently give off good color accuracy but the color is still way too cold. I'm guessing something's really messed up with my panel's default colors, I'll give the ICC profile a try though.

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Can anyone comment on the experience of buying an ultrawide monitor?
Was it worth the expense? Any regrets?

>> No.77955918

Should i buy a new PSU? Or just use the one from my first build (corsair vs650) i made in 2014. I think my gtx760 died. Ive tried a bunch of previous driver installations and it black screens every time, so im building a new pc. i have a new case and parts but not new psu yet.

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File: 413 KB, 1920x680, mc5-section2-mc-5-image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a case with no tempered glass - I simply don't care about the guts and I'd rather it's all closed up. Have built a few builds for friends on the Master Case 5 from CM so went to get one of them but they seem to be discontinued.
So are there any decent cases with no tempered glass and good cooling?

>> No.77955957

R9 270x? Not great, not terrible.

>> No.77956061

Get gigabutt mobo.
Avoid assrock.
I was experiencing ffxiv crashes.
After trial and error, it's the CPU LLC.
I put it to level 1,no more crashes.
Mobo is assrock.

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Does that GPU work?

>> No.77956072


>> No.77956074

yes. yes.

>> No.77956076

Zen3 comes out in 2 weeks, just wait and see if performance and cost matches your expectations.

>> No.77956079

The vrm will throttle.
That's it.

>> No.77956391

I'm looking at building an HTPC for the living room.
I don't want to play any games on it, except maybe emulate some old consoles up to dreamcast or something. This is meant to run a 4K screen and play 4K content (when the time arrives). Content will be offloaded to a NAS, so it just needs maybe 512 of storage. I want it rather quiet and small (mITX).

Would a low end Athlon or Ryzen APU be enough? Should I go for Intel for the cheap motherboards? What are the best SFF cases for an HTPC out there?

>> No.77956542

If I want a midrange video card should I wait to see what AMD's cards are or just get the 3070 when it comes out?

>> No.77956622

Looking for a case. This is going to be a hot rig, so prioritizing space/air flow. Do not give a fuck about showing off so dont care at all how it looks or paying for tempered glass etc. Havent finished buying fans because strongly considering building custom industrial intake/outtake ventilation system... i did spring for a cpu fan tho of course. Yes i will be oc-ing at least moderately.

Asus hero z490
3200 14 14 14 34 2x16
NH D15
Evo plus 1 tb
3080 (when available)
Evga SN T2 1000W

So what cases should i look at. Full tower preferably. Also havent looked at monitors yet.

>> No.77956649

ascend into 3080

>> No.77956657

I just want the new CPUs to be announced, bros.

>> No.77956662

>He thinks he can secure a 3070.

>> No.77956667

Yeah I was going to Anon, but, One - I didn't expect, Two they weren't joking when they said it pulled 320w minimum from the wall.

>> No.77956671

is that a real jellyfish? isnt that shit mineral oil?

>> No.77956689

You can undervolt it so it eats 90 Watts less with only a trivial dip in FPS.

>> No.77956704

I wanna do a cheap pc build with x79 platform for gaming. What cpu is better for games like csgo valorant lol wow? For gpu looking at 570, 580, 480 used. 1080p monitor

>> No.77956755

Yeah sucks that they went out of stock so quickly and I also have to get a new PSU when I finally get my hands on one assuming amd doesn't come out with something almost as good and well stocked.

>> No.77956787

You mean reduce the undeclared overclocking

>> No.77956792

The $50 Athlon 3000G is working wonderfully for me for that purpose.

>> No.77956804

Are water coolers worth it?
Don't really care for the noise, but as i can see, the returns are about 2 to 3 degrees celsius, with about double the price.

My idle temps are about 50-60, when playin some games it reaches 90, or (rarely)100 so it shutdowns.

What CPU cooler would you recommend?
(PC has 4 fans push pull, i know air, i don't even know why i'm asking this, i'll surely not get a water cooler cause i've had it already, and it's not worth it, unless you put liquid nitrogen in it)

>> No.77956807

Go with an i3. The 9100F is like $72. You can pair it with a GTX 1660S to get 1080 144fps


>> No.77956813

Can't wait to see 3150G in retail.

>> No.77956844

Kitty !!!

>> No.77956914

Bobs and vajgine

>> No.77956983


>> No.77957015

Is there any point in buying a sound card these days? Can they function as headphone amplifiers?

>> No.77957045

Any advice for a round about 500€ office PC (Light Foto editing and office stuff) ?

Thought about buying a ryzen 4000g but they are oem only.
https://shop.jzelectronic.de/shop_content.php?coID=3210151 (German) sells 4000g pro with a asrock desk mini.

>> No.77957083

There's also the A520 motherboards coming out soon in October.
I know, hence the overclockable capable motherboard. I currently run my RAM in my main PC at 3600 MHz with a Ryzen 3600.

>> No.77957118

You could, but just know that you're losing gaming performance and gaining productivity performance.


>> No.77957127

Forgot to say overall budget is 1500 Canadian. gotta figure out a case/psu after too.

>> No.77957149

AMD's next gen CPU is being announced October 8th, hold off until then.

>> No.77957170

Thank you very much for your help

>> No.77957180

128RAMfag here

I literally just read vns and watch porn. Umad?

>> No.77957181

from reading around it seemed like a reasonable way to "future proof" i guess

>> No.77957226

Should I go with am4 mobo(100 bux) and a sh 1600af(100 bux)/2600(110 bux)/2700(130 bux) or with an x99 mobo(70 bux/100 bux) from china and an e5-2650lv3(12 cores, 24 threads 60 bux)? Ram would be ddr4 anyway so the price doesn't matter.
>just go am4 lmao
I am a poor fag can't throw money around. I will be using this mostly for messing around with VMs, not gaymining.

>> No.77957234

Possibly. But generally CPU makers launch with adequate supplies. Hell, I've seen launches where they immediately release with significant discounts to blow through the first wave of inventory.

>> No.77957235

Lian Li has been doing great with airflow recently, but I don't know many to recommend.

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL is excellent at airflow and is a full tower, while Lian Li Lancool II Mesh does even better, but it's a mid tower.

>> No.77957241

Is the jump between the Ryzen 5 2600 and the Ryzen 5 3600 worth it?

>> No.77957260
File: 311 KB, 720x1120, 20200928_132920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are silicone power SSDs worth it?

>> No.77957278

Are Sata SSD a meme? I just ordered me a MX500 1TB because on amazon it was 85 euros.

>> No.77957395

They haven't been a meme since the mid 2000's

>> No.77957400

Good purchase? anything better for a similar price?


>> No.77957412
File: 77 KB, 900x506, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best fan layout for an SG13?

>> No.77957530
File: 5 KB, 512x512, pngegg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

less of this shit

>> No.77957577

Not a computer

>> No.77957584

It made a difference for me in RPCS3. Used to get fps drops below 60 in Xillia 2, now it's solid locked there.

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