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Behold, my latest creation

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Are the figures directly comparable?

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Well, for one, intel tends to have more advanced instruction sets, like tsx, which are usually good for emulation. And I thought they usually had better single core performance, and that is also most important with emulation. I don't think it's that clear cut.

Thanks for the tip.

Anyway, does anybody know what the cheapest chipset mobos for 10th gen intel are? The ones we got here, at least for now, are really expensive.

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I don't know why we only have the most expensive ones here. Are the chepaer ones out? May be I should expect till they drop.

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Anything I would change would be a matter of taste. Enjoy the build fren. Too bad you had to buy at such a shitty time.

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cpus are boring until ddr5 platforms, becuase if you want high hz gaymin you go intel but then you get cucked outta pcie4 (until 11th gen ok) and if you go ayymd you lose 30% cpu limited perf

daily reminder to wait until ddr5 if you wanna be futureproof™. it's the chaddington's choice.

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Would it be economical to buy the cheapest laptop off craigslist for a windows key?

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2021 officially. If it's anything like DDR4 don't expect to see it outside of the ultra high-end until 2022.

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OEM keys are typically locked to the hardware. Just pirate it; legally speaking transferring an OEM key is the same thing.

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>wake up
>no B550 in stock

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*as in mainstream desktop. servers and hedt maybe 2021 yeah....

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Just buy what you need when you need it
Futureproofing is a meme in general. Better shit is always coming out

No, you can get a key for like $3

>the cheapest chipset mobos for 10th gen intel are?
H410 is cheapest. B460 just above that. H470 might be cool depending on the number of PCIe lanes you want

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If I buy everything new except storage ( reuse my current SSD and HDD ) will I have to reinstall windows again or no?

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WAKE UP (wake up)

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>change mobo and cpu possibly even from intel to amd or something
yeah you would wan't a clean install unless you want weird problems 247

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>amd gpu will be 999$
>nvidia 3090 will be 1999$
>the nightmare has only just begun

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>getting a lian li dynamic from a friend
>decide to pimp it up with faglights because it's a case designed for that
Wtf is it with this cancerous rgb control software? I had no idea the whole thing was such a humongous clusterfuck, and that's an understatement, that I have to wonder how anyone manages with it at all.
The most egregious of the lot also happens to have the most comprehensive system. What a joke.
Just how feasible is a softwareless build with a couple of flashy glowy fans? I see cheapo kits where I live that have hubs and physical IR remotes.
Pic unrelated, just thought it was funny.

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I've never installed windows

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look up a tutorial how to make an usb boot drive with win10 on it and it's literally baby tier

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>Nerfed lanes

Pardon me?

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Is the legit version now free? Had pirated all my life.

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win10 is free yes only has a watermark on desktop and some features lacking if you dont have a key yes
dont ever download os from untrusted sources only from ms

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$999 for something 40% faster than the 2080Ti sounds ok to me if brainlets are still paying $1500 for those. That's nearly 2x the performance per dollar.
And if people pay $1000 more for the 5-10% faster RTX Titan, that's their prerogative.

Just as long as the 6700 (presumably PS5 equivalent) is still $350 or less.

2023 will be the point it is actually worth buying for consumer desktops.
2021 for servers.

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>6900 $999
>6950xt $1499
>3090 $1999
>titan $3990

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>high hz gaymin
anything above stable 100 fps is a meme

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>for (You)
>not taking engines into consideration
100+ was bearable baseline for 60hz fps in some games for me before
with a 240hz+ screen In some other engines guess it wont be

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>haha higher number better xd

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>I'm not even sure what is the most important feature of a CPU for a HTPC
power draw, so you don't have to deal with annoying fans, and decent IO options for your media although that's mostly the mobo
also the IGPU needs to be powerful enough to display hi-res 4K footage without any interruptions
the Ryzen will be more powerful but it has a bigger tdp by some margin and the 3000G should be enough to handle it and is cheaper so that's what I'd go for if it was my money

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actually looking it up some users are reporting the Athlon has minor trouble with hi def 4K videos so I changed my mind, would go for the Ryzen
moar coars is always good too

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>haha higher number better

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not saying it's a bad idea necessarily but for me that would be way too much hassle, are you really gonna be buying one right now, installing it, using for 2 or 3 years then ripping it out, ordering a new one and reselling the old one just to save $30?

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planning on picking up an r9 3900x with a 3080 or equivalent, I currently use a 1080p but I'll snap up a [email protected] if I can get one at a decent price (ips)
I know the specs are probably overkill but I won't touch it for a good 5-6 years anyway

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>Consider power consumption, driver quality, and game codes
>RTX2060 6GB - 1080p 144Hz or budget 1440p
>RTX2070 Super - mediocre 1440p

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It’s in stock bros.

Is this an ok mobo for babbys first build? I got 3600 and 5700xt in the mail

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yeah but the 2070s is like 1000x more expensive lmao

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Paying in government equity is a scam, yes.

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its actually $100 dollars more.

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falling for the letter memes

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I bought a NH-U12S the other week and I want to add a second fan, how much of a diference is it likely to make?

Also, on the subject of fans I was wondering besides Noctuas what fans are reccomended? I was planning on replacing the case fans with Noctua ones but they're hard to come by at the moment, so I bought 2 more Fractal Dynamic X2 GP-12 instead. Are Fractals fans decent or should I get something else?

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It would be for gaymen

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you dont need more than 3600 for those gpus

>> No.76384649

Doesn't matter.
Fully modular is actually pretty pointless since you ALWAYS need that 24 pin power connector plugged in for 99.9999% of builds anyway.

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what are your monitor specs if its 1080p and 60hz
and not 144hz or 240 hz u got CLOWNED

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u12s vs u12a?

>> No.76384746

>where the fuck are you getting this idea?

Benchmarks mainly, I've just checked some reviews and they seem fine. Why are you upset friend?

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U12A is their best cooler along the DH-15.

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So I just installed a new power supply and the computer keeps flashing on and off. Sometimes it eventually boots up normally though after flashing a few times. Its a 1200 watt rosewill which I got because it was one of the few in stock at a reasonable price. Anyone know what the issue could be?

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I cant believe it /g/ but i actually brought all the parts for my firsr build. Now its just waiting time. How do you all pass the time waiting weeks before all the parts come in?

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i just did the same as of 5 minutes ago, luckily everything for me should be here in a week or so

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if i do get it you think its worth using the low noise adapter? or would that affect temps too much?

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Can someone tell me if my build is okay? Tried to do as much research as possible.
I already have 2x 8gb Ram and a 500gb SSD.
Also, I would have prefered to wait 6 months in hopes of price drops, but I need a desktop ASAP.

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what do you mean by "minimum"

>> No.76384910

seems easier to just put it in while im installing it and let it do the work for me instead of manually doing it through software

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I hope yours comes as fast aswell as mine. I used memoryC for the mobo hopefully it doesnt end up being the piece that takes the longest but hopefully i have all the parts by the 27th

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Hi, I've been browsing forums for some help with my GPU but I haven't had much luck so far.
Here is my build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jHyktp, running on 1920x1080p 60hz monitor

>Recently bought a XFX 5600 XT 14Gbps Version, upgraded from a EVGA 970
>Stuttering in games like Borderlands 3, League of Legends, Escape from Tarkov
LoL stutters between 56-60 fps, Borderlands goes from 80+ to random stutters very briefly but it should not.

So far I've done this
>Ran DDU in safe mode multiple times uninstalling Nvidia & AMD drivers
>Fresh installation of factory settings for the AMD gpu
>Updated bios & installed AMD chipset
>Used factory settings & modified settings in AMD's software
>Used andrenaline 20.4.2 & 20.5.1
>overclocked in andrenline
>freesync on and off</wbr>

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i think those manufacturer's minimums are ludicrously high to prevent them from getting sued so you're probably fine. are you looking at one of those wattage calculators online?

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the 5700xt is pretty power hungry, but not that power hungry
have you tried flashing the mobos bios?

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you bought a pre-built didn't you?

>> No.76384979

you too, anon. good luck!

>> No.76384987

Can you explain flashing, someone mentioned before but the thread died.

>> No.76385032

>ventus xs oc 1660
Im going to check that out right now. Appreciate the heads up a lot.

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I've never had a motherboard with M.2. I was hoping to be able to run 2 NVMe drives. Most motherboards only seem to have 1 4x M.2. I was looking at the new B550 boards and they all seem to only have 1, but no one seems to be mentioning this is a big con in comparison to X570 motherboards (which seem to support this even in baseline models).

Is running 2 NVMe drives that unusual? Am I missing something?

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Micro ATX is fine for babby's first rig, just get a mini tower case instead of a mid tower.

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I went through the SSD guide and I failed to understand.

I want to upgrade my internal 500G SSD to 1T but I don't remember if I should trust Samsung right now. Who is currently reliable?

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Samsung is top tier, considered the gold standard for reliability, but overpriced
competitors like Sabrent, Corsair, Adata, etc. offer very similar performance but often at a much lower price

>> No.76385289

Corsair drives are also overpriced, like most of their shit.

>> No.76385335

i didn't state over wise...

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There's the ROG Strix B450-F still in stock rn, so either get that or wait for your tomahawk

>> No.76385342

of course.

samsung are good, they just have many competitors that have the same/better performance for cheaper while still being reliable and reputable.

>> No.76385448

Restocking times are a fucking mystery and finding a decently priced mobo is like whack a mole. I ended up pre-ordering a B550 because it was cheaper than even trying to get a B450 at this point. The Strix board will probably vanish within 15-30 min and the the restocking of tomahawks will be a mystery that hopefully doesn't happen when your sleeping.

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I threw in a single GTX 980 TI and it still chocked up in places. My CPU is a bottle neck right now. I have limited upgrade paths.

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Once you start ERPing, it's going to crash

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>My CPU is a bottle neck right now. I have limited upgrade paths.
NO SHIT, and it still will be with a 980X due to the terrible single core perf.
It's time to upgrade you can't get anything good on that platform.

>> No.76385679

what parts specifically are overpriced rn? RAM has always seemed overpriced, SSDs don't look that bad. Seems like motherboards if anything?

>> No.76385696

ok buy the 990x that is slower than a new $120 CPU then

RAM and SSDs are fine now.
It is boards, cases, PSUs, and some GPUs which are overpriced now.
And keep in mind that new CPUs and GPUs are coming later this year, so it doesn't make sense to spend more than $1000 on a build now.

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Am the fag that RMA'd a mobo like a month ago
>new board gets here, a B450M DS3H
>put CPU
>still gets slanted, except now it sits rested on the side with the lever swivel
>lower the lever
>crackling sounds, ohfuck.pdf
>don't damage the pins but it's still slanted
I'm this close to sending it to someone that actually knows how to do shit

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>tfw bought the i9-9900k meme
>forced to go with Ryzen 9 3900X after previous build failed
>literally everything is faster at loading, rendering, and processing
Why the fuck did I wait this long?

>> No.76385788

took your advice and purchase the 1660. Thanks again.

>> No.76385828

>literally everything is faster at loading, rendering, and processing
The only thing that can cause this is intel's mitigations

>> No.76385980

or is there something better?

>> No.76385990

>27in 1080p

>> No.76385996

what products? choosing by brand alone is asking for trouble

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Forgot to mention. I had a secondhand Asus Xonar DG in the build, and it fried the slot after about a year. That may or may not have spread to the processor, but it absolutely demolished the motherboard. The closed loop cooler I was using on my i9 clouded over, and removal of the heatsink yielded the same strong burning smell I got from the sound card except with no charring. May or may not try it with a different motherboard and air cooling, but it won't be my primary anymore.

>> No.76386008

all things point to that gayming should still be smoother in .1% and 0.1% lows on intel still even
how did other build fail?

>> No.76386036

Will my 600W PSU (EVGA 600 B1) handle a 3900x with a 1070ti or will I need a bigger power supply?

>> No.76386069

can be cheap(er)
can have weird subpixels
will have smear/ghosting
curved - memes and can increase chance of backlight bleed

i mean depends

yes, no

>> No.76386157

Do you have to be such an elitist asshole

>> No.76386182

so the question is was your initial build fucked and unstable from the beginning or not OR is just intel shit. doubt it would be that bad as evidence points to not hmmmm

>> No.76386195

have a r5 2600 on the way but i'm wondering if a b450m is really worth it over a a320m or b350m if i'm not planning on overclocking.


>> No.76386321

I keep having to send back monitors because I have really bad luck I guess. Right now I have:
>Perfect backlight, no ips glow, 1 dead pixel towards upper middle border
>Bad glow from bottom corners, backlight bleed at the upper middle border, i heard the delivery guy drop it.
Would you keep either of those or should I keep playing roulette?

>> No.76386544

yeah i just mean no excessive glow. the other ones i've gotten seem to be worse from the same angle stock settings.

>> No.76387181

Why are the external cables like for the PSU and monitors in general so annoyingly small, goddamn.

>> No.76387441

need new computer whats the gtx 970/i5 of 2020

>> No.76387527


>> No.76387670

Unless you're playing at 4K, it's true.

>> No.76387800

ryzen 3600 and rx5700xt

>> No.76387851

Why force the lever down if it's not seated correctly?

Please stop destroying mobos, there is already a shortage as is.

>> No.76388122

100% sRGB coverage, contrast level of 1200:1 or better, IPS, size and resolution that you want, adaptive sync (gsync compatible or freesync) support

>> No.76388197

just buy now, buy what you need, you didnt set out your needs in your blog post but with your 3570k and r290 Im assuming its just gaming and home office stuff, 3600/5700 is a good idea, just dont get shitty ram

>> No.76388330

If you're happy with the price who cares? The supply/demand fuckery is affecting everywhere differently. People will always tell you to wait because there's new GPUs/CPUs coming in a few months and they expect this will lead to price drops. But this will always be true. If rona pricing is making parts unreasonably expensive obviously just give it a month or two but I wouldn't bother waiting for new hardware releases

>> No.76388479

How are Intel's 10 series CPUs when it comes to vulnerabilities? Are they still riddled?

>> No.76388514

is ebay a good place to find x79 motherboards
i can get a 4930k + 4960x for 60usd, wondering if it's worth the trouble to create a build for these

>> No.76388615

will this suffice, i don't mind spending about 80usd
it's more of a curiousity than for something meaningful
if it works, then yay, else, no point complaining

>> No.76388908

>Dell Optiplex 3020 (used)
>4GB memory
>Optiplex 3020 (used)
>i7 first gen
>4GB memory
>no HDD
is the 3020 even worth upgrading with used parts for a quick flip

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Took me a moment, looking for advice for a better cooler, with zoomer aesthetics, as the one I'm considering now seems overkill, even considering switching to air cooling.

>> No.76389120

Anyone got an arm for their monitor?

I'm looking at one to free up desk space, using a Predator X34P, so I know I'm looking at a "heavy duty" one most likely

I'm not sure I trust the reviews on amazon, but I'm probably just being paranoid. Being able to go fairly high up would be nice but not necessarily a dealbreaker

Been looking at ones like:

>> No.76389283

I've picked a case with a USB-C, what header am I looking for on a mobo for it? 3.1?

>> No.76389302

AFAIK, the driver issues have been mostly solved. Plus the 5700XT is way cheaper than the 2070 desu

>> No.76389392

currently i have an i7 4790 (arctic freezer 34) paired with a gigabyte z87 wifi mini itx mobo
is it worth it to upgrade to a 4790k
from selling the old proc to buying the new one, it's about $30 expenses

>> No.76389396

no. skylake at 3.7ghz all core is too slow ffor 144hz

>> No.76389448

and everything on lowest setting btw

>> No.76389509

Why is your ram running at only 2133 cl15? Turn your 2400 cl14 XMP on

>> No.76389535


This is my middle of the road boring ass budget gaming build. I'm in aus so prices suck and this will be my first desktop in years so while I was initially excited to spend $2500 on a PC, I'm now much less excited to spend $1500 on a PC and then get the cheapest monitor/desk/chair/peripherals I can possibly find. The monitor on that list is basically a placeholder but it's similar price/product to what I'll likely end up with.

Won't be building for a few months so hoping to see some price drops, any savings would go towards upgrading gpu, maybe an rtx 2060 instead, a 1440p monitor, and a mechanical keyboard.

Any thoughts?

>> No.76389546

Should i swap a B450 mb for a B550?

>> No.76389560

Your B250 board is locked at spec at 2133. Z170s will allow you to use xmp even on 6700 non-k

>> No.76389585

Is the RX 580 still good or is there something newer within that price range and performance?

>> No.76389609

I have a rx580 and still runs great for gaming, but i got it back in 2017, for a similar price level you can get a 1660 super which is better.

>> No.76389618

1650Super is faster in some games, slower than others, and uses much less power.
5500XT is faster but ONLY IF YOU HAVE PCIe 4.0 due to its x8 lanes.
Some GPU prices are bad now though. I wouldn't pay more than like $150 for htose.

idk what is different from the focus gold and core gold. look it up.

>> No.76389647

The 1660 SUPER 6GB is 420 USD in my third world shithole, while I see a RX 580 8GB for 345 USD. Fuck.

>> No.76389663

Red Devil is the best
but if the gigabyte is significantly cheaper, you may as well get that.

Well the 1660Super is at least 40% faster IIRC. And the 5600XT is like 75% faster.
Can you not get a used RX 570 or stolen I mean used 1650Super or 5500XT?

>> No.76389689

So with liquid cooling means you have to maintenance it on a regular basis? Seems annoying.

What if you did a waterblock liquid cooling for a GPU?

I know AIO's are different and perform less than the standard air cooler for CPUs curious on whether this is the same for GPUs as well.

>> No.76389703
File: 121 KB, 576x768, radeon VII CPU AIO mod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can do whatever you want

>> No.76389704

I think it's the logistics behind it. In Air cooling you still have to plan the flow, but it isn't as visual as when you have it restricted like that.

Also, liquid cooling is objectively better at lowering the temperature. If you don't understand why, I can explain.

>> No.76389722

>Also, liquid cooling is objectively better at lowering the temperature. If you don't understand why, I can explain.
Practically every resource I've seen and the AIOs I've tried over the past 15 years has shown otherwise, so yeah explain

>> No.76389815

Rocket Lake (11th gen) leaks look bad so far. Supposedly up to a 20% IPC increase, but clock speeds are lower, and IPC doesn't actually look increased as much as Intel claimed.
So it's not going to be until 12th gen Alder Lake before Intel might compete.
Also Ryzen 5000 series is early 2021, not late 2020. Alder Lake is probably around the same.

>> No.76389840

you meant early 2022 not late 2021?

>> No.76389841

I'm pretty sure *60/*600 and *50/*500 are not coming until Q1 next year.

> plus cant wait for cyberbunk.
Don't you really want to wait for the RX 6600 or 3060 so you can play it with raytracing anyway?

>> No.76389894

be quiet! Silent Wings 2 or F14 Silent bros?

>> No.76389905

so just get Ryzen 4000 series and ride that for 5+ years

>> No.76389925

I'm looking to get a ssd m2, are the temps a problem for normal applications and gayming? i'm reading those little shits get really hot.

>> No.76389935

Who gives a fuck about ray tracing?

>> No.76389936

I saw the first gen ryzen aged so badly after just 3 years, I hope it won't be the case with the 4000 series

>> No.76389948

Newest vulnerability was published literally last week. They're better than they were, but that's not saying much.

>> No.76389970

>he won't have ray tracing in his Keanu Reeves sex scenes
lol ok

... it didn't age badly. zen2 was just such a huge improvement.
Holy fuck your perspective is retarded. You think progress equates to retroactive regression. You're actually this brainwashed by intcel retards and how they only had 3-5% gains a year for 6 years that you think a company doing massive improvements every 1.5-3 years is bad now, and it makes you think you should just never upgrade because there will always be something better when before with Intel ruling there never was?

Wait for motherboard supply to stabilize. Now isn't a good time to upgrade when your current CPU is decent.

>> No.76389991

falling for the letter meme

>> No.76389997

Well, X570 availability at least was never really a problem where I live.
Might just forgo a CPU upgrade just yet, though, and still eventually buy a motherboard upgrade for a future CPU upgrade.

>> No.76390025


This model worth the money?

>> No.76390064

>worth it
are you insane? Why would that be worth it for a 2 year old GPU that's supposed to be $280, with a new much better generation of GPUs coming in mere months?
How have you done so little research to even think that's a question worth asking?

idk i don't like Gigabyte.
Get the one that has the features which fits your needs.

>will need a new board to upgrade to zen4
Sure. But it should last until the next console generation in 7 years.

>> No.76390079

I mean if it lasts atleast 5 years just like my 6700 did in the past 5 years then I'm more than happy desu.

>> No.76390081

I'm searching for a new case for my home server. I want to cool my 2200g passively, I need at least room for 2 3.5" HDD and it should also be quiet. Any recommendations?

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what do you think of pic related? I put a 2070s as a placeholder for the new 3070x. this is the maximum budget I have at the moment, considering that I also have a shitty 220B4LPYCB as my monitor since my actual monitor died this year and I'm waiting to find a cheap IPS 4k one.

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Is it dangerous not to replace my water cooler? it's an all-in-one i100 Corsair liquid cooler that came with a pre-built PC that I bought from 2012 and I've been using it on my other builds ever since.

>> No.76390122

because I'm not little busy bee googler and dont want to get hung up on tech and specs,price,driver support and everything else, I just want to pay and be on my marry way. the last time I did this was in summer 2015 for that POS r9 390 which I had to weasel to get it at $280 but even with all that research I did it didnt matter, I should have just listened to some /g/ fag.

>> No.76390174

I kind of do want RGB for a meme, and was looking at getting the P300A since it has the features I want and is inexpensive.
They also have a version that's $30 (AUD) more expensive that has the 2 front fans as well as the pre-included rear fan, all 3 of which are RGB.
I know "worth" is subjective, but would you anons say it's dumb to pay the extra $30 AUD for 2 extra pre-included fans? Cheapest RGB fan from this same website (trying to cut down on postage cost) is $20 each.

>> No.76390253

How important actually is the VRM heatsink on a B550 board?
I'll assume Jigabyte are just overcompensating or something, or overpreparing for a higher power draw CPU?
Like, no other board that I'm seeing have proper finned heatsinks, just the big aluminium chunk...
It makes me want to buy a 3900x instead of the 3700x that I was originally looking at getting

>> No.76390319

5700 works on PCIe3, dummy.
Maybe though it's not that big of an upgrade over the 290 outside of power consumption.

new CPUs won't be higher power draw.

make a NAS.

>> No.76390359
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>> No.76390361

Typically on a consumer mobo the VRM section is overbuilt because it's expected to get zero airflow. I wouldn't run a 3700X on a 3-phase 50A like the B450 Pro4 but, by the same token, 14-phase 70A like on the B550 Steel Legend is probably enough for an overclocked 3990X.

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