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submit to the pajeet

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the point is all java programmers were always interchangeable. they can be cheap because hiring the worst java developer is still a safe bet. if they could learn rust we'd get flying cars and shit.

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>if they could learn rust
Then we'd get both pajeet and tyrone

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/g/, my son. Would you rather:
a) learn an established language with the largest ecosystem of high-quality third party libraries ever created, all running on a battle-tested runtime with the most sophisticated tuning options
b) learn the meme of the month, which is maintained by one (1) jobless sperg and will be forgotten when Hacker News finds the next shiny thing to argue about

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>if they could learn rust we'd get flying cars and shit.
BASED tranny

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rust is the ultimate training wheels for shit devs like pajeet and tranny webshitters.

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respectable entry level job with no career path that will make them high caste nobility in their shithole country

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just like japs took and bastardized american corporate culture, pajeets took british industrialism and ran with it. java is the perfect brown-nosing, soulless, corporate language that managers love shill in their "fake it till you make it" culture.

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>better educated than US
Maybe but the top 0.01% of pajeet they do import are doing toilet scrubbing jobs on their tech visas cause companies can exploit that shit. Or it's just more fraud, lots of fraud.

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>I bet 90% of pajeet java developers don't even know what reflection is.
>actually boasting about knowing a feature that reduces performance by 10x (even if you don't account for the way it flummoxes the JIT compiler)
will the wonders never cease; terryposter is actually just a /v/ larper

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>be poor
>want steady job
>most steady jobs are at big corps
>all big corps use java
>guess i’d better learn java
it’s really that simple

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Oh look a dumb pajeet nigger who doesn't understand the uses of reflection.

Enjoy writing your "Jawa Enturprize Appuluhkations". It would appear that you are the /v/ larper.

>MFW I work on things that require java.lang.reflect and said things are used daily by millions of retard pajeets

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>an established language with the largest ecosystem of high-quality third party libraries ever created
Right, Python is pretty comfy.

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Pajeets love corporate culture, Java tends to be the programming languages corporate loves. Indian despite having so many programmers have never made a significant video gamer for example, they don't program out of passion.

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If all Indian programmers dream of moving to the US by learning programming, India can remain forever a subcontractor of the US or Western companies. China is moving away from subcontracting companies to develop market-leading companies like South Korean and Japanese companies though, pajeets are pathetic.

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>maanden geleden
hoyvin mayvin

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