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>Projecting modernist beta male nigger toe kisser

Very cringe comment.

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post body

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1. He said a lot of retarded shit that everyone would get mocked for
>calling zip ties tweezers
>acting like an 8core intel i7 is something rare
2. It was supposed to be a building guide and he did a lot of shit that was either completely incorrect or just bad practice.
>advise using a swiss army knife which "hopefully" has a philips screwdriver
>claiming a rubber armband with no connection to ground is an anti-static armband
>installing ram in single channel config
>mounting PSU upside down
>excessive thermal paste
>horrendous cable management

This is just the shit I remember off the top of my head, I'm sure he did more things wrong, but I'm not about to watch a 20min video just to explain why he's being mocked. That being said, it's still retarded people are still giving him shit for it 2 years later but it's not getting any better because of how he's reacting to it. It's like he has zero media training and a way too big ego.

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Why have I been seeing this image so much recently.
Can you guys stop posting shit shit. What even is it.

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>Make a video titled "How to build a custom computer"
>not a building guide

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I felt bad at first but he went on stream and started calling everyone that called him out "angry nerds" and "haters". Then went on to say it's a better computer than the nerds have.

At least own up to it. He's so far stuffed up his own asshole that he probably still thinks he's right today.

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>mounting PSU upside down
That's not necessarily bad.

>> No.77745689

Dont forget the screw in the cooler he couldn't put

>> No.77745928


he didnt mount it upside down he mounted it BACKWARDS, putting the fan INSIDE the case up against the motherboard backplate basically choking the power supply of airflow instead of oaving the fan on the outside where it can get air thru the side panel that was designed for this very purpose

he benchmarked this piece of shit with league of legends. like what the fuck. that will run on the shittiest of pcs its in no way anywhere close to using ofr a benchmark unless you just built a 10 year old computer

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Elitism. He literally proved that you can build a PC like a retard and still be fine. Of course he could do it properly and fully utilize the components but nothing he did was irreversible or damaging.

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>claims to install windows in "a few minutes"
>benchmarks this shit with league of legends and claims to lock the framerate of this game to 120 cause it was getting more and wasnt necessary.
>that fucking ram STILL IN SINGLE CHANNEL MODE!!!!!!

so in a nutshell this guy is a fucking clown and this entire build was totally misinformative and tons of youtubers have bashed this video to hell and back already and people to this day on youtube still make fun of this build.


oh yeah and he also referred to the motherboard manufacture asus as "ah zoos"

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>This happened in 2018

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just to trigger you some more

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he also installed the M2 drive without the standoff you can see it bend down towards the motherboard

>> No.77746265


Few more you missed :

>No mention of stand off screws. Apparently the mobo makes direct contact with the case.
>No mention of front panel I/O or power/reset buttons
>Bent the m.2 drive because he didn't use the stand off screw that comes with the mobo.
>"Insulation pads" for the PSU so it doesn't short circuit the case/computer.

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Even so,not utilising dual band ram only reduces vidya performance by like 3 fps

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He also pulled the race card when people shat on him.

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who cares. doesnt impact you. if a retard builds their PC wrong because of it, just laugh at them for not double checking and doing further research

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ha ha, he nigger.

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He should care because he's an embarrassment posting misinformation. Have some fuckin standards anon.

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this. following verge's advice is like using IGN to find good games

>> No.77746502

that aint all, son

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standards for who. retards who cant fact check? people who follow it can go fuck themsleves. not my problem. hopefully so many people will fuck up that the low IQ will go back to consoles. he is doing a service.

>> No.77747088

I like to think that he thought he was making a satire video and then last second the producers told him it was for real but couldn't reshoot so they decided to run with it...I mean there was no way he could've been doing that for real
Or maybe it was a commercial which emphasizes that even retards can't fuck up the tech.

>> No.77747095

>if a retard builds their PC wrong because of it, just laugh at them for not double checking and doing further research
That's what everyone is doing.

>> No.77747155

Verge pc build posts on 4channel.org _are_ laughing at that retard. You just said it in the previous post to do it.

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I'm laughing at him. He is the retard that did the exact same thing you encouraged me to laugh at.

>> No.77748692

He also coomed on the cpu

>> No.77748713

>laugh at retards but don't laugh at my nigger retard
How about no.

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this, aint got nothing to do with his race, home dude was straight up retarded

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kek no

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>PC building
>Whyte man hobby

Lmao what

Most PC building enthusiasts are asian. Whites are just brainless consoomers. Heck, most PC parts are designed and manufactured in East Asian countries like Taiwan. Even major American tech hardware companies like AMD and Nvidia are managed by Asians

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This, the rest might only affect performance, this is straight up dangerous.

>> No.77748949

HR doesn't very much care how well the hired person performs.

>> No.77749005

leave the poor asian anon alone he's got it bad enough as it is

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you noticed that too roflmao, if you zoom in on the frame, they made sure to shove that thing as far back as possible but you can see both ram sticks and the SSD properly mounted and other things and all the "tweezers" all zipped up nicely lmao

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>Make a video titled "How to build a custom computer"
Why are you lying? It was titled "How WE built a custom gaming PC". It was that way from the start you can see it in the reaction videos from tech youtubers.

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>acting like an 8core intel i7 is something rare
six core

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It's spammed by culture warriors who want you to join their tribe. The rightwing-man tribe. It's a gateway pill and the hope is that you'll get hooked on full-out nazism and fifth-columnist for Vladimir Putins Russia. That's who's bankrolling the astroturfing - Vladimir Putin.

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>Why are you lying?
Ironic that a lier is accusing me of lying.

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>Heck, most PC parts are designed and manufactured in East Asian countries like Taiwan
Because they're the niggers of Asia, retard. Same reason Nikes are made in Africa.

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>Realistically all he did wrong was put the ram in the wrong slot.

>> No.77750741

>using a mainboard that only has one 16x slot

>> No.77750764 [DELETED] 

nice reading comprehension, sweatie

>> No.77750781

You listed two things, he's accused of tens.

>> No.77750874 [DELETED] 

t. verge employee or nigger or both

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Low effort bait.

>> No.77751054

If you look at his twitter you can tell he actually thinks he knows tech.

>> No.77751070

I believe the counter in lower left counts Gs and this is a flight test, explains his bugged out face.

>> No.77751090

>Vent hot PSU air into case instead of outside case
>Not wrong
Pick one and only one.

>> No.77751803

you de retard

>> No.77752084

>yellow tinted "computer glasses"
>he's not even looking at a monitor
>just putting glasses on a monkey to try to make it look intelligent

it's all so tiresome...

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Fuck off, perv faggot.

>> No.77752164

>>>/lgbt/ if you want to jerk off, I'm not posting shit

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I think calling this guy a monkey and "it" is a bit too far and you're overreacting

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