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Look at firefox

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give me one (1) reason why this is bad
>inb4 muh trannies

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so... what's wrong with firefox other than that mozilla is fucking up?

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Servo is one the best additions to Firefox have had for years. Firefox killing itself is largely unrelated to its codebase. It's more of a get-woke-go-broke kind of situation.

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If you're compiling your own kernel, Rust is a pretty big build-time dependency you'll suddenly need. Especially if you're completely source-based and have to compile Rust, too.
Of course, if you're a Gentooman who's been compiling Firefox, nothing really changes for you since you already have Rust installed anyway.

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+1 unnecessary dependency to build (and maybe run) the kernel

>> No.77483650

I prefer the bunch of buffer overflows and other security bugs over 100MB extra space on the 6TB HDD as well.

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snibeti snab :---DDd

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The version of Rust used for parts of Firefox is not necessary the same version that might get used for parts of Linux. At least, you might use one to compile the other, since Rust is written in Rust and is virtually impossible to bootstrap any other way.

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>Should Rust be in the kernel space? Absobloodylutely.
Doesn't support anything but x86 as Tier1
Rust in the kernel cripples HPC which is largely Power and now, ARM
We will fork if Rust is in the kernel
Seriously. Fuck Linus

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Reddit needs to stick to their site

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Literally a reference to what Bjarne said: "C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do it blows your whole leg off."

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The amount of unnecessary bloat being shoveled into the kernel already had us considering a hard fork
Rust will make the decision easy
I know Google will walk out too
No Tier 1 on ARM means you're fucking all of Android
Linux will be irrelevant in your lifetime

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>I know Google will walk out too
The same google that uses Rust?

>> No.77483965

AWS also
They're in the process of migrating all their interal stuff to Gravitons
That's ARM
Put Rust in the kernel and they're hosed
You really have no idea, do you kid?

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>Orange crab bad
Can you play a different note?

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>No Tier 1 on ARM means you're fucking all of Android
If Linux modules written in Rust comes into play, ARM can be upgraded to tier 1 support.

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based i like rust, seethe

>> No.77484013

>tooling for embedded space
You have to be fucking kidding me...

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>Rust crashes on ARM
>cold hard fact

>> No.77484057

AMR will get Tier 1 once Linux needs it, don't "you" worry ;^)

>> No.77484079

Cope harder Stallman.

>> No.77484085

Give me 5 technical reasons I should be enraged.
Keyword: technical

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If you go the gym and don't watch tranime, you'll remain straight.

>> No.77484115

i hope youre right

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>m-muh firefox
Trannyfox for android uses rust you retarded niggerfaggot

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If you can reproduce a compiler error, you can file a report in the github. ARM builds failing is a bug, not a feature.
Furthermore, if Rust drivers come to Linux for ARM, there will be more contributors working on it and the support can be elevated to tier 1 again.
>just try to run Firefox on a ARM Linux machine
I use firefox on iOS, never experienced 1 crash in my lifetime.

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If you have to fight with the language when programming, then the language is shit.
C is comfy for small stuff but otherwise, C, C++, Rust, they're all shit. In fact, pretty much all languages are shit once you grow out of your shill phase.

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I'm fine with learning new c level language but why does it have to have this python like package manager ? can't I just compile if I have all the sources and headers and libs on the disk ? like can I just download tars of whatever I need, extract it somewhere and point my compiler at it ?

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>unusable – it crashes every few minutes
wow, great news guys
mozarella shat out something that compiled for an Android target, but didn't bother testing it because they don't have test infrastructure for Rust on ARM

>> No.77484167

Looking at the article, the kernel is going to allow in Rust drivers and modules to the kernel. Which means if a vendor wants to write Rust for a platform, it's going to get approved in future. If the vendor wants to write a driver for Linux for arm64 it's their choice. I don't see what to be worried about. Did you know, the C targeted for x86 will not work in non x86 platforms? Crazy, right? Turns out C is not portable after all.

>> No.77484174

if all languages are shit then none are, that's just how programming is. I disagree with that sentiment btw. I like c and c++ and enjoy working with it (only c since february)

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>can't I just compile if I have all the sources and headers and libs on the disk
You can and the slides linked in op article said that the package manager would not be used.

>> No.77484185

>embedded code in Rust
lmao, there is no such thing, rust only targets x86-64 you fucking liar

>> No.77484190

Works on my machine :^)

>> No.77484198

well if I buy that vendors hardware I have to deal with their drivers too, so if they write it in rust and you don't like it that's a problem. Whether it's tours or theirs... don't know. I'm really confused about rust honestly

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>This post is extremely low quality.

>> No.77484310

I'm not sure what you mean by this post. Do you mean, Rust code is optimizable? Of course.

>> No.77484322

probably the reason for kernel.org kek

>> No.77484347

>I'm shooting myself in the foot the whole time
This is what I am worried about. Too many people are thinking rust is some miracle of language that you don't need to worry about making mistakes anymore, but if you know the language will realize that rust cannot do everything. There will be someone who, just because the code compiles, it's 100% correct and you don't need to do anything else.

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>C is comfy.
C is obsolete, fucking deal with it, faggot.

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>sorry it doesn't support any arch but x86
>you should use Rust because it's safe
>oh, you need performance? Just turn off the safety
>now you don't support archs or have safety either
>somehow, that's better!
HRT, not even once

>> No.77484440

servo is cancelled
team was fired

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Regurgitate shit typical sheep redditor

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Based lmao seethe tranny sage cuck fag

>> No.77484528

so it's pretty much nothing?
I just want to know how it's bad and how I will be affected by it

>> No.77484561

But "le reddit bad" isn't regurgitating the same old tired shit, I take it? Come on, anon.

>> No.77484614

>amount of unnecessary bloat

bloat to some, features to others.

>> No.77484700

and jet engine manufacturers are looking at killing 1/5 of their workforce, does that all of a sudden impact the safety and functionality of existing or future jet engine assemblies?

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>Far easier to maintain and far less error prone due to the nature of the single ownership model.
>Been a while I used Rust actually
okay bud
I'll leave you with pic related so seethe over
You and your three rust fagboys will be maintaining the Linus fork all alone
People with products and jobs to do will be forking away from your brain damaged shit

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Idk if anyone told you this but firefox on ios is just a skin for safari.
So is chrome on iOS.
And the new FF (fenix) crashes on android.

>> No.77484939

>40% of arm machines kill themselves on rust

>> No.77484961

I don't give a shit. If it works, it works.
>enabled if rust is present
>do not involve rewriting large parts of the kernel in rust
>rust code is optional

>> No.77484981

That is just the entry point
Eventually rust encrusted drivers will be compulsory

>> No.77484995

Again, I don't really give a shit if it works. It is a programming language

>> No.77485033

I don’t give a shit if you don’t give a shit, apathetic people never get anything of significance done.

>> No.77485095

rust is a fine language, build by actual real engineers that produce stuff. so far so good.

the main problem is when theyr started to politicize it. now its supposed to be some kind of social symbol? we dont need that cancer in the industry.

why should i invest in the language, community and tooling when it can come bite me in the ass for wrong thought? no thanks.

>> No.77485267

>why should i invest in the language, community and tooling when it can come bite me in the ass for wrong thought? no thanks.
Rust is licensed under MIT/Apache 2.0 so it can't. The coc(k) only refers to the official forums and repositories. Besides, you can expect to be thrown out of pretty much any serious project if you can't behave. Just because there are explicitly states rules doesn't mean that there are no rules.

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What are your preferred pronouns?

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well well.
it looks like someone got triggered.

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My preferred pronoun is nigger.

>> No.77485765

>rust ruined instead of their tranny policts.
One and the same.
>Rust is indeed the future
In your dreams.
> picked up the torch where C++ left it out
I like how you're pretending C++ is still stuck in C++98 lol.
bruce you're such a fucking liar.

>> No.77485767

Reminder that Rust is nonfree software

>> No.77485831

this argument is a farce. MPL licensing is kosher by GNU standards and is free software no matter how much crybaby fag shit you post. this blog is basically a long winded way of saying literally nothing new or not well understood.

>> No.77485963

>98% of /g/ won't be able to name 1
Slow compile times? Cross-compatibility on other architectures? Low adoption? Tokio is kind of lame? A surprisingly high number of crates that only run on nightly? Metaprogramming footguns? Unergonomic module system? The regrettably continued existence of Steve Klabnik?

>> No.77485970

i'm fine with it as long as they don't accept pajeet code

>> No.77486024

>I hate online-dependency management.
No. Fuck off with your 13 different snowflake build systems and all of them failing.

>> No.77486099

>Fuck off with your 13 different snowflake build systems
Fuck off with your strawmen, I use a make file and a readme that tells you which dev packages to download.

>> No.77486110

not that anon, but i haven't seen make or any other build system fail yet

>> No.77486147

>I hate online-dependency management.
Then don't do it? If you really want to manually download all your dependencies then you can still use cargo without it.

>> No.77486207

The Latin American freetards hate Rust, Linux-libre will probably not accept it

>> No.77486654

im all for rules, i just dont want to invest in something and then be banned for something i said on some social network years ago..

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