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master/slave really should become primary/secondary

>> No.76592821

Master/slave --> Daddy dom/baby girl

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>Businessman --> Businessperson

>> No.76592862

And I'll be calling it master and slave until I die.

>> No.76592866

>negro --> nigger

>> No.76592876

>monster in the middle

>> No.76592881

It should become top/bottom.

>> No.76592903

they renamed the git master branch to main branch

>> No.76592909

parent/child is pretty offensive and triggering to dried up childless women in their late 30s though sweetie. yikes and cringe, be more thoughtful next time

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This came up back when IDE was the dominate hard drive tech. Primary/secondary were used for the two cables, each of which could have a master and a slave drive. Primary/secondary was suggested as a replacement for master/slave but that would have meant having drives called Primary-Primary, Primary-Secondary, Secondary-Primary, and Secondary-Secondary.

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antifa have been dispatched to your location -- shouldnt be long now

>> No.76593269

Ok lets call it Yikes and Cringe branch then

>> No.76593317

>Master/slave --> Parent/child
what about parentless children? how can op be this insensitive?

>> No.76593394

troll harder

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Fuck trannies. Fuck niggers. Fuck kikes. And more importantly, fuck white people. There wouldn't be trannies, niggers, and kikes if white people didn't fuck everything up.

Niggers would still be in Africa getting eaten by lions and enslaving themselves. Trannies would be getting killed by niggers, chinks, and Indians for the freaks they are. And kikes wouldn't have anyone to Jew and would be killed by chinks.

The world should have belonged to china and the other asian countries. They are the real master race. Imagine if Japan became the dominating super power. World would be a better place.

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hey its ya boy godzilla sniffing ur packets and hooking ur browserz

>> No.76593512

nothing since they're beta-fags

>> No.76593525

japanese anon is clearly japanese

>> No.76593582

The Chosen

>> No.76593614

>Imagine if Japan became the dominating super power. World would be a better place.
Agree. Japan should rule the world

>> No.76593640

primary/secondary implies secondary can be equal to primary. This is not true with master/slave

>> No.76593651

it takes skill to own a slave?

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god damn i love this board

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what the fuck are you talking about retard

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>open war on a second front against the world's largest industrial producer
>have no means of attacking said industry
>have no nearby allies
>have no oil
>have no way to replace material losses
>have no strategy other than "JAPAN STRONG"
japanese planning leaves much to be desired.

>> No.76593745

if Pearl harbor succeeded the US would have been crippled for years. Also, it wasn't a preemptive attack, Roosevelt was already showing signs of making an attack on Japan. It was pretty much a defensive attack on their part. Tenno heika banzai

>> No.76593749 [DELETED] 

someone wokaify this comment right meow

>> No.76593814

>billion/millionaire --> Person of Wealth
>landlord --> Person of Land

>> No.76594522

I created a new github repo yesterday and the default branch was "master". Maybe this is an american/european cucks exclusive problem.

>> No.76594748

> nigger --> niggperson

>> No.76594810

>>Man-in-the-middle attack --> Monster-in-the-middle attack
>>Master/slave --> Parent/child
It makes no sense, there is no inheritance.

>> No.76595317

>>Man-in-the-middle attack --> Monster-in-the-middle attack
This doesn't seem right since we already know that the real enemy is the white man at the top.

>> No.76595485

19th amendment

>> No.76595515

Master/Slave in 2025:

>China/The West

>> No.76595546

And there is Latin America. Which will become real super power with our asian friends from India

>> No.76595618

4chan --> 4channel

>> No.76595630

chuck ----> sneed

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>>Master/slave --> Parent/child
Family is just a spook

>> No.76596707

can you imagine asking your black friend if he already paid his landlord in the SJW language?

"Hey jamal did you pay your OWNER?"

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I prefer Godot's "Master/Puppet"

>> No.76597123

>>Master/slave --> Parent/child
>these are equivalent

>> No.76598185

100% this

China will rule us all sooner or later tho

>> No.76598319

>anon --> a fucking retard

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>In conventional English, the standard "neutral" gender for an otherwise unidentified object tends to be male.

>> No.76598877

are you deficient?

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just like in french

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>> No.76600315

it's dehumanizing to attackers

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What's the issue anon? Does this have a major impact on your life?

>> No.76603714

>nigger -> Nigerian

>> No.76603762

>Also, it wasn't a preemptive attack, Roosevelt was already showing signs of making an attack on Japan. It was pretty much a defensive attack on their part. Tenno heika banzai

riveting tale, cartoon friend

>> No.76603813

>Instead of "he" or "she", I've recently taken to calling it, he plus she.

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>Man-in-the-mirror --> Mirror man

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>woman --> person who menstruates

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