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So if you need more screen realestate you can carry an external 14” ThinkVison M14 monitor ($200) that weighs another 600g and you are STILL under the weight of a macbook pro 15” and its charger or Thinkpad equivalent!


Q: Are all above statements factually true?
A: Yes, all of them

Q: Why hasnt this cought on?
A: Im glad you asked, its a cutting edge setup and only after recent Ipad OS updates features like mouse support etc made it possible to use it as a full notebook/desktop repalcement. You will see this setup first in all Evy league universities first (money) and then down propagate to the pleblevel until its the new standard in mobile computing

Q: Can i do the same with Android Tablets
A: Answer is likley no. Android tablets dont have a 120Hz 2732x2048 display and the menus arent as smooth and fast, also lack of multi tasking and bad app quality and terrible touch response make it a nightmare, thats why samsung tablets never cought on

Q: what is the mechanical keyboard input lag?
A: Trust me, you wont notice any

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This thread is pure, unadulterated cope

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You misspelled pornography

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>All that technology
>Still can't attain first world
Such is another day in the life of iJeet

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It’s to pitch it as a laptop replacement.
Point is, you can chose any keyboard or mouse you like with an iPad Pro; you don’t have to go for Apple accessories necessarily. It is a viable daily device imo if you don’t care about PC-like file management and can live with AppStore. Definitely the best ARM based device on market atm, you can actually get some stuff done on it unlike phones/RPis/Android tablets/Chromebooks etc.

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looks gay to me, desu.

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2732 x 2048 resolution at 13” 264 pixel per inch.
120HZ (Gaming monitor speed) and IPS panel with excellent color accuracy (EIZO level color grading).
600 Nits. Macbook pros have 500nits and Thinkpad x1 Carbon only impotent 286 nits
Its said its one of the best displays on the market.

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I have seen this pic exclusively used for shilling
I will never ever buy an iPad Pro now
Thanks OP!

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Whats your suggestion?

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What about those soviet style keycaps?

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Put some GMK keycaps on or something. I'll even settle for the PBT shit on OP's mockup since that at least has a color scheme going for it.

But everything else here I've seen a million times in the $50 and under bargain bin.

It's better than anything else here

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This thread is gay consoomer communist reddit retard pajeet cia glowie nigger faggot poop.

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>Wait so this is like an actual general now?
it's some fag trying to make an overly-specific general

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Is the G Pro worth the price for general work purposes?

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G Pro slightly Smaller and heavier then an MX518 but still reminiscent Of the good old mx518 days with 30 hours battery life. Id say its worth it.

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Add blocking for yb, saving yb videos (you can also use a shortcut automation script), save to PDF.

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I currently have 8 bluetooth devices connected to my ipad (1. Keyboard, 2. Mouse, 3. Pencil, 4. Headset) aparently you can connect up to 8. So after im done soldering my 8-key macro bluetooth pad il add that one too. You can use macros to trigger replies because you can program the chip inside the device to store text, links etc you can also use it to trigger shortcuts automations.

Most people wont know this but Ipads can be highly automated with shortcuts.

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Of course. You plug in the usb dongle into the adapter in your ipad pro. I allways use the aluminium adapter, plug in the dongle, USB-C charging cable, SSD etc or charge my watch or keyboard with it. Pretty handy and will cost only 35bucks.

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yikes brother

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What exactly you want to know?

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Klick on the action and assign key combination to it.

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Im tempted to mod my ipad pro.
The Chasis is aluminium but im not even sure the CPU is touching the chasis if yes i can use two component thermal epoxy to add fins to the back of the case just in case of heat restrictions in the future while running cpu intense applications.

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it's not touching the chassis

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Hey bros, I like my folio keyboard and the way it protects my iPad. I also like how it’s a stand too, your mechanical keyboards are pretty tho

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Friendly reminder that this iJeet shill has been banned for an accumulated length of over 500+ years by the mods and still ban evades and comes back thinking he belongs here.
He's literally spent 8 years of his worthless life in his granny's basement being a loser NEET shilling his fruity toddler toys.

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Bluetooth 5.0 has low latency and high bandwidth.

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Poo in loo curry nigger.

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> organic Japanese whale oil to make them quieter
And with that one sentence you sent all the haters into a blind white hot rage, their penises have all shrunken inside their skin and their balls have tighten in expectation of battle

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I’m brown but not a sand nigger. Also why do you get triggered by apple products so much kiddo?

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Seconded it flies at everything, instant gratification

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Why do you keep replying to yourself currynigger?

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I see. Maybe the keyboard I was using had low battery or didn’t use Bluetooth 5.0....thanks.

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No. Not at all.

Those people are coping hard.

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How many street shitting breaks a day does Apple give you?

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Very difficult to get sperm oil (sperm whale oil).
You find shit tons in the US in garage sales etc since the US was a major importer of this stuff. Aparently you can still find some in Scottland etc in antique stores but its officially illegal to buy, import or export this stuff.

Generic whaleoil is great but not as amazing as Sperm whale oil. Im on a mission to find some for my keyboard but it wont be easy.

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>that fucking huge dongle
Shit like this is why I'd never ditch my laptop for an iPad. I really like my iPad, but your pic made me laugh so hard.

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Thats the maximum of dongle you need. Actually only the aluminium one is enough.

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>logitech pebble
my nigga, my wife stole mine though. Bought the pebble and pic related...i use the logitech but the pebble feels better.

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forgot pic

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I use my iPad Pro and a Raspberry Pi 4 and all I need need is the USB C cable, it even works as a bridge for my external drives.


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Solid mouse, really like that one too.

Have you figured out how to attach arduinos to it?

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iPad is the best computer

>> No.76860456

We are different people, kiddo.
I was surprised at how damn small it was and at first I didn't like it but soon after I really enjoyed it.
I think their mouse supports certain gestures but yes, if they made one specifically for the iPad that would be great. At the moment, their 'magic trackpad' i believe it's called supports many gesture though I can't speak on the extent.

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That dongle does HDMI, USB 3.0, and is a pass through for charging... I use the USB for drives, my audio interface (I play guitar), and when I game on my TV or monitor. It’s a Swiss Army knife

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if apple added floating window support and implemented real tiling (more than 2 windows tiled) iPad would be a truly great de

>> No.76860510

>Have you figured out how to attach arduinos to it?
Not tried, I don’t own or have used an Arduino... however if the Arduino can work with a Pi you can just got iPad Pro to USB C to USB C on Pi and Pi to Arduino, I use Blink to SSH into my Pis. The cool thing about the video link I gave is you power the Pi and connect to via Ethernet just using that USB C cable.

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Poo in loo currynigger.

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Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76860589

The only thing holding me back from using the iPad Pro is a lack of swapfiles.
You can say it however you want but, when I use a computer, I have the expectation that I can come back to my programs opened later in whatever way I want. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a few hours, overnight, or even a matter of days.
Apple keeps pushing this as a computer replacement so I don’t understand why they don’t just do this already.

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>What apps are you using for guitar? GarageBand and Amplitube. I bought all the Amplitube Orange add-ons. I could play a gig using my iPad Pro no bother, would go out on my audio interface to front of house and use my 2x12 Orange cab as a monitor.

Thinking about buying something like pic related for my iPad and accessories so I can just slide it into my backpack and have everything I need when I leave the house again.

>> No.76860669

Why the fuck would I be an iPad shill when I’m saying that Apple is purposely holding features back to get you to buy a Mac instead?

>> No.76860712

they're always building toward a perfect product, but never releasing it.
they could make the iPad actually good right now, but they can make more money doing it this way because normies don't know what's good for them.
we are more likely to see apple turn a blind eye to jailbreakers who enable this stuff than see them actually add power-user stuff (like tiling 4 windows) as official features

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Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76860746

I love that shit too LOL, finally finished my EDC today.

I have a Pelican that I use my carry on for flights but it’s too thick for what I want, no I wasn’t being sarcastic I actually want a pick and pluck foam case for my iPad stuff... when the lockdown is over I will have gigs and my work has me flying all over Europe

>> No.76860747

you must not know what actual apple shill communities look like. pretty sure this thread is genuine, friend

>> No.76860750 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76860752

lmao, wait. Those macbook dongles work on ipad pros too? cool i guess

>> No.76860772

I didn’t make that post you dumb nigger.

>> No.76860775

The guy you are replying to is neurotic and paranoid. He thinks everyone is an indian secret agent paid by apple to shill here.

As if Apple would do that and as if apple would ever identify /g/ as a high income potential customer base LOL

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You must not know what an actual toilet looks like. Pretty sure you shit in the street.

>> No.76860823

Maybe this one...

PELI 1495 Shockproof Laptop Case, IP67 Watertight and Dustproof, 37L Capacity, Made in US, With Customisable Foam Inlay, Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004RAJBZ4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_pPKfFb5FMK1H0

I think it’ll work

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Yeah i had a macbook pro 15” which has two usb-c plugs that go into the macbook those wont work since the ipad only has one usb-c port.

But i also had this other adapter for the 13” macbook pro my gf is using. She doesn’t need the adapter anymore so im using it and it fits perfectly.

>> No.76860847

>uses iShit toy for mentally disabled manchildren
>wants a functional phone
pick one

>> No.76860850

Nice case, really but its just a bit too large and heavy considering we carry mechanical keyboards, a mouse, headphones, charger and whale oil

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Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76860875

The most you can do is lock an app to the right, another app to the left, and then have a floating app on either side. I don’t mind just being able to have two things open though...at least at the moment.

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2 rupees have been deposited at your designated shitting street.

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scribble is actually pretty dope, for the first time it seems plausible that they could put out an iPhone with pencil support and finally compete with the note, but i dont know if i really expect that
idk what you're second paragraph was about maybe jailbreak shit.. stock is fine.
if you dont mind it its because you haven't hit the wall yet. i hit it at least three times a week

>> No.76860939

Realistically. How many windows do people on windows or Linux have Open at any given moment? Its not like laptops with “full desktop OS” have a larger screen realestate. 13” is still 13” and you make a window smaller and it doesnt make sense anymore.

I think what desktop OS are good at is switching between Apps but with the keyboard you can use CMD+Tab etc and you are just as fast on the ipad.

I know what you mean tho, i would like more control over my windows too i hate that i cant decide for my self how large the individual windows are there are 2-3 presets where it snaps into and it sucks ass because it really depends on the application how wide i want it.

>> No.76860945 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76860946

It’s a type of virtual memory. Think putting the memory currently used by an application into the hard drive to store it for a long period of time instead of just wiping the memory like iOS does.
I get what Apple is going for, but it’s not like they’re a small company: they surely possess the capability to work on casual and power-user features at the same time.

The iPad Pro might be able to do 90% of what I want, but if it can’t do the other 10%, I’d have to switch to the Mac and that takes time. I can carry my MBP wherever I want because they made it so thin, if you add on all the keyboards and accessories then it’s really not much different from the iPad Pro.

I just use Apple products because of the ecosystem, it’s convenient that everything works with each other. My only complaint is how limited the iPhone is but if I can jailbreak it who cares?

>> No.76860954 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

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Nah, I got the Logitech Slim Folio Pro and it works and no issues now. Get fucked.

>> No.76860957

Good point. Another reason I have the Raspberry Pi 4, I use the Pi as a bridge and I can just format on the CLI, mkfs.exfat /dev/sdX I can even RDP into it and use all of it’s features if I want.

>> No.76860964

Yes because Apple is known to pay indian people who advocate jailbreaking.

>> No.76860967

my two main windowing systems i use all the time are iPadOS and i3. i3 is MUCH more productive because of the ability to open an arbitrary number of windows at once. iPad would be better that i3 with a few changes which apple will maybe never make

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>> No.76861008

i should add i actually bought my i3 machine specifically *because* certain tasks weren't manageable on the iPad workflow. that's how real of a problem it is

>> No.76861009

The moment jailbreak for 13.5.1 is available il get i3 for sure! Can you show a pic how it looks to open lots of windows please?

>> No.76861016 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

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question, answer

>> No.76861087

Cautiously optimistic about ARMbooks. My number one fear is that they’re locked down but apparently Apple will let you boot old versions of macOS. So surely if they’re letting you do that they don’t care that much, right?

>> No.76861100

Glaze on packix.

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What is it about Apple device/software that attracts mentally ill street shitting pajeet customers?

>> No.76861107

Cool fag icons, fag.

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its all "my toy better than your toy" tier argument from them going to almost religious ridicules stuff. Hell, i'd say they're exactly as fanatic down to the caricature they believe of Apple users.

thanks, anon

>> No.76861135 [DELETED] 
File: 928 KB, 695x1614, 1563811564311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Steve shat in their streets, so now iJeets worship it and unofficially call it One Infinite Loo.

>> No.76861152

They really don't care enough about locking down the minority of Mac users yet, it will be a while before macs and iPads run the same OS an only until then will everything be completely locked down.

>> No.76861154
File: 1.99 MB, 2388x1668, 4863AAC9-3513-473A-9F23-112697DC4DB3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’d say this is limit. This is how I would use my iPad at school, taking notes. I have my textbook on the right. Take notes on the right, and if I need to look something up I can pull up Safari as you see in the pic.

>> No.76861164

I wish Apple still made leather products, the garbage plastic they use for the latest accessories suck ass.

>> No.76861184

>i wish i didnt have to wade in this pool of shit why do i have to wade in this pool of shit while everyone else swims in clean pools of water
>no i wont leave my pool of shit i enjoy the smell
itoddlers everyone

>> No.76861192

I just can’t see Apple ever making them the same. Big Sur is definitely closer to iPadOS than before (and surprisingly stable, nice sign after Catalina) but it’s not a one-for-one copy. I see them doing this so iPad users attracted to ARMbooks aren’t completely confused.
I’m going to continue getting Macs, if there’s a time I have to jailbreak them then I’m out. macOS is becoming more locked down but it’s all optional stuff now, ex. if you need to disable gatekeeper then you know to use a terminal command to do so. I just hope it stays that way

>> No.76861242

Textbook on left, notes on right*^^

>> No.76861250 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76861254

Tbh i wish we would get macos big sur on the ipad.
I would really LOVE just to have a terminal and install everything i want in it, be able to copy files in terminal, format and partition the SSD and run software in the terminal. It would make things so easy.

>> No.76861268

I was pleasantly surprised by the performance. The heat was ridiculous, though — the only games I really wanted to play were the two fire emblem games but I was almost afraid to. I saw you also have delta: dolphin was practically running better than the melonDS core at times..
I’m still so mad at myself for updating. This is the second time I’ve done it — the first time was to 13.5 and they announced the jailbreak a few days later so whatever but this time is going to suck.

>> No.76861271 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76861296

Could you play in an emulator and monitor CPU/RAM load and post a screenshot?

>> No.76861297 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76861343

yeah okay

>> No.76861358

There's also the "lots of pieces to carry around" aspect. I used a little tablet and folding keyboard and mouse for a long time in college. Then as less heavy laptops have become available I realized it's much easier to just carry and use one item even if it does weigh a bit more. The tablet setup is also a massive pain to use on my lap or an airplane tray table while a 14" or smaller laptop works great there.

>> No.76861362

Forgot to ask
>Can I play gzdoom with keyboard and mouse support
This is important.

>> No.76861372 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76861378

>file transfer via USB yes sure
>Browser extentions work via hack
>i sometimes lay the ipad on my lap and my keyboard on the belly or il lap the ipad and use the pen to type on the on screen keyboard rather lazyishly :)
>Sure any mouse will work

>> No.76861391 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

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File: 2.76 MB, 1280x546, 1595022394979.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Behold the ipads' lag!

>> No.76861443

>I'm brown
Disgusting. Kill yourself

>> No.76861450

I'm no iJeet. I didn't even use an Apple tablet in college. It was some little more primitive 300 MHz ARM thing but it had X11 and I could run a terminal and compiler and whatnot all right on the tablet. It was pretty cool but a laptop is so much better in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

>> No.76861465 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76861543 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76861563

Arent you getting bored? We get it, you LOVE windows. Now what?

>> No.76861572

Shut up pajeet

>> No.76861578 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76861595

(You) answer the question

>> No.76861604 [DELETED] 
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The pajeet won't ever answer the question, he's too stupid and loves his apple shill money.
Pic related.

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Im so hot for this stuff. Its so difficult to get.
I bet you get find this shit in every major city antique store in the US. I dont want to use the fake stuff and not generic whale (Blue whale, finwhales) either. It just be Sperm whale because of the chemical composition (acid aster) causing it to be stable across temperatures ranges.

If youre in the us try to get this stuff before it gets lost.

>> No.76861689


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File: 904 KB, 1921x1198, F7D53CC1-037F-4186-8409-3D5D3F9B260C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This would last me a life time. Sadly NASA is buying all the Sperm whale supplies to use them on satelites.

>> No.76861741

Nah, NASA isn't the reason for the shortage. The problem is that OP keeps buying it all up and drinking it because it says SPERM on the label.

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>> No.76861830

So... Use jojoba oil instead?

>> No.76861848

Fucking sweet figures anon. I have that same case as well, I use it when not using my Logitech Slim Folio Pro.
Keyboard works alright with the iPad?

>> No.76861880

I'm not sure whether to laugh or marvel.

>> No.76861891

He doesn’t like Apple products and is a faggot about it.

>> No.76861942

I was on an XS Max so it’s possible it could make a difference. My phone would get hotter overall but it was the tweaks for me; I spent a day using the phone jailbroken with no tweaks at first to see how it felt.
Why don’t you just use checkm8? I’ve heard that’s perfectly stable.

>> No.76862075 [DELETED] 

None, sir. We can do the needful during the 20 minute lunch break or wait until after work.

>> No.76862252

Take your meds you fucking schizo.

>> No.76862497

Anon's not talking about you, but the guy calling anyone who doesn't automatically hate Apple products iJeets.

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File: 2.21 MB, 1668x2388, C66CD6A3-66A3-4405-9726-BDBFAC72C4A1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76862588 [DELETED] 

Answer the question iJeet. >>76860246

>> No.76862836

This board needs IDs.

>> No.76862853

>manages to use le epic pepe meme wrong
>regurgitating apple marketing terms and even full sentences
>spamming literal advertisement with the same format and same image while pretending to be a regular /g/ user
>SK timezone
Lmao, you actually unironically are a little gook insectoid in some korean tin roof warehouse, sitting in 50C heat and shitposting all day for like $3 an hour, aren't you?

>> No.76862858

wouldn’t really solve much, posts made on different devices show as different posters

>> No.76862889 [DELETED] 


>> No.76864627

Just buy a surface LMAO.
At least that has *usable* software.

>> No.76864639

>What sort of mental illness causes one to spam such garbage?
Being swiss.

>> No.76865545

Ah okay I thought this was your ONLY computing machine. That's fair enough.

>> No.76866183

Esp with armbooks Apple has a big incentive not to make the iPad too powerful.

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