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Is Ubuntu the best choice for someone who's coming from Windows 10 and want a second OS that is secure and doesn't spy on you?

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what are the upsides of the Fish shell, and why is it called friendly if it's barely compatible with popular shells and Posix?

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What's this display manager? I use lightdm but it's not giving me the option to switch my desktop environment and I want to use i3 without having to use xfce as well.

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No, use Mint. It's Ubuntu under the hood

>> No.77149678

lightdm with a theme

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>that is secure and doesn't spy on you
nothing ubuntu-based can guarantee this. Check out MX Linux, a beginner debian-like os. It's nothing special but at least it isn't based on ubuntu. Also it's very similar to ubuntu in its ease of use, or perhaps is even easier, with its simple GUI tools everywhere.

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is there way to make /sys/power/state have 666 permissions at boot?
(needed for suspend)

>> No.77149710

lightdm with unity greeter

if you want to install it tell your distro

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Been using Linux for about 6 years now. Got an open box thinkpad the other day. Came with Win10, which I’ve never used. Messed around with it, realized I’m not missing out on a whole lot. Feels cluttered as fuck. Shit still crashes certain programs. Plan to dual boot soon, giving 300GB or so to windows in case I need it for something.

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fuck it, I'm going to do a fresh install of debian. What's the best way to install i3-gaps for Debian? Should I have i3 pre-installed before I run this script? https://github.com/maestrogerardo/i3-gaps-deb

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What's the best file manager? Currently using Nautilus.

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Never heard of font priority lol. Fonts so confusing.

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How does rm work with symlinks?
If "anus" is a symlink to the directory "penis", will rm -r anus remove penis too?

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Dolphin is pretty good, and can be used outside of Plasma too.

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I still don't understand why upstream i3 refuses to merge the gaps feature when it's so popular.
It leads to an unnecessary codebase split nobody benefits from.
If you are that worried about bloat, you could just disable it at compile time.

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>but is there any reason to use something else
Yeah ubuntu is shit and canonical is full of morrons.

>Also why dont you guys list it in ways to try out linux.
Read the fucking wiki

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you can make a systemd service that will do it for you.

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if /link is a link to /destination and you run rm -rf /link/ you will delete also the connect of /destination. To remove only the link do not use the -r flag and don't put the slash at the end.
i.e rm /link

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>There's probably another way to get suspend to work
that is the official KERNEL level solution to suspend.

the chmod 666 is because of non-root read/write

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you can guess the rest

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kind of yes

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Ever since the last fontconfig update, Firefox changed its default font for some sites. For example Twitter. It used to use Arial as default font, but now it uses Cantarell (see pic related). If I remove the "system-ui" value from the css (pic related right), it falls back to the default sans-serif font, which is Arial.

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>pulseaudio fucked up my audio

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no, thanks

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Imagine moving to Linux for privacy and then willingly using a botnet

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it's pretty much so you can do something like have terminus as your main terminal font but then still display emoji or japanese characters, which aren't part of terminus, by falling back to other fonts. the fallback fonts are just a long list of your installed fonts, and the order of the list determines what gets used first.

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caja all the way. It can be made distro agnostic on all GTK3 desktops using this command.


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Is Linux Mint still the best "just werks" Windows alternative for lazy boys such as myself? Does it have a file picker with previews yet or is KDE still the only DE with a file picker that is not straight out of 1991?

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Use pm-suspend from pm-utils. Alternatively, any implementation of org.freedesktop.login1 has Suspend (currently this includes systemd and elogind).
systemd is not a botnet. You have been taught to be scared of a boogeyman.

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>is it really worth it to use badly maintained distro simply because of the default desktop environment
No. In fact you can do without any desktop environment and just use a separate window manager like Openbox.

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>systemd is not a botnet.
only one guy said that it is. Personally, I don't really care whether it is or isn't, I just don't like corporate products in my gnu/linux, even "good" and secure ones.

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Linux itself, your browser, Xorg, GCC, zstd, OpenSSL

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just give me some initscript

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KDEbros, how to disable this mildly annoying highlight in Dolphin?
It's only annoying when hovering the cursor above a selected file which apparently highlights the filename of the selected file.

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>Is Linux Mint still the best "just werks" Windows alternative for lazy boys such as myself?
I think there are various « just werks »distros out there. Manjaro seems fine, xubuntu seems fine, mint too.
for the file picker preview, there is a patch that can be easily installed whatever your DE is, but going with KDE might be the easiest way

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nigger if you step of the mainstream oath I assume you know the basics. Just Google how to make init script for "insert my init system here" Jesus fucking Christ almighty. And you have the audacity to talk shit about people using systemd.
fuck you

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no need for that since you already run acpid as root
install acpid if you haven't already and make these files
> /etc/acpi/events/lid
action=/etc/acpi/actions/lid.sh "%e"

> /etc/acpi/actions/lid.sh
if [ "$1" = "button/lid LID close" ]; then
echo mem > /sys/power/state

then just run
rc-update add acpid

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>And you have the audacity to talk shit about people using systemd
i do not hate systemd (much) (because of DESOLIDER AND REPROGRAM DISK CONTROLLER), but it is not just right init/service suite for my use case
i do use it on my server

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So remove the window frame and press F11?
Works for me, the tab bar autohides but appears whrn I push the pointer to the upper screen edge.
All tabs can be clicked just fine. Kubuntu 20.04 with all updates.

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you don't need to write an init script, idiot
just intstall doas and suspend and add this line to /etc/doas.conf
permit nopass <user> as root cmd s2ram

and run it like `doas s2ram`
if you just want to suspend from the command line without root privileges

>> No.77152144

i found answer already.
this is the end of discussion
[systemd locked this issue]

>> No.77152150

all file pickers have a preview, you're thinking of thumbnails being missing, which imo is pretty minor *because* of previews

>> No.77152235

Ubuntu spies. Get Debian Sid instead. It's the sane but without bloat and botnet. For security get Debian stable and avoid Mint.

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>NOOOOOO you can't use bash it's not POSIX compatible
Why are people like that? Why shouldn't yoi use the shell your very own OS provides?

>> No.77152484

Does anyone use NixOS as a home workstation rather than as a server? I distro hop a lot and I want to stop. It's either gonna be NixOS or Gentoo.

>> No.77152500

I don't know but forcing yourself to write POSIX shell code on GNU/Linux certainly is beyond retarded, unless you specifically intend for your script to run on BSD systems

>> No.77152518

Better run a sauerbraten server.

>> No.77152558

what's the bsd standard shell?

>> No.77152577

they all use different shells

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I actually don't, pic related.
Also switching to single-click to open doesn't actually change the extra white highlight when hovering on top of already blue highlight of selected items.
Changing between the two doesn't seem to make a difference either.

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>fast or efficient

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it is though since you don't have to call external programs for every other thing

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I need a rock solid stable GNU/Linux distribution. I usually browse the web, store my files and use office suite. Maybe rarely lightweight photo editing.

Which distro should I choose? Almost all stable linux distros for servers. And free software companies provide bleeding edge distros to public so they test their software and packages.

Is it logical to use GNU/Linux as a daily personal computing? Or should i use windows/buy Macintosh instead?

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>I need a rock solid stable GNU/Linux distribution.
Distro not being stable is a meme regarding a daily usage. It is less a meme if you're talking about using it as a server tho.

>I usually browse the web, store my files and use office suite. Maybe rarely lightweight photo editing.
Which every distro permits

> Which distro should I choose?
Any distribution user friendly (manjaro, mint, xubuntu, fedora...)

>bleeding edge distros to public so they test their software and packages.
Eventually some people argue Red Hat is doing that with fedora

>Is it logical to use GNU/Linux as a daily personal computing?
I stopped using windows years ago and never had a problem. And I play a shiton of games.

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I was thinking of installing Ubuntu+Budgie and then just add PopOS' PPAs. But that's only because I've been using Solus for a while.
OpenSuSE also seems descent but also excessively featureful with prorams like YaST and Wicked.
>Distro not being stable is a meme regarding a daily usage.
What about Arch? It's been known for destroying xorg configs on update.

>> No.77153220

You can use evil mode in emacs, that way you can use vim key

>> No.77153267

Adding PPA is the main cause of "my first broken system" dairy entries. Be careful, best avoid them while being new.

>> No.77153274

>It's been known for destroying xorg configs on update.
this is also a meme, might've happened once with proprietary NVIDIA drivers in 2006 or so
there hasn't been a need for users to touch xorg configs since the 2000's, so the meme is at least that old

>> No.77153331

>What about Arch? It's been known for destroying xorg configs on update.
I've been using arch for 3 years now. There's only one or two time I had an issue with it, when they fucked up a update, there was some conflict. Google the error directly leads you to the arch forum that tells you how to fix it.
In comparison, I had way more troubles when I was using ubuntu that is seen as a "friendly" distribution.
Anyway, archlinux is a pain in the ass to install and setup. Unless you have autism like some of us, manjaro would be "better" for a first time.

>> No.77153340

Is Kali suitable for a daily driver? It's for a laptop I use to manage my server, gaming pc, and network on. My main browsing pc other than phone. Or should I go with Arch instead?

>> No.77153372

install gentoo

>> No.77153385

Even the official PopOS PPAs? What could go wrong if I install a ppa repo?
Well shit, I guess thanks for clarifying. I'll have to spend more time with Arch to see for myself.

>> No.77153402

>Any distribution user friendly
That doesn’t mean they care about software quality. Let’s assume that i have a problem. What do? I have to go os forums... they provide very poorly written, outdated manuals or they just copy paste some distro wiki. Which is insane.

Ubuntu devs play with words (like LTS is not actually LTS, when you turn off telemetry there are certain kind of telemetry related services like popularity-contest, internet connection check etc...) and excuse my language but canonical don’t give a shit about users.

Now this option looks very nice on paper. Very good/updated documentation, nice community, good software. But comes with bad defaults. I have to tinker a bit.

Debian has very good promises about free software. But has outdated documentation and i’m kinda newbie.

>> No.77153642

stop using bash

>> No.77153646

>What could go wrong if I install a ppa repo?
You can end up in a dependency hell if the PPA installs dependencies compatible to the program but incompatible to your system.

>> No.77153699

Care to elaborate why should I? What do you recommed as a replacement?

>> No.77153775

Why is basedstemd so awful?

I swith from arh to artic, whats the difference? Openrc runit what is what

>> No.77153805

>…NixOS or Gentoo.
Both are bad choices for a desktop or anything productive. You're wasting your own time, man.

>> No.77153893

>canonical don’t give a shit about users.
>Unless you're dealing with canonical, there's no reason to have software issues.

Is Ubuntu really that bad? I'll be honest here, I distro-hop like a blatant retard. I'm not looking for myspecialsnowflakeOS, I'm just indecisive.
Solus has been comfy but it lacks packages, it's package manager isn't great compared to others and the distro itself seems to have no future.
Debian is solid but also old and with RHEL dominating, it seems to have as much a future as IBM had when Apple took over.
OpenSuSE and NixOS I know very little about. OpenSuSE seems like a better Fedora and NixOS I just like for it's package manager.
I tried Arch a while ago but was deterred by the size of the official Arch repos and the fact that the AUR is user maintained.
With Gentoo, I just don't want to compile every package for every update for a home system. This seems more geared toward LTO-ized gaming and server usage.

>You can end up in a dependency hell...
Not even sure if I want to use Ubuntu but thanks for the heads up. I'll try this in a VM first if I end up deciding to use Ubuntu.

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Learn bash since it's your default shell.
To kick it off, you need a small project like a screenfetch or a script that organizes files for you. Anything simple will do. For learning, stay away from any crap found online and only use these resources:
Colorful.icons, autocomplete, etc are available in bash as well, but you have to enable and configure them first.

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So my first ever linux installation attempt was a failure
I installed the newest Ubuntu on a Dell laptop. During installation process I erased the disk and unchecked "download updates while installing ubuntu".
After removing pendrive and rebooting I got following error:
file '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found.
grub rescue>
I tried to follow solutions to this error available on yt but I had no success
My situation looks like in this video until 2:05, but than he finds /grub2/, which I don't see on my machine
What should I do now?

>> No.77153958

stick with bash
put this in your ~/.inputrc
$include /etc/inputrc
set completion-ignore-case on
set completion-query-items -1
set show-all-if-unmodified on
set show-all-if-ambiguous off
set colored-completion-prefix on
set colored-stats on
set visible-stats on
"\C-j": menu-complete
"\C-k": menu-complete-backward

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drum & based

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>> No.77154030

Slightly off topic, but what's the best version of Doom on the Ubuntu software center?

>> No.77154033

kill yourself

>> No.77154057

arigatou desu

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Hey /fglt/ hope everyone is having a nice day :)

>> No.77154110

Is it just me or has using both GNOME and Plasma become much harder recently? Feel like in the old days you had to make sure you didn't autostart the other DE's services, but now installing both desktop environments actively fucks up both experiences wrt. theming, daemons getting disabled from starting up by the other DE, the respective XDM being actually important (GNOME doesn't work well without GDM)...

>> No.77154137

>Gentoo was more or less common.
I have not, in 10+ years of working with Linux in different companies, seen anyone use Gentoo/Slackware/openSuse on a PC. I've seen SLES on a server camouflaging itself as RHEL for compatibility reasons.
Ubuntu and Fedora I would say take 90% of the desktops I've seen (including variants like Kubuntu/Mint/whatnot), the rest were anything from Arch to CentOS.
Servers were RHEL and clones (CentOS, Oracle Linux) or Ubuntu, with a few Debian ones.
Personally, I have Kubuntu on my desktop, with Stram for the occasional game. Wife runs Raspbian on a Pi 4, which is her desktop for mail/web/studies. We live our lives and don't spend more time than we have to in front of our computers.

>> No.77154170

What bad defaults do you mean?

>> No.77154227

Linux is just the kernel used in the GNU system.

>> No.77154229

Debian stable and call it a day. System is rock solid. I recommend anything but GNOME. Try Cinnamon, xfce and KDE, just not the foot.
There is 0 point in using anything Debian-based when Debian is still the most widely used, the largest package repository and highest stability and security. MX is for social justice warriors, Mint is redundant when Debian exists.
Ugh, create a new user as root and see if things run well, so we can zero in on the fact if it's a wider problem. Sounds like something specific on your user was messed up and we need to determine proper recovery.
Try this, fren.
Blah, I installed i3-gaps ontop of i3 and it works fine. I wish I remember exactly what I did. I'm just happy it works.</wbr>

>> No.77154253

jesus how could I miss that? thanks for the other hints too

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Fuck, it still doesn't click properly for me even if I maximize with f11. What the fuck could be wrong?

>> No.77154604

Hey guys, I want to switch to linux on my desktop. I don't really know how I want my drives / filesystem or whatever since I have 3 drives. On windows I had it like this: SSD for OS and a few programs, HDD for files and another HDD for most programs and games. How would I partition this for linux? Also, would I have to format my files drive and lose my data? (I am on windows 10). Thanks in advance

>> No.77154663

Why is ZFS in Ubuntu considered experimental by Canonical?

>> No.77154673

it's not supported by the kernel

>> No.77154687


>> No.77154792

use the SSD for the OS and format and mount the HDD's separately
you don't need to format the HDD's but it'd be nice to do it if backing up's not too much of a pain for you
I suggest a couple of GB swap, maybe 50 GB for / and the rest for /home on the SSD
as for the HDD's, just format them whole with ext4

>> No.77154934

thank you
just to clarify, you say put swap, / and /home all on SSD?

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>> No.77154982

What kernel?

>> No.77155007

the Linux kernel

>> No.77155082

>Is Ubuntu really that bad?
Yes. I installed it on my gf laptop that wanted to switch to linux, and it was horrible. Now that they are using gnome, and I'm pretty sure gnome by default isn't gimped like that, lock the users and limit as much as possible the customization. Nautilus, the file manager is trash, and every version have less features that normal people uses because guess what ? They have shiton of files to work with when doing office jobs. You got an android phone ? Let's give you some error that googling can't help! I installed thunar and magic, it works, so it was definitively a problem with nautiilus it self.
OH and for a "friendly user distro", you use it and for some unkown reason
>ubuntu has encountered a problem. Would you like to report ?
>every 5 minutes, repeat.
Ofc, those are back end bugs that the user do not notice, so you just google how to disable this shitty popup, which require command line.
As for the software library (gui), it is far behind the manjaro one, but it was always shit so whatever.

And this kind of shit happens with every single installation I make, laptop, desktop, nvidia, amd, whatever.

Then, there are so many problems with canonical itself, like taking the worst decision and not contribution to anything of the open source.
>Wayland is being developed ? Let's not contribute to it and make our own shit that no one will ever use
>Packages manager ? Let's make it use our shitty snap packages stuff that will slow and add more blow to our system

>> No.77155110

use btrfs instead

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>Horrible, install shellcheck.
I'm on android, fag.

>> No.77155136

boot on your live CD and use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair
It will fix everything for you automatically. If it doesn't it should make a complete log with all the data to debug it manually so you can ask for help. Bu the automatic mode should be enough

>> No.77155162

see >>77154033 but unironically and never try to come back

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>> No.77155198

# systemctl status dnscrypt-proxy
* dnscrypt-proxy.service - DNSCrypt-proxy client
Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/dnscrypt-proxy.service; disabled; vendor preset: disabled)
Active: active (running) (thawing) since Sun 2020-08-09 17:15:17 UTC; 9min ago

What does the '(thawing)' mean?

>> No.77155290

Wrong thread I guess, anyway:

>> No.77155304

>We're just a bit tired of having kids around here.
Care to elaborate?

>> No.77155455


>> No.77155479

frogs don't smoke

>> No.77155553

There's already a google browser shill thread.

>> No.77155913

cgroup freezer can be pretty useful

>> No.77155931

The only applications that need XWayland are Chromium and Electron applications (aka Chromium)

>> No.77155986

Preparing for the winter is wise. Wayland may have a low adoption rate right now but it will eventually become the standard and no longer need X. If alternative GTK desktops don't adapt and organize the future will be only GNOME and KDE (and Sway autism I guess) and that's the worst possible thing that could happen.

>> No.77156034

you put them on the command line of course and what the fuck is that xml crap?
the way you run a VM is with a script like so
exec qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm \
-cpu host \
-drive file=WindowsVM.img,if=virtio \
-net nic -net user,hostname=windowsvm \
-m 1G \
-monitor stdio \
-name "Windows" \
"[email protected]"

see https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/QEMU/Windows_guest for details

>> No.77156129

>but it will eventually become
wayland has been out for 11 years and isnt the first alpha status software making the big claim of taking down X11 flat out.

Why am i using Linux and not Hurd? I've been told the past 40 years that micro kernels are the way to go and i better get ready for Hurd to be adopted by the industry and we drop Linux for a full GNU stack.

>various failed egl clones

>> No.77156140

>it will eventually become the standard and no longer need X
I don't think wayland will ever fully catch on due to its retarded design
it's entirely possible that it gets deprecated by the next thing before X is fully dead

>> No.77156576

I want some randomness in my backgrounds. However, I don't want to spend time actually curating a background collection.
Is there an easy way to set my background as a random color every time I log in?

>> No.77156583

I don't think systemd is a botnet, but it does make certain things harder to reason about. I do think udev and logind are great tools, but they're also available as eudev and elogind, which is nice.

>> No.77156706

xsetroot -solid '#884444'

generate the color hex randomly
you can also throw in some bitmap from /usr/include/X11/bitmaps
xsetroot -bitmap /usr/include/X11/bitmaps/dimple3 -bg '#5555AA' -fg '#AAAAFF'

>> No.77156721

Use pavucontrol to select the correct profile for your Bluetooth headset.

>> No.77156728

>generate the color hex randomly
or better yet semi randomly

>> No.77156752

no one thinks it's botnet it's just crap

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>I switched from Windows 10 to Linux Mint
>But when I have a skype call

>> No.77156864

It's by far the best thing we have for managing services

>> No.77157006

>is there a way to set this up to use random colors,
printf '#%02x%02x%02x\n' "$((RANDOM%256))" "$((RANDOM%256))" "$((RANDOM%256))"
>awful pairings that hurt the eyes
I'm bad at math, I understand that hex goes from 000000 (dark) to ffffff (light), so probably modulating the result using % and a max-brightness value would do.

>> No.77157054

even if that were true it wouldn't excuse its shitty design, scope and cancerous feature creep

>> No.77157093

>I want there to exist a real unified GTK alternative to GNOME.
That will never happen because Gtk is maintained by the GNOME devs.

>> No.77157094

>shitty design
What's bad about it?

>> No.77157122

>took forever to move to GTK3)
Cause gtk3 is complete fucking garbage and broke the system like 6 fucking times between updates. No one likes gtk3 at all and that is why most people didnt adopt it when it came out
Tell me bout that gimp 2.99 gtk3 build bro

>> No.77157124

it makes perfect sense to me. respect for refusing to merge that cancer that nobody will want ever again when peoples' tastes move on past are slash unixporn rice next year

>> No.77157203

None of this was created by corporate engineers and backed by a large corporation from the day one. So basically fuck off, you cheap idiot. Have nothing to say - keep your hands off the keyboard.

>> No.77157205

xdg-open is opening most file types in my web browser, how to tell it to use the text editor instead?

>> No.77157224

Systemd is the enemy of software diversity.
Leet culture.
Anti-rice tippers are worse then rice kids.

>> No.77157336

He's right for Linux througt. I dislike systemd myself, but the argument
>created by corporate engineers and backed by a large corporation
is even more true for Linux.
Also the botnet argument is silly, considered that the source of systemd is available with many eyes on it, while Linux comes with binary blobs.
I see that systemd is bad for many reasons, but
>muh unix philosophy
>muh botnet
>my corporations
arguments make no sense.

>> No.77157338
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i mean its okay. there's no good terminal emulator for windows yet. gui apps via virtual x server is really fucking janky with bad, bad font rendering. networking is not very good yet because it's so limited. i think someone who thinks wsl2 is "amazing" is probably not too experienced with gnu/linux. it's a last resort when your job forces you to use windows. i think teaching someone to use gnu/linux on wsl would cause permanent bad habits and limit their creativity/inventiveness when they move to a full system.

>> No.77157382

I'm trying to get my foot in the door in IT as I have an unrelated academic and professional background.

When companies list 'Linux' among skills necessary for an entry-level job what do they mean in your opinion?
Like there are some entry-level support or security (or, curiously, even programming) jobs which require little or no experience but still demand some level of Linux knowledge. So how do I acquire it? And when can I tell I'm okay-ish with how I can handle Linux?

Also, is Ubuntu experience enough in a professional setting when you're a beginner?

>> No.77157431

>are you implying that GNOME, if anything gets big enough to challenge it, will employ EEE(or just extinguish) tactics against it, despite posing as a free software GNU project?
Not him, but yes. GNOME devs think of GNOME as an OS and are as hostile to other environments that they frequent on issue trackers and request support removal for them. GNOME is also only a GNU project on paper; they are straight against all its values and hate rms.

>> No.77157444

>It's by far the best thing we have for managing services
Nah, bullshit, I'm pretty sure s6/66 is at least as convenient as systemd.

>> No.77157470

i used to do it desktop support and i had a job that had 'linux' as a keyword on the job posting. literally not a single time did i ever touch or hear about the existence of a single linux machine while working there. it's just a keyword the hr manager copied out of a hiring tutorial or something

>> No.77157471

Lead developer's nickname is unprofessional to say the least.

>> No.77157551

>while Linux comes with binary blobs
The firmware? Would it be less "botnet" if the firmware was on a ROM chip of the device using it? What do YOU PEOPLE even mean when using the word botnet?

>> No.77157590

>When companies list 'Linux' among skills necessary for an entry-level job what do they mean in your opinion
Experience with the GNU system and the command line, shell scripting and networking.

Some of the certification questions are online, just look them up.

>> No.77157924

"Binary blobs" as the term is used today refer to binary objects in driver modules and kernel source that are proprietary.

"Botnet" as the term is used today refers to an environment that is controlled and watched by corporations with bad intentions.

>> No.77157986

>When companies list 'Linux' among skills necessary for an entry-level job what do they mean in your opinion?
If they are just listing "linux", it means that you already used it in your life, you know how it works in general (how to install it, update the systme, install packages, etc.) and that you know how to use the CLI and some bash scripting.
If they need more they would ask or it would be obvious regarding the job you're applying to

>So how do I acquire it?
install linux and practice

>And when can I tell I'm okay-ish with how I can handle Linux?
Apply to the job, they'll give you a test, see if you succeed.

>Also, is Ubuntu experience enough in a professional setting when you're a beginner?
Yes, but it's always a good thing to have used other distros (it really depends in your country. In mine they often use debian and in some other countries they asks fedora / centos / rhel)

>> No.77158058


>> No.77158150

Goddamn, stock urxvt is ugly as sin. Anyone got any good dotfiles that can make it look prettier?

>> No.77158239

Y'all need to learn to use the arch wiki.

>> No.77158309

>Well, then, how do they exist in the first place if GTK is GNOME
They increasingly don't. There were substantive differences in the Gtk2 era but now with everything supporting Gtk3 CSD and Adwaita by default there's not much difference. KDE is lighter than Gtk3 era Xfce, for example.

>> No.77158326

Gentoo or Void (with glibc), dwm, ranger (or nnn/fff if you don't mind image and video previews), CMUS or MPD+NCMPCPP and Firefox

>> No.77158367

grow up

>> No.77158606

OK but where is the botnet?

>> No.77158621

never used it

>> No.77158642

Proprietary software is Schrödingers botnet. As long as the box is closed, it's both: botnet and non-botnet.

>> No.77158699
File: 52 KB, 420x420, 1561748796014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its wise to assume its botnet
why would they have to hide it otherwise

>> No.77158826

>Some of the certification questions are online, just look them up.

Is RHCSA enough if I'm honestly looking for a junior position or even an internship?

>> No.77158926

Proprietary software = Botnet

>> No.77159092
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Is this the best FSF approved distro? Is it secure to use or just a hobby project?

>> No.77159220

I found the solution here: https://askubuntu.com/a/1204150

Append image/x-nef;image/x-nikon-nef;
to /usr/share/thumbnailers/gdk-pixbuf-thumbnailer.thumbnailer

>> No.77159497
File: 1.76 MB, 326x326, 1596858326837.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm on Ubuntu playing an offline game through wine (aka not an online game and thus no connection to internet), and I've realized that somehow my hdd space is being eaten up quickly while I play, roughly an hour of play = 200~ MB taken up.

It's not the game writing logs into it's directory since I have all it's files on a USB, and that hasn't changed, so I'm guessing it's probably wine writing fucktons of logs or perhaps keeping a cache or something somewhere. I don't know.
So anyways, how would one go about finding what is being written and where? Is there some tool to watch which process is writing what and where in real time? How would you go about fixing this?
In return here's a good gif to shitpost with

>> No.77159523

What? I mean the environment variables specified in the various profile files such as PATH, XDG_DATA_DIRS and yadda yadda. When you execute fish from bash, it will inherit all of those. When you use fish as login shell, it won't. I don't want to copy and rewrite all the distro-provided files to fish profiles, so I'm asking if I can import them automatically.

>> No.77159534

good OS to install on moms old laptop for her. highly un-customizable.

>> No.77159549

Stop using fish as login shell. What the fuck.

>> No.77159583

No, because you're going to break your system. Do it on your own.

>> No.77159588

glad i don't use that shit. fk chromium

>> No.77159638

what's with all the Kubuntu memeing lately fren?

>> No.77159777
File: 35 KB, 220x311, qt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe it's just me recently, I'm just really loving Kubuntu is all.

>> No.77159814

people have had enough of the footfags.

>> No.77159826

>KDE pulls in Chromium
This sounds like a serious problem. Any more info on this?
Searching for a GNOME alternative I was going to get KDE, but that's a deal breaker.

>> No.77159930

It is in fact buggy the way a lot of distros package it. I don't know why.

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