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it's untrustworthy because it was once hacked.
It's on my list along with Linux Mint.

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It's only "bloated" if your hardware is too inadequate at accommodating the appropriate resources for the botnet functions.

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It's pretty bad if we are honest. Free but... you really get what you pay for.

>> No.76612608

I use a fork of Notepad2.

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>It's only "bloated" if your hardware is too inadequate at accommodating the appropriate resources for the botnet functions.

Botnet functions?

>> No.76613028

"Check for Updates" is now considered botnet.

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possibly, but the dev is a fucking sandnigger race baiter

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It's the only choice.

Is written in C++ using windows apis. Fast as fuck. You can't go any purer than that

Every other editor is a recompiled garbage web browser written in garbage JavaScript for garbage users

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The features it has are poorly integrated, making it a pain in the ass.
The workspace/project panel is a pain in the ass. The terminal addon is a pain in the ass. Basically, if you use it as anything but a bare minimum text editor with tabs, it falls short.
But it's ok otherwise.

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So what's the Linux equivalent of NP++?

>> No.76615433

>completely different keyboard shortcuts
vim is most definitely not an np++ replacement

>> No.76615854

vscode is based

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what 1800's pc do you use that notepad++ could possibly be considered "too bloated"?

>> No.76618172

just use neovim

>> No.76618217

Based Frog, Fuck Nazis.

>> No.76618258

notepad++ has extra functionality like tabs, easier find and replace, and encodings.

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Well, he is an immigrant (won't let me post fb link)
The name "Don Ho" could be from anywhere in asia though.

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It works.
>In November, it was reported that Battlefield V sold fewer than half the physical copies that Battlefield 1 did upon its launch during the same period of time. The game sold 7.3 million copies by the end of 2018.

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lol more info about this?

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Well feminism does tend to ruin everything.

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This is /g/ so anything more involved than nano or vi is bloat.

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He's a self-hating Taiwanite cuck

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>lol more info about this?
Pretty much what it sounds like.
>EA on the backlash against women in Battlefield V: ‘Accept it or don’t buy the game’
Guess they didn't accept it.

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This. He hates on the Chins but will immediately jump on any white person who is critical of them too.

>> No.76622268

Settings > Preferences > Misc > Uncheck enable notepad++ auto-updater

>> No.76623061

my only problem with it is that is almost always crashing if a document is open that's on a network drive which is not reachable. but this is the only problem I ever encountered so far

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Much faster than VSC and Atom.

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