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>> No.77446993

big brain go beep hehe

>> No.77447000

Pending approval for humans?!

>> No.77447004

sonn ill be able to live with aqua for all eternity

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You did it Elon.

>> No.77447033

Elon tell us about the porn

>> No.77447039


Ah haha I love this guy.

>> No.77447043

Elon Musk is really looking like a comic book supervillain lol

>> No.77447083

this, take questions about pron

>> No.77447104

Well that was a shitshow. Look we made a pig beep boop without killing it!

I was expecting something better

>> No.77447119

They can tune their own brain so that they have crazy orgasms, no matter how small your micro penis is.

Basically, size will stop mattering

>> No.77447127

>It's the year 2050
>Neuralinks are now mandatory in every country.
>There is a paid service, that, with a monthly fee, it alters everyone's perception on your dick size.
>You literally pay a certain amount and everyone on the world will see and feel your dick much much bigger than it really is
>However, not everyone can afford it
>The world is now divided between the now big-dick overlords and the pleberian dicklets
>WWIII starts with the rising of the dicklet rebellion

>> No.77447152

>dicklet uprising before the manlet uprising
i guess everything can happen at this point

>> No.77447157

What are the actual cyber security risks from this beyond reading someone’s brain activity?

>> No.77447158

>What was promised on the paper: control a computer with your brain
>What actually happened during the presentation: pig brain goes into morse code debugging mode

>> No.77447177

Ransomware. Send me 100 bitcoins, or I will turn your kid into a vegetable.

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>> No.77447217

A computer with one key is still a controllable computer. If they manage to simply get an xy and click interface that is already leagues ahead of mouse / keyboard and is 50% there to telepathy.

>> No.77447219

What is the purpose of this? No good can possible come from this.

>> No.77447231

Imagine being stupid enough to put a battery in your brain that is guaranteed to explode after 100 charge cycles.

>> No.77447255

>gets neuralink embedded in skull
>hits head hard accidentally
>device shatters
>die of poisoning

>> No.77447256

Indeed. Pacemakers are stupid.

>> No.77447260

Explain how I can shitpost and watch anime with Beeps and Boops

>> No.77447261

>some anon hacks my brain and blasts wsg ear-rape or bleach in my head

>> No.77447262

*at a

>> No.77447276

Oh, well hopefully this will help with curing alzheimer's.

>> No.77447303

Because you didn’t pay for your subscription

>> No.77447316

If this site still has any chance of being based, we will get a Fappening 2.0 by hacking into brains of celebrity boyfriends

>> No.77447320

He's considerably more intelligent and more accomplished than you. How dos it feel, brainlet?

>> No.77447333

kek, /android/ masterrace, gtfo normal brainer

>> No.77447336

the next model will be a shielded cage around the pineal gland

>> No.77447370

>we all wanna play startcraft

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going full body replacement

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I can't wait to be 10 years in the future when those devices become mandatory for racist people to readjust their neural moral fiber

>> No.77447379

Literally almost no one, the people who will stay pure will be looked at the same way we look at indigenous tribes

>> No.77447386

They will hack their brain so that everyone looks white

>> No.77447396

you could control your computer from anywhere in your room.

There is software that will let you type at 60wpm just using your mouse with 0 error rate.

Imagine using dasher at the speed of your mind with 0 lateny.

>> No.77447397

At the moment probably nothing, as long as the data transfer goes one-way. A bigger problem is probably going to be social engineering and people convincing retards to think of their passwords.

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So it senses/stimulates 2sqcm patches of your brain surface. This is entirely useless for anything other than arbitrary interface control, which could already by done with a myriad of alternative control systems. You can't possibly extract any information at that resolution.

>> No.77447486

Prediction: people will pay big money to forget certain that time they shit their pants.

>> No.77447490

It can play crysis

>> No.77447493

I know, right? Imagine trying to sell this shit when you can just browse 4chan for free and get the same results.

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does is make /g/ seethe that a black guy and a woman are smarter than them?

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>no rust

>> No.77447508

> C, C++

Memory errors in your brain confirmed.

>> No.77447512

>Python in your brain

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I just want the future to come faster. What can I do to make sure I'll live a long time?

>> No.77447515

>You can't possibly extract any information at that resolution.
you wouldn't want it to in the early stages. before you can do anything like download brain data or upload you would want fucking world class security procedures to protect that data.

>> No.77447521

So...can you learn kung fu?

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>a stoner is leading this

>> No.77447557

Penetration testing a hole in my brain

>> No.77447564

anon you won't even need to leave the house just program some neralink hallucinations to have your own haram of lady boy lolis

>> No.77447565

>can you play DOOM
>can you play starcraft
>can you play crysis
what is this garbage

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sure i wrote this cool program called notavirus.exe to do just that

>> No.77447569

Oh so British.

>> No.77447574

Good goy, the chip will make you Happy™

>> No.77447577

Are men pigs?

>> No.77447579

I'm gonna apply for the engineering team bros. If I even get called back I'll consider it an accomplishment.

>> No.77447590

I can't wait for doujins.

>> No.77447591

memes aside.
The first people get chipped can serve as test beds for advertisers to find out what kinds of images most stimulate the brain.
They can see patterns that signify when someone wants to buy something, or when someone changes their mind. The research that will come out of this regarding human behavioural systems will blow everything out of the fucking water. They will discover techniques on implanted humans that will work on unmodified humans. We will see levels of population control unheard of in all history.

>> No.77447609

>umm yeah its like CUSTOM your dumbass wouldn't understand

>> No.77447610

damaging peoples brains if you could output enough current or get the electrode to warm up enough

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>> No.77447619

Masks are ruining every single event this year

>> No.77447624

>"It's the weirdest thing - I've been a vegetarian all my life and even the smell of meat made me feel sick, but last night I dreamt I ate a McDonald's and now all I can think about is getting a Big Mac."
Welcome to the future.

>> No.77447626

Why aren't they demoing the surgery robot? Even just showing it us moving?

>> No.77447632

they have pigs around, imagine the smell..

>> No.77447634

>Neuralink will cure veganism
Sounds based to me.

>> No.77447641

Non trannoids will be remotely zapped to death

>> No.77447643

They did that in the 2019 presentation already

Those masks dont block smell

>> No.77447645

thats all it does for now. its like a high school science fair

>> No.77447686

fuck off

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>teleports behind you
>not so fast weeb I have built in radar now

>> No.77447705

What about video games? I know they have been memeing about Crysis and junk, but what if I want to fuck a buff guy in FF14?

>> No.77447722

why would you care about video games when you could control a life sized robot in real life?

>> No.77447755

Can I finally watch loli hentai privately while I'm not home?

>> No.77447756

calm down, incel

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>> No.77447773

why do they all stutter and have autistic mannerism?

>> No.77447774

>Enslave me faster please

The army probably already owns 2050 tier tech to do this anon.
Technology you'll never see and never get for your personal consumption though.

>> No.77447778

The black man is sweating alot. Does he have the corona?

>> No.77447782

No, this thing has more tracking than your phone they can see what you see.

>> No.77447783

>I know many humans with autism
we can tell...

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>> No.77447787

>asian males of course.
asians are no where near as smart as whites, the top 10 are ALL white.

>> No.77447829

Did you just reply to yourself to insult yourself?

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>> No.77447831

I'm honestly glad there is some tech billionaire focusing on taking us to the next level, and not hyperfocused on social media, data mining, vapidness consuming bullshit.

>> No.77447834

This made me just more scared.
Probably a good thing I'll be long dead before I'll see the horrors of the future tech-world.
Fucking human instrumentality shit.

>> No.77447842

Yes, of course, 100%. Definitely. Why do you think Elon was so giggly around them.

>> No.77447845

>bad emotions bad
>we should remove them

Reminds me of that magnets removing faith in God thing. It seems dangerous to assume that 'negative' emotions or suffering is inherently something that we shouldn't be experiencing. Almost sounds like machine equivalent of drugging.

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>> No.77447848

Today I worked from 9:30 to 14:00 without eating anything. Just the power of the mind. Imagine running a script that does that for you every day. Now imagine you work out the part of the brain that turns of pain reception. Or imagine the part of the brain that stimulates adrenaline production. Would that be allowed for athletes?

Imagine being able to record and playback movements perfectly. You would not be able to learn kung fu in 10 minutes, but it would make learning any physical activity orders of magnitude faster.

>> No.77447849

The main shortcoming with this device is that its limited in terms of where you can implant it. Even with 1000 channels, the affected area will be only the size of the coin. Different parts of the brain respond to different stimuli for different tasks in different ways. This is why all of the pig demos were based around the snout. Because the area of the brain where they implanted the neuralink is responsible for the snout. Thus if you want a truly versatile brain computer interface, you'll have to turn your skull into Swiss cheese.

>> No.77447852

Its called getting a speeding ticket

>> No.77447861

>go on date with a girl
>both sync your brain chips
>AI program checks you for sexual compatibility
>prints out negative results
>get up and leave to go jerk off to her face you've now ocular scanned being mentally superimposed on prime Gianna Michaels from the comfort of your own mind

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I want to neuralink her pussy if you catch my drift

>> No.77447887

I think you mean unless the demands of BLM are met.

>> No.77447890

neuralink + deepfakes

>> No.77447924

Wrong. Porn was often first to use new technologies. One of the first online websites to take card transactions were porn sites. First websites to use images. First websites to use videos. its all porn sites. Im pretty sure porn sites also invented auto playing videos.

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>> No.77447956

What is scale

>> No.77447963

damn i want neurolink porn

>> No.77447970

> wake up
> see a BSOD
> Cant move your body
> Message "Send telephatically bitcoins to this account if you want to be able to move, see, hear or talk ever again"

Worth only for the movies that will come out

>> No.77447973

>>you straight up loose free will
never had this one to begin with

>> No.77447996

How would this work on being able to feel things in video games? Would your brain automatically just work things out itself?

>> No.77448000

I want to be a neuralpig so I can invert 1000x1000 matrices and do tensor products in my head. PICK ME!

>> No.77448009

> Playing Demon Souls with Neurolink

You dead

>> No.77448104

>Error: racist thought pattern detected
>Stimulating government mandated estrogen production and playing Amistad in the visual cortex until correction

>> No.77448105

Imagine a literal anime-style hacking battle over your brain between you and an unknown intruder, but if you lose you die.

>> No.77448106

Most likely you would just lose the capacity to do anything with it. Which could range from inconveniencing (like losing bookmarks) to potentially catastrophic (you are now blind while driving a car) depending on what you're using it for. Most people would likely develop dependency on features like augmented-reality or HUD or other reality supplements over time though, comparable to phone addicts being separated from their phone for a day or two.

There's a decent sci-fi novel that deals with some of these ideas, Freeze Frame Revolution, though it's not the focus of the story. At one point the main character loses connection with what is essentially her neuralink and develops anxiety over feeling naked and blind without it.

>> No.77448110

What would cause pain? No activity from the chip?
At worst there might be some hardware failure that will deliver too much current, but I guess it's made in a way that doesn't fail in harmful way.

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>Existing devices with 8 channels
>Elon does it smaller with 1024 channels

>> No.77448162

Nah, hardware isolation solves this. Someone would require physical access to the device, and at that point you're already dead.

>> No.77448163

>get phonecall
>Hello Sirs my name it is Mike Steveson
>I am doing the calling from SpaceX customer support team

>> No.77448197

>got to use brain to access youtube
>clicks a link
>ad plays
>blacks out
>malware is installed
>wakes up in a jail after you joined a terrorist cell with performing terrorism for countries like china against your family and country with 100,000s of others who saw the malware in the ad.
Great future you created

>> No.77448205

t. tech illiterate mong

>> No.77448223

Ironically enough, the early 'stupid' versions of Neuralink will probably be far safer to have than later versions. Kind of like dumbphone vs smartphone. Early adopters might avoid the impending cyberpunk dystopia in that regard, assuming they don't get upgraded.

>> No.77448250

>botnet spam literally your brain
>inb4 hurr that's not possible or the intention hurr
Yeah enough of listening to you faggots. Cynics are always right, if something can be used to make money in every way possible it will. It always degenerates to that bullshit.

>> No.77448256

>/g being terrible at guessing

>> No.77448308

>get implant in your brain
>someone gets a EMP jammer
>jams your brain and kills or turns you into a vegatable beacuse chip stops working

woah thanks elon

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the best thing about Neuralink is that you will be able to literally imagine the smell of an anime girl feet
>read a QR code embedded in the image
>NRLink provides the signal for the sniff

>> No.77448367

It's unlikely they'll be that obvious, apart from in literal dictatorships like China or North Korea where loyalty to the party is already a factor in society. Alternatively, access to something like Neuralink could be granted only to party loyalists, further separating the loyalists from the waverers.

In the West, potential is there to target specific things associated with <party I don't like> though, since that's already how things are with things like education.

>> No.77448374

so will Rickrolling, fun times await us

>> No.77448453

Nice, I always wanted to learn Gun Kata.

>> No.77448523

Thanks, going to rewatch it.

>> No.77448566

holy shit all these jokes must be so awkward between elon and the guy next to him

masks ruin the facial cues so much

>> No.77448606

RIP Barnaby Jack

>> No.77448623

You know the device is controlled over BLE right? Look up the insulin pumps thing, it’s exactly the same situation

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Any more insights for us, O enlightened redditor?

>> No.77448646

>using reddit
also judging by how large it is it looks like a phone screenshot, why would anyone who uses reddit and phoneposts even think they are human, let alone deserve to have their opinion taken seriously?

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>> No.77448677

I mean, he literally said "I might have it implanted right now" at the start,

>> No.77448760

it makes me wonder about how many years of progress has been lost by being so greedy

>> No.77448762

good job psychopath any other violent fantasies that will never come true

>> No.77448782

Why you so asshurt at that post man?

>> No.77448812

In the video they claim the pigs with Neuralink can handle frequent headbutting. A punch is probably fine. Of course if some nutcase luddite tries to cave your head in with a crowbar, you're probably fucked whether you have Neuralink or not.

>> No.77448848

I'm not a tranny expert like some of you here, but I thought the brain doesn't produce a significant amount of sex hormones. Most of that comes from sex organs iirc.

>> No.77448852

The wires are thin and flexable.

>> No.77448976

how was >>77448782 mad? seems like a reasonable question to me

>> No.77449020

It's not about amount necessarily when it comes to the brain. It's also very much about pathways, patterns of transmission, and combinations with other systems and meta systems like prefrontal cortex, motor area, dermatomes etc. You can absolutely inject horse steroids and completely hard fuck the system but when you look at things like menopause - which can cause crazy physical and mental changes, hormones shift more delicately and gradually.
I know nothing about studies of trans brains but I mean there's only so much hardware available.

>> No.77449037

Just for my tinnitus pls

>> No.77449042

>neuralink has recorded your action and uploaded it to cloud
>get jailed in life
>get implanted with neuralink
>forced to relive 40 years of life replaying the event over and over in a hellish nightmare

>> No.77449366

Most people are angry at Tesla owners because automated driving goes slower than a 90 year old Asian woman and angry at Apple because they missed the big stock bounce in the early 2000s.
You're gonna obfuscate the real reason to be angry at the new biohacker on steroids ubermensch while we speak in secret virtual chatrooms with our minds about how to cleanse the earth of plebs like yourself.

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