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/pol/tards are brainwashed in a very cartoonish way.

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its a dumping ground for trannies and black people to fail upward in the tech sectors, similar to the useless parts of google, apple, microsoft, etc

>> No.77212465

>everyone who disagrees with my retarded worldview is /pol/

>> No.77212493

>maybe if I paint rational observed as conspiracy theorists people will listen to me
Nice try schlohmo

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mozilla is running out of money but they have to fund those massive paychecks their c-level suite recieves somehow.
hope someone continues developing firefox once mozilla gets rid of it.

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This. The people at the top are just wringing whatever money they can out of a dying entity, and will jump ship once the money runs out. Firing hundreds of people in the meantime keeps the gravy train rolling just a little bit longer.
>I was at Mozilla for a while and it was a two-class system. The execs flew first class, stayed in fancy hotels, and had very expensive dinners and retreats - sometimes in the high five-figures. This is not even included in comp. One time, the CFO sent out a missive urging everyone to stay in AirBnB to save money and the execs (literally the following week) booked $500/night rooms at a hotel in NYC. I think the moment that made it clear as day was during a trip to Hawaii for the company all hands. The plane was a 737 so you had to walk past first class. These all hands are a huge deal for families - many were struggling down the aisle, carrying booster seats, etc. And they were passing two of the C-levels sitting in giant first-class seats sipping tropical cocktails. The rule in the military is that men eat first, officers last. Mozilla has always reversed that rule and the result was a pretty toxic culture, all around.

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I mean >>77212408 sounds like someone who'd post on /pol/.
The only way we could know for sure is him clarifying what the "very destructive agenda" actually is

>> No.77212758

Mobile team too.

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Wait, is that girl pergnat?

>> No.77213972 [DELETED] 

If those projections were right there should be around 50% upper middle class, not sure how that's small

>> No.77214015

>pushing a very specific and very destructive agenda.
And which narrative is this?

>> No.77214047

>Reactor Online
>Weapons Online
>All systems nominal

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>It's likely better to test for accessibilty than for Firefox
There are more BLIND people than Firefox users now

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all speculation, I'm guessing firefox will continue to be fixed and improved as usual

>> No.77214129

Well there is not that many options.

Firefox forks, but they're kind of dog shit.
Chrome-variants (Edge, Chrome, Chromium)
...that's about it? I mean there's Brave and Vivaldi I guess

>> No.77214178

Brave and Edge are good mainstream options.

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oh my god, what a nice pic
can't believe this was taken in Funchal, Madeira

the portuguese really do have the best memes

>> No.77214249

Nope, she just has starch masks on her body

>> No.77214251

Jewish shill

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What do i switch to after firefox die?
I have been using ff since i had internet so around 2005. I hate chromium though, and the only other choice is fucking safari. Is it over?

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GNU icecat?

>> No.77214322

There are webkit-based browsers that aren't Safari, but none are mainstream.

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No, the ports are fine. They just update really fucking slowly and once Firefox dies they'll die too since none of the forks contribute any real development.

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....did you just copy this from twitter? because I saw the exact same tweet yesterday.

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Never seen one in Chrome. You talking about furryfox or something faggot?

>> No.77214851

Firefox pushed some BLM notification few weeks back.

I'd use Chrome if it had a nicer .pdf reader in it

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>>77212377 so, why is this a bad thing? firing incompetent workers is healthy for development of a product

>> No.77214902

For real? No way holy shit.

Chrome will get a better PDF reader when Microsoft builds it, they need to match feature parity with old edge.

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>The only way we could know for sure is him clarifying what the "very destructive agenda" actually is
Sounds like you already know. :^)
>umm i am not comfortable using a half working browser and updating manually
Then fuck yourself, eh? GNU\Linux updates automatically from repos.
ungoogled chromium
Nothing on that list is wrong.

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Lol @ using a fucking browser to view pdfs. Must be a Metroturd. Only pajeet Metroturds say shit like this. Edge is trash.

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fuck off retard

>> No.77215089

There's a reader for linux that's literally just a fucking pdf in a borderless window and its the best but i'm kind of stuck with windows so

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They should have focused on making a browser instead of virtue signaling and expanding the company. Plenty of talented programmers would at one point have been honoured to work on Firefox, but that was then. You can't go anywhere without getting someone's opinions shoved down your throat anymore, and you can't have a project without making it into big business anymore. Sad, but totally understandable.

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I wish was possible to customize chromium. Idk what do when Firefox dies

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Opera is like that incredible summer fling you had with a girl in 2007, but it didn't turn into a relationship because it was a holiday thing, or you were from different towns or you both were moving to go to uni in far away from each other.

It's bittersweet because it didn't last, yet there is joy because it was a perfect summer filled with laughs, sex, romance and love. In the end, is a thing perfect because it lasts? I say no. Was it beautiful? Yes.

Sometimes during sunset I will think about those cherished memories.

That's what the Opera browser means to me.

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Personally I'll use Firefox as long as it will be usable. I've been trying the latest Pale Moon, and while it's a very good browser (uses half as much RAM as FF, and I love its interface), I just can't get all I need without keeping around Chromium for the normie stuff (e.g. watching youtube with an enhancer extension and sponsorblock). You're stuck with uBlock origin legacy, and there is no easy way to get a dark background when you open a new tab.
Firefox has its issues, but it's the only browser where I can get:
>extreme tweaking through user.js
>userchrome.js for turbo-autists
>tons of extensions
>perfect dark mode

>> No.77215365


The only thing I saw was the great new feature to sandbox facebook, google and all the other cancerous trackers, with the added bonus of being able to wall off my private sites like banking.

If they actually did have some boilerplate about blm I don't hold it against them when literally everyone else is doing it at all times upon pain of being hounded to death by tech trannies, most of which probably work for google and facebook.

>> No.77215448

>everybody I don't like is Chinese
This is some top Jewish subversion right here.

>> No.77215502

so, you're saying product cannot exist if there is no certain branch of it active for some time? come on lol

>> No.77216675

you're a faggot

>> No.77216706

>/pol/tards are brainwashed in a very cartoonish way.
What do you at Mozilla?

>> No.77217207

I disable all that shit/don't even use any of the things listed, except the devtools for the inspector.
I don't really care. Incident/thread management is useless to me, who gives a fuck about Servo, MDN whatever, WebXR bullshit and devrel who cares.
Make lightweight version where I don't have to delete like 40% of the about:config.

>> No.77217376

FF is kill not because it was a shit browser but because of politics and virtue signalling retardation. The political/sexual orientation of developer and management teams should not even be an issue. But in reality, it makes a massive difference.

An awesome browser died because mentally ill trannies were responsible and there is no amount of sugar coating that will change this fact. I also believe this is only the beginning and this won't be the only case where shit like this happens.

>> No.77217563

> kill Devtools

Nononono. Why the fuck? What's the point of dropping the tool that makes easier for developers to test the compability of their sites? Mozilla is completely retarded, soon we will have Apache Firefox.

>> No.77217646

its over
press F for firefox

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>> No.77217798

>rust trannies
>soros cash
>fighting 'problematic' ideas

Mozilla formally became a political advocacy group when they ousted Eich.

>> No.77218209

>Drawing obvious conclusions from observed behavior makes you crazy.
Dilate and kill yourself you transfuck freak.

>> No.77218300

brainlet here, why is it over? I understand they fired a bunch of people but how is that the downfall?

>> No.77218619

They are going Chrome.

>> No.77218742

.t a tranny
Go buy a rope

>> No.77218905

He couldn't handle some criticism and he quit. He's more of a special snowflake than the whiny minority

>> No.77218951

He was forced to quit by fucking leadership. Don't fucking talk like you know better, as it's known fact.

>> No.77219037

they fired the entire engineering team behind servo and the security division-- the guys checking whether or not there were vulnerabilities in firefox

they doubled down on "diversity and inclusion" at the expense of actual engineering. they raised executive pay by 5x, with the ceo getting a raise from 500k a year to 2.5 million a year, and doubled down on the various ventures like pocket instead of making a good browser.

>> No.77219097

>Source: your ass
He literally wasn't forced to quit, they asked him to stay and he bitched out like a pussy

>> No.77219405

>let's install the browser that got pulled from OpenBSD wip ports because the furry fags bum boy was throwing a tantrum over branding

i'm sure it'll go great

>> No.77220173

>watching youtube with an enhancer extension and sponsorblock
just use invidious
it allows you to watch YT without javascript bloat or ads. sponsorblock works with invidious too.

>> No.77220403

>>77212377 In the statement by Mozilla, the organization apologized to the LGBT community for the pain and mixed messages that were being sent by Eich's appointment. The organization also reaffirmed its support of the LGBT community: >>77212434


Download LGBT Social for Firefox. LGBT Social, is a non profit company that help gay people all around >>77212434 in one social network.

This post is to clarify Mozilla’s official support of equality and inclusion for LGBT people.

LGBTQ+ – [email protected]

>> No.77220588

fuck they are defunding MDN? link?
that site is actually based

>> No.77220766

What kind of dystopia are we living in? There is 7 billions coonsumers on this world, and there is nobody who could create an alternative to Chrome/Firefox?

>> No.77220999

>being antisemitic
you are the reason people will never stop using the word "retard"

>> No.77221020

>Google, Microsoft, Apple
That's closed source, obviously.
>Even if you could create the perfect new browser (which is impossible), almost no one is going to install yours.
I can't (create the perfect new browser), but if someone do it, i would use it.

>> No.77221062

>perfect browser
but chrome already exists

>> No.77221122

Because maintaining another gnome fork or another package manager and configuration is unironically easier and more rewarding than diving into the hellhole of implementing contemporary web standards-compliant browser.

>> No.77221146

Jews often accuse normal people of being Chang these days I’ve noticed

>> No.77221169

That’s not what happened you fucking liar. The board dumped eich because he was against DRM and wanted to cut all the director’s pay.

>> No.77221206

>Brendan was not fired and was not asked by the Board to resign. Brendan voluntarily submitted his resignation. The Board acted in response by inviting him to remain at Mozilla in another C-level position. Brendan declined that offer.

Keep making shit up retard

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Maybe it's time you come home?

>> No.77221254

>tfw Servo and Security teams getting axed
Mozilla deserves to die tbqh.

>> No.77221263

>pale meme outlived firefox
best timeline

>> No.77221266

fuck off luke i'm not mining buttcoins for you

>> No.77221268

>ugly looking chromium fork
Nah im good

>> No.77221341 [DELETED] 

So, I'm trying out Edge and when I click a link that goes to a post in another thread like this
I'm stuck at the Op of that thread. Even if I reload the url I'm not going to the post itself. I'm stuck at the op.
This works fine on Firefox.

>> No.77222071

>I guess they're giving up?
They gave up about 10 years ago.
The number of forks tells its own story.

So, where to go?
I'm genuinely at a loss. Ungoogle'd Chromium seems best, but that can't be it. can it?
And it's not like you could just develop your own browser in 2020. This isn't 2002.

>> No.77222432

>those replies
I knew /pol/tards are everywhere but holy shit just fuck off

>> No.77222492


>> No.77222742

>all these seething /pol/tards
/g/ is dead.

>> No.77222751

You are probably the only /pol/tard here.
Mozilla tried to become more than a browser maker, and ultimately became nothing.

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I don't want a Chrome monopoly. Fuckity FUCK. Do I need to be a Macfag and switch to Safari?

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Just switch to Chrome. The botnet IS the internet. There is no way around it. If you have a device that is connected to the internet, you are under the control of the botnet. Might as well just give in and accept it.
I just switched to Chrome.

I have nothing to hide.

>> No.77223705

lol, the crypto shit is always on in the background, you can't disable it, check brave's process manager

>> No.77223737

Use emacs to browse the internet.

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Edge, hands down

>> No.77224064

>Sounds like you already know
no, nigger. I don't.

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Chad Stevens has been fired then I guess...

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ok retard

>> No.77224166

good thing i switched to epiphany years ago. gnome may be run by sjwtards, but at least they don't track me and don't make any money off me.
also, adblocking built in, like any proper browser should.

>> No.77224234

can you show us how to disable the BAT crypto shit mr. 120 IQ guy?

>> No.77224407

antisemitism is high iq though

>> No.77224708


>> No.77225290

lmao, windows fag

>> No.77225316

thats it? thats your comeback after getting BTFO?

absolutrly pathetic senpai

>> No.77225759

Metafilter, please leave.

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>> No.77225991

in terms of actual, real world usage, measured in terms of cpu utilization and memory use, seamonkey is the LEAST bloated browser there is.

>> No.77226132


Whatever chromo, Firefox is free software it doesn't need some jewgle mothership calling the shots.

>> No.77226356

You know the reason is CEO got pissed at the retarded megabar idea and fired the retarded devs.

>> No.77226370

Developing a web browser is extremely hard. But if mozilla collapses then maybe devs will focus on one or the other forks. In the end open source continues for as long as there are people interested in the project.

It just seems like the corporate structure of mozilla needs to be reworked, maybe even socialized to stop the fueling of money to high managerial positions as >>77212579 points out.

>> No.77226936

These people are parasites. By the way, what you are describing is not Mozilla, but Capitalism. Maybe Firefox need a Debian like organization, or an horizontal organization. That's still integrated in Capitalism and wage labor, but without the blatant excesses happening at the Mozilla foundation.

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A horse walks into a coffee shop...

>> No.77228457

> Despite...
There are 750 employees left at Mozilla. You really want to claim the only 1% of those are diversity freaks?

>> No.77228469

Is it time for Opera?

>> No.77228570

You can check the report
0.2% identifying as non-binary, out of 1000 that's 2 persons, 8% underrepresented minorities, that's 80 persons
Even if everyone who was fired was white cisgender (probably not looking at some of the last names) you would be looking at 11% for underrepresented and at 0.3% trannies

>> No.77228746

it's not just about privacy. firefox with multiple tabs just runs better on my machine than chrome. also some aspects of firefox devtools are better than chrome. the CEO basically said "fuck your dev tools". and firing so many devs it's pretty obvious firefox will become RAMhungry bloatware like chrome

>> No.77228846

Still more than Mozilla.

>> No.77228961
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Wimmen in tech was a mistake.

>> No.77228991

poltards don't like organisations, with different "destructive agendas" than theirs. :^)
They want to kill all the blacks and woman, not kill with blacks and woman.

>> No.77228993
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I'll never use or support joogle chrome or derivatives. Fite me.

>> No.77228995

Per that report, 8% of Mozilla's workforce were URMs. After a 25% cut, and you know none of them got cut, that makes the new number -- 11%.

>> No.77228998

enjoy your COC'd CVEs

>> No.77229012

> Mozilla's 2018 staffing bill was $286m with a headcount of about 1,000, or about $286,000 per person, on average.


>> No.77229034

>I have nothing to hide.
More like you have nothing to say.

>> No.77229038


I will cunt, enjoy dilating.

>> No.77229043

whats a good browser to use. The only reason I'm using firefox is because of the tree style tabs extension, its way too convenient for me to give up. Are there any good browsers can have similar extensions? I tried chromium, but the equivalent extension for chrome is total shit.
whether or not you agree with their politics, the fact of the matter is that they led to hiring shitty devs that are more concerned with political issues than anything else. Similar issues are occurring within the linux community as well.

>> No.77229049

It's pretty normal in SF, but this shithole only hates mozilla for it.

>> No.77229056

>Google has 7.1% trannies
Those are average number. Might even be under the average american number of transgender. In any case, until more than half of the population is transgender, we cannot say that the country is progressive and tolerant.

>> No.77229057

Learn to have less tabs and remove shitty extension. Vertical tabs is so bad lmao

>> No.77229066

what the fuck is that?

>> No.77229068

>hiring devs

>> No.77229077

> reading comprehension

>> No.77229089

Nigger have you been following Mozilla at all?

>> No.77229092

>Vertical tabs is so bad
they are incredibly convenient. I guess if you're a neet and you're just using 4chan and youtube it doesn't matter.

>> No.77229113

lurk moar

>> No.77229123

pure autism

>> No.77229162

Better invest in more dilation stations

>> No.77229548

Dilate queer

>> No.77229860

We need an alternative to google.It is necessary.

>> No.77229893

As long as Google keeps financing them they'll still be around even though irrelevant.
BTW what's the real reason for this, is Google trying to avoid heat from burger anti-trust laws by keeping some form of "competition" alive?

>> No.77229911

Firefox is basically chrome. It's for naive people who want to hide from google so they use firefox, not knowing that it's the same.

>> No.77229916

How soon can we expect to see the browser going to shit? Like completely rock bottom.

>> No.77229937

>second most used browser

>> No.77230104

Literally fake news. The new Edge passed Furrycux months ago.


>> No.77230105


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>lion shill get btfo'd

>> No.77230151


>> No.77230231

They didn't fire any minorities, so their percentage of minorities in the workforce went up faster than ever.

>> No.77230281

Donations to Mozilla are statedly used to fund their political agenda, not development.
>While Firefox does produce revenue — chiefly through search partnerships — this earned income is largely reinvested back into the Corporation. The Mozilla Foundation’s education and advocacy efforts, which span several continents and reach millions of people, are supported by philanthropic donations.
It should be no surprise whatsoever to see Twitter faggots donating to their new cause. They all use Chrome anyway, so they don't care about what happens to Firefox, whereas another leftist shilling group is right up their alley.

>> No.77230287

Isn't ungoogled-chromium different from the chromium in linux repos?

>> No.77230453

chinese botnet

>> No.77230460

Are you new on /g anon?
yes, you are

>> No.77230499

>china, where google is banned because they didnt' want to censor search results
you can't even get to google.com in china, how would you download and install chrome?

>> No.77230522

No worries bud, you couldn't if you tried

>> No.77230567

And to think, firefox is already slower than chrome.
This gap will only grow.

>> No.77230602

Yes. For Debian-based use the following repo:

>> No.77230608

The actually fired the head diversity officer
She actually did a shot job at pozzing Mozilla

>> No.77230630

Nothing wrong with uBo, but on Pale Moon you're stuck with the less updated legacy version, and you have to pray they continue to support it and doesn't fall too much behind the other versions. More info here https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy
It's on 1.16 while the mainline version is on 1.29. Nevertheless, I have to admit I never had an issue with the legacy version.

That's what I meant when I said "as long as it's usable". In my case I would uninstall it were they to remove user.js support, because it's the only thing that allows you to make Firefox fairly botnet free and as fast as Chrome on decent hardware (I'm on a 2600k and can't tell the difference between the two).

>> No.77230916

>Holy shit her picture caught me off guard. I don't know what I expected, but not this.

it's like an over the top exaggeration that is bordering on cartoonish you'd expect to see on a shitty comic floating around here.. but then it's actually reality. i would draw something looking like her if i were to poke fun at someone whose job it was to work on diversity or whatever the fuck it is she did

>> No.77230945

How safe are those binaries? I installed the x64 Windows version from there yesterday. Some people say these are untrustworthy because some literally-who people make them.

>> No.77230988

it literally says on their website that they are working with George Soros to fight hate speech

>> No.77231016

>make systemic change
Karl Marx's "Long March Through the Institutions"

>> No.77231277
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Where are all the Firefox users going to move to? Or sticking with Firefox?

>> No.77231576

Smaller team sizes don't necessarily mean that their productivity decreases. Depending on the positions that were laid off, obviously.
For instance, if management positions were closed it could make development faster

>> No.77231795

Dont care still using firefox.

>> No.77231814

I've been using Firefox and I want to switch,
My main concern is, is chromium as easy as firefox to put the profile folder to the ramdisk?

I want to minimize all disk access from the browser.
Because, It worked great with firefox, the profile folder was small (about 100MB) and they offer an option to disable all disk caching,

Is such thing possible with chromium? Thanks

>> No.77231843

weird thing is that when chrome was released it was considered botnet, etc, and firefox was the standard browser being used that wasnt internet explorer. and yet somehow they managed to take all of the browser market share lol so maybe firefox needs to just produce a better browser than chrome, the way that chrome produced a better browser than firefox

>> No.77231885

firefox will never be shilled on the google homepage so trying to go for marketshare is a losing battle unless they team up with apple or facebook or something, or get the EU to force google to stop cross-promoting their browser using their websites. (and give people a choice on android when it starts up - like how some EU editions of windows have a browser choice program built in)

>> No.77231901

Are you implying that Chrome got its market share by anything other than exploitation of its monopoly on web searches and by coming pre-installed on Android devices? It could have been the shittiest browser ever produced, people would have still switched.

>> No.77231940

It's always been more user-friendly and faster than Firefox, if it was a shitty browser people wouldn't have bothered

>> No.77231978


>> No.77232188

Google exploited their control over YouTube to deliberately break other browsers, making updates that did nothing but either broke interface elements or broke performance on non-Chromium-based browsers. It was a deliberate push to kill everything else through having a popular platform.

>> No.77232590

So what the fuck am i to use now? Is Pale Moon good? I don't want chromium.

>> No.77232687
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>I hate chromium though
>recomends reskined chromium

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