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anyone can become famous at any time
anything can happen in life
if you don't care about your privacy and one day you happen to be in the spotlight your ass will be ruined forever if every activity of yours is in plain sight and easily traceable back to you

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>you don't need curtains or blinds in your house because you're not in politics or a millionaire

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>Guess what, there are no tools to prevent influence
Sure there are. One of them is called 'critical thinking'.

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i got letters from my isp for torrenting disney movies recently

also, it mitigates targeted advertising, which can be uncanny. you look at one dragon dildo just to see whats up and now you're locked into seeing dragon dildo side banners for the rest of your time on that ip address

that said i'd never pay for a vpn

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>Suggesting everyone takes shit they see on social media or Youtube at face value
>What is this critical thinking anon? Didn't you hear that i just said that privacy is useless?!

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Sorry for not making a template thread, i guess you're confused by reading a single paragraph.

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You aren't a millionaire anon?

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Who's paying you?

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>its called selective reporting, not everything that happens and is known is reported, news outlets are signal boosters and what they pick to report on is selective.
and what has this to do with anything I fucking said? privacy is about making sure your information is available only to those you choose to share it with

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nothing you say matters retard

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right now? maybe. in the future? who knows. but what would a clueless retard like you know, right?

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Sure, then put your money where your mouth is and please post the following:
Your Name
A picture of you
All of your online accounts with corresponding passwords, including e-banking
Livestream of your life 24/7 with a bodycam
You aren't a hypocrit, are you?

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tell that to ordinary citizens in chinkland who get abducted by police for posting dissenting opinions on chink social media regarding their government.

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