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what pcie cards?

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Did your fans get set to a lower RPM or something?
Radeon VII, AX wifi card, soundblaster card. The way my office is situated, running cables up here is gonna be a bitch, so gotta use wifi for now.

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>taking out the the shroud plate to put another $30 fan in to cool absolutely nothing

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based Arctic boi
that's... pretty much what I expected, actually. Your dedication to weeb shit is admirable.

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I remember you from /bst/

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Friendly reminder to get a GPU support bracket for horizontally mounted cards

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>This is what anti-rgb fags think is “cool”

Lmao I hate you insufferable human trash so fucking bad. My friend, that goes on here too, built one of these gay ass no-light builds, where he actually went out of his way to avoid rgb components, and it looks like garbage, just like the individual lives of all you /g/utter trash. Good job memeing it so hard you convinced people like him to buy lightless parts. He even bought a giant ass “be quiet” cpu cooler that makes his entire PC look like a radiator behind a fridge.

This is literally maxium autistim. I tried sitting down and thinking of something more autistic than hating rgb components and choose boring bland parts just to go against the flow of what the human brain finds objectively pleasing, just to be a slimy little fucking contrarian hipster. I cant find anything more autistic besides huge bottleneck builds like 2080 ti and ryzen 1600.

>> No.77050994

Are you sure it isn't you who is autistic?
Why are you sperging out because someone didn't put RGB lights into their PC?

>> No.77051060

what's a nice E-ATX case without tempered glass? would also prefer to avoid meme blacked-out MNMLBRO cases.

>> No.77051391


No I’m pointing out facts that nobody likes these builds. Performance is obviously irrelevant, but when you post - picture of it here remeber I will be here as well to let you know you’re a fucking fag. Yup you live in my head rent free if thats your cope idk. You’re gonna be shamed as the autist you are.

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Only on thursdays.

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Freshly dusted and fans wiped down.

>> No.77053437 [DELETED] 

That’s my (>>77053365) NVMe drive adapter. Flashed a modded bios to use it as a boot drive.

>> No.77054010

My NVMe drive because my mobo is 8 years old. Flashed a modded bios to make it bootable.

>> No.77054641


Take your pills you autistic faggot

>> No.77054701

post you pc

>> No.77054712

mine is a 1200 dollar obsolete piece of shit

>> No.77054718

>doing everything I need it to
ok bud.

>> No.77054753

thanks anon

>> No.77054853

what are you even talking about? get the fuck out of here.

>> No.77055157

what you guys need these big ass empty cases for?

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post it faggotini
you understand that you can change the color, right?
watercooling that I'm totally planning for but never going to do

>> No.77055362

I miss the look of those old Corsair fans.

>> No.77055372

Yes but light is ugly as shit, and unnecessary. Solid colors on the hardware >>>
It stays low key. Nothing else is necessary.

>> No.77055406

>light is ugly as ***, and unnecessary
>unless it's a plain black box tucked under the desk so that nobody will ever lay eyes on it, it's bad
oh /g/

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File: 1.28 MB, 2095x2170, Silverstone PS15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No lgbqt++ lighting here. I really need to move my intake fans into the chassis...

>> No.77055476

this is literally true though. this is the most efficient use of your time. using non-distracting peripherals so you dont sit there and oggle at everything all damn day.

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forgot pic.

>> No.77055566

Nice. What case, anon?
arguing with some random faggot who will never be convinced to unplug his LGBTQ+ lights on the internet isn't an efficient use of your time, but you're doing it anyway.
1070Ti is still quite capable. Here's hoping for some capable mid-range GPUs next gen.

>> No.77055585

>he takes more than 6.5 minutes to empty his colon of fecal matter and wipe his buttocks
Disgusting and inefficient. Consider necking yourself, retarded zoomer.

>> No.77055597

I have IBS, jackass. I am in so much unbearable pain right now and i have to deal with you being a retarded RGB-defending zoomer.

>> No.77055625

Your bowels must be incredibly inefficient, and efficiency is all that matters. Consider a colectomy. Or... close the thread and you won't have to deal with me anymore.

>> No.77055649

I really want a steering wheel and vr setup. Praying for good deals after Thanksgiving but I expect nothing.

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Just noticed the picture is off rotation, here's it without the screen on

>> No.77055691

very nice looking. what's the thing on the bottom left

>> No.77055718

gay, it has colors and lights.

>> No.77055719

I like that thin lil' Noctua fan :3

>> No.77055724

Use your highly efficient blacked out machine to google it, lmao Seems really inefficient to ask me, and efficiency is all that matters.

>> No.77056044

seething ineffeciency tard. imagine spending your whole day watching lights lol.

>> No.77056231

I understand your obsession with inefficiency. Your whole day is spent grunting out a turd, because God cursed you with horrible bowels. Makes sense that you can't enjoy anything.

>> No.77056397

>rgbfag believes in god

>> No.77056956

>Nice. What case, anon?

Silverstone PS15, bretty small mATX case.

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32GB 2133mhz RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

If anyone's interested in how I ended up with such a pitiful, mix-matched setup, I'll tell the story. Also, people with fractal design cases, what made you choose it?

>> No.77056968

The fact that this even exists is still baffling to me

>> No.77057170

Is just get a smaller case and manage the cables better. It would look fine

>> No.77057176


>> No.77057200

It's pretty obvious as to why it is. Any company can take their high latency ram, throw some plastic and LEDs on it and sell it for at least ~$50 extra to tards.

>> No.77057209

>smaller case
>braided psu extensions
>cable management
>better gpu if needed
Would look very nice

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anyone else a high time pref cooomsumer who is bothered by the fact that you can't justify replacing a bunch of shit?
>2011 750w not modular PSU takes up mad space but works fine even with being used 24/7 for 9 years
>big ugly 240mm corsair aio from 2014 but keeps CPU cool enough that voltage is the limit not temp
>6600k but golden 4.9ghz sample that sits at 90% usage while 5700xt is at 100 so can't justify upgrading. Only nominal ST gains available
>p400 with acrylic window sealed front panel. Take front panel off. Cost like $55 in combo with AIO. Ugly as fuck but 9/10 perf with panel off
>shitty TLC dramless ssd from 2016 but feels snappy
If I were to replace my PSU, case, CPU cooler, ssd it wouldn't even do anything from the POV of my chair. Yet I want to.
I'll be using this shitty case and PSU in 2025 probably.

>> No.77057418

My next buy is a new table as well I think that's justifiable. I bought a foot rest and better monitor arms to buy time and improve ergonomics enough to save up.
The problem with my table is that there is a support bar smd top and so I can't sit at the correct height while being slid under the desk completely.
Also the 30" height requires a foot rest. If you're under like 6 2 then basically all desks and all standing desks are too high up.
The thing to do is to buy a DUAL MOTOR table or frame+top. They go as low as 24.5". That way even if you don't use the standing feature you can always have the ideal desk height while sitting. I change how I sit through the night so the ideal height also changes.
Personally going to get the dual motor vivo desk frame and then a table top and $30 drill. I spent a lot of time looking and its the best option. No reason to spend more. Spending less is okay of you get a desk that has the support beam in the center not all around the perimeter but would then require your chair goes to the correct height and a foot rest.
Chair wise it seems the chinks got it down at $250-300 gonna go for one of theirs and hope it doesn't break and violently sodomize me to death like that one pic of the broken chair with blood all over it.
Its so bad. I'm waiting for ddr5, 12 threads, and 25% ST gain(not counting gains from ddr5) to replace 6600k. GPUs are pathetic too. 2080ti is what the 1080ti would have been if they didn't make it smaller than it was supposed to be. And prices are provably 2-2.5 what they should be. 7nm waffers don't cost 250% what 16nm did.

>> No.77058456

>tfw quality glass window on my rig
>tfw absolutely zero leds anywhere
I thought leds were gonna make it look childish but having the dark guts stare at me all day bothers me to a surprising degree. What is a good cooler that comes with nice looking lights?

>> No.77059662

who keeps 5.25" drive bays around anymore?

>> No.77061156

The case is 8 years old and they aren’t removable unfortunately. I use an adapter to keep a hard drive in there that way I could remove my hard drive bays.

>> No.77061280

Some of us don't want an extra light in our rooms you fucking RGBNigger

>> No.77061675

get a new case?

>> No.77062213
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case bro

>> No.77064691

I am going to copy that Chika idea. I presume you have a shitbox

>> No.77065188

Goddamn that shroud covering the sata ports of your SSD's is sexy

>> No.77065203

Which bequiet case is this exactly?

>> No.77065272

Pure Base 500.

>> No.77065434
File: 2.55 MB, 3264x2448, DSC_3036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I had something worth throwing sticks on but it's neither a shitbox nor something cool so they'd look out of place.
I did get a couple others I can swap in when I'm bored too, I'd really like something bigger that'll cover that section of the case from top to bottom though. Could probably get one of the /osg/ guys or shops to do it if I ask though.

>> No.77065481

>corsair aio from 2014
Replace this immediately. Sell that shit. If it's past warranty, should it spill everywhere and melt your computer, Corsair won't pay for it.

>> No.77065783

What holds the glass on in the case?

>> No.77066059

A couple of these. Also they're on acrylic, it's like $3 for an 8x10 sheet and they can cut it for you at the store (Lowe's can anyway, I dunno about Home Depot or other hardware stores). The cuts can be kinda rough so make sure you have some way to sand down and smooth the edges.

>> No.77067947

You know if you make that radiator an intake it will be much better for cooling your cpu and your case in general. Still a very lovely looking build.

>> No.77069048


>> No.77070784

Looking that up it references Rainmeter. I wonder if that can be replicated somehow.

>> No.77071272

Looks like a Noctua DH15S

>> No.77071347

Arctic fans

it screams poorfag

>> No.77071769

If you are okay with janky setup you could just strip the lcd layer from any old monitor and sandwitch that against a normal glass side panel.

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