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made money

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own a toilet

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>keynoted for Walmart
I'd rather be a NEET

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Walmart is actually doing impressive things in tech. Go have a look at Walmart Labs.

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>t. soulless bug person who runs on coffee and adderall so he can pump out more code for his masters

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>literal nobody is being shilled for doing nothing other than being a shitskin

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>t. racist right wing incels
grow up, sad to see the browning of america happen so soon?

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go back to pol

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some kids are smarter than others but this little kid isn't building AI or architecting big software projects. it's a PR stunt.

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low quality bait but please show me something he has actually built. something which hasn't just been handed to him on a plate.
I have heard of plenty of smart kids doing things like reverse engineering and security research. None of them have sounded this unrealistic.

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Tanmay Bakshi realized that in order to prevent suicide, we need a better way of detecting patterns. For the last 3 years, Tanmay and his team have been developing an app that can pick up on irregularities in a person's online behavior to build an early warning systems for at-risk teens. His hope is that this app will help get teens in distress the help they need, when they need it most.

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that's a paragraph conjured up by some PR department. Where is some actual source code committed by him? Or a book written by him? Or a blog post written by him? And no, a TED talk is not anything of real substance.

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>literal nobody whining that a shitskin has accomplished more at 15 than he will in his entire lifetime

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he's a dyel

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>he checks in .DS_Store files
yep, he's low IQ

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what is that supposed to mean

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Currently Supported Answer Types

Person (e.g. "Who is the CEO of IBM?")
Organization/Company (e.g. "Which worldwide retail chain makes the most profit?")
Location (e.g. "Where is the Taj Mahal?" or "In which city is the Taj Mahal?")

“if inputstr = “...” then...”

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nice bait

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It is unfortunate that minds such as this are being trained and used to destroy their own freedom, without even understanding the implications of their own work.

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Is it weird that he added hundreds of thousands of lines of code in a few days? there was only one other person that added to that project and they only added like 5 lines

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I had to look for myself. He literally passes the user's question into this runHandler function. That being said, it looks like watson might give several responses and then he ranks the stuff on his own maybe? Check CAFS.swift, I don't know what cafs/cag/atd/serse mean

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I did 6502 programming when I was 15, my CS teacher thought it was pretty neat.

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Fell for the college meme

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and much (all?) of the "AI" work is done by Watson (via hitting that API), not by anything he's written

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>So /g/, what have you done to your life?
I graduated at a top 10 European university for free with top tier grades and I refuse to contribute to (((society))). I work enough to have money for buying basic shit and that's it, I'm not going to work more or consooome because I don't want to help (((companies))) nor the (((government))). I'm happy planting my food and reading pirated ancient texts about the golden times (i.e. the ancient Greeks and the Roman empire) on my full free software computer.

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checked, based ted poster.

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Cope. Now I'm almost finishing my second engineering degree for free. Thanks for paying taxes. :^)

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>Thanks for paying taxes
i don't

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>For the last 3 years, Tanmay and his team have been developing an app that can pick up on irregularities in a person's online behavior to build an early warning systems

Why is it always pajeets contributing to the botnet? This is obviously going to collect more data from children

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>age of five, where he fixed his school's computers
Lucky shit. I wasn't allowed to use the computer on my own when I was 5

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>sources: dude trust me

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Not a yank, nice try on changing the subject.

All these kids are doing is getting taken advantage of

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Companies don't control him.
He controls the companies.

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>this is an example of his novel NNs

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Implaying all these shit promo bullshit isn't just an other Pajeet scam.

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>and that's a good thing!

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Is he the next Mr Durga Sir?

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post yours. I'm a white lanky shit, although most 6'6" people are.

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Ok bro, what’s your MCAT score?

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>brags about being valedictorian at high school

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What's the problem? In the UK at least secondary school is the last year when it's easy to compare everyone, in uni the standards vary wildly so your marks from uni mean fuck all regarding your academic ability compared to your secondary school grades/which uni you go to (basically the same as secondary school grades).

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Are you fucking retarded? Read his fucking source code, it's shit. He didn't build a fucking thing related to AI he just feeds everything to the Watson api you cuck faggot

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But... does he dream in code?

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Doing something (the kiddo) is better than nothing (You)

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Pretty confident that most people that were motivated in college could easily get 1500+ on the SAT if they legitimately studied for it.

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Oh yeah, still waiting to hear your MCAT score since you want to compare yourself to others.

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In the UK everyone sits national exams at 16/18. People will take different subjects but a biology exam is equally hard in all schools, just like the SAT in teh USA

At uni this isn't the case, unis set and mark the questions and some are much easier than others.

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But Kaczynski wasn't a programmer.

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You simply must accept the immigrants. They are the best and brightest.

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Brown people are also not as smart as white people also

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if you have an infinite amount of monkeys on a typewriter... you know the rest

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>started coding at 5
this is why nobody takes your "coding" skills seriously

we need developers, not another monkey to "code"

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he paints a dystopia

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>Tanmay Bakshi at the age of 15
lmao I could take this nigga to the ground one swing smdh bitch ain't shit

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I met amazing people I can easily call my brothers, fucked a lot of girls, did ton of drugs and had a lot of memorable parties
I just had fun for the most part and I somehow ended up making a lot of money anyway
that guy may be a famous genius but I wouldn't trade lives

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why would you post this here? it's literal suicide fuel

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t.little pajeet

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>getting suicidal a mini pajeet is being paraded around as a PR stunt
Grow the fuck up

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this is completely dependent on the complexity of sorted, everything else is O(n)

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> be me
> started programming at 6yo
> supplying pirate software to the school and students at 10yo
> assisted school librarian with computer network, full admin access at 10yo. only student that knew the system well enough.. because i kept breaking into it via their terminal you used to look up books.
> helped run multiple dial up bulletin boards from 1992-1997
> teachers allowed me to log into the boards i managed during school time, using their modem and their phone line.
> broke into computer networks around the world and got paid for it
> broke into all kinds of mobile phones and computers systems.. and got paid for it
> met all of my childhood idols and heroes
> been asked for interviews, turned down every single one
> NEVER needed to sell out my asshole to a corporation or drag my prolapsing asshole onto a TED stage
how's your life going, faggot? mine has been awesome. cope, ipajeet.

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> NEVER needed to sell out my asshole to a corporation

>> No.76670468

Pls Sr. do the needful.

>> No.76670948

>check LinkedIn
he's just a software developer

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>Le work for mr. goldbergstien for a monthly wage man

>> No.76671256

this nigger can't even pronounce his own name correctly (watch some interviews), probably to fit in with the mutts

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poo in loo

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>w-we're dying out even though we're still majority in the west
>b-but we're definitely smarter than those p-pajeets!
>fuckin street shitters
>theyre so dumb
>theyre gonna genocide us!!

You lot are so abysmally stupid I don't know how you don't see it. If you're a NEET you need not reply

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Grew up in a first world country and enjoyed my childhood doing kids stuff

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>Pajeet pointheloo has been working on teen botnet ai for 3 years

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