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i have your pic related

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gaymer chairs aren't automatically shit.
Just make sure the seat cushion is elevated and the height of the headrest is adequate.
Also make sure the cage fits your girldick, UwU.

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Who decided that gamers must all use gaymer chairs that are race car chairs on wheels?

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Please don't buy Markus chair.
I own once, and it's trash. I'm a Physical Therapist and I know a lot about ergonomics.

> full back office chair is bad for your spine. Sitting is an active process, you can't think of sitting without using some muscles. Blocking your cervical spine is bad for your posture, now wonder Herman Miller chairs are mid-back
> armrest are too high. You will bump against your desk, you will need to slouch more to reach keyboard and mouse (you should use a mechanical 60% and trackball to avoid RSI). The best thing you can do is remove the armrests, or buy another chair. Look what Markus users are trying to do to cope with armrests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUHLseiuDqg
> Mechanisms are fragile. 5 years and my Markus chair can't tilt back anymore because a plastic thing broke 4 months ago.
> Do not take the leather one, you will sweat like a pig
> Mesh back is an hell to clean.

Go on ebay and search a cheap but durable gaming chair with 'bucket' sit. Remember to stay hydrated and take pause every 45 minutes. Have sex, lift hard and eat well. Remember to start with SS + GOMAD.

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Ikeas Marcus chair is a patrician choice

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Adjustable armrests usually break within a year or two.
One of our seat-pans even broke in spite of no obese users,
but the fabric back is one of the nicest on the market, making it a shame it's paired with a recline mechanism seemingly designed to push you off the chair (and pull on your pants).

It's OK for the price you payed, but wouldn't recommend getting it at full price.
... we didn't even bother with repairs and warranty on ours and simply threw them away eventually.

Personal choice:
Aeron New model >
Aeron old model (if not using the uncomfortable old lumbar plastic block) >
Embody >
Please 2 >
Mirra (hard back uncomfortable if you're very thin) >
Leap >

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Can anyone comment on the Cosm?

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These. I have one for several years now and it is terrible for the lower back.

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>I don't mind the way it reclines but I can see why someone would find it annoying
The recline works well if you only occasionally lean back, sitting normally on it it's quite nice, especially the good back support.
It's likely more of a problem if you're used to using an Aeron style recline mechanism like a rocking chair, very frequently leaning back, and in case of the Liberty secretly adding up millimeters giving you a noticeable wedgie after a few hours of sitting.

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Are you implying race cars have no wheels?

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That chair is hung

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>tfw just replaced an old markus with a new markus
never really noticed any of the stuff you mentioned aside from the armrests getting into the desk

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You’ll never be a woman

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eurobros, what are some good refurbished chair sellers

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I came to the conclusion that every fucking office chair under 300 bucks is fucking garbage

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Are you talking about the BOTD guys? Just started looking at buying a good chair and see they have this one refurbished for around that price. Do you think its worth that price overall?

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Yup, and if they don't feel like garbage immediately they will fall apart in <5 years. Its worth spending the extra money on a chair that lasts 15yrs since you'd spend it anyway buying 3 shitty chairs over the same time period.

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But what about neck support? I really like leaning back into my chair and resting my head on the neck support. That would be a problem with the Aeron, no?

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well cars are basically just chairs on wheels :)

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the Dexley is an excellent Aeron clone but better

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reminder that used/refurbished chairs have years worth of skinflakes and farts in them

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I see, what makes HM worse than Steelcase? Am looking at Steelcase Series 1 now (cuz it's the 'cheapest'), how do you find it?

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Only 2 chairs worth buying really. Very commonly found at your local office liquidators.

Best chair for sitting properly and mesh feels amazing.

Best chair if you like to sit in odd positions more regularly. The only difference between the V1 and the V2 is the back, and the price, so try both. I personally prefer, and own, the V1.

This is also worth having around to switch things up. Infact going between a proper chair, one of these, and standing is better than sitting the entire time.

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how is the jarvfjallet?

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Same. Love it.

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What is the cheapest I should look for. Is there a threshold that you can recommend that bellow that it will be trash no matter the features?
I am. In the UK btw.

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You can say that but real high-end ergonomic chairs are typically way more expensive than gaming chairs.
DXRacer has a two year warranty, Herman Miller and Steelcase each have twelve year warranties. I can look on Craigslist and see people selling ergo chairs that are more than a decade old, can you find anybody selling a 2006 DXRacer?

People buy gaming chairs because their favorite streamer has one. People buy ergo chairs because they’re making an investment in their back.

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>selling ergo chairs that are more than a decade old
a fool and his money are soon parted

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get the Dexley

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