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>fuck jannies

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>* Fuck jannies
Fucking finally.

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>The new add-ons blocklist has been enabled to improve performance and scalability
Based. I hope all the Nazi chud addons have been blocked.

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>system default pdf viewer
Im pretty sure i could always associate pdf extension with firefox application

>> No.77423160

i've been using it for two days already

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>GPU acceleration for Firefox on Linux for X11
Can anyone confirm if this works? I still can't believe it's finally here.

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it's honestly fascinating how shit firefox has become, I think I'll need to speed up my search for an alternative. The only reason I even use it is tree style tabs

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What shit GPU have you got?

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>use my autistic command line bullshit instead of just clicking a video and expecting it to work
You are the reason why linux is still at 1% market share.

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forgot link

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Are jannies retarded?

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Oh wow look, more bloat. Good thing I already jumped ship

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>Firefox Developer Tools received significant fixes
Wasn't FDT team supposedly fired?

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>GPU acceleration for Firefox on Linux for X11
Is this about video decoding or merely the interface which I think already existed?

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>we used our malware blacklist to start enforcing our feelings, so people disabled it so they could keep translating webpages, so we disabled disabling it

Install Waterfox Classic.

>> No.77423578

Still has crap security; use it only if you don't care about it.

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its a web browser. jesus christ whats their end game
just fire all the niggers, women and kike gender sensitivity community managers then hire competent people

>> No.77423636

>these fucking autist blogs declare everything malware or insecure.
Nice ad hominem. It doesn't change the fact that Firefox is insecure.

>> No.77423656

why so angry?

>> No.77423660

IT'S HAPPENING: a few random tiny changes and bug fixes nobody gives a shit about.

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> GPU acceleration

>> No.77423683

does it still take 30 seconds to close?

>> No.77423710

Stops and starts instantly for me.

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>* The new add-ons blocklist has been enabled to improve performance and scalability.
Firefox v80 introduces an "add-ons blocklist":

>When Mozilla becomes aware of add-ons that go against user expectations or otherwise risk user privacy and security, it takes steps to block them from running in Firefox. With a hard block, the add-on is disabled in Firefox, and users are not able to override the block.

Always great news when a corporation cares so much about your security and knows more about the users expectation than the user himself. This means they can now not only install 'plugins' without your permission but also block any add-on and you can not do anything about it. Trannies making firefox better day by day.



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iirc only on AYYMD not on NOVIDIA

>> No.77423789

not for me on intel hd (zoomer igpu, not i915). chromium 86 is fine though, h264/vp9.

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>autistic command line bullshit
what do you mean anon, I just click the button and it plays in mpv

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wtf, how did you do that?

>> No.77423976

tell them that. I just said the latter (gpu video decoding) implies the former (gpu accel)

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by not being a brainlet, there are a million different addons that do it

>> No.77424027

imagine thinking the built-in player is anyway near as powerful as mpv, stay retarded

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imagine needing to minmax your viewing experience of mindless consoomer videos
seek, play/pause is literally all you need. youtube even added chapters for the 3 channels that use it, does ytdl provide those yet?

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I love Firefox.

Best browser that isn't some hellish ecosystem date miner.

>> No.77424066

perfect, staying with browser.

>> No.77424069

sorry for being an idiot then.

>> No.77424094

dont worry anon, nobody beats you at being an idiot

>> No.77424108

>using a browser to browse youtube

>> No.77424123

>screenshot from ghacks article
>fake images
holy cope

>> No.77424132

This is a fake image.
Firefox never spies on users, we care about our users privacy.

>> No.77424135

don't make fun of the mpvlets

>> No.77424139

I know its embarrassing but Im to lazy to change the habit, I did improve the website using ublock origin though

post the channel

>> No.77424144

Firefox has one of the worst out-of-the-box privacy of all major browsers:
Firefox also has terrible security and is missing key features like strict site isolation, CFI, and hardened memory allocator, just to name a few:

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can't impersonate someone who uses shitty proper capitalization

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Why are my addons gone now?

>> No.77424196

They restricted them on mobile

>> No.77424245

>They restricted them
opposite, the new back-end had 0 addons at first, theyre adding them (slowly)

>> No.77424254

>Dev team ate the woke pill
>Actual development ceases
>Everyone is surprised

>> No.77424258

I am on desktop. I guess they made a new user profile for the update. Luckily I have backup for mine otherwise stuff like Bookmarks, password, site setting etc. would be lost.
Still feels slower than chrome.

>> No.77424277

just use Naked on Android

>> No.77424280

yeah same here, I get about 35% better Browser Speedometer results on UG Chromium than Firefox

>> No.77424312

I sure hope you mean Chromium

>> No.77424345

wtf i'm going to switch to MPV now!
Sorry for making you do the screenshot, this is incredible!

>> No.77424402


oh you mean that service that is going to die September 1st.

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and the video watching page, made possible with ublock origin
! Youtube video player
! Video suggestions
! Homepage recommendations
! YouTube Sidebar
! Topright Buttons (except settings)

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gpu accelerator on firefox on linux -- means google stadia will now work properly on linux? :o

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I just realized Im never going to login anyway so might as well get rid of all the interactive buttons, add this as well
! Video buttons (like, share, etc)
www.youtube.com##ytd-comments-header-renderer > #simple-box

>> No.77424685

>the feature is, I believe, already present on Wayland
I can confirm.

>> No.77424721

why not just ###body and call it a day

>> No.77424777

Meant Chromium (Edge).

>> No.77425468

tell me what you found anon. i will miss my tst setup + custom chrome css unless they stop this addon block list bullshit

>> No.77425515

>still no highlight ctrl+F results on scrollbar
Wtf are they even doing?

>> No.77425564

There is no good alternative for tab management customization, it's one of the only remaining strengths trannyfox has over other browsers that are even shittier. Well, there is actually an alternative, Vivaldi has ridiculous customization for everything including tabs (tree-style etc.) and it's chromium based so loads stuff fast as well, BUT its UI tends to get laggy over time if you have a lot of tabs open. It's pretty much the best browser out there with regards to features, give it a try and if it doesn't slow down you should just use that.

>> No.77425568

Not just using SumatraPDF

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Now even more focused on social justice

>> No.77426005

>master-slave parpetuates racism
no it does not, tranny. Though all history 99% of slavery was same race. Maybe if you weren't so busy reding twitter and getting assfucked you would know

>> No.77426274

>Firefox can now be set as the default .docx, .xls editor
>Firefox can be set as the default init system

>> No.77426295

Firefox gives Microshit a taste of their own medicine, nice.

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>> No.77426510

This, newsboat+mpv is the best software you can have on linux, you'll never open youtube again

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>because of the layoffs scare decide to try out other browsers
>my work laptop is a good candidate because it's fucking garbage (2c4t i5 macbook 16GB ram) and Firefox gets very slow often
>try Brave
>actually slower when pushed hard (twitch or youtube fucking destroys it)
Wait what I thought Firefox is slower than Chrome? Is Brave slower than Chrome?

>> No.77426904

what kind of laptop has a 2 core processor with 16GB RAM?

>> No.77426956

>Old ass SB laptop with 2c/4t that I bought for $200 like 6 years ago
>Upgrade to 16gb of ram for only $40 from ebay.
Wish it was 4c, but for the price I spent the thing has served me well for a secondary PC to this day. Crazy thing is searching ebay in the last week, laptop prices have barely changed in the last 6 years. What I spent $200 used then is still worth $150-200. Its fucking dumb.

>> No.77427019

don't know, usually people imply windows, maybe chrome is worse on applel

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>> No.77427286

It's worse
At least windows doesn't really pretend and rant about respecting your privacy

>> No.77427452

>firefox 80 not in repos
>check flathub
>firefox 80
>probably be a little sluggish, but at least I can have a look.
>everything works better than expected.
>video, scrolling, general speed
>launch with xdg_portal env var # just werks
>change toolbar button to flatpak firefox
>somebody replies to my post
>don't see a (You)
>into the trash it goes.

>> No.77427453

Well, Firefox mobile is kill.
Won't update, and instead replace it.
And with
>The new add-ons blocklist has been enabled to improve performance and scalability.
I'm considering the same on the desktop.
Mozilla is beyond redemption.
They aren't the heroes fighting for their users, they are a pawn in Google's hands.
The situation is honestly worse than back in 2002.

>> No.77427695

You are ever so slightly wrong.
The only reason to use FF is, that it's not Chrome, while still having decent extension support.
Yet all they ever do is copy stupid shit from Chrome that no one ever asked for, or pull even more retarded shit (e.g. Pocket).

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wtf (You)'s are working again.

>> No.77428025

>top pay in the company
>meme 'degrees' unrelated to diversity
>a dedicated spot for diversity shit
>company finances in free fall
why indeed

>> No.77428051

Anon, "(You)s" are dependent on whatever script you're running, be it 4chanx or whatever, its not FF. 4chanX can just shit it self on a rare occasion.

>> No.77428104

Just using flatpak firefox with ublock origin @ default settings. No other extensions or script blocking.
>Not getting (You)s
>change nothing.
>Getting (You)s

>> No.77428164

You're still using the script that is hosted by 4chan it self. That would be the thing monitoring (You)s

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I do, but it was in a much MUCH different tone then how communism has been thrown around in the 2010s. Back in the 00s with FSF recognized free software its was more about community involvement and taking back shit that was viewed to be falling in the hands of entities like MS with heavily proprietary shit like IE6 which was breaking the web at the time. But now the motif of communism is thrown around as a race to the bottom with canceling each other, etc.
It may have only been a few years back, but already things have changed so rapidly that it was a "different time" back then.

>> No.77428529

that pic is quality bait

>> No.77428550

now moz corp is google's bitch (more so than before), so it's safer for the corp to direct the two minute hate away from their corp overlords and toward the idpol whipping boy du jour

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That's not bait. It's real.
It might trigger you but still.. that's not fake.

>> No.77428593

dw anon I'm far past getting triggered by that sorta stuff and I'm assuming it's real
still is quality bait

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Mozilla hired a communist to design their posters. Dude who made this is a proud commie. Incidentally, he also designed Obama's logo. He knew exactly what he wanted to convey with these "proletariat" commie imagery.

>> No.77428675

I was more speaking about the use of commie imagery in open source software in general from around 98-05. Obviously there was self described commies involved, but much of it was more just a general motif of resistance to the shift to proprietary internet that was happening at the time, most involved were not actually commie. I'm close to my 40s and was involved in their community when it was still called Mozilla Browser, I'm old enough to know the time well.
Like I said, it was a different time. Context has wildly changed since when.

>> No.77428748

lol fag, bottoms are women

>> No.77428776

By commie, you mean there's pics on the internet where he's not wearing a maga hat?

>> No.77428790

The only one going full retard is (You)

>> No.77428794

I'm hoping that it's been improved since the IE days?

>> No.77428811

It now has a more modern looking icon.

>> No.77428816

If you want to enjoy pozzed garbage, go right ahead.

>> No.77428850

I wouldnt be suprised

>> No.77428851

pro-tip, privacy badger is redundant with uBlockOrigin, and you don't need HTTPS Everywehre since FF has that built-in now

>> No.77428870

none of these look like performance improvements

>> No.77428871

Acrobat, the one true PDF viewer and editor*

>> No.77428905


I thought so to but I dont want to dick around with custom lists for ublock and privacy badger eventually learns to block the stuff ublock misses. Also I know FF forces HTTPS but the force all eligible sites gives me peace of mind. They are the only three addons I use and I have plenty of resource overhead so im not super worried about performance.

>> No.77428925

>ubo on medium mode
how does that work anon? how do you set it?

>> No.77429012

It's about 3-4% across all platforms. Little higher on desktop.

>> No.77429044

Note that there has been a UI change in uBO so buttons might be in a slightly different spot

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Did you really have to ask?

>> No.77429069

>* Firefox can now be set as the default system PDF viewer.
why would you want to do that? FF PDF viewer doesn't even support form and form inputs.
Plus it's way safer to use a proper PDF viewer that has been well pen tested.

>> No.77429074

Am I supposed to be bothered by this? It's just inconsequential lib shit; pointless and mildly cringey yes, but also completely harmless.

>> No.77429109

I already have firefox set as my default PDF viewer on Linux and I had it for along time.

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>completely harmless
they literally fund the terrorist group known as ANTIFA.

>> No.77429203

time to backup profile and see what css settings they fucked up for no reason at all

>> No.77429345

>used by Antifa
wow, it's fucking nothing. Al Qaeda use google too idiot.

>> No.77429552

Ungoogled Chromium is a good choice. One of the only browsers with absolutely zero spyware out of the box. BTFOs Brave, Waterfox, etc in the privacy department and runs way better too

>> No.77429634
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>wow, it's fucking nothing. Al Qaeda use google too idiot.
Only ANTIFA gets email accounts on RiseUp.
Mozilla definitely funds terrorists.

>> No.77429705

seems pretty based, might get an email account there

>> No.77429727
File: 463 KB, 755x1069, f2d88386-eef0-4659-8860-83d2b6ff99bd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In case someone else was struggling with the same problem:
there were few changes to resistFingerprint option, so now you can't load font's from your PC. So if you had custom font in your OneeChan script - RIP.

>> No.77429768

go ahead., hope feds lock you up and you end up getting a black boyfriend in prison.

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wasn't there a problem with pb?

>> No.77430248
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>> No.77430434

Thanks, I just disabled PB and PP.
Do you know how to achive the equivalent of https everywhere without it?
Also, do you know if the others extension are useless?
Thanks again

>> No.77431354

>dom.security.https_only_mode = false

It's me again sorry, but can you confirm it will work the same as https everywhere without EASE with that?
If i'm not incorect, it's the default behavior of firefox?
If so, what is the utility of HTTPS Everywhere or related addons?
Thanks you again, and sorry for all these questions

>> No.77431360


We did bros! We made, America, great, again.

>> No.77431378

this shit is extremely dissapointing. they did fucking nothing

>> No.77431384

shut up nazi

>> No.77431665

works fine on my intel laptop. as far as i know its good on amd too. no nvidia support yet tho

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Alright fuck it I actually have to abandon Firefag now. There's too much shit in this thread to ignore. What do I install anon?

>> No.77431827

nothing happens, just like nothing happened when they got to Firefox 14 you stupid nazi,

>> No.77431864

you're gonna see some serious shit

>> No.77431882

All the kikes and SJWs working at Mozilla will be simultaneously gassed.

>> No.77431924

>GPU acceleration for Firefox
Turning this off is one of the first steps in setting up any browser. Why is this good?

>> No.77431977

>why yes, I do want to pin half of my CPU cores at 100% to decode a basic video

>> No.77431984

take the zathura pill

>> No.77432011

>not having multiple cores just sitting around doing nothing anyway
Are you from a developing country?

>> No.77432063


>> No.77432068

sorry basement-dweller i've got work to do and i happen to like battery life as well as my laptop's fans not spinning up the second i open a video

>> No.77432070

No, my desktop is perfectly capable of software video decoding, but I'd prefer my laptop to not go up in flames and die after 2 hours of use as I binge watch mediocre movies in bed.

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Fuck firefox, for me it's based moon

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>> No.77432747

>firefox takes away ability to input data into data fields of PDF
>allows default pdf viewer

>> No.77432805

vaapi is for GPU decoding for video, nothing else

>> No.77432832

about:config > create entry: ui.prefersReducedMotion and set to 1

>> No.77432885

>mobile browser pushed on everyone without even having the ability to set a homepage
Is this a fucking joke?

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>> No.77433054

nope, took me 2 seconds to switch it

>> No.77433068

It's your list, but it's still bloated.

>> No.77433093

Yeah, that's where I'm at for now, but that was the last update, Mozilla killed fennec today. It's a decent stopgap, but now I have to find a new mobile browser.

>> No.77433147

works on my machine

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