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it was programmed with assistance from Aliens and the MKMEGA project at the CIA.
This is why Terry never trusted crosoft, you can't trust a company that has ties with fucking aliens and most importantly the glowies.

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Would you rather use chad Micro$oft alien tech or some dumb freetard shit some nigger put together in his closet?
Referring to Linus of course, Terry is based

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>Why is it such a piece of shit under the hood?
It's not.

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NT is great, its a shame the reference implementation is shitty.

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I'm using winfag rn because freetards can't into gaymes so i guess winchad?
Also freetards are fragile niggerlicious boomers that defend their stupid kernel with pathetic excuses like "games are for children" and "I don't play multiplayer games" (we all know they want to but can't because wine is not good enough)
And when you accuse them of having shitty 60hz locked suttery laggy compositing(aka niggerlicious pos) with proof in hand they tend to misteriously disappear from the conversation. This isn't a GNOME/KDE bug, they all do it to some extent and the only escape is not having compositing at all.

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>shitty 60hz locked suttery laggy compositing
Never had this problem (I use i3)

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>shitty 60hz locked suttery laggy compositing
I am pretty sure the compositor would run at the refresh rate as the monitor.

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depends on the exact compositor, kwin for example defaults to 60 like some nigger monkey, GNOME was hardcoded at 60 for years, cinnamon still is hardcoded afaik. they will all stutter and lag anyway so they're still shit.

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NT is great though, much more organized and well throught out than linux. They probably learned from the fuckups of 9x kernel. That being said, userland and win32k is a dumpster fire

>> No.77223957

both made wrong choice by not being microkernels
ast was right all along

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I'd say overcommitting is a much better solution. Worst that can happen is io exhaustion, which will be noticed by the user and they can take the best action.
While on the other hand, honestly how many times have anyone handled malloc() failing?

>> No.77224093

There's the argument that people should always check malloc()'s result, but yeah, in my experience usually they don't (I often don't either)

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I don't really comprehend why the compositor runs at a different rate than the monitor, that is pretty retarded.

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