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Have you read it?

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Has anyone?

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it's ok anon. just rest some time then try reading it again, slowly this time. no need to get defensive.

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Are you the poojet webshitter who says that algorithms and data structures are worthless?

>> No.77822652

SICP is not a book about algo/DS. You are confusing it with CLRS

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>inb4 pajeet webshiter starts talking about how this book is shit and starts telling how python and javashit gets you the job

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But anons how else can I pretend to be smart whilst working flipping burgers, when I post online to the few other people I'll never meet? They know I like this gay anime so when I photoshop an anime girl from that anime, it's like -me- who is holding it, that makes me all smart, despite neither of us (myself or the anime girl) ever having read it.

...Woah, I am really, really smart.

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how new?

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I am smart, look how smart I am, I put a duck on my laptop, I am very very smart. I'm all, a real programmer or something dude holy fuck you have no idea how smart I am

...Can someone photoshop an anime girl pretending to talk to a duck at a laptop that is also photoshopped in? Again I am an NPC, I have to project my smarmy cunt online persona via anime girls, that makes me way more smart.

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It’s not ironic it’s pure unfiltered autism and it’s beautiful

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We can ban welfare-existing too. Imagine spending 40 years pretending to read a book on welfare to pretend to be smarter than the other losers on welfare.

>Today, this is no longer the case. Sussman pointed out that engineers now routinely write code for complicated hardware that they don’t fully understand (and often can’t understand because of trade secrecy.) The same is true at the software level, since programming environments consist of gigantic libraries with enormous functionality. According to Sussman, his students spend most of their time reading manuals for these libraries to figure out how to stitch them together to get a job done. He said that programming today is “More like science. You grab this piece of library and you poke at it. You write programs that poke it and see what it does. And you say, ‘Can I tweak it to do the thing I want?'”. The “analysis-by-synthesis” view of SICP — where you build a larger system out of smaller, simple parts — became irrelevant. Nowadays, we do programming by poking.

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Shouldn't you be reading Guttag's book or Htdp in 2020?

>> No.77822877

That’s how I feel about programming books in general. I’ve read like 4 software related books during college though.

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I’ve not even read the SICP you schizo poojet. Did you failed your classes at ITT or why are you so salty about the book?

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>go to work at a Ford dealership
>"I could work on ANY supposed "engine" out there"
>Well anon, this engine is from Ford
>"I could work on ANY ENGINE... ford, chevy, mazda, honda..."
>Well good anon cause this one is a Ford, cause we're at a Ford dealership, so please go fix this one
>"Since I know the bits and pieces of every possible engine, I could work ANYWHERE"
>Yup, you are somewhere, here at a Ford dealership, that counts as a place, which is anywhere, so you are here, which is somewhere
>"I worked on a 100 year old engine so I can work on ANY engine ANY where"
>Kay anon, so go fix the engine that the customer has in with the problem
>"I could DESIGN any such engine, Ford, Chevy, etc, ANYWHERE"
>Well, someone from Ford already designed one, and here it is.
Anon why don't you go on lunch and never come back
This is you.

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Dance monkey

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You will end up a literal brown shit stain on the floor of the morgue when they burn your worthless corpse cause you didn't even make enough in your worthless life for a proper burial, you will not even get an epitaph, you never had a voice and will be silenced for eternity, you are an excess male, a societal mistake, you have jacked off into your religion book too many times and stuck the pages and can no longer open it, so you forgot what was inside and made it up, telling yourself this story you need to pretend to be a smarmy cunt for 40 years then silently die, you are an NPC

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>newfags complaing about people not giving a fuck about jobs on a hikkomori tech board.
use Reddit unironically if you care this much about your jobs

>> No.77823051

Your corpse has already started deteriorating NPC, you don't have much time left

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wow who would have thought nerds also watch anime. fuck off with your ironic bullshit, i hate anime but if you cant figure out why anime and tech is related on online forums and boards, you clearly dont belong here. next you will ask me how i know you use reddit.

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The private sector pays for your welfare, we are in the golden era of nobody wanting to challenge this yet and also all sorts of communication methods, this little mix makes NPCs want to jump online and show off their excess male welfare burger spice, on this board this takes the form of pretending to read a 60 year old hipster book that the original authors have also forsaken. You have 10 years of this tops before companies get tired of paying welfare because it's so obvious you are not trying to get yourself out of the hole (which is what welfare was designed to do), in 40 years SICP will have a pride of place center piece display in NPC museums explaining the history and behavior of being on welfare and what it was like to be an excess male

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t. got kicked out of Poojet Institute of Technology.

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I've never met anyone in the private sector that watches anime despite them supposedly being the perfect fat mouthbreathing IT sperg copy. What you are doing is misconstruing actual tech (having a job) versus fake tech (sicp) and actual existence (success) versus fake existence (failure and watching anime for cope). The concept that you must totally be into anime cause you are also into fake tech, only exists because psuedo intellectuals think they are clever for abstracting their lives by watching anime, use the same technique of abstracting their failure tech lives by pretending to read SICP. Hence, there's tons and tons of anime girl photoshops holding up SICP, and this doesn't really happen for any other book. What I'm trying to say is: Your entire fucking life is a meme

>> No.77823156

>HURRR i have no interest to learn about a obscure language and topic so its shit right?
no one said sicp will get you six figure job or anything, its a iconic book among many others, how dose it feel to know that you have not even touched the book and yet screeching on the internet?

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its almost like i would openly admit im a weeb on public, sucks to be you that were such a shit person that no one opened up to you with their real personality, sad

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How it feels being a college dropout? How does it feel being a L2 ITcel wave slaving 10 hours a week because you never learn to program properly?

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why are you even posting on this website with this mentality, anime is well and accepted in this website as whole. how dose it feel to be a newfag?

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Oh hey the author gave a talk at my college the other day, cool chap.

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Stopped in chapter 4. Good stuff, but did not learn much new things after completing a class based on plai (the Krisnamurthi book) and the subsequent sperging about programming languages

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I'm a professional C++ programmer and enthusiast and it's a worthless book.

>> No.77824804

Anything that isn't in the religious text, which is C or Scheme, doesn't exist as far as nigger sicp NPCs are concerned, not even C++ or asm, again not in the book doesn't exist. Christfags do this too, any science that isn't mentioned in their book called the bible, doesn't exist

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I love books

>> No.77825061

I read about ~100 pages or so before dropping it. SICP isn't necesseraily that hard, it's just time consuming and dry and I think the only reason /g/ recommends it is to scare away newcomers from programming.

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>worth is in dollars

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Did you get btfo by the math in chapter 1?

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SICP is mediocre book for learn programming, for programming language theory, for learn LISP family, for compilers/interpreters.

Eternal Advance beginner

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