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Waiting for sudden influx of imecleaner supported CPUs and motherboards

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>It was meant for Intel designer eyes only.
It was meant for Intel's partners, the people who design and develop Intel systems

Part of the reason the leak is so big is because it sat on a server that can be freely accessed to anyone who has access which might be thousands

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Anyone wanna give a breakdown of what all has been discovered so far, and potential implications?

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#Intel exconfidential Lake (https://i.imgur.com/Ev5Vblr.jpg) Platform ;)

This is the first 20gb release in a series of large Intel leaks.

Most of the things here have NOT been published ANYWHERE before and are classified as confidential, under NDA or Intel Restricted Secret. They were given to me by an Anonymous Source who breached them earlier this Year, more details about this will be published soon.

Some of the contents of this first release:
- Intel ME Bringup guides + (flash) tooling + samples for various platforms
- Kabylake (Purley Platform) BIOS Reference Code and Sample Code + Initialization code (some of it as exported git repos with full history)
- Intel CEFDK (Consumer Electronics Firmware Development Kit (Bootloader stuff)) SOURCES
- Silicon / FSP source code packages for various platforms
- Various Intel Development and Debugging Tools
- Simics Simulation for Rocket Lake S and potentially other platforms
- Various roadmaps and other documents

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Do we finally know what the fuck ME is squirreling away for the NSA?

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remember to download analyze the files

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rip mega link, is that the one from the og thread?

>> No.77125042

The magnet works just fine, and it's only 18.17GB (for now)

>> No.77125133

what is the DHT?

>> No.77125193

DHT stands for Decentralized Hash Table.
To put it simply, it allows you to find peers without the need for a tracker.

>> No.77125239

The files with passwords are more like a zip tie instead of a real lock
It's suppose to remind someone they are under NDA and dissuade those who should not have access from having a peak

"I accept" is basically accepting your under NDA

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nigga it was posted here

>> No.77125332

This desu

>> No.77125345

wasnt playing nice with vpn connection fuck it going mask off

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I meant to say monopoly because the chinks are gonna be unsuccessful against AMD since people are not going to buy shit that's gonna Windows even more unusable and unstable.

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Can someone having downloaded all provide a list of all files?

>> No.77125688

have you tried "Intel123", "intel123" or "I accept" yet

>> No.77125749

oops turns out the second mangnet link was the same. its 16gb. but this anon said >>77125005
50gb so i guess the archives are incomplete?

>> No.77125798

no its literally one of the 3 anon

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what the fuck i didnt know, thanks anon

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I better get a VPN to download that torrent right?

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no problem friendo

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also "[email protected]" (from README_BIOS.txt)

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How so? He isn't the source of the files, is he? If he were, he would be in federal custody at the behest of Israel.

>> No.77126057

use this >>77125110

>> No.77126147

Doesn’t apply to trade secrets

>> No.77126184

who cares, not from US. FBI can kiss my ass.

>> No.77126234


you won't. whoever is distributing it will likely though.

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Hope you bought your intel puts. :^)

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He isn't the source of the files. So what exactly justifies such a claims as:
>He has literally achieved more objectively worthwhile goals for the common good...
Because downloading files and doing word searches through them isn't an achievement.

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Anons will we get in trouble if we download this? I don't wanna go to jail

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anyone who has downloaded the data can watch this out? It’s the most important thing
Just imagine discovering a backdoor in the intel ME

>> No.77126609

Is it safe to download without VPN for someone who lives in central europe, let's say Poland for example
Asking for a friend

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doesn't via still make their hacked up versions of x86 processors? iirc they bought cyrix

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https://www.al.com/news/2015/08/is_it_illegal_to_download_the.html I'm not sure, I seen one person saying it's illegal, this article said several people say it's not illegal, and nothing on the potential consequences of doing it.

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WTF i love trannies now?

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You'd have to be a fool to torrent this.

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Also yeah, sounds like someone else gave this queer the leaked intel shit first.
>inb4 9d chess

>> No.77126918

>password for the file is "[email protected]"
>The password was needed to preserve the *.exe files.
so, the pass is real.

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you should use minoxidil 5% and microneedle your scalp for better absorption, finasteride alone does fuck all.

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I seem to be having a hard time enumerating peers through VPN as well, but I ain't riskin that shit, I am in a non-freedoms country (USA). Maybe if I had an IP address of an existing member of the swarm to find more peers?

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The fact that the tranny hasn't been apprehended by Swiss police yet means this leak is not that important to Intel.

When the Snoy and Microsoft leak happened a couple of years ago the crackdown was pretty swift.

>> No.77127115

probably why it took so long for them to get out

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Remember how you can exclude the me firmware with coreboot but the system restarts after a while....
Interesting... interesting....

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Why? Intel is just a company.

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I don't have a clue what is all this, but I'll be seeding this torrent until I reinstall my windows.

>inb4 the FBI hack me
good luck I'm on south america and torrenting is legal here.


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maybe intel does this on purpose so that people will fix their cpus.

>> No.77127494

>40 Version 2.4.0 Details
>This version is based on Intel®Management Engine Framework BIOS Initialization Code 2.4.0
>40.1 New Features
>40.2 Fixed Bugs
What did they mean by this?

>> No.77127508

How many IPs are on the current magnet? I don't wanna get nuked by glowfriends

>> No.77127550

You're fucking based bro

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haven't finished downloading yet, but this seems like the latest cpus.
if there's not only the netlist in there,
but the code and the node libraries,
then intel is really fucked, there's more than just losing cpu IP,
but power management, which is an analog blackbox with active r&d by unis to study it
tech library features, that might show advancements in their 14nm node that tsmc or gf hasn't used or implemented in their own
and ofc many many undocumented security holes and instructions.
man... intel users are fucked. ahahahahahahhahha.

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explain to me in non virgin language wtf does this mean in the end.

I'm not a CS guy, I only know how to program shit in unity and godot.

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Yo are you guys seeding on McDonalds WiFi? 20mbps is pathetic.

>> No.77127650

MB/s I mean.

>> No.77127665

I'm on a thirld world shithole, nigger.

>> No.77127731

have sex

>> No.77127734

all the redpill trending hashtags in twitter are automatically shadowbanned.

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so basically all their money on their R&D is basically there for being copy pasted by other companies?

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>> No.77127878

yes :^)

funny sex number

>> No.77127890

Quck, post photo lithography masks.

Seriousl i have never seen one.

>> No.77127904

i peed :)

>> No.77127905

>if the power management system for the cpu is in there (which is mostly an analog circuit deciding the power delivery to the cpu)
Wait what? I thought the voltage is based on the frequency according to a simple curve, and the frequency is simply decided according to CPU usage %. What other variables does it take into account?

>> No.77127927

I'm willing to bet this leak is just some boilerplate bullshit for mobo manufacturers and nothing juicy about the CPU die is actually in there.

>> No.77127964

Trannies are an unwitting personal army against themselves.

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I wonder why

>> No.77128006

>Being against only county that tolerates his degeneracy
Why are Americans like this?

>> No.77128007

Their suicidal self destructive nature blowing 'inclusivity' the fuck out imagine supporting hiring these ticking time bombs

>> No.77128011

China #1
America #2

From now till forever

>> No.77128014

Dunno. Right now it's a /pol/ tier HAPPENING thread where people pretend it's more than it is. It will depend what's found, if anything.

>> No.77128061

You wont have to imagine that for too much longer

>> No.77128073

wasnt bradley's fault glowies decided to adopt 24/7 sissy hypnosis as "enhanced interrogation"

>> No.77128090

Reminder that if you download/seed these files you're liable

>> No.77128092

Anyone made a torrent with all the leaks combined? Too lazy to download from that weird place and some of it is probably already gone.

>> No.77128098

Should've known the torrent was unsafe, thanks

>> No.77128102

dynamic IPs can still be tied to whoever was leased the IP at the time in their logs anon

>> No.77128104


If you have dangerous information in America you will be arrested

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Nope. Not stopping, Intel shill.

>> No.77128144

Use it to post pics of your boipussy uwu

>> No.77128149

Too bad I'm not american

>> No.77128153

Actual backdoors are just going to look like programming mistakes so they can claim it was an accident.

>> No.77128159


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Has anybody else encountered this error?
The password looks to be intel123, but it doesn't wanna unzip for me.

>> No.77128169

Why is yours 18.17 GB and mine 16.92?

>> No.77128174

>most prominent CPU manufacturer since you were born
>Standard in 98% of computers up till a few years ago
Yeah. Just some mistakes

>> No.77128212

I think banks by and large are still on IBM mainframes for most of their critical systems.

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GiB vs GB
one is 1000 one is 1024, but it's still the same shit

>> No.77128226

No, you will be assraped by Mossad psychics.

>> No.77128252

There's nothing anyone's found so far that can be used to hack anything.

>> No.77128254

14nm++ intel buttplug 2022

>> No.77128283

Where was this explained?

>> No.77128288

orders of magnitude more helpful than you

>> No.77128290


version: imunch 2.8.0 (Linux)
arguments: ./imunch
isaSupported: avx2
osSupportsProcessor: true
currentTime: Sat Aug 8 07:57:05 2020
isa: avx2
coresDetected: 4
coresToTest: 4
processorsDetected: 4
processorsToTest: 4
socketCount: 1

>> No.77128292

In his head.

>> No.77128307

What's that, the name of their fuzzer?

>> No.77128315

Try "I accept" without quotemarks.

>> No.77128320

imunch utility for testing your CPU on Linux. Also has sandstone test suite.

>> No.77128362

safe from what?

>> No.77128373

absolutely based

>> No.77128390

Hmmm. I see.

>> No.77128393

>good luck I'm on south america
Feds can still fuck you up if they want, your shithole is still in their jurisdiction.
The name speaks for itself SOUTH America. You're just our backyard

>> No.77128408

>american thinks he's more free than me
kek, americans can't even afford healthcare and tell me I'm in some marxist dictatorship.


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Never forget this.

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File: 123 KB, 1044x980, 1596759439125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77128479

Lmao imagine believing this

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3/4g modems spy on you and talk with the intel me.

>> No.77128531

whats the file path of that program?

>> No.77128561

Tried that too

>> No.77128566

Is one instance of this. Obviously wikipedia isn't a trusted source at all, but there were leaks associated with this as well.
>In 2004, Antonio Taguba, a major general in the U.S. Army, wrote in the Taguba Report that a detainee had been sodomized with "a chemical light and perhaps a broomstick."In 2009, Taguba stated that there was photographic evidence of rape having occurred at Abu Ghraib. An Abu Ghraib detainee told investigators that he heard an Iraqi teenage boy screaming, and saw an Army translator raping him, while a female soldier took pictures.
>In other instances of sexual abuse, soldiers were found to have raped female inmates. Senior U.S. officials admitted that rape had taken place at Abu Ghraib. Some of the women who had been raped became pregnant,
Abu Ghraib isn't the only case, it's just the most well known. I'm not going to spoonfeed you more info, so if you want to cope go ahead.

>> No.77128589

website Link?

>> No.77128775

care to translate the implications for a firmware systems brainlet?

>> No.77128796

hopefully coreboot will be able to fully remove intel me now and go 100% open source

>> No.77129011
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It keeps getting worse and worse. What the fuck is happening at Intel?

>> No.77129054

Direct download, dont torrent. Use a vpn for extra security. Use a coffee shop wifi for top level security

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Fuck kikes.

>> No.77129158

>ME might be disabled
>possible superior open source mitigation patches for Intel's Swiss cheese security in the future
If true I'd use an Intel CPU again. This is a marketing ruse.

>> No.77129169

Too bad their uarch is fucked from the ground up.

>> No.77129177

If a tranny can acquire these files then sure as shit a professional industrial spy working for the Chinese can, and probably has ages ago.

>> No.77129272


chang already have a ton of stuff. our tech is backdoored in their factories btw, so don't expect chinks to suddenly be "le ebil baddy"

>> No.77129287

>Probably a false-flag leak exposing no backdoors in order to hide real backdoors
If that were true then the info would be nothingburgers

If the leaks are legit we'll see exactly how these handrubbing hebrews backdoor their own tech without having to work for them to get it

>> No.77129304

>I love helping the Zog's enemies
based tranny. We're coming full circle boys, even ultra left are doing anti-zog things

>> No.77129327

I'm still replacing my AMD with an Intel later this year.

>> No.77129398

And yet that still makes him more accomplished than >>77125175

>> No.77129419

I'm not a native English speaker, but I understand that you use "they" even for two flies.

>> No.77129443

how would "they" have this information?

checkmate, retard

>> No.77129448

This is "part 1". Do you think there might not be an ulterior motive here?
>I'm releasing 20GB of data which might or might not be useless by itself in the wild. I'm holding you ransom, or I'll release part 2, which will have very important data to complement part 1. I fed this Twitter dude this info, he does not know me. Comply.

>> No.77129470

This person, then?

>> No.77129482

Liberals' greatest weakness is mercy
We show mercy to retarded right wingers who use it as a crutch to survive
The liberals at Intel showed some pathetic right wingers mercy and hired them, and they used that mercy to leak this info
Lesson is to let right wingers die out on their own

>> No.77129496

i can't tell if you're a delusional tranny or what

>> No.77129558

unless you are chilean, you are basically a hellhole controlled by the CCP. And if you are chilean, you are a somewhat reasonable place that IS in the american backyard. There is no escape.

>> No.77129593

if only we could get a leak fom nvida we might get decent linux drivers

>> No.77129602
File: 99 KB, 600x450, 1596789736878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.77129607

Why in hell would right wingers want to destroy one of the largest world corporations?

>> No.77129620

I can definitely tell you're mad

>> No.77129681

"Liberals" is code word for "kosher-american"
"Mercy" is code word for "I need to hire you because I need you"
"Die out on their own" is code word for "Lobby against them and use demographic replacement as a weapon".

>> No.77129775

Or Intel123 the i can be uppercase on some zips

>> No.77129783

>Enforement Policies

Is this related to the Boot Guard or in the ME documentation?

Also, did they mention whether this ENF is set into the PCH (FPF blown) or in the firmware on the BIOS chip? If the latter then there is literally no reason Coreboot won't work without ME at all, since they can set it to 0 instead (unless of course this setting is actually read only setting which makes setting to 0 useless)

>> No.77129806

Now thats really fucking based
Fuck murka

>> No.77129886

>Thinking BLM is retarded means youre /pol/

65 IQ post

>> No.77129953

It was literally found on a public server, and you’d just be reading their IP I guess, not reading their IP *and then selling your own commercial product* using that information.

I mean I’m not sure how the laws on this shit work. I’m sure the boomers at incel would probably be able to find a way to nail you if they really wanted to to go to the trouble.... but do you really believe they will? Cmon. At this point they probably can’t even afford it

>> No.77130244

>exposing war crimes is bad

>> No.77130254

china has legalized gender transitions and sex changes

>> No.77130348

you can always count on /pol/tards to derail a good thread

>> No.77130405

>because it sat on a server
Was it an Intel based server?

>> No.77130409

It's mostly stuff Intel sends to other companies under NDA. Don't expect too much.

>> No.77130468

magnet ded?

>> No.77130490

our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our torrents, especially since they're such good size and all.

>> No.77130570

>muh ebin opensource
its still on fucking x86

>> No.77130595

Some things I heard and totally didn't find myself:

- backdoors to intels implementation of the TPM (the thing that is supposed to store secret data like the bitlocker key). The backdoor is labeled "Secrets64" and can supposedly copy the secret TPM hash to readable memory. It's in a zip file for TXT debug tools which is inside one of the main zip files
- BIOS source code including handling of the ME (which isn't much)
- Many firmware images of ME including debug ones, someone should inspect whether all of them are even encrypted
- Long list of what seems to be documented ME status and error codes
- Intel ME documentation, looks like the ME region really is shared with stuff that fixes hardware bugs. This is why many computers don't work properly if you remove ME from them.
- horrible videos showing how intel cooks the terrible firmware for their I2S audio chips
- Most files are only under NDA but quite a few were not supposed to ever be distributed to anyone outside intel, including most ME ones

>> No.77130601
File: 16 KB, 736x94, mad_intel_redditor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get fucked

>> No.77130673

honestly, anybody not switching to amd by this point has it coming anyway

it's like whenever some huge windows exploit makes the news, and those of us on other operating systems are just like meh, what else is new

>> No.77130712

I was thinking the same but the anons in this treat spook me a little

>> No.77130714

>Muh Bad Actors
What a nigger.

>> No.77130752

I wonder if he calls the nerds who ask for a part list for their first gaming PC on Reddit his customers.

>> No.77130770


>> No.77130842

cumskins got BTFO so nicely with this post. Hey cumskins, try not to get so mad okay?

>> No.77131009

At least on GPUs I think it's only used to decrease the frequency whenever the power consumption gets close to the maximum power the VRM is rated for, and not to actually save power or decide the freq. when below max power.

>> No.77131056

It's only part 1, and the dude said there's even worse stuff coming.

The plan is to obviously get intel to let their guard down thinking it's nothing important.

>> No.77131108

>torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:38f947ceadf06e6d3ffc2b37b807d7ef80b57f21&dn=Intel%20exconfidential%20Lake%20drop%201

>magnet ded?

>> No.77131118

liberals and creative people may create the tech but it requires conservatives and ordered people organizing it. stop being a partisan retard.

>> No.77131127

VPN activated. I'll let everyone know when the hacks are ready.

>> No.77131480

You gotta stop thinking in the left-right paradigm my man.
Democrats and Republicans both approved of the Iraq invasion, the 2008 bank bailouts and the Fed.
Both are shills for corporate interests trying to give you the illusion of choice.
That's also the reason the corporations push BLM and trannies so hard. They want you to think about about race and gender rather than class and actual economic inequality (and not the meme inequality of hurr durr gender or race X makes 5% less on average rather than most people make 100000000% less than Soros or Gates).

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