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I did study all summer.
I guess I didn't study the right things.

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Drop out now.
You dont have it in you kid.
You never did. That's alright. Not everyone can be average or above.

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Schools dont just go "surprise! You needed to know this and be learning for last few years!"
Its your own fault for not knowing what the degree you are persuing entails.

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Everyone in my class is in the same page as me.
I'm only as good as the shit they teach me

Fuck i don't know where to start. From the looks of it they expect us to use GOOGLE.

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They're doing it intentionally to prepare you for the real world where your employer will assign you tasks that you have never done before. Take a deep breath and start from the beginning anon.

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Fuck i didn't think about that

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There's no point to dwell on the past. All you can do is look ahead. For you, it's either sink or swim. So what are you going to choose?

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university should only teach you how to learn for yourself, lectures are only there for motivational support

anyway deep learning is pretty simple and there’s tons of API’s with good documentation i’m sure

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>goes to college
>expects to have hand held.
Nigger, you're supposed to be learning and teaching yourself in college.
Like I said, quit now. You dont have it in you.

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You don't have machine learning courses?

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Just because something is a certain way it doesn't mean it has to. If they really do it "intentionally", it just makes it even worse.
>everyone is an unorganized idiot, so let's deliberately do the same!

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Also, ask about/reach out to your uni's researchers/professors and set up a meeting with those who specialise in AI/ML. They should be able to give some good starting points for you.

The later stages of uni are all about doing this stuff yourself and taking iniative - it'll put you in a good position for when you start work. Good luck anon!

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>thinking uni is teaching you to properly code, or do any practical stuff at all

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Is your uni ABET accredited?

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It's nuanced. The whole faculty at my college constantly tells us that a formal education is important to have a strong foundation, but they can't possibly teach us all we might need, so self learning and side projects are very important if we want to secure a job.

I'm a third year programming student, and I'm working at a bank part-time on a C# website. On the side, I'm all about front-end development, and I hope to get an internship that reflects that soon.

But yeah, some of my classmates are like the previous guy, only know Java, and couldn't make an application if they life depended on it.

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