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That isn't useless at all though if you're into memory overclocking and want to run really high VDIMM for benchmarking. It's far more convenient than having to rig a regular fan to cool the memory.

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That thing can be useful for extreme oc, heat alone can make it unstable.

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as someone who switched from an S8 to an iphone 11 p/m, i gotta say that i see the appeal. their aesthetics are way above Android, and all of the feedback, visual and haptic, is far more organic. and for something i interact with a hundred times a day those interactions are more important than the ability to modify.

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you keep saying words

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Did you have a stroke midway through writing because people use a different phone than you?

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blah blah, you guys don't know what you're missing. also it's easier to get girls when you don't have to explain 'i got an android becuz i like freedom and i want to add x app and they don't support x thing and x reason and x cause and x x x x x x x x"

also that UI is just so nice, so freakin nice.

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>purchasing a phone to attract the opposite sex

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I fell for the rx580 msi armor meme because it was $10 cheaper than the other brands and I was poverty tier poor and wow it fucking sucks ass.
The heatsink is dinky and the fans spin at 3000rpm just to keep the card under 80c, sounds like a fucking vacuum cleaner inside my pc.
My card only draws 110w at full load, i’ve contemplated putting an aftermarket cooler on it so that I can overclock it and reduce this abhorrent noise.
Msi are fucking con artists.

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What's the deal with MSI, I've been using their shit since geforce 8 series, and never had any problems.

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>thinking women care about what device you have in your pocket

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They try to bribe reviewers.
Based & Redpilled in my book.

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man women care about -everything-. they even judge you based on the fucking socks you wear

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As far as the gpu goes there’s no way that a 750ti can make enough heat to cause any noise, hell there’s even some passively cooled versions.

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I have MSI 1060 right now, and it's great. Cool and quiet.

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This kind of sealed off rgb shit cases: not just merely useless, but harmful for the components.

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>I've only ever attracted vapid woman in my life.

Anon, you see this is a problem with yourself right?

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I'm hoping that CG render is just inaccurate and it does have intake somewhere, otherwise lol.

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it's fucking garbage is what it is, the watercooling just cools the PCB, the thing is still fan cooled for the most part.
It just has water running through it for the thrill

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And here I am, the eighth year of my MSI FM2 motherboard. The previous one (socket AM2 for my Athlon) lasted twelve.

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Seek help.

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5 years on my MSI Z97. Still no issues

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Any cable that costs more than 1 dollar per meter

Audiophiles are insane

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I got a RAM cooler for free one time as part of buying a PSU, and it was neat I guess, but I've never put it in another system. It was literally just a blue LED for the most part.

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>A+E keying

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>It was literally just a blue LED for the most part
Blue is the coldest colour

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kek. Those were the times... *sips*

Actually a good concept for extreme performance rig, something with 2*Titan RTX and engine rad from a compact car as the heatsink.
Of course, you absolutely MUST run dielectric fluid, but not doing that with any custom loop is just asking for trouble.

RGBTQ++ bullshit in general. Owning a computer, even a powerful one, isn't a status symbol anymore, guys, you don't have to show off.

kek, imagine this thing poking out from the underside of some sperg's ThiccPad, held in place with tape and hot glue

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>Any part that has electricity and resistance can require fans
Where my kettles with fans at?

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still better than gigabyte, I'll never forgive those fuckers for their vega56 fuck up.

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You mean these fucks
I'm probably lucky since I've never had any issue with anything made by msi, all of my msi shit has just werked, be it gpus, laptops or mobos
but everything I've ever bought or had to buy from Asus has sucked in one way or another, and it usually sucked badly

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I fell for the B350M meme because it was Ryzen 2 Capable (tm) when others were iffy on it
Never gave me any problems

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Ever try running this with no water in it

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So your wam can be closer to god

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watercooled watercooling system when?
also, watercooled kb+m

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so you can mount it in your ass for when robots rape your ass

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Wearing protection

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Obligatory post

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They've just been acting shifty with reviewers.
Doesn't mean their products are all inherently shit, but you know how fired up tards get with dishonesty.

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>Their GPUs are jet engine tier house fires
No, some are, some aren't. E.g. look at offerings by MSI for the RX 5700 XT: The Mech and Evoke suck, the Gaming X is good.
Idk why people think their experience with one or two products by a manufacturer is representative of every product ever made by that manufacturer. Especially for computer parts, there aren't any manufacturers that have been consistently bad or consistently good.

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You only buy mobos from Asus, nothing else.

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>buy 300w housefire card
>expecting it to not be a jet engine
fucking mong, use any 200+ wattage card and its going to be a loud, hot cunt. get some case fans for you NZXT oven.

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using older ram in newer socket or vice versa, cool idea but impractical.
legit autism
chink tactics of bribing reviewers
only msi line worth looking at is gaming x in the first place, ventus cards look like shit and are built like shit

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Not useless. Didn't even overclocked and my 4 sticks of DDR2-800 needed it. Especially helped during Summer.

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>their aesthetics are way above Android,
Not that you should care about this over functionality, but since you do - not surprising you switched.
>and all of the feedback, visual and haptic, is far more organic.
>and for something i interact with a hundred times a day those interactions are more important than the ability to modify.
Nice word salad dude.

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>openly admits to being a phoneposter for sake of shilling iphones on a board where they are almost universally hated

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Yeah DDR2 and 3 were a lot hotter than DDR4.
I think one of the goals with DDR4 was dropping power consumption because laptops were being babies

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based consumer retard

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Water doesn't conduct electricity dumbasses, salt and other some other dissolved solids do, but a watercooling system should be pure distilled water and perhaps a biocide if you're lazy, neither of which can conduct electricity. Neither can the little plastic particles they put in it to change the colors. I can't believe how many uneducated people there are out there, that believes in shit just because they saw some videogame or movie that showed it.

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Everything conducts electricity if you throw enough voltage at it.
Pour some distilled water into a running power supply and see how it goes

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No, water is even poorer at conducting electricity than air is, a high powered tesla coil would normally kill you if you stood next to it, but if you stand in water, or submerge it, it's less likely to arc.

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ram cooling isn't useless but >>77076892 is so pointlessly overengineered with the unnecessary heatsink.
Just passing air through the gaps between each dimm using a 120mm fan at low rpm is more than enough to cool ddr4 b-dies at 1.55v+

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That one at least made some sense, just not for gaymers. The new ones which are just rebranded chinkshit though...

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Don't be daft, it's got higher resistance than some regular waters but it's an order of magnitude lower than air

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>that brief period where tripfags would edit their tripcodes into older screencaps

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Well, maybe not air, but it definitely is several orders of magnitude more resistive than a block of damp wood, and exponentially better than drinking water.

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I made the sad mistake of buying an RX570 MSI ARMOR and I still regret it to this day. God what a piece of shit card.

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ram cooling is actually very very fucking usefull for high voltage tight timing settings

i have a full dedicated waterloop for my ram sticks and I worked on it because I actually needed it.

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looked at your replies i guess they just have shit QC

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phoneposter spotted. lurk moar newfag.

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because fan less psu are already a thing

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>fanless PSU typical output power
>power consumption of typical custom-loop-cooled PC

One of these things is not like the other.

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like intel does now?

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from the thumbnail it looks like some Lego set lmao

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>implying women don't use android
if android was like linux desktop, 3% market share I could understand, but it's like fifty fifty

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no fucking way people did that.

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You are living in the past, old man. Even an overclocked dual-gpu setup will have difficulties getting the fan to start spinning in a semi-passive high-end PSU.

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blue is among the warmest wavelengths, you dumbshit. red carries the least energy

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>semi-passive high-end PSU
>Corsair AX1500i
>starts spinning at 600W output
That's where overclocked SINGLE-gpu territory just begins, but that's actually beside the point

>full-passive high-end PSU
>Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium Fanless
>shuts down from overload at 600W output
>barely into custom-loop-sized TDPs unless you're a manlet building mATX/ITX gaming rig to fit in the cupboard you live in

Now, a real man building something like a video workstation with a Threadripper, 128GiB of high-speed RAM, 3*Radeon 5700XT (or, even better, Big Navi) and around hundred TiB of spinning rust to store the ultra high definition 3D futa porn he makes for huge patreonbux... that dude would be delighted to have a water-cooled PSU to make his custom dielectric-filled loop complete and never have to worry about airflow again. He won't trust a FSP, though.

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You're a fucking retard with no idea what he's talking about. RAM doesn't pull anywhere near enough power or get anywhere near hot enough to be of any concern without a large amount of extra voltage. And unless you're a RAM overclocker, which is what I fucking said, you don't care about your timings because, at best, you'll be enabling your XMP profile with its loose timings and moving on your life.

Kill yourself, you midwit wannabe.

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Anything from amd since ryzen became a thing
anything from evga
any asus motherboards
most linux distributions
windows 2000
windows 8
most usb drives released in the last 5 years including all of the 3.1/ 3.2 ones (sticks from 2000 had better write speeds, what are these idiots doing?) particularly sandisk / kingston brand

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>The BIOS is completely FUBAR
so which company has a decent mix of good software(bios) and hardware? gigabyte afaik has good hardware(muh vrms) but garbage software. asus is 50/50 but overpriced for what they offer. msi bribes shills. so who's left? asrock and biostar?

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OC boards from Asus/Asrock > everything else

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Is this bait or are you actually that fucking retarded?

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Imagine having such a meltdown because people call you out for being a complete imbecile.

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nothing I said is my personal opinion, just research I compiled. here's a quote by pioneer of computer engineering, not my problem you value your ego so much that you deny the truth and attack anyone who wants to advance it in correct direction rather than gravitating towards your ego 3200CL16worm

>Imagine having such a meltdown
i have to defend the truth from those unevolved worms like you that wish to silence it to reinforce their brainlet bubble reality they live in since they are unfit to operate in the real world

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