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What are good mATX cases and mATX AM4 mobo? I ordered a Meshify C Mini and a B450M Mortar Max on amazon two weeks ago but they went out of stock and I have yet to receive anything, so I'm weighing my options here.

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Titan Ridge means certain AMD mobos support TB3 as well I thought? I think only a few X570 from Asrock and one B550 from Gigabyte that's still like $250 though.

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My budget is 3000 PLN. I have good: speakers, a keyboard and a mouse, so please include a monitor in the build you make for me. The probably most demanding uses are GTA V and Payday 2. I'd like to include a 256 GB SSD for Windows 10 and games, a 128 GB SSD for Linux Mint and its crap and a 2 TB HDD for my old video and photo shit, all in a mini-ITX. Since this is fucking Poland, I will not bother trying to find and buy used shit. Thanks /g/!

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So what is the conclusive best way to apply thermal paste onto a CPU?

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Always much more than is preapplied!

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tl;dr it doesn't matter as long as you use enough for full coverage.

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>Check GamersNexus review on that cooler
Thank you, I did. But noise normalized to 35 dba and better temperatures than other CLCs and the NH-D15 really doesn't tell me much. The Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT is quieter than the NH-D15 they tested with, and only uses 1 fan. I don't have to deal with a new pump design or pump noise at all. Your suggestion for 4 fans would definitely help the noise level, but the possibility of pump noise or issues arising later is still there, and it will undoubtedly be louder than the Le Grand Macho RT at idle. I don't need the ultimate performance, I just want decent performance with a chance at some OCing (might or might not do) with a cooler that is ultra quiet. I welcome more discussion.

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Is there anything here that I need to upgrade prior to a graphics card upgrade? I want to go from my 970 to a 3000 series, and granted we don't know anything about them yet, but I just want to prepare.

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>make a clean looking build
>carefully tidy up all the cables
>suddenly this guy arrives
How is front panel USB 3 allowed to exist like this

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Is there a brainlet's guide to connecting PSU cables? I'm lost

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I forgot: I ordered a Fuma 2 too, but it's in the same limbo as the other two components. I want something beefier than a 212, but not Noctua-expensive.

>ask for m(icro)ATX
>links only ATX
Thanks, I guess.

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Well it's not really worth upgrading either without the other. Unless you wanted to go to a 3050Ti or something. Assuming you want something more along the lines of a 3070 I would upgrade the monitor at the same time then maybe the CPU if your particular games get bottlenecked by a 1st gen Ryzen.

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Sounds good, I'll wait a bit for both objects then and see how my CPU performs, thanks for the help!

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there is a micro atx case in the list and the meshify c is listed as atx mid tower

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What manufacturers should I avoid when looking at GPUs?

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Barring any delays, which given the [current year] are more likely, they'll probably try to release before Black Friday and definitely before Christmas. Might be 2021 before we see midrange cards though. In past years we've usually had an announcement within a month or two of engineering samples appearing in the wild.

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get good kid

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Does Gigabyte make good motherboards?

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So, boot up and applications on a NVME and games, videos on an ssd? You’ve answered my question tanks

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Thats how i run things, and how everyone else should if gaming is the most demading task you do on your computer daily. 250/500gb NVME as boot drive, and 2tb SATA ssd as game drive. Spending 200+ bucks on 1tb NVME when you could get 2tb mx500 for same price or less is just waste of money, if you mostly just play games on your PC.

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It's already happening in the UK and mainland Europe. Stock levels are still iffy but the prices themselves are only maybe 5-10% higher than they were in May. Nothing like the 200% scalps we had in early June.

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Should be. Get a better mobo and an SSD with DRAM if you can though.

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Isopropyl alcohol.

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It makes almost no difference in games but that may change soon because both new consoles have NVME SSDs in them so games will be designed around them.

Already Star Citizen cannot be played on an HDD, soon we may see more games with an SSD as requirement, and NVME recommended.

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isopropyl alcohol is best. I've used those wound cleaning wipes that you can get from pharmacy.

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lol wtf board is that?

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Are there any decent alternatives to isopropyl alcohol?

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The 660p and P1 are QLC though. Not really a direct comparison.

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Anyone installed Arctic P14 fans into the front of a Corsair 100R case? The HDD/SSD cage stops me from installing the bottom front fan.

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Well, just use paper towels. You really can't go wrong there but you just need to wipe it multiple times. Unless its really old dried up thermal paste.

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Best I can do is the Pro4 (m) at $115. Don't get me wrong the HDV can run a 3600 no problem but if you want to upgrade to a higher SKU later on the Pro4 would be significantly better. B550 is still quite expensive and the bottom-tier boards seem really cut down. That one doesn't even have a heatsink on the mosfets for example.

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Nah you'd need a 2080Ti to do 4k60 (on high settings at least). The new consoles won't do that either, mind you.

How much cheaper? I'd rather have the 27" for the pixel density but if it's a decent saving go for it. Ceteris paribus, of course.

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define "most games" indie titles, emulators, or unoptimized AAA shit?

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I guess I mean the basic games that have been out for probably at least a few years or so but are decently demanding graphically.

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Well what is it you want to do?
What kind of games do you want to play, how much do you actually want to spend, what is your maximum budget, and do you have any other constraints, like limited space etc.?
Do you also need to buy peripherals like a keyboard and monitor?
Are you comfortable buying used?

I have a very expensive computer but could have built a rig for half the money that would do pretty much everything I actually do almost as well, you don't need to spend tons for a good experience these days

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no, sorry, I still hear way too much about people who have to RMA modern AMD cards 3+ times before they get one that works

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I want to do normal things like web browsing, word processing and all that and be able to game on it and play newer games at decently high settings to make it worth switching off console.
As far as budget is concerned I'd be willing to go up to 1500 USD at the max but I'd like to keep it under that if possible and there really isn't much issue with space per se.
I would need a decent keyboard and mouse for sure and a monitor.
I would prefer not to buy used if possible just because I like the have warranties and the ability to return things.

I hope this is good info cause I'm just trying to give you the best description I can.

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post picture

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well for web browsing, word processing, you can do that on a $300 laptop. $1500 is the realm of using your PC for actual work like rendering and editing.

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yeah, i htink i should have a look at how big it is before comitting to it

its $180 cheaper

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small parts with small shipping cost like a cpu can be worth it from ouside, anything big like a case or a monitor will be way too expensive

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Something like this is a kind of typical system around your price point

However there are a few things to note with the above, I went with a good 1080p 144hz ips monitor because I have one and know its very good, and the GPU will be able to push it to a high frame rate for years to come, the cpu is the standard reccomendation for a general purpose rig with high end gaming and some light creative/productive workloads, mobo is one chosen based on the rating, case, psu, storage and mouse were all chosen as they're good baseline choices that are around what you should be looking at and would be typical for a system like this. I didn't include a keyboard as you can use any office crap to start out with and be fine, getting a nice one later, its not important like a proper mouse is

If you wanted to spend less money I would recommend dropping down to a less overkill gpu, the 2070 super is a very good card, at 1080p you could comfortably get away with a GTX1660, if you wanted to swap the monitor I chose out for a 1440p one though you would need the extra power

Just don't rush into buying anything and do your research, for my needs a system like this is honestly kind of overkill, I spent similar money on my rig a few years ago and don't use its full power most of the time

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Oh also I've just left the stock cooler because its honestly fine, you can get an aftermarket one later if you really need it

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>look through motherboard's QVL list
>none of the 3600mhz RAM is available for sale in my country
>only one (1) set of 3200mhz RAM is available for sale
>everything else is out of stock or has dumb pricing or both
Corona is a bitch

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Well thanks for the help cause I certainly didn't know much about the technical side of the newer PC parts so I had no idea what was what.

>> No.76596938

couple months ago I did a ton of research on one of the top 5700s (think it was the sapphire+) and saw shitloads of people still having issues with current drivers
and 5700 owners are fucking obsessed with the weirdest superstitious fixes i've ever seen
>might be your monitor bro
>could be a bad mobo bro
>try running it on last years drivers bro
>have you tried taking all your USB connections out? worked for me :)
completely incapable of blaming the card, must be some other esoteric shit causing problems right?
fucking sucks too because i have no beef with amd, I used to have an RX480 and fucking loved it

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Node 804 is great if you don't need a tower for reasons.

>> No.76596979

I'm just torn on shipping for delicate things. Like, what if I buy something and it just never arrives, or it's broken. Is it common place to buy pc parts overseas?

>> No.76596987

ideally you can take that 3200mhz ram to 3600.

>> No.76597064

If you're buying AMD it only makes sense to buy Sapphire or PowerColor. The 5700XT is just not designed to run so aggressively. The reason the black screen bug occurs is mostly due to the lottery in my experience. I've built 14 PCs with 5700XTs all using the same PSUs and 4 of them were faulty - gave black screens. AMD just doesn't want to admit it. The 10 that worked, works flawlessly. I still keep in contact with the people I've built PCs for.

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>> No.76597092

do you do it for fun or as a business?

>> No.76597094

I should add that undervolting fixes the black screen bugs for me at least. 90% of builds that I do use a RM650x as the PSU. The four 5700XTs that crash, I 'upgraded' the owners to 2070 Supers from my own pocket because I hate when my clients are dissatisfied.

>> No.76597124

was the ram OC'd in any way? the 5000 cards hate oc'd ram that's otherwise stable

>> No.76597208

I'm not sure I would agree that XMP is overclocking. I mean it's debating semantics. For example some of the Samsung bdie kits I've worked with are really conservative with the XMP profiles.

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Hello /pcbg/ really noob builder here and I just built my 2nd budget pc and I wonder how do I connect the led lighting in the front panel and which connector are those? Is it the 4 pin female molex that I don't know where to connect? Do I buy an adapter? I know this is kinda zoomer question but if I bought a cheap case with rgb on it might as well use it

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please note that i'm a poor sand-nigger.
i've been using this laptop for 7 years. any improvement would be appreciated

>> No.76597446

I don't live in the USA. I live in a small 3rd world country. Most of my sales were via word of mouth, and me staying active in the local discord (I'm not a tranny) and gaming communities and shilling my services.

>> No.76597673

Is it in an M.2 slot or connected via cable? Are there any other devices attached that might disable SATA ports?

>> No.76597744

It's connected via cable. Everything is plugged in correctly. I'll double check everything is enabled, but I don't have anything else plugged into any of the sata ports that could fuck with it.

>> No.76597765

Try a different port and different cables (both data and power if you have a second power cable). Are there any other drives connected to the system?

>> No.76597766

will a i7-10k be able to run rtx 3000 series in the future?

>> No.76597888

If you're in the install Windows stage, disconnect all other drives
If you're past that, go to Disk Management

>> No.76597921

Need a chair and I like the staples hyken but it's definitely not worth $230. any suggestions?

>> No.76598007

Stop cheaping out on your chair.

>> No.76598012

which b550

>> No.76598019

I have a Gigabyte z77x-ud5h mobo, found a deal for an nvme ssd and want to use it with a pcie adapter, worth? Any recommended adapters, or things to watch out for?

The deal: Western Digital AU 1TB WD BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07M64QXMN

>> No.76598021

pls respond before buy these crap for 8 euros

>> No.76598033

Thanks my man. The mobo was configured for some setting I don't know and when I switched it everything fixed.
But you're the only one who tried to help anyway

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>red lighting
uhh no. just the usual pc case rgb like this which I bought cheap for 35 eur... just really really wanna know which connector are those lights, I know I plugged in all the conenctor to the proper pins minus 1 female molex which idk where to shove

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How is this for gaming/productivity
Also what the fuck is with monitor prices, does anyone have any suggestion or places to get em cheap?

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>decent screen
>less than $600

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>> No.76598440

Some laptops have a little extra space in the drive bay, causing the ssd to wobble easily. The ring fixes that.

>> No.76598456

ideapad 14

>> No.76598461

install the fan before putting the mobo in the case

>> No.76598476

Get one corner on, just a tiny bit so the thread bites in. Then do the opposite corner, just so it goes in. Then tighten down the two loose corners all the way, and then the first two all the way

>> No.76598549

why the fuck do they use surepost?

>> No.76598654

Please have mercy on me brothers. Yes, I have a particular need in mITX and I can't change it to bigger ones. I already have a gpu, it's 1660s. I wonder if I should change 9400f to 9600k or even 10400f. But speaking of 10400f, mini-ITX motherboards price tags for 10400f chipset are fucking retarded.

>> No.76598752

Will an i7 3770 bottleneck with a 1650 super? Is that cpu too old?

>> No.76598759

god i just upgrade from a 660 to a 2070 super..never knew what i missed

>> No.76598769

I meant to say, is this accurate?

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I just want to buy this!! WTF?!!?!

>> No.76598786

So did you buy it?

>> No.76598797

Driver issues, and the RTX featurue which is basically a meme right now. RTX with anything less than a 2080 or 2070 super is a lagfest. Other than that if you don't care about rtx dlss go for the 5700.

>> No.76598798


>> No.76598819

Nice. I wish I could buy it.

>> No.76598826

I can't actually buy it, but I live in Seattle so...

>> No.76598831

This summer it's those two Lian Li cases
they actually do look pretty good though

>> No.76598837

Finally got it. Installing it on a sturdier surface helped keep the backplate from moving.

>> No.76598850

why aren't vega 56 cheaper used seems like they should be

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a faster affordable laptop. I won't be playing video games, but want something to have like 30 tabs open and 3 exel docs and other programs running at the same time, watch movies, etc without being too slow, freezing, lagging etc. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

>> No.76598873

You'll need the Zephyrus G14 if you want 30 tabs, 3 excel docs, and other programs running while watching a movie without any lagging

>> No.76598905

>8 cable ties for one cable
how long would it take me? 0 seconds because I wouldn't even try that shit, I maybe used 8 cable ties for my entire SYSTEM
if it doesn't look like an absolute mess then it's good enough for me, it's all behind the back panel and under the psu shroud anyway
>wanna add another ssd
>have to undo and redo 30 cable ties

>> No.76598988

what kind of hardware is in your work PC?

>> No.76599026

the 2080Ti is not powerful enough for that
wait for the rtx 3000 series

>> No.76599401

Most other high-end air coolers like the True Spirit 140 Power, NH-U14S, NH-D15, and Assassin III should all be very quiet as well if you let the fans run at low rpm.
However, most coolers aren't optimized for operation with fans at super low rpm so the Le Grand Macho RT probably performs the best in this specific use case.

>> No.76599449
File: 35 KB, 640x480, 11-163-283-S07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Silverstone PS15 is bretty nice

>> No.76599531

I've stress tested the GPU already.
And the PSU is used. It's my friends of but he bought it off of someone trustworthy he says.
His previous PSU was faulty and kept shutting down. I told him to stop using it but he didn't and kept using it for months whilst complaining that he can barely play anything because of the crashes(like playing the same level over and over). He's poor.
My concern is he's probably damaged a component. Now quite obviously because he's poor he just made himself poorer if somethings broke. I'm hoping it's windows but he refuses to refresh install.
Oh yeah I also checked the PSU volt it actually looks like quality. It manages to stay over 12v underload

>> No.76599536

>PC shutdowns are almost always PSU or power delivery related
Yeah I figured as much. I had a faulty connector once that caused shutdown

>> No.76599671

Your PC might draw a lot more power than whatever your friend used. Also peak power draw of GPUs can significantly surpass average power draw, this can trip the OCP/OPP of your PSU (e.g. AMD Vega 56/64 are notorious for this).
List your components for less guesswork.

>> No.76599757

To make sure it's not the PSU, you should really try a different one.
>500W PSU
Doesn't mean anything, which model exactly?

>> No.76599779
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I'm guessing I can't fit my wifi adapter. This is with the GPU pushed back slightly. Looks like it'll be USB for me. Adapter is Asus PCE-AC55BT B1 and my GPU is Sapphire Pulse 5700 XT.

>> No.76599897

Yeah, that was basically my thought process when deciding.

>> No.76599928

what are the best variants of the 1660 super

im looking for good cooling and not a triple fan

>> No.76599964

Honestly doesn't even matter the 1660 super uses little power even an intel cooler could probably cool it. A lot of people like evga but i would pick whatever has 2 fans on it and is not close the 2060/5600xt pricing.

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Recently got a 1660TI for my windows 7 machine and next on the list is my processor.
Socket is 1155.
Was looking at the i7-3770K and it seems like the best thing I can get, correct?
I wanted to put my 960 back in and SLI it with the 1660ti for moar fps but is that a total loss at this point with my older 1155 socket?

>> No.76599993

If you are going to zen 3 within a reasonable time of its release (like 6 months), get the 3600. The 3700x is bad value in the short term. Get a b550 tomahawk or mortar mobo so you can oc, auto oc with no hastle.

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>mobo finally died
>i7 3770 + GTX 1070 8gb
>16 GB of DDR3 ram
>most games run fine but trying shit like REmake 2 or Vermintide 2 on high becomes a stutterfest with framerates raging from 120 to 30 fps
>have to either lock the frames to 72 or use v-sync
>Borderlands 3 is straight up unplayable

is it a sign?

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>download game update in a few hundred megabytes
>takes literally seconds to download
>for some reason it takes like 5 god damn minutes to actually patch the game.

is my shitty Intel 600 series SSD the problem? Or is it just some games with retarded file configurations?

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im in the same boat fren
like i know exactly what GPU, CPU, case, SDD, RAM and PSU i want.
but the only thing i know about what mobo i should get is that it must have 8 pins for the mother supply and that it's compatible with newer cpus

>> No.76600045

some games actually patch instead of overwriting files

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>pick something with the same socket as your cpu
>state your budget
>check what features do you need, usb ports, lan, expansion slots, whatever and pick a few boards
>check buildzoid/hardware unboxed for vrm testing

even easier
>ask /pcbg/
>get called a faggot
>get a recommendation

that's the point of the general, ask here or reddit or whatever

>> No.76600123

nice digits

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>Borderlands 3

>> No.76600156





>> No.76600212

I was watching benchmark tests on YouTube comparing the 3600x vs. 3700x vs. 3800x in certain games and the difference in FPS doesn't really seem to be that massive, so I might just go for the middle road option and get a 3700x like you suggested. Any other recommendations for a great mobo?

>> No.76600217

3900x*. My bad

>> No.76600237

i know, i just wanted to see if the game could run better than 2 (which by the way, also runs like ASS) and i got it as a gift.

for some god forsaken reason, DX12 runs a thousand times better than DX11 on that game, it's a stuttering mess otherwise but it still drops to the low 50s when firefights occur.

same thing happens with Vermintide 2

>> No.76600249

pls respond

>> No.76600256

1650 super

>> No.76600323

It's a meme but the msi b550 tomahawk has really good vrm temps, I got one coming for that alone.

>> No.76600365

I'm asking between those two specific cards because for me those are the only ones with international shipping and i have to pay 150% of the price you see on Amazon due to shipping/import fees anyway.
If i were to buy a better card the price would be higher hence higher fees to the point where isn't even worth it.

>> No.76600456

for what cpu?

>> No.76600458


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Buddy, i know you are an amerishart or western europoor but for some people 100+ dollars can be the difference between something being totally out of reach or just out of practical reach for some people. Plus a card that is 250 dollars for amerilards after import gouging, currency conversion, supply/demand in another country can easily shoot up to double the price sometimes.

>> No.76600704


Can someone recommend me a good PSU that isn't too expensive? Like not over $100 if possible.

>> No.76600724

check the rentry link on the OP for recommended PSU

>> No.76600740

PSUs are in short supply right now, ur just gonna have to bite the bullet and pay $120 for a decent one. Better to overpay by 30 bucks and get a psu that will serve you well for many years than to find the cheapest non modular low wattage option for $60 that you will regret owning. Myself, i just bought a 750w semi modular Seasonic Gold for 117 with the $10 off Newegg newsletter sign up thing.

>> No.76600762

the 5700XT had a pretty notorious launch
allegedly most of the problems have been smoothed out by better drivers since then but your mileage may still wildly vary

>> No.76600893

I believe the Focus line is Seasonic's current sweet spot line for efficiency, build quality, modularity and price, just grab whatever wattage you need from that.

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Why is this listed twice for different prices? I go to the Amazon pages and I'm getting the same specs, so what's going on here?

>> No.76601028

What's a good 23" 144Hz monitor? I have a 75Hz and 60Hz but I want to know what 144Hz is like

>> No.76601038

Plug the monitor in

>> No.76601116

I've noticed on some new motherboards such as the MSI B550, the inclusion of two Ethernet ports. A 2.5Gbps and I guess the standard 1Gbps. I've also seen PCI-E expansion slot 10Gbps ports. What I wanna know is where in North America could you possibly find an ISP that could offer those speeds. Here in Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, the absolute top speed offered is "up to 1Gbps" which is 1000Mbps which is 125 Megabytes. This is the standard max speed for Cat5e cables. And this only became available in like the last 2 years. But ya, where the hell are you guys getting faster speeds than this where you would need to use 2.5 or 10 Gbps ports?

>> No.76601146

Recs on USB WIFI adapters? My x4 slot is covered by my graphics card and I don't think I have space for a riser.

>> No.76601370

Sorry for being a brainlet but can I set up raid 1 with my main drive being a nvme SSD and the backup drive being a sata ssd (or even mechanical), and still have the performance of the nvme drive?

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>Paying for Windows

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