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Fuck me

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wish i could go back the internet was way comfier then

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>the old internet
Ah yes, I remember the old networks of the 80's. Document sharing was so easy back then. You do remember the 80's internet, right anon?

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If you are under 30 you are too young to remember the old internet.

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yeah is there any place left where people can just chat about whatever they want or discuss certain topics? plebbit community has been shit for years, and 4chan is a cesspit sometimes lets all admit

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>You do remember the 80's internet, right anon?

Nobody does the internet was only used by the government back then.

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It was 10 years ago time flies by fast anon.

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How do you think people first found out about the websites of old?

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Candy ass roody poos.

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This screams old internet for me

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>This screams old internet for me

What do you mean by this?

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Classic video i remember watching this when i was 14.

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>the golden age of the internet
The internet had already been hopelessly fucked by the second big wave of normalfags.

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and then koume got spanked

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...and since I was still on Windows for Workgroups 3.11 I had to get Trumpet Winsock. Which makes me wonder -- if I couldn't get on the internet without Trumpet Winsock, where the fuck did I get it from? Did I buy it? I don't remember.
And then I got a SLIP account. I think it was with Netcom? ix.netcom.com rings a bell.

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>the old internet didn't have anime
It had anime before the web existed. I used to run a public FTP server for it off of my university account. I made it searchable with archie.

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Probably the netcom netsurfer accounts, after their days as a shell service. The site had incredibly shit security and we all used to have hacked accounts on it for warez.

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That sounds familiar. I remember they sent me a hold-in-your-hand letter that had my signon credentials. Which seems fucking crazy now.
I got most of my internet software from Tucows. Pretty sure this is where I downloaded Netscape Navigator 3.0 Gold from.
Between Gateway and Tucows there sure were a lot of cows around the internet in the late 90s.

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>Nostalgia pre-2010
>Family was still together
>My family split apart in 2010
There it is

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And your point is?

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Damn anon that sucks.

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die weeb.
I was on the internet in 1994, so fix the paramaters.
I remember all the aol/crapuserve/prodigy lamers on irc.
someone born in 2005 would be 15, you have to be 18 to post on 4chan.
you mean bbsing, telenet, and X.25 moron.
it was better without pedoweebs like you.
kys tripfag weeaboo.
zoom zoom

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>someone born in 2005 would be 15, you have to be 18 to post on 4chan.

Nobody follows that rule dumbass almost everyone started posting here when they were underage even moot was underage also you're a normalfag for bashing anime fans fuck off faggot.

>zoom zoom

I am not Gen Z if that is what you're implying anon i am almost 30 years old lol i grew up with this shit just like you did so fuck off.

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i first used the internet in 1992 using the commodore amiga to dial up to a unix system and accessed the internet via a telnet shell. it wasn't difficult to transfer files but i can imagine it would be painful for a lot of people here. it was amazing to use a system that you can use to talk to all kinds of other computers without having to dial directly to them.

>Nobody does the internet was only used by the government back then.
completely false, compulsive lying zoomer retard.

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>completely false, compulsive lying zoomer retard.

Not a zoomer you retard.

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>Also the old internet didn't have anime
The funny part is that if I were to report you for being underage, I'd be the one catching the ban.

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>ur a weeb XDDD
go back

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2010 - 2020 didn't even seem like it happened… it went by so fast.

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>2019-2020 has been something of a rennaisance with old memes appearing, even if they've been ironic. just feels good seeing old things put to use again, I guess.

I feel most of that is just kids romanticizing the past and jumping onto the retro/nostalgia bandwagon because its a popular trend.

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the only places I've found that are completely and utterly free zones are also schizo hellholes like 8ch but then again, that's what 4chan was for the longest time. It is what it is, if you want utter freedom, you gotta accept freedom of dogshit all over the place

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that's true, but you can tell who is genuine, and who is just posting le epic old meme face with a random modern meme caption or the like.
sure the past is romantisized, but by doing that whenever there is a 'rennaisance' of it we bring back/bring to light only the good parts about it, and willingly forget the bad

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/g/ projects have been decent so far this year at least

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>you can tell who is genuine, and who is just posting le epic old meme face with a random modern meme caption

Its very easy too tell and i see it all the time on various other imageboards and these kids who romanticize the past say to actual oldfags that they are not oldfags lol.

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>notorious soviet hacker Linyos Torovoltos who made Lunix before the russians lost the cold war

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Lurking on my desktop in 2005 or 6. Got the machine in 2003. I would despise the person I would have become without it. Since then I've spent every moment of free time reading text on the screen. took it apart and put it back together again from what i learned here just passively.

got ban for mentioning my age in a thread on /b/ like a retard
installed gentoo on a 2.4ghz pentium 4 at like 13 years old.
installed OS X86 on a 2.4ghz pentium 4 like right after they switched to intel
played wow 16 hours a day on said pentiums igpu before upgrading to c2d laptop
did nothing but sit in cool kids AIM chatroom kingforaday and /b/ then switched to /g/ at some point during the 8800gtx period when I wanted to learn more about linux.
you guys really convinced me that the higher performance in a well tuned cflags gentoo system would be enough to let me browse the internet with AIM and music open at the same time smoothly. it didn't.

sitting here thinking about then v now i think a big part was that you knew whoever you were talking to back then was sitting on their desktop too. Smartphones ruined the internet objectively. Also the incessant posts from /pol/ users who think they are clever is prob worse than the furfags ponyfags gaiafags and fagfags all combined.
gb2gaia was much less annoying than gb2r and im not sure why. maybe its because its a given that nearly anyone you talk to here has been here since before the digg migration.

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It was a simpler time or classic Youtube as well.


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Adequacy was one of the best websites the internet has ever seen. All it's articles are in the Wayback Machine

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the second 4chan started infesting every corner of the internet was when everything went to shit, which was long before 2008

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>old star rating system
>old categories
aw man..

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I don't envy you boomers.
How many people had residential T1s back in the day? Waiting for eons for a single picture to download sounds awfulm

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Anyone else remember real player and quicktime player?

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>author: Lee

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Millennial here.
I remember having a British Telecom 56kbps modem which was later upgraded to NTL Telewest and then an ADSL contract with Tiscali, which became TalkTalk. A whopping 4mbps down and 1mbps up in 2005.

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Is it possible to delete and disable all the internet?

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I was born 82, am I allowed to be here?

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>but truly epic LULZ come from
sides in orbit

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I remember this and I LOL'ed so hard IRL watching this!
Look at this, turn the sounds on! Little tip, there appears a grandma from time to time on the far left, bottom, right or top side, just click on her :-)

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Original filename saved from shockwave.com in 2001.

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isn't newgrounds still a thing?

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i didnt have my own internet facing pc until 2004. majority of memories is of friends i no longer have. remembering is just a nuisance.

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Was the internet really that comfy back then?
t. 90s zoomer who's oldest recollection of the internet was around 2009

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For example, TELNET was built into DOS or Windows on our 1994 computer. I am sure Winsock was built in too.

I am so fucking tired of being grouped as a millennial. I was born in '82 and I learned my first computing in school in fourth grade on a fucking 70's computer with a 5 and something inches floppy disk as storage.

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What's wrong with Neocities?
>in before 'they wont let me say "nigger" on my page.'

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I think a lot of the reason I spend so much time online still is a desire to find it how it used to be,

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remermber when gamgergate ruined 3.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999chan?

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>old Internet
That's 3 years after the iPhone, Facebook and Twitter released. The Internet's golden age was far gone by then.

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Please take your meds son. Your mom and I are worried about you.

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Around 95 or so, I had an AOL account. Pathetic I know but it was somehow less pathetic back then when everyone was just starting to figure this stuff out.
It didn't take long to find the chat rooms where everyone traded porn pics as quickly as possible before the mods would shut down the room. You just basically picked a person in the room and sent him whatever good porn you had. Trust me when I say there was a lot of cheese pizza being sent around then on AOL. A lot.
I hung out in these rooms for a while not necessarily for the pizza but for just porn in general. And one day, lo and behold, I tried to log on and my account was terminated. I got some message about Terms of Service or whatnot. And I'm sure it was because of the porn trading because I really didn't do much else on AOL.
I couldn't admit to my friends and coworkers the real reason I got banned so I pretended it was because I ran the AOHell hack program and tried to hack other people's accounts.
My friends then thought I was an elite hacker type instead of a porn addict, so it all worked out in the end.
Pic related.

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if you remember that, you're polack

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I remember reading about Intel's crazy new thing called "MMX" in PC Magazine. The paper, hold in your hand kind. They even had a fucking Superbowl ad. Shit was cray cray.

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what is this "4chan" people keep talking about? this is 4channel

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Fair point but in 2007/2008 most people didn't have smartphones and still had flip phones and had to go on their pc to use the internet.

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Diaspora is nice, but it's still kind of pozzed. Better than Cuckbook imo. Neocities is okay, not the worst, not the best. I miss old PHP forums. Facepunch was always shit but I loved the layout. I hate the modern rounded shit with material style design it makes me angry.

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this is fucking gold

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old roblox: games thrown together by 12 year olds for fun, weird shit, front page always changing
new roblox: games made by neckbeard adults for kids to play, front page always the same

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Being part of the last kids to experience the real internet is bittersweet. I'm glad I saw it but upset I wasn't around it longer.

Fuck that's the good stuff.

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>he never used ham to connect to a bbs several towns over

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the aol chat rooms were my jam back in the day
then yahoo chat once those died
now i dont know where to go besides 4chan

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after aol i did a lot of irc. then irc is deadalive rn. my best form of communication to strangers is 4chan but also discord.

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auto load means more data used. i really hate it when i'm on 4g

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i just really miss how unfiltered teh results were pre-08. when search results started filtering because of the children! i knew the net had gone to shit then. 2002 was my favorite year for internet. yaoi forums fanfiction archives and the slowest fucking music listening ever. but damn did i have a lot of friends online.

webrings were great omg another thing i miss.

pic unrelated, but that was the same year i lost some of my favorite archives

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I don't believe it.

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honestly, kind of. i miss the search function. which i know you can search some things through their service, but i like to pop into these servers from low level youtubers/twitch streamers. there's some random ones you can find on reddit (which fuck me what a shit hole now), but i've found some decent ones just googling a topic+discord.

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>i just really miss how unfiltered teh results were pre-08.

The decline of the internet and internet culture started in 2008 but it didn't truly die and go to complete shit until 2011/2012 2008 was the last actual good year for the internet.

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Remember when the RX and TX lights would light up and you knew exactly what was communicating on the Internet and why?

>> No.76773922

Remember when something was wrong with you if you talked to strangers online?
And remember when women thought the Internet was for losers, which meant that every single site, usenet group, and Forum was comfy as fuck, with zero expectation that you'd by anything other than anonymous?

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The first viral meme.

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>Lmao, is this the zoomer version of eternal September?

No and its true the internet started going downhill in 2008 but 2011/2012 when the social media era started is when it died back then the warning signs were there its just nobody was paying attention.

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On that note, why is everything actually gay now?
Like, holy shit I sound like a boomer or something but jesus christ everyone's a fucking faggot and shit sucks. Is this what it's like to be old?
I always thought it would be cool to be an oldfag but it actually sucks what the fuck.

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Back when the people who sat on their computer 14 hours every day learned skills and didn't just become trannies or empty e-boys

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my family got its first computer back in 1997 after it became clear that it would be impossible to do homework without one unless my parents drove me to the library every night. and they werent gonna do that

it was a packard bell with windows 95 and a 28.8k modem built in. we signed up for aol with one of those floppy disks they used to send in the mail like twice a week. pretty sure it was version 3.0

now aol could browse the real internet, but that wasnt the draw of the service. they hosted their own 'pages' that only ran in the aol client that were accessed by 'keywords' instead of a web address. at the time most standard websites were nothing more than text over a wallpaper, while aol pages were big and colorful with lots of pictures and interactivity. in look it was kinda like what the web would become when flash was dominant, but this was 6 years earlier

it was also very social. the welcome screen brought you right to your email. it also immediately launched aol instant messenger (AIM), which was hugely popular in its own right until about 2008. non-aol people could download AIM as a standalone client. also, most aol pages hosted their own chat rooms, and there were hundreds of chat rooms on any topic independent of aol pages that you could find in the chat directory. some were focused on roleplaying. some were trivia games with prizes. some were just people chatting about a shared hobby. some were just teenage boys looking for nonexistent girls on the internet. some were adult men pretending to be teenage girls to lure in teenage boys. fun for all ages

each aol member also had FTP space allotted to them (though many didn't know this). you could host your own website through AOL that way, or just use it as a handy way to transfer files on the go (remember that usb flash memory was still a distant dream, and floppy disks dont hold much data). i got my first taste of web development making a shitty little anime fan site that way back in the day

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Runescape was awesome back in the 2000s. I would flick my bean while catching lobsters, good times.

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tits or gtfo

>> No.76774263

This is actually pretty sad considering the current circumstances. Not talking about corona btw, I just mean people living their lives online in general.

>> No.76774267

i saw a commercial for runescape on tv yesterday
i couldnt believe that it was still going

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Based, give me lupin anyday, fuck all this moe shit

>> No.76774330

This is true, I remember that was the year I started seeing ads on the bus having web addresses and such.

>> No.76774337

I'm 25 I was on the internet since the early 2000s which was the peak years from what I can tell. I wish I was around for the 80s/90s internet but I guess you basically had to be a college student during those earliest days

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>I'm 25 I was on the internet since the early 2000s which was the peak years from what I can tell. I wish I was around for the 80s/90s internet but I guess you basically had to be a college student during those earliest days

I am 27 i have been using the internet since i was small since 1996/1997 so i saw a bit of the 90s internet at a very young age.

>> No.76774397

>use internet only during off peak hours when it's cheap
>load up some webpages asap then disconnect so you have access and aren't paying for time anymore
The dial up tone is still ingrained in my fucking skull I can hear it right now

>> No.76774406

I wish I didn't still quote this on the regular. Fuck.

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Is this rick and morty?

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Old Internet was definitely dead by 2010. I think 2006 was the last year before it went to shit.

>> No.76774990

skub is shit, kill yourself

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>I think 2006 was the last year before it went to shit.

The downfall started in 2008 but it completely died in 2011/2012.

>> No.76775051

im sure they will change it when the new movie releases

>> No.76775058

Most of the social media cancer as it exists today got off the ground in '06, but yeah by '08 you could feel the shift in the tides.

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LOL most people still didn't even have smartphones in 2007/2008 most people still had flip phones and had to use a pc when using the internet also like >>76775058 said most social sites of today got off the ground in 2006/2007 but the cracks didn't start to show until 2008.

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>Millennials got jaded
Early zoomer here, was it truly that most of the pop culture from the early/mid 2000s catered to people who are only slightly younger than our parents?

>> No.76775245


Most of these sites especially Twitter and even Youtube too back then were just simple social networking sites and not the big social media conglomerates they are today.

>> No.76775293

They're the same thing. Gen Y is like the placeholder name baby boomers came up with because to them everyone born after them is just an extension of Gen X.

>> No.76775297

>Wait I misread that as late Gen X. How is Gen Y and Millennial any different?

They are the same a Millennial is someone born 1981-1996

>> No.76775315

>sure the past is romantisized
that's an interesting way to describe zoomers that are nothing more than compulsive liars that pretend they know things about a past they were never born in or were too young to remember. then they get mad because a quick search on google proves that they're nothing but disgusting compulsive liars.

if someone is born 2000 or later, i sure as fuck don't want to hear anything from any zoomer faggot about anything unless it happened in the last 10 years.

>> No.76775328

Actual peak population of millennials is the class of 2009. So they didn't really have an expendable income for pop culture to profit from until just a few years prior.

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>treating the internet like a real-life video game

>> No.76775383

Doesn't matter anymore. Too many labels, boomers are anywhere from late 30s to 50s while the real boomers are dying off (those born just after ww2)

>> No.76775409

RIP the real internet 1983-2012

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I miss this

>> No.76775520

yeah it's a shame, they've completely abandoned the original mission of "free online building game" and now it's just a site for shittier versions of real games. when i was a kid i always wanted to get a game on the front page, but now it's impossible without an advanced knowledge of lua and roblox studio, which no kid is gonna pull off

>> No.76775592

yeah that pedophilic bear that was played for laughs, that sure was reddit.

>> No.76775596

A Redditor knows Reddit best

>> No.76775757

Mostly remember stuff like Flipnote and early YouTube (fred, boxxy, spongebob ytp, asdf before it went to shit) Made stupid shit on Wix, still have my account. Found IRC and my love for anime after hanging out with the high schoolers. A little too late to visit golden age 4chan and any real forums, but I remember the time fondly regardless. Did eventually get here at around the release of Windows 8 though (2013?)
Didn't have a computer 2014 to late 2017, basically gone from the internet excluding random library encounters. By the time I came back, I could barely recognize the place. Now I'm just trying to visit what's left and remember what I can.

>> No.76775805


You and i pretty much had a similar experience anon.

>> No.76776053

for me, it's grainy, blocky porn scenes with artifacted audio at 320x240 resolution in a .mpg container that took the better part of an afternoon to download.

>> No.76776065

will report back in 1 month

>> No.76776095


Good luck anon it wont last all nostalgic things die off at some point.

>> No.76776133

Also a reminder that Decentralised, FOSS, Federated social media exists and is slowly gaining in popularity. You can self-host an instance if you wish, just a sidethought if you wanted something to pair to your site.

>PeerTube for YouTube
>PixelFed for Instagram
>Mastodon for Twitter, or Pleroma or a few others your choice
>Funkwhale for Soundcloud
And many more you can checkout the whole platform list at https://fediverse.party/
Again, the more people on them, the more people that will be willing to switch to them and use them with you.

Just as a super quick rundown, there's a few levels of Federation.
Platforms is one level, these are PeerTube, Pleroma, etc. Some of these platforms can Federate with each other (tells you on above link) so content is interchangeable. Then there's instances, every platform has their own set of instances, you can join one based on your preferences (NSFW on or off for example) or you can make your own. These instances can choose to Federate with (see each others content) or not, choose which.
It's a confusing thing to explain, but super easy to understand once you use. There's also videos on it.

These are essential to restoring control from centralized social media such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. Again all your friends may not be on it, but just choose and make an account and tell your friends about it and share it. The more people see others using it, the more willing they are to also use it. Again a slow process, but essential to reviving the internet. Good luck bros, I hope for a prosperous future for the web!

>> No.76776198

This has nothing to do with nostalgia, the old internet was simply different. Of course web design changes, and there were far less users than now. This was the nostalgia. But the old web was different due to it's low amount of users, it was far less centralized than it currently is.

There is no reason why we must currently depend so heavily on such centralized services, constantly invade user privacy by including Google Fonts and Analytics, etc on every website. By having such extremely slow and bloated and conformative web page designs.
Ontop of this we are reliant on a handful of people to keep the majority of the web up which is not good. If Google has server issues, tons of sites have issues. If Cloudflare has issues, tons of sites do. This is not theoretical, it's happened a multitude of times already. There's a difference between one compamy hosting massive amounts of sites, and a massive amount of companies hosting a small few amount of sites. The latter is so much better, it gives less control to big corps, and puts the power back to the users.

Even normies are constantly complaining about being censored on platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, etc. There is no denying, centralization is ruining the internet. It puts money first and users last. A decentralized web is what is desperately needed and we already have a lot of tools to start things up. Nobody is saying delete your Twitter and move to the Fediverse or start your own website. You can if you wish, but you can also just slowly move over. Use both and slowly migrate and play around.

>> No.76776457
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This image sums it up pretty well, though it's a bit dated and only represents market share. I think we can narrow it down to only three of these companies nowadays, with one of the bigger Chinese companies in there as well.

>> No.76776582

ohh shit windows movie maker, I had forget about that

>> No.76776788


Its a lost cause.

>> No.76776929

Boomers aren't "GenX".
That's the generation between boomers and millennials.

>> No.76776968
File: 122 KB, 800x600, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i miss it boys

>> No.76777163

I just showed you a graph measuring the percentage of the population who had mobile internet.

>> No.76777187
File: 57 KB, 299x574, 1594685095320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And Touhou

>> No.76777219

how do I even open a swf file in a 2020 browser?

>> No.76777262


This is very true.

>> No.76777400

>The same applies to fox: 4chan getting in the news and attracting 12 year olds was a lengthy process that actually reached peak numbers during the fappening, but 2007-2008 was when the point of no return was passed.

Well that is our own fault for all the trolling we did back in the day and yes it was a slow process over time.so i still consider 2007/early 2008 to be apart of the golden era of the internet because it didn't start to become a serious problem until 2008 and the decline started with project chanology.

>> No.76777602

Reminder to everyone to take screenshots of your current computer with your typical programs visible so that you can nostalgia about them a decade from now claiming it had “soul”. Also pictures of your desk and contemporary technology. Do that like once a year

>> No.76777625

You must be 18 or older to post here.

>> No.76777629


I mean there is discord but it isn't the same as old school messenger clients.

>> No.76777758

Your dumb post says otherwise.

>> No.76777769

To get use it would need enough features so users don't just end up with "we'll have to get on discord anyway to do X." The other old school option is IRC, which is still in use but lost ground due to features and ease of use.

You'd need good support for embedded images, videos, and link previews, convenient file transfers, logs of messages sent when you were offline, attention-getting pings when the user wants to be open to them, very high quality voice, and all of that in group chat rooms that don't disappear as soon as everyone is offline, and preferably hide user IPs. The easiest way to do it would be starting with an IRC front end to get network compatibility, and then adding extensions.

>> No.76777778

I’m old enough to know that the internet is getting worst and in ten years time you will look back fondly on these days even if you currently think we currently live in a dark age. It always gets worst, baby! Give your future self a record of your shitposting machines

>> No.76777807


>> No.76777831

I am seriously considering starting such a mesenger network. Only the basic stuff like text chat, calls, conference calls and group chats and a basic file transfer with P2P.
My server would only assist in establishing the initial connection and then the chats going on are purely P2P beween the users.
No bloat and unnecessary options.
Must be possible to get such stuff up and running.

>> No.76777850

Dude, and i am even older and have understood that THIS time we are in RIGHT NOW, is nothing i will ever look back on with a positive nostalgia feeling. Bee it for the Internetz or the societal situation we currently live in.
This time is shit and is not worth saving.

>> No.76777998
File: 71 KB, 1162x1096, health_and_saftey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck it, I'll make my website look like the worst trash from the 90s, post screenshots of shitty websites

>> No.76778185

Messenger services still exist and there are even open source ones out there. But they all have one single problem. And that's a small userbase.
You won't be able to convince most of the pople to adopt to this new/old way of communication, since most of their friends are on Facebook and Instagram and won't follow.
Especially the females won't follow, since bot Facebook and Instagram are literally designed for attention whoring. And you can't give, nor receive likes and that's what girls are mostly out after.
And all the beta cucks orbiting these attention whores won't follow either since they fear missing a pussy blitzer or a naked tit showing on one of the whores pics.

What makes it even harder is that Facebook already has implemented an internal Messenger and that they already have bought up WhatsApp.
I fear your project will lack a userbase that is big enough to start a trend.
Just look where Skype or ICQ is today. Or all the other open source messenger programs and protocols.

>> No.76778245

Is xmpp a better choice to make your own server? What's the difference compared to IRC?

>> No.76778339

XMPP would be a good option of course.
The difference compared to IRC is that IRC is absically focussed on networks that had their own chatrooms where you could join.
Quakenet was or is still one of them with a plethora of chatrooms and groups it contained.
XMPP is basically the open source version of any normal chat client that was out in the mid 2000 times

>> No.76778348


AIm was brought back from the dead look up AIM phoenix.

>> No.76778391

they stole it from 4chan

>> No.76778413

>XMPP would be a good option
They said "no bloat". XMPP is fucking garbage. Standardized, yes. But between XML and all the other weird stateful shit, it is doodoo. Why the fuck Apple decided to use it, I don't know.

>> No.76778597

It seems the macOS version is only running on power PC architecture. Can't use it then. But the idea is great indeed.

I have Adium installed. A messenger client that can connect to multiple networks and protocols.. Maybe it works with the new AIM network as well.

>> No.76778609

Is XMPP what Apple uses as a protocol in their messenger app on macOS and iOS?

>> No.76778722

The lifecycle of the internet:
>Internet is created, used peer-to-peer by a few peeople
>Gains popularity, some people setup dedicated servers that others can always peer-to-peer connect to
>servers become more popular
>people only use servers, no more peer-to-peer
>people get bored of servers, start decentralizing, go back to peer-to-peer
>people setup servers for dedicated peer-to-peer at any time
>people only use servers, not p2p
and on and on...

>> No.76778826

poor snal

>> No.76779213


There is also a revival of Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger too.

>> No.76779379

Pepsi twist is still alive and well in Europe, favorite flavor desu

>> No.76779500
File: 6 KB, 184x184, 804b247737a320b27b7923f28752dfc4f1a6227b_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> been coming here since 2007

What's gonna happen when this place gets shut down?

>> No.76779512
File: 279 KB, 1900x750, ankit-fadia-hacking-seminar-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to Zombocom

>> No.76779556
File: 1.99 MB, 245x103, kJ7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76779566
File: 20 KB, 470x331, ballmer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It naturally depends on how it is shut down. It has already degenerated to garbage, yet we are still here.
A rude pulling the plug would leave a lot of people upset. I can imagine Trump signing an executive order to close 4chan only to get whacked by one of his /k/ommando bodyguards for the lulz (oh and /c/ also).

>> No.76780386

>Like infinitychan ?

Pretty much.

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