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Very interesting stuff.

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you don't say

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As if they would fucking label it as a backdoor are u fuckn dum dum?

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>literally backdoors embedded into the firmware
oh boy, there goes the stock value again
thanks bob swan!

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This, this leak is a massive blow for Intel and I love it, but don't get your hopes up.

Then again, the pasword for the encrypted zips is 'intel123', as set by Intel internally...

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other stuff from that thread
MEGA - https://mega.nz/folder/CV91XLBZ#CPSDW-8EWetV7hGhgGd8GQ
News Reports -

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This could very well be outdated code that reached EOM. Are there any timestamps in the files with name of maintainers?

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intcel cope

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Sirs this is the needful revenge for the fire of Mr. Dr. Venkata Renduchintala Sir

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the twitter tranny better have the best lawyers

us tech companies don't fuck around with leaks

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But I'm running and AMD right now.

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Good goy

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>In this context, I suspect from the mention of ACPI that RAS is Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability, which does memory error detection and correction. IOH SR 17 probably refers to a scratchpad register in the I/O Hub chipset used by the firmware
They are backdooring my RAS help!

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They have admitted to having backdoors like ten years ago you idiot

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charlie is a cucklord, all that info is public now, _nobody_ will be able to do anything about it, there will _always_ be a copy of it somewhere.

good luck bobby, you'll have a lot to explain.

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>no intel me
the only useful stuff is not there, what a great fucking leak
as useful as the amd and microsoft ones, only a bunch of useless stuff noone will be able to use

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literally what I said, why should I read this post?

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https://www.theregister.com/2020/08/06/intel_nda_source_code_leak/ more reporting
>seeing how intel fucks you over is illegal

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1312 == ACAB

Not for swiss citizens

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Data breeching is a crime, yes. Welcome to the grown up world, child.

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Are all these in the EU too?

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LMAO, intel is fucked at this point.

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The EU has literally nothing to do with this

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And? Just because they work with INTERPOL doesn’t make them an EU member.

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What a shitty cuckold

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You already can, it's just pretty difficult, you need special tools and you may brick your motherboard.

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haha based

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>Data breeching is a crime, yes
Good, when we are arresting intel ?

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Better lube up cause eurofeds coming to show you a real backdoor breach

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>Imagine living in a country that requires your ISP to snitch on you

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based third world where nobody cares about anything. god I wish I were central-african.

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Why aren't there third world pirate run VPNs yet? There are so many island nations that couldn't give an imaginary fuck about DMCA or logs so how come?

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>downloaded after this screenshot
>sent Intel my IP myself

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Pretty much all of them ??

The Netherlands ftw

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>tfw behind CGNAT
I won

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>verilog source files
kek intel is fucked

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while you guys sit at home jobless and argue about antiquated evidence on race and iq or reee about pronouns despite ignoring all scientific research, our friend based tillie is out doing real shit with THEIR life

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i hope that he gets caught and raped in jail for the rest of his life

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Shit bait try r9k maybe they'll fall for it.

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>brings in piracy in a discussion about leaking company secrets such as processor designs

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Stop idealising them, nigger.

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It's 3 years tops for revealing company secrets.
If one of the cybercrime laws would apply it's 5 years tops.

First time offender, being only an accomplice, I honestly don't think Tillie will have to serve any time. It's gonna be something like suspended 2 years tops.

Depending on what exactly gets revealed and how weaselly the lawyer is gonna be it might be even less.

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there's a security researcher that reversed the x86 architecture https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KrksBdWcZgQ
idk about x64, but pretty interesting anyways.

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also for my burger frens interpol != EUFBI
interpol is more of a mechanism to enable country to share informations about alleged criminals.

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yeah basically a tweet from his lawyer

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You either kill yourself, contain yourself in Libya orr every black and yellow will hang from a tree.

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I can't believe there's still this many people using µtorrent

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so this is an NDA leak.. boring ZZzzz

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I'm feeling sleepy, aren't you all feeling sleepy? Let's all can down and take a nap

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everything vpro has 3g modem built in, they can read your files while your pc is off if it has electricity.

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intel said it was fake & gay

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oh no not my autogenerated connectivity rtlinos

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Right now friend only 24$ from AliExpress good 5 star rating 3 reviews all positive fast shipping from russia 5 dollar air delivery box will say tampons for tax evasion

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holy BASED

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fake and gay

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free gift

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Holy fuck, if I'm not wrong you usually program FPGA before turning it into ASIC, does that mean Intel has just open sourced their processor architecture?

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next month

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>those tutorial videos where they "make" the firmware for intel SST onboard sound
Fucking hell, no wonder this shit isn't working half the time

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sell puts

>> No.77113853

its a dummy password to stop antivirus

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How come this hasn't been taken down from Mega the minute after it was uploaded?

>> No.77113910

Since this is a fresh leak so hash checking does nothing, you need human intervention to take stuff like this down. It takes some time for someone at Intel to notice this, that person needs to tell management, then Intel needs to instruct their lawyers to tell Mega to fuck off, the lawyers need to write a short doc, send it to mega, yada yada. It takes quite a while till anything happens if you get past the hash checks.

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Do we get new wannacry this week?

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Anything about ME?

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im interested to see the torrent client distribution. every time i see bitcomet i blacklist those IPs even if theyre the only seeders

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It's internal code, the programmers already know it's a backdoor so there's no point in hiding it.

>> No.77114309

Intel's shitty secrets are built in to the hardware, we would need the HDL

>> No.77114319

Its going to get worse before it gets better. The amount of China hate is the same shit we saw after 9/11 against Iraq. They want to get us into another war too.

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> I'm a faggot, faggot, mentally ill faggot
what did he mean by this

>> No.77114416

Maybe he wanted us to know that he is a mentally ill faggot?

>> No.77114419

>Don't touch it
I'll seed every single leak like this until the day I fucking day, try to stop me cuckold

>> No.77114495

No legitimate dev will touch the leak, they'll audit stuff to ensure none of the leak reaches whatever work they have.

>> No.77114511

Charlie has legit sources at Intel, only wannabe analysts are drooling at this info.

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>1 guy using deluge 1.3.11
Holy shit dude that was released in 2014 please update your app or distro

>> No.77114565

Coreboot and disabling Intel ME from can mitigate this. Look up System 76

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>Leaker #BLMs
>Probably voted for Hillary so good guy
Management Engine Flashing Tools
>pic related

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Ow the leecher

>> No.77114820

Go away "s-word" shill. You are powerless.

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>> No.77114892

Ooga booga shilling. We are smarter than that here.

>> No.77114907

Let's be real here anon, you're just projecting your own cluelessness

>> No.77114922

>The Intel® Trace Hub (Intel® TH) hardware is a set of functional blocks with the ability to perform full system debugging. That is, Intel TH is not intended for hardware only or software only, but for full system debug. Specifically, it allows for testing the interaction of hardware and software as they produce complex system behaviors.

Latest ME 15 decoder with TraceHub (Intel® TH)
i>ntel trace hub intel me15 decoder file.zip
>Size:1.7 MB
>Last modified:5/14/2020, 05:45

>> No.77114933

that queer antifascist faggot blocked me on twatter months ago lol just for having a maga pic on my profile

>> No.77114935

Looks like this could be used to quickly demonstrate intentional borking

>> No.77114943

Well fuck niggers then.

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uh guys?

>> No.77114972

There's rarely an opportunity to find out but for me this is true. I don't know what pre 2016 4chan has been like on /g/ but as the quality has dropped everywhere and on some boards even the entire community shifted: who knows, might be, just not according to these percentages.

Then again we don't rely on /g/ alone. It was made public so I'm sure I'll find information for that elsewhere later on.

>> No.77114977

oh shid

>> No.77114986

Fuck kikes too btw

>> No.77115001

We have something called the first amendment you communist faggot

>> No.77115049

>they can read your files while your pc is off if it has electricity.
Yeah good luck reading hard drives that aren't spinning. Or SATA SSDs since they're fundamentally the same in terms of power delivery. No 12v no worky.

Now M.2 mSATA/NVMe though, that I could believe.

>> No.77115059

>someone performs a great public service by releasing information from one of the most unjustly secretive companies in the computer world
>/pol/ tourist wishes them harm because of a twitter handle
unironically kill yourself you waste of space

>> No.77115064

>program ME region to FFh...
Press F

>> No.77115081

>NVMe starts spinning

>> No.77115085

Mega link to file?

>> No.77115133

Intel_ME_PMC_TCSS_ICL_WW48_19_Slim_Silicon_Simics/Intel_ME_PMC_TCSS_ICL_WW48_19_Slim_Silicon_Simics/Documentation/Icelake-N Client SPI Programming Guide.pdf

one of the first files i opened that mentioned disabling me

>> No.77115212

You know what the zip file was called and its path?

>> No.77115249

Never mind
In this file when extracted too: /home/yourname/Downloads/Intel(R)_ME_11.8_Corporate_11.8.78.3681/Kabylake-H Client SPI Programming Guide.pdf

>> No.77115298

Not him, but isn't there anything like the right to read?
In Europe it is always legal to read/watch/listen copyrighted materials.

>> No.77115319
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owo what is this

>> No.77115334

Downloading it copies it. This trespasses on the author's monopoly.

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is it safe that im running all the executables i find?

>> No.77115535

I'm not going to go through it so can anyone just answer this one question: will we be able to get rid of the Intel ME once and for all?

>> No.77115536

>Thinking this will affect dudes on the Seychelles
Go hunt Niggerlord Hayes if you ever manage to get a single paper in, while you're at it.

>> No.77115539

>Downloading it copies it.
And? You can do whatever you want if it's for so called *own use*
That's what law in my country and I guess EU allows.
I can even copy it and give to friends and family legally.
Own use also includes the right to share - If I gave a copy of Shrek DVD, they can also make a copy and share it with friends. The only requirement is you can't share in exchange for money.

>> No.77115566

Seethe more.

>> No.77115572

The only exception is computer programs.

>> No.77115582

>if there are protected range registers set, then you will not be able to program this w/o a BIOS option to turn off this protected range
It's fucking over. I don't want a temp hardware disable. I want fucking removal.

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lol is that a real thing or are you fucking memeing me now?

>> No.77115606

Then hack the bios to readd that range protection disabler.

>> No.77115642


This ain't anything new; there has been several forum discussions regarding this on some server boards of the Haswell era. The consensus is this is not a good solution to disable ME.

Also, "erasing" the ME Region using this method does nothing meaningful since the PCH will trigger a watchdog timer regardless. This method will also not touch the ME settings/firmware that is in the PCH itself. This is no different than removing the ME Region using UEFITool.

>> No.77115662

Yes goyim, believe us, the me is undisableable. Obey the botnet.

>> No.77115667

>It's internal code
This is code shared with partners and shit. They wouldn't just name a backdoor in the manner you're thinking so openly like that. People are so fucking dumb.

>> No.77115688

it won't get better for the western world after a war against china

>> No.77115691


>> No.77115693

Upi just can't answer. THATS retarded.

Just delete the generational info in the cells.
Why is blue retarded?

>> No.77115695

>SPI Protected Range Register
>It is strongly recommended to use a protected range register to lock down the factory default portion of Intel ® ME FW region. The runtime portion should be left unprotected as to allow BIOS to update it.

>> No.77115732

ok tim chink.

>> No.77115736

>You can do whatever you want if it's for so called *own use* >That's what law in my country
I'm not a fan of many facets of author's monopolies but, with a few exceptions (copyright by default, “circumvent a technological measure”, copyright renewal, etc.) copyright does is worthwhile.
Your country sounds like a shithole.

>> No.77115738

Why is a BLM supporter going against Intel? Big corporations are its driving force.

>> No.77115756

Let's switch to OpenPOWER then.

>> No.77115787

You can use coreboot to override the range protectors and destroy the me fully regardless.

>> No.77115789

>Tixati users on /g/

>> No.77115800

so basically, its time to buy AMD stonks?

>> No.77115803

Yeah but then isn't the firewall just a chicken with it's head cut off?

>> No.77115816

>Why is blue retarded?
>Upi just can't answer. THATS retarded.

>> No.77115851

The leaker is apparently implying there's gonna be more stuff but maybe it's more of the same.
We'll see

>> No.77115895

well shit

>> No.77115908

Wrong, its got ME trace decoder files for SYSTEM WIDE debugging

>> No.77115940

unironically rip intel...

>> No.77115942

Yeah you're right.
ME has trees and clogos from years back that allow for more iterative software and backwards comp.

It's just a backdoor that's symetrical all over.

I mean I'm sure it's not easy to use but goddamn.

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>RAS backdoor
Irie, mon!

>> No.77115993

What files? Can you tell me exactly where to find them in the leak?

>> No.77115999

Can someone cross check the internal roadmaps with the shareholder roadmap announcements? If they're lying shits going to hit the fan.

>> No.77116006

It's just a known zday kthanks.

>> No.77116031


Pentium 4 can't run Fortnite breh. In fact, I can't run anything past mid-2000s.

>> No.77116046

I accidentally downloaded this without disconnecting my company VPN. I forgot I was still connected to it. Should I be worried?

>> No.77116050

intel trace hub intel me15 decoder file.zip

>> No.77116085

Yeah I bet that toolset mostly exists as a debugger.

>> No.77116086

>he ran the binary
kek enjoy your backdoor

>> No.77116090

don't forget about the Source Engine leak

>> No.77116116


>> No.77116117

"Goyim you must believe us. That is debug only. Go back to sleep, intel is the greatest. And remember the me cannot be disabled, no no no goy."

>> No.77116686

>winnie poo
oh so you are ass blasted because you got banned from your tencent garbage moba or whatever the fuck chink game youve been playing. gb2/v/

>> No.77116687

Intel shill on damage control.
Practical god mode to intel cpus found on >>77116072.

>> No.77116698

I don't play those foolish games.

>> No.77116702

sure thing mobafaggot

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