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Apple cannot even innovate

copied Xerox in their PCs
copied LG in iPhone
copying Android in iOS UI
copying Samsung in phone design
copying, copying, copying

absolutely ZERO innovation

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you have one minute to EXPLAIN YOURSELF why you are so stupid that you use Apple products

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the pajeet code monke

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Where is the youtube logo on that image?

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Pay more, Get less.

-- Apple

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Apple software is buggy. That's why.

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itoddlers = imbeciles

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>that poster count
>that blatant samefag
Seethe, cope, dilate etc.

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get a real job

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Still buying whatever the fuck we want

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Macbooks are made out of a slab of CNCd aerospace grade series 7000 aluminium with lost tolerances. Like a swiss watch.

Ipads 15hours of battery life, CPU beats an i7 [email protected], 120hz IPS gaming display with EIZO color grading monitor level of color accuracy, speakers that are as clear and accurate as studio monitors and multi microphone array that is being used to record music.

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Also ISO 25600 vs iphone 3200 lol copers gonna cope

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Its not about looking nice. You woudnt say the bolt mechanism in a karabiner 98k is jewelry, its precise, its clean its accurate and has low tolerances. Its a beautyful piece of caucasian engineering. People like you wont get it.

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t. weaponsfag
t. icuck

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Its ok.

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>muh clean
>muh bootifuul
There are far more durable laptops you won't use because it's not as shiny. It's jewelry.

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Fags just jelous that linux has finally a distro that doesnt crash with perfect ui, power management profile, solid drivers and just works.

Jelous of the unibody if you ask me

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Name one that is more durable.
Inb4 posting some ugly plastic glued together sandwich

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>nooooooooooo it's not flashy itoy

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>I don't care about how my computer works or operates, I just settle for the shitpile being shoved in my mouth
Again, you're not spiting /g/ anon.

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>aerospace grade series 7000 aluminium
uh huh

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>What is precise buildquality and aerospace materials and manufacturing

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A marketing buzzword.

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Said like a true macfag peacock.

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Most people dont know that face time is using a cutting edge video compression algorithm and also works over gsm/3g and not only over the internet.

Seriously cutting edge stuff considering apple also invented face facing cameras for video telephony.

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>3D women

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>CPU beats an i7

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the problem is macos is actually useless if you want to use your computer to actually do something more than your grandma does with her mac.

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Ok, here you go. A more recent fuckup by apple.

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to FaceTime someone has become a proper verb like to google something
Imagine telling a girl to Samsung Bixbi call her lmao
>implying a girl will keep texting you after the first green bubble she sees
Don’t make me laugh anon

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Asian girls are easy af, why bother talking to them online when you can arrange a booty call with a single text?

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Instead of the hint, it shows the actual password

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What I hate most about applefags is how they always talkin brandnames e.g. macbook instead of laptop, ipad imstead of tablet etc.

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ChadBooks ≠ laptops

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Because you sound like a fucking tool if you say "apple computer" or "apple tablet"

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>Hot girls use facetime
well, you may find them hot
but you must know they were all boys before

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apple is *so* pathetic

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