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Run your own Unbound server

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run pihole.
stop baiting people into maintaining shit they dont understand.

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I recently took the ungoogled chromium pill. So much better than Firefox.

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Can chrome do this?

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If you're going to have that many tabs, use a browser that can do vertical tree tabs

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Isn't Chromium malware?
The only time it's ever ended up on my computer is from downloading shit off of shady websites and it's taken hours to remove.

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Do people seriously keep this many tabs open? I think the max I've ever had open was like 15 and most of them were full sized images I was using as references, not entire webpages

This is like people who don't close apps or clear notifications on their phone. Shit gives me anxiety

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>use a dns you trust
Literally why. What is the point.
>tracker blocker
Ungoogled's in-place measures + uBlock Origin is literally enough
>and youre set
Just install uBlock and youre already set

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Chromium is the official open source version of Chrome from Google

Ungoogled Chromium (the fork of Chromium that OP is talking about specifically) is just Chromium with all the telemetry/spyware (yes, all of it) removed and maximum privacy settings on.

But since Chromium itself is open source (which allow for Ungoogled) there are forks of it with malware packed inside of it that certain viruses autoinstall to trick the user into thinking is just Chrome and so they will use it. Probably because they installed a backdoor.

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There's no unique identifier in Chromium so there's nothing Google can track you with. Google itself doesn't even release a Chromium browser, all Chromium builds are third-party by their very nature. Regular Chromium isn't going to spy on you and things like safe browsing can be disabled. You can audit the connection for yourself.

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>makes unsolicited requests

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I've heard chromium and ungoogled chromium are insecure due to being behind with security patches

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Like pottery

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I can't figure out how to build UG so should i just get standard chromium? How different is it to UG?

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You don't have to build it yourself, you can download either UG Chromium or regular Chromium from the link above, whatever version you prefer. Marmaduke's is ungoogled and Hibikki's is regular.

>> No.77042423

No, they are vetted and source code is provided.

>> No.77042430

yes, which is why you should only download binaries from the guy who made Ungoogled.
His official github repo points to this site:

>> No.77042444

They use the same patches and have a github as well. Fuck off with your fear mongering.

>> No.77042513

>downloading malware
im laffin

>> No.77042752

>still chr*mium
it's a shit

>> No.77043440 is the dns flavor of the month right?

>> No.77043508

There's no need for that, firefox does a terrific job at annoying its users with every release.

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How is cloudflare a botnet?

>> No.77044615

How is samefagging not a botnet?

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Hmmm what about all the other devices on your network? Especially things like TVs which send huge payloads of telemetry data non stop. Not really sure about a weird 3rd party edit of chromium.


This, in tandem with uBlock is a decent setup. Pihole supports dns lookups over TLS so your ISP can't eavesdrop which websites you visit.


That may be true, but there are other unique identifiers like canvas element.


Depending on how well your adblocking is setup, Google and Facebook are known to track browsing habits even without consent/without being logged in.

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three bar garbage

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Can Chromium do this?

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firefox can if u have modern PC

>> No.77045243

With archive.is won't work

>> No.77045349

>What is the point
To blind your ISP, mainly.

>> No.77045377 [DELETED] 

Yep, the only site you should download UG binaries from.

>> No.77045381

Yes Chromium can post on 4channel.org.

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I could never understand that either. When I cannot recognize what is in each tab then it's time to close some of them.

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nice reddit spacing

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But does it have two rows? I don't think so

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You can most likely edit the way tabs look from chrome:flags

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>That may be true, but there are other unique identifiers like canvas element.
That has absolutely nothing to do with the browser itself and says more about the websites you interact with. Also, any Chromium-based browser has anti-canvas tracking flag (--disable-reading-from-canvas) so this isn't even an issue.

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this is unreadable with this reddit spacing

>> No.77047773

If i install UG via adding the repo on ubuntu and apt get will to keep itself up to date?

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that's where you are wrong kiddo.

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>what is tor

>Not really, what about the 10 other devices on your network, what protection to they have?
I dont have any other devices on my network. Just my laptop, running Debian 10 and Ungoogled Chromium. The only thing i ever have open is ungoogled chromium. I am fine.

>> No.77049934

>>what is tor
You must never log in to any of your accounts using Tor, dumbass, every single password you enter immediately becomes compromised on there. That's why Tor isn't viable for everyday usage, but a simple DNS is.

>> No.77050505

Look again.

>> No.77050521

Ignore me, what a fool. Does it keep itself up to date or do i need to check this page often for them?

>> No.77050565

You can do it manually or use one of their update utilities. I primarily use the Debian Chromium build since I use GNU/Linux, but on my Windows machine at work I just simply download UG Chromium once a month from Woolyss.

>> No.77050623

>what is https through tor

>> No.77050810

col, and for my ubuntu laptop I added the keys/repository despite the warning on the official github page, and installed the auto-released version from the opensuse build system OBS. I take it this will also be fine?

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can firefox perform any faster?

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Throughout time it evolved, I used Nik's builds in the past then Marmaduke's Dev builds. I'll post two older screenshots.

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BASED icecat

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You should never sync anything

>> No.77053307

I store a packed tarball with my chromium directory on a USB stick and simply extract it to my machines. Any changes in my settings are done in the tarball so that it will always be the source. Syncing is just another cloud botnet. Keep your data on your own devices that only you control.

>> No.77053462

>What for?

>have some articles and 4chan threads open on desktop
>go take a shower, have dinner
>decide to use laptop on the backyard or living room, get comfy in a laid back or lounge chair, taking some fresh air and something to drink
>readily have your desktop tabs at hand

>You can use custom extension with your own storage
Yes, I'm thinking about writing one and making it available for people with their own infrastructure (one available server device, multiple client devices) if I don't find a satisfactory solution.


>> No.77053478

Disconnect is absolute garbage.

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It was a Dev build of v85.

>> No.77053542

>Yes, I'm thinking about writing one and making it available for people with their own infrastructure (one available server device, multiple client devices) if I don't find a satisfactory solution.
I might contribute as a learning experience.
Altho I think there are existing solutions, may be easier to contribute there or just use them if they werk

>> No.77053591

>Use/support extensions like uBlock Origin, Disconnect, Privacy Badger and these privacy-focused Chromium builds like Ungoogled Chromium.
what all this nonsense^
has anything even remotely related or common with your data harvesting?

Let me give you some breaking news - it is almost impossible to earn any reasonable money with small or medium classic business model on the internet where you have a paid plan. Which is why #1 source of income is userdata nowadays. I'm not saying someone wrote some service or extension to purposefully steal you data (although that is possible), no, direct-access to your private data is a 2nd concern, first one is eta-data about your stuff that can be monetized or just selling that data to bigger player.
Free cloud services like Google/Yandex/OneDrive etc collect such data for themselves. If they can cross-link your profile between different services this makes collected data SUPER-valuable by tenfold.

So yes, you should never give them any data AT all, not just some block some shitty trackers.

>> No.77053607

I think Rob's build is AVX-512, not sure. You dont have support or it neither do I

>> No.77053619

I can test on a 10th gen i5 CPU with AVX512. Will post screenshots in a few minutes.

>> No.77053704

I'm not gonna force you, do whatever you want m8

>> No.77053820

Help me trying to find them

It's sad that even though I don't fully agree, I can't dismiss it

I get your point and I respect it, we just need better solutions to make comfy privacy-focused web browsing less of a hassle.
Right now we do have the simple thing (download Ungoogled Chromium, install uBlock Origins and you're set), but in order to add a tiny bit of functionality we have to pay with our full exposure, it shouldn't be like this.

It was another dude that replied

>> No.77053848

>I get your point and I respect it, we just need better solutions to make comfy privacy-focused web browsing less of a hassle.
>Right now we do have the simple thing (download Ungoogled Chromium, install uBlock Origins and you're set), but in order to add a tiny bit of functionality we have to pay with our full exposure, it shouldn't be like this.

Encrypting data seems like a way to go. With that you can use any public cloud.

I'm looking for a similar solution myself. Ideally am SFTP client that encrypt files as he sends them to the cloud and decrypts back after fetching.

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Hibbiki - Stable

>> No.77053901

Use an encrypted DNS

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Marmaduke - Ungoogled

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>> No.77053947

Looks like there isnt much difference between Rob's and marm's builds but it just one specific bench. I personally dont know where to test his tweak, which part of browser performance they can affect - JSengine, css, html rendering, how HW acceleration, etc

>> No.77053975

I remember Marmaduke posted a comment about some optimizations on his builds. Notice how Hibbiki's build is considerably behind, and it's as close as vanilla Chromium as you can get.

>> No.77054049

You fellas aren't using SRWare Iron? Fucking losers

>> No.77054051

Were you by chance using illustrations as reference for friction tests on thermally self-regulated tubing for semi-viscous fluids?

>> No.77054151

based chad

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>not DNS over HTTPS over TOR over P2P

>> No.77054274

Why yes i do take my dns with 3000ms delay how did you know?

>> No.77054299

imagine not living in the woods with default 6000ms of ping

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I'm good

>> No.77054339

That's cute

>> No.77054368

Thanks, you will be cute too when you break Dan-Hoffman elliptic curve encryption with your 10k qubits quantum monster with cooling solution that takes 74% of colorado square space

>> No.77056052

not good enough, you cant use your own icc profile. it will be off

>> No.77056168

It was not off, after changing that setting to the correct value i compared with various image viewers and programs and it was visually identical on all of them.

And with the new monitor it just worked ootb, so it may depend on your hardware.

>> No.77056348


You are bragging of not being able to pass the benchmark.

>> No.77056380

>You are bragging of not being able to pass the benchmark.
Okay, whatever floats your spyware bloat.

>> No.77058387

Sounds like bloat, I'll stick with CHROMIUM EDGE. The browser for winners, alpha males, lions.

>> No.77058903

chome-cucks cannot answer this

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