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>> No.77778279

they had to spend more on a cooler and overclock to shit because they couldn't get a generational jump out of shitty samsung 8nm and they're scared of big navi

>> No.77778282

Higher is better xdDD

>> No.77778300

>372 W
>card only
Holy shit, that's fucking deplorable.

>> No.77778310

>not even aib
>not even the 3090

>> No.77778350

3090 could easily go over 400W, bravo nvidia.

>housefires good

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>as we move to smaller node
dude it has like double fucking everything in it
you want them to rape thermodynamics?

>> No.77778439

>it's his first gpu release

>> No.77778539

>they're scared of big navi
Like fuck, you can tell exactly what they're doing from the marketing. People shat on Turing because it didn't have a big enough performance boost. NVIDIA wants people to upgrade, so this time around they need a big performance boost. But that's tricky and they can't actually do it, Ampere at the top end is only 40-50% faster than Turing, not very impressive since it's basically the same. To make people buy this shit, NVIDIA has done 2 things:
1. Push the cards balls to the wall, get the most they possibly can get out of Ampere
2. Rename their lineup, what is now called "3080" would usually be called "3080 Ti" based on the GPU it's using, thus creating the illusion of a huge performance boost which doesn't actually exist at the top end

>> No.77778599

Power limit isn't undervolting. Nvidia has no direct way to undervolt because of their boost mechanism

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It's a feature you stupid goyim

>> No.77778795

This is such a meme generation. I'll just stay on my based 1080ti and wait until an actual upgrade comes up. Fuck this housefire garbage lmao.

>> No.77778909

shit im still on a 1080 strix.

i WANTED this generation to be worth it. i needed an upgrade for workstation tasks. I cant even justify this.

>> No.77778963

Resulting in under 60fps.

>> No.77779573

Can't you undervolt it with msi afterburner to not let the card over a certain clock speed at a lower vcore voltage?

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>> No.77779654

Run it only when you game

>> No.77780075

Good idea. It's just kinda annoying that you can't do it in the drivers like you can on AMD.

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>cranking the power limit to the max to squeeze every last drop of performance, temps and efficiency be damned
This reeks of desperation

>> No.77780307

It can go up to 400W on some AIB cards so it's not the max, not even close. But the process is definitely out of its element here.

>> No.77780747

>RTX 3080 non-ti 348W
>RTX 3080 non-ti but for gaming 372W

>RTX 3080 TI ???
>RTX 3090 ???

>> No.77780818

No wonder jensen lowered the prices for this gen and OC'd it so hard, big navi is going to be more efficient and also a bit cheaper, only 3090 will probably beat navi flagship by 10-20%, but at what cost

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>Wang has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle

>Wang rejoined AMD from Synaptics, where he was senior vice president of Systems Silicon Engineering from 2012 to January 2018

>rejoins AMD in 2018
>fires poo
Nvidia gets the Ryzen treatment.

>> No.77781494

I'm sad not many people got to buy the card today, was hoping to see "had a fire in my pc" posts before the end of the week.

>> No.77781571

>ampere doesn't run loud or hot
>especially AIB models
>but 350w power draw is somehow still a fermi housefire according to ayymd shills
where's the heat powering the fires?? i didn't know 60-70c under load is literally enough to burn down someones house

>> No.77781649

>powerdraw isn't heat
based retard

>> No.77781724

He's gonna learn soon.

>> No.77781725

>every reviewer bothering to mention heat output on the FE 3080 calls the air coming off the card "warmish" or something along those lines
>nothing but praise for how cool the AIB cards run
>literally nothing about the FE or any other card heating up other components
where's the cope? samsung 8N being shite isn't mutually exclusive with the cards running cool despite that retard

>> No.77781727

AMD also makes server cpus, and Epyc can't be beaten no matter how hard Intel tries. TSMC gets Epyc cpus at extremely low prices for their server farms, nvidia has no cpus so TSMC would rather side with AMD.

>> No.77781789

who cares
literally who cares except dumb niggers like you on esoteric tech boards like /g/
nobody, nobody cares
and nobody cares because both the FE and the AIB cards are efficient enough at dissipating the energy being converted into heat that all the cards so far run cool and quiet, if the air coming off the card isn't even warm let alone hot then how in the world is the high power draw a concern except in isolation

>> No.77781803

>housefires don't matter
The ultimate cope.

>> No.77781812

again, where is the housefire? how do you start a housefire with cool air?

>> No.77781945

I'm waiting for hopper or colossal navi, fuck that shit.

>> No.77781948

>as in, not completely warm
>ergo mostly cool, unheated
fine then, how do you start a housefire with warmish air?

>> No.77781958

Warmish =/= cool, try again faggot

>> No.77781965

answer the question, where is the heat starting all these housefires anon?

>> No.77782264

>it's cool air bro
>it's just warmish air bro
>it's just a bit warm bro
>it's just warm but not hot bro
>it's hot air but not housefire bro
>it's housefire but who cares bro

>> No.77782299

please show me the reviews where any of the 3080 cards consistently exhaust enough heat to start a housefire

>> No.77782333

thats not a review anon

>> No.77782346

It's a housefire

>> No.77782452

Just don't use ampere during summer lmao

>> No.77782472

So if amd is still considerably worse than nvidia does this mean amd held back this generation?

>> No.77783183

You wanted housefires, I showed you housefires

>> No.77783213

>power draw is 1:1 with heat output
lmao, do you think nvidia cards defy physics or something?

>> No.77783643

Blame Samsung's ""8nm""
Nvidia tried to get better deal from TSMC and bluffed using Samsung.
TSMC told them to fuck off.
Nvidia then bought basically every bit of TSMCs 5nm slots.

8nm samsung is a glorified 10nm that's really on par with 12nm.

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