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kill all youtumors

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rewriting a 3000 line case statement which used goto to certain labels

no this wasn't some weird C shit with many failure cases, it was determining what type of customer order to create

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God, I wish someone would let me live in the basement of their comfy suburban neighborhood instead of paying $1000 a month to live in a culturally enriched apartment complex. Would save money and be better off.

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My bro and his wife lived with my parents (and us) in the same house. It was a big house though.
I got 3 bros and 2 sisters.

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fuck off Josh

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>Josh’s content was always shit.
Guy lies about having gone to college and cries like a bitch about only the fly by night companies who hire him before shit canning the team. Man up.

>> No.77464677

but he did go to college? what do you mean?

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not beheading managers/HR

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Josh went to college in finland while he was living with his gf then fiancee.

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Didn't this nigga claim to own a home?
Unless he's renting it out this is some cuck shit

>> No.77465130

Consider treating option compatibility like a tensor of booleans.

>> No.77465392

retarded fucking use of buzzwords, what hes doing is ok.

>> No.77465455

Does he ever actually do programming in his videos or is it all complaining about his life and employers?

>> No.77466098

what were you doing man

>> No.77466386

There are a few that are ok, but so many cunts like this faggot should be excised.

>> No.77466396

keeping a job

>> No.77466559

>Why do i feel like a supermarket job would be much comfier than whatever that guy is having?
thats literally every "Software Engineer" or similar titled job though. Its a super stressful job where you make worthless shit that will probably never be seen by anyone but you have to test it for every case before it goes live so that its fail proof and a whole heap of retarded shit.

for the same salary you can just be a web dev at a non tech related company where no one knows wtf you are doing but as long as the websites work they dont care. I luckily am the latter and way less miserable than my friends who are literal code monkeys for various software companies.

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Is this the guy that vlogs about software engineering field while having no training and only working for months at a couple random companies?

>> No.77466598

>Is this the guy that vlogs about software engineering field while having no training and only working for months at a couple random companies?
thats a little to vague anon

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off by one errors

>> No.77466703

Isn't that all of them?

>> No.77467115

Josh's videos were never about coding per say, more about finding jobs and more recently entrepreneurship.

>> No.77467492

>per say
jesus christ anon

>> No.77467721

oh how far can a man fall.

>> No.77468903

He has a full video on why he divorced.


As far as I can remember they were on good terms but things started to tear apart once they lived together in whatever country she was from.

Also I think she was cheating on him... with his best friend.

What a life huh?

>> No.77470338

setup of dev env

>> No.77470364

Surviving the backslash of everyone finding out that I am still virgin at 34 years old.

>> No.77470725

how fucking low you must be to put this shit on youtumour, did his ego die and all he posts is "poor me" cries ?

>> No.77472371

“I worked at F for 3 months. N for 6 months. G for 4 months and now I’ve moved to the middle of nowhere working on Fiverr.” I haven’t worked at a FANG or whatever acronym they’re using. But most companies you’re not even fully indoctrinated in their “training/orientation” until after like 2 months.

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>talk shit about your job, potential jobs and bosses constantly.
>I cant find a job and have to move into my girlfriends boyfriends parents house.

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>program being automated updates and every GUI element shifts by 2 pixels, breaking every script

>> No.77473132

What's up with these silicone valley tech life style gurus? Do zoomers want to watch some washed up 30-40 year old literally who's?

>> No.77473197

Being forces to pay taxes

>> No.77473199

that guy is getting cucked left and right by his gf. You just know

>> No.77473248

working for three years on a massive project with a great team and a really forward thinking project manager, only for the manager to leave and be replaced with a know nothing idiot who breaks up the team and cancels the project.
it was the last software development project i worked on. fuck that shit.

>> No.77473288

working with assholes who think they can do whatever they want just because they're talented

>> No.77473294

Yep, my parents divorced and my dad invited me to stay with him for free. I get half the house and basement to do whatever I want for free. It's pretty great.

>> No.77473340

That sounds nice, but let's go deeper
>multiple ways to launch programs, each way changes the epiclass of the fields in that program, breaking every script
>UI elements of programs are adjustable but not lockable, breaking every script when anything gets accidentally moved
and the cherry on top
>operations within the programs take a random amount of time, meaning you need a loop to wait for the program to finish each operation

>> No.77473386

the funny part is this guy is not even a CS major and lives in Utah. I'm not American but it seems like there is a huge difference between Utah and California

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