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>Bought a Logitech mouse
>Get this instead

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>>sensor is already acting odd
Blow into it you absolute cretin.
The sensors never break, they just fuck up when dust gets into the hole.

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Every single time. Fuck.

>> No.76882226

I already got used to it. No way I'm changing my mice every year, fuck them.

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>Serious question: What switch/button technology with tactile feedback has the best MTBF and could be used in a mouse?
Optical sensor with a clicky springy thingy.
Eventyally it just stops clicking but keeps working.

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>~4 decades of experience making mice
>companies still have problems with basic shit like a mouse button
You can't tell me we haven't regressed

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>bought $8 mouse from jaycar six years ago
>mouse wheel clicker is starting to act up
God, I do love coomsoomers.

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