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>Dogshit specs
this generation had upgradable storage and a replaceable battery, but I sort of agree with you on that
>dogshit performance
as I said, unless I'm trying to run minecraft or some shit on it, it works fine
>dogshit OS
no more dogshit than the BSD kernal it's based on
>dogshit engineering
have you seen windows laptops? the unibody is comfy
>cost an arm and a leg
only if you want the latest, I got mine second hand for half the original price, with under 100 battery cycles on it

>> No.76605093

Lack of upgradability. I have a 2014 13" and it's great other than only having 8GB of ram that I can never upgrade.

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Pretty much this.

They're still not worth it imho. Mac os is so bad these days that you're pretty much forced to bootcamp windows 10. Might as well get a windows laptop.

I really hate how you have to worry about things like pic related.

>> No.76605216

Mac OS is constantly in BETA. It makes windows 10 look good and believe me we all know how imperfect it is. At least the latter has an LTSC variant for max system stability.

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I don't miss mac os at all desu.

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and windows 10 is better how?
that's pretty understandable, I'll give you that. pic related

>> No.76605391

That's why I mentioned LTSC but even mainstream windows 10 is way ahead of mac os. Somehow mac os out-BETAs mainstream windows 10, more things are broken and unstable.

>> No.76605514

took you long enough, i'm disappointed anon

>> No.76605567

You fucking liar, I had one before I returned it a week later and it throttled to 1GHz during web browsing.

>> No.76605587

Extremely expensive for what it offers. Closed ecosystem, hostile to portability.

>> No.76605599

>no more dogshit than the BSD kernal it's based on

lmao. this fucking idiot.

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