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>> No.77735814

i mean, i dont think he calls himself a genius. and he basically admits hes not a coder, more of a sysadmin. it was never him that paraded himself around like a genius.
all he wanted to do was to let everyone know the government was spying on everyone

>> No.77735822

Low IQ take. Snowden is most likely working with Russian government right now

>> No.77735845

>Guy who hopes he can return home if charges of espionage are dropped
>Working with the Russian government

>> No.77735909

I mean he's already resigned to the fact that he probably isn't ever going coming back to USA. He's already made too many enemies there. It's a shame but pardoning Snowden would be conciliatory at best and makes no sense politically

>> No.77735960

>it was never him that paraded himself around like a genius.
it's what he currently is doing. he's trying to sell himself as an industry expert.

>> No.77735988

Wrong you fuck.

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People get really defensive when anyone is smarter or braver than your average /g/tard. If you talk in an authoritative way about how the government spys on you the response is
>Nasally, autistic voice: YURE NOT A GENUS U NO?

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>I mean he's already resigned to the fact that he probably isn't ever going coming back to USA.
Where did he say this and did he mean he isn't probably coming back because
1. He actually doesn't WANT to come back or 2. Because he believes he will never be able to come back

>It's a shame but pardoning Snowden would be conciliatory at best and makes no sense politically
>if hes pardoned, smart move would be not to come back.
How would these make sense, when the US goverment wants people to think like
And believe that he actually is an US enemy and working for Russia? It would be in my opinion a dumb fuck move to not return if he wants to keep atleast some credibility. Also, if US really thinks there'd be a chance he wouldn't come back, they should pardon him and push the ideology I just presented.

>> No.77736075

I lived in Moscow for a year and I gotta tell you, I would live the rest of my life trying to figure out how I can get the fuck out of there

>> No.77736097

lol no wonder he got fat

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This whole thread is amerimutt cope because you cannot accept your own government fucks you hard no matter who you're voting every new election.

>> No.77736225

Watch out, mad fa/g/s like
are gonna feel personally attacked if you call someone they are afraid is smarter than them a nerd, based, what ever these fags feel like their entitled to. They start screeching and chimping like lefties, which are on the same level btw.

>> No.77736278

>he doesn't know true communism has never been tried

>> No.77737148

Snowden is entry level trash for posers, he is the 1984 of privacy activists.

>> No.77737258

why do people like him, he gave info to al qaeda and people say hes an american hero

>> No.77737357

>no reason
It's about principle for me. I encrypt all my emails and shit and all I do via email is discuss BBQ stuff. I have nothing to hide from the government, but I still hide it because I feel cheated by the fact that I don't have a choice. The government being able to read the essay I sent to my bunny via IRC about why Sweet Baby Ray's is better than Tony Roma should not be the default state. There is a reason I sent it to my friend, not the government. Because I only want my friend to read it. It's about principle. The lack of privacy is ridiculous and even though I don't do anything bad, I still hide most of what I do from them, because I'm not comfortable with someone watching me like that otherwise. You wouldn't leave the front door to your house wide open while you're having sex with your wife, would you? So how is this any different? If you've got nothing illegal to hide, just let the government watch you fuck your wife, right?

>> No.77737447

true american patriots fucking hate america
>Sweet Baby Ray's is better than Tony Roma
this is already public knowledge though

>> No.77737560

I was raised in a Tony Roma house and I will always protest them at every turn because of it

>> No.77737589

Joe is based sometimes.
Unfortunately he's a communist economically.

>> No.77737722

OP is dump for posting this. Snowden is just a celeb at this point. I don't expect any interesting ideas from him here, i only expect him to repeat what lots of us already think about encryption. hes basically just a celebrity privacy advocate. maybe its good for normies, i don't give a fuck about this thoguh.

>> No.77737760

lol, the entire internet is filled with people hating on america. you don't have to love america to see that snowden really doesn't know much. he's not worth listening to at all because he has fuck all to say after he blew his initial load.

>> No.77737946

he's mindblowing if somehow you're still living in the fairytale world where nobody is spying on you and nobody is tracking any data

but I have no clue how somebody like that can be on /g/

>> No.77737968

i am not dump
how dare you
hey man he wrote a book. and books don't promote themselves.

>> No.77738137

>muh lolbert
>muh US government le evil
>hide out in Mother Russia under the warm protection of a guy who keeps killing and poisoning anyone who criticizes him

Yeah that faggot's an asset

>> No.77738205

I honestly agree with you.... but fuck that.

It's a double edged sword. On one hand, encryption protects those that wish to speak without prosecution. E2E offers true privacy withing two people.
On the other, bad guys use it for drug trafficking, human trafficking, or any other bad guy stuff.

**This next bit a very ROUGH analogy. Close your ears if you're easily cringed*

Encryption is like freedom of speech. You have the good guys who use it to help others and you have bad guys who use it to hurt others.
There will always be bad guys where you have freedom. It's how the world turns. Taking away the freedom is *A* solution, but as history has shown, then less freedom you give your people, the more stressed and angrier they become.

You take away a freedom they value, and the good guys begin to question their governments legitimacy.
From there comes militia, then conflict.

Though I think they're communist black supremacists, BLM is an example of what happens when you let a group of people get angry. Hong Kong protest another.

>> No.77738229

glow rogan shills whatever current narrative the CIA wants disseminated to the masses of midwits that watch his show.

Snowden is a limited hangout agent who does things like reinforce the official 9/11 narrative in between reminding everyone about the "shocking" revelations he released years ago that showed that US intelligence agencies spy on us using the Internet.

His leaks really provided no information that people did not already assume was the case, or that harmed the US government in any way. If anything the leaks served to make the US government seem more powerful than it actually is in order to stoke fear among American citizens and America's geopolitical enemies.

Snowden's only real advice for dealing with the surveillance revelations is to take the mic out of your cellphone and use some autistic software, which is obviously not a long-term solution to the actual problem.

Note too that Snowden is shilled non-stop by the establishment media apparatus as well as controlled nu-media outlets such as Rogan's podcast here. If he were truly a threat to the system he would be unpersoned and completely ignored by the media. Instead he's propped up as a brave underdog hero who we should all listen to for advice on how to implement some placebos to mitigate our anxiety about being surveilled by a government that hates us and wants us dead.

>> No.77738313

>If he were truly a threat to the system he would be unpersoned and completely ignored by the media
if you want to see how an actual threat is treated look at alex jones

>> No.77738501

What did he even achieve? From what i can tell most of america didn't are about the leaks or don't know about them and most don't even know who he is.

>> No.77738568

snowdens mistake was coming out under a democrat. if he came out under trump the media would have blessed him.

>> No.77739054

>yes goy, we are doing this for your own protection of course we have your best interest in mind!
hey cheney how was quail season this year?

>> No.77739106

>whatever the surveillance did, it never affected my life or any other americans lives.
>they weren't the target.

Imagine believing this

>> No.77739219

>The government was tracking my information and has a complete profile of everything I’ve said and done on the internet for the past several decades but I don’t have anything to hide so I don’t care lol
I’m confused because both sides seem to believe this in some capacity. Is bootlicking not exclusive to one side?

>> No.77739237

>both sides seem to believe this in some capacity
how dumb are you? /g/ is filled with privacy fags

>> No.77739484

To you everything is about ego. Not everyone is like that.

>> No.77739502

He is probably just baiting. No one in /g/ believes that.

>> No.77739531

So it's like living and north korea and just coping with the situation?

>> No.77739605

>t. jelly smooth brain pencilneck
I’m assuming you have a higher title than Snowden before he ratted. What have you done lately dipshit?

>> No.77739868

Can u give some examples of the paranoid claims and how the schizos are trying to "PRIVACY" everything?
What you mean by just "living with it"? Living as in not caring or living with taking some actions but not having the idea of privacy intruding consume one's every thought and hinder them actually unfunctional?

>> No.77739949

Well fuck me man, tryna hide the nudes ur mom sent me. If you only knew how fuckd up she is..

>> No.77740088

Could somebody explain E2E in few simple points? Does E2E stand for End-2-End Encryption? Is it basically encrypt on local machine--->send encrypted data over the net---> receive data--->decrypt on other local machine? Is that it?

>> No.77740188

>he's looking more russian every day
you mean tired and depressed?
pretty much yeah

>> No.77740330

I wanna know what he knows about 5g and upgrade of trapwire.

Snowden only really talks about shit we already know. Has he really shed light on anything of value?

>> No.77740429

Like what? I knew about trapwire before him, knew its name.

What did he show? It's illegal to look at it if you're not the media.

>> No.77740492

>9/11 is not an inside job
Right, and Epstein killed himself by choking on one of Hussein's WMDs made out of Kuwaiti babies fresh from the incubator.

>> No.77740584

I wish there was a show like jre but with a different presenter

>> No.77740624
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Try harder.
Answer this:

>> No.77740723

No one cares lol

>> No.77741046

Pretty much this

Just like Bitcoin
>Oh no it's centralized and you need ID
But you can still obtain it illegally online, just pretend you're from another country, or launder it with other crypto. So the option is always there.

>> No.77741643

Are his wife & kids still in the US?

That’s the part that always got me. Fuck idk how I’d do what he did knowing I might never be able to see my family again

>> No.77741855

you're joking, right?

>> No.77742271

I don't have a wife. Never said I did. I was asking him if he would let the government fuck his wife.

>> No.77742280

>The government would only access your data if they know you're a pedophile or murderer.

this. i know a guy who used to have clearance and he said you don't have to worry unless the government sees you as a potential target (terrorist, conspirator, criminal etc). no one is paying taxes anywhere on the planet to afford a glowie to sit all day in a van outside of your place watching you stroking your 2 inch penis to chinese cartoons

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The government or any kinda three letter agency it's not going to be in anyone's threat model if they're not doing anything.
Three schizos of /g/ thinks they're important enough for glories to care about them.
They don't

>> No.77742585

IIRC he was hired as a programmer by a Russian company
But honestly he's such a public figure he can probably just live off internet money and book sales now

>> No.77742601

how is he not dead yet?

>> No.77742617

Lol what do you think a communist is?

>> No.77742666

Hes not a coder. He doesnt know how to code at all.
He admits this.
Hes more of a sysadmin if anything.

>> No.77742678

what a chad

>> No.77742708

so they sold there souls for less money to interfere with people's private life and liberty.
sounds like awful people to me just like yourself anon.

>> No.77742746

So much this. My friend is being help captive at NSA working as a system administrator! He has no choice for another job, he is forced to keep our data save and sound! He doesn't get paid, he works for the left over foods from the beggars outside the buildings. True american hero!!

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I'm not clicking that link. That's how they hack your iPhone. I forwarded the link to that 1337 group Snowden mentions in the beginning. You better RUN kiddo.

>> No.77742811

should've told them 4chan shitposting is just training

>> No.77742823

They spy on everybody
You're the retard
I always act under the assumption that I'm being watched and you should too
I meant public attention, like being on social media or god forbid in the news

>> No.77742824

truth be told you just wanted to spy on your oneitis and hope for nudes

>> No.77742869

>Where did he say this and did he mean he isn't probably coming back because

I think either on his first Joe Rogan interview or one of his NPR interviews from a few months ago when he was shilling his book he had said he would return to the US if he thought he could get a fair trial and not a military tribunal

>> No.77742881

Your short term views are not valid for long term thinkers try again
then kys

>> No.77743217

they cant ban e2e encryption that's brain dead. practically 90% of companies (that pay for managed services) are running a site to site vpn to their satellite offices.

>> No.77743376

they're probably focused on messaging apps that use e2e not the encryption standards and protocols themselves
they probably won't ban e2e but force messaging apps to store a copy of the message before it's encrypted and sent
so again it doesn't affect anyone but law abiding citizen any non retarded criminals will just use an app not made/headquartered in the states
they might stop a few crack deals between tyrone and jamal but nothing more while everyone else suffers for it

>> No.77743994

spy on american citizens at the behest of the nwo or support wars overseas for the benefit of a certain middle eastern nation

>> No.77744193

>true american patriots fucking hate america

no, it's more fair to say the truest fans are the harshest critics, when you love america so much you want to see it be the best version of itself, not a country that betrays its own ideals

>> No.77746022

>implying durgasoft isn't legitimate
Durgasoft is love, durgasoft is life

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Snowden was a c_a plant to hurt NSA, most of what we see today is a war between those two factions. NSA got the goods on every clown agent and realized Flynn and Binney weren't 'their' guys or in the club. They sent Snowden over to embarrass and get congress to limit the NSA.
IT WAS BRENNAN and other clowns who spied in congress and you, us

>> No.77746481

You mean like Obama, the Dhs, and irs who labeled suburban America as terrorist threats?

>> No.77746941

Theres a lot of fucking retards in this thread. Snowden is very intelligent and well-read on security as well as computer systems overall.

He is a true american hero. He gave up his comfy life in fucking HAWAII to stand up for what he believes in and do the right thing.

If you hate Snowden then you are a fucking retard.

>> No.77748316

not the guy youre replying to but there is a difference between sarcasm (>>77741832) and bait(>>77736304)

>> No.77748445

wrong, if data is being exfiltrated from my devices then im already pissed. doesnt matter if its never going to be used to falsely inculpate me in a crime, doesnt matter if it wont ever be seen by a human being and just sit rotting in a datacenter forever, if its being taken without my consent then there are glowie faggots that need their asses rammed.

>> No.77748638

>What did he even achieve
How about the rise of million and one open source/privacy oriented alternatives for virtually every piece of software. Password managers are more popular than ever, VPNs, etc.

>> No.77749026

Chocolate counteracts the cyanide and polonium Putin and Trump and Obama keep putting in him.

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