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>> No.76357173

did you install dhcpcd

>> No.76357190

Yea. it says no valid interface found.
I can switch over to monajro and I have eth0.

>> No.76357413


Is this 2012? Your NIC should be in a different naming format like "enp4s0"

Regardless, if it's showing up in Manjaro and not Arch, you did something wrong.

Run "ip addr"

>> No.76357443

IP addr just returns 1: lo <LOOPBACK, UP,LOWER_UP>
with the default address

No network interfaces

>> No.76357510

I miss the eth# naming convention. :(

>> No.76357718

>installing arch, gentoo or some other over complicated distro instead of ubuntu

>> No.76357771

>>Installed arch
just use manjaro
its basically arch but better

>> No.76358283

>You installed the linux-firmware package?
yes... i think? maybe I dident!

>> No.76359079

>install Manjaro
>everything just werks
enjoy wasting your time

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>> No.76359248

>Installed arch
>motherboard internet port

maybe you shouldn't have installed arch if you call the ethernet port, internet port

>> No.76359634

>You ain't learning shit "about linux"
You never learn any of this if you have no reason to. I see this more like a puzzle that needs to be solved. I'm having more fun doing this then bing bing wahoo.
> You can mount, unmount, and do all other commands from ubuntu
But you would never need to, so you never would, so you would never learn.
I learned how to pipe man into less because I needed to read the man pages to configure things, and I wanted a better way to read them. Never would have happened useing ubuntu.

I'm only posting here because I'm out of things to try and trying to figure out if it's me that fucked up or I'm dealing with a broken piece.

>think you are fitting in by installing arch.


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wow, since you used a picture of a good looking man I totally believe you are successful and trust worthy.

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>This entire post
I'm in quarantine right now collecting unemployment due to corona. I'm going to be gaming or doing this, and this is a lot more rewarding then gaming.
Even if I don't get arch working I'm really happy I managed to get it to boot, and I learned a ton about computers.

>muh community drama
I don't even know what you are talking about. I started out just wanting to build a custom GUI because I know you can do that on linux, but all the distos (besides arch) come with one pre-installed and I didn't want/know how to remove it, and then I was afraid I might have left something behind or missed something that messes up what I'm trying to build... so I went with arch because it's the only blank slate distro I've heard about.

>you are not fitting in by installing arch, that is their game
I care about fitting in, that's why I'm here posting anonymously, on 4chan.

Ok so I probably fucked up the install process at some point and damaged the network drivers or something.
I'l give it another try then. Thanks a lot, I just wanted to make sure it was not something obvious before I redo the whole thing.

>> No.76359897

theres manjaro architect if you dont want any pre-installed window manager (what you just call gui) but I still recommend trying arch

>> No.76359987

gross, comes with systemd.

>> No.76360019

lmao this guy

>> No.76360028

What would you suggest instead of systemd?

>> No.76360063

have you installed linux-frimware you absolute retard?

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>You will also find your games, movies, and web, work way better on a mainstream distro

first of all, arch is pretty mainstream, second, games actually work best in arch (or at least manjaro) because it gets the newest drivers, mesa, vulkan and wine support. Ubuntu is to slow.
>It's a story about a guy who burns evidence about his own wife's murder so that he can create a puzzle he can never solve, much like archtards (and all obscure distro shits) want to create a computer that will never work
Schizo alert, shizo alert !

>> No.76360082

Literally any other init is better than systemd. The main dev is an asshole that strawmans you as some wacko conspiracy theorist for not wanting google DNS fallback.

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systemd is the fastest init of them all.
it's hard to live without systemd as a lot of software directly depends on it. However sad this is

>> No.76360135

I messed that part up, but I tried to install it off the live cd, see >>76359351
>put the install CD back in, mounted /mnt to root, pacstrap linux-firmware, unmounted. Same problem no changes.

That's probably it but above did not work. Reinstalling right now.

I'm trying openRC but there is very little documentation and all the tutorials are build around systemd.

>> No.76360256

probably because they are not doing the same thing.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not shilling for systemd and I think Harry pottering is a giant faggot at best, but systemd is not as bad as people make it out to be. I'm working in embedded and one of my tasks is replacing sysvinit with systemd. If we can do it on a low power arm then surely it's not a problem on a desktop.

systemd init will work best if you have complicated init with a lot of jobs that depend on each other. Systemd is pretty good at paralleling what can be while sysvinit just runs scripts in alphabetic order in one thread. Nice and easy solution from the times when computers were simple and had one thread

>> No.76360351

That's the thing. I tried arch. It says to use systemd services in the install process and don't give alternatives.

Like timedatectl to make sure the system clock is correct, or timedatectl for networking, had to learn rc-update add dhcpcd default for that. Not complaining but as a noob it's like I'm rolling the dice every time I have to come up with a systemd replacement.

>> No.76360387

>Not complaining but as a noob it's like I'm rolling the dice every time I have to come up with a systemd replacement.
In my experience, anything GNOME related is the only major software with consistent systemd dependencies. I don't use GNOME and have avoided systemd just fine.

>> No.76360548

You went with arch, and they ironically "suggest" to use some other bullshit, but it's some hilarious suicide timesink, where they have no documentation at all and gatekeep you and just say "ehhhh figure it out -we- all use it here, you can't fit in unless you get this working btw"???? WOW, did not see that one coming!

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>this is the life of a l*nix fag.
god damn, even if i got paid to do this trivial shit i'd quit

>> No.76360729

No systemd so no systemctl.

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Install systemd

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Don't bite the bait anon

>> No.76360785

I am this time around.
My fault for trying a wonky configuration first time out of the gate.

>> No.76360807

It isn't, just the life of arch, slack, gentoo shits. A literal virus of faggot hipsters who just want to waste time. What actual ub*ntu fags get paid for is to run apps, that could be a lot of things but definitely never get paid to do shit 2004 tier maintenance.

I'd pay to be there when you talk to your sheep ubuntu friend a month from now when you realize he made 100k starting literally anywhere but hey you'll "know more /real/ linux than him" lol

>> No.76360837

it's called wired wifi

>> No.76360854

>I'd pay to be there when you talk to your sheep ubuntu friend a month from now when you realize he made 100k starting literally anywhere but hey you'll "know more /real/ linux than him" lol
i work too, Ubuntu or arch is irrelevant. I don't even understand your vendetta against arch. Is it like supporting your local football team even if they suck ass? that's pretty gay attitude. If you genuinely want to give people advice then just say arch is more complicated and requires more effort upfront, you don't have to lie about it being unusable. Obviously it is since people are using it, me included.

>> No.76360892

It's a hobby :)

not OP btw

>> No.76360896

>for what purpose?
I want a cool looking desktop. That's all I really want.
It just turned out that this is fun and I'm learning. It's like, I encounter problem, I google or man, then I learn some tool or technique to solve problem but it also solves other problems. It's just like vidya but IRL. I'm also the guy who plays all vidya on hardest difficulty. If it's not challenging, it's not fun.

>you gunna put this on a cv and get a job?
I had a job, whole department got cut due to corona.
Getting paid to just stay home, avoid the virus and do projects like this.
I could remote work, but I'm not a poorfag. Don't actually need to work.

> because you heard about it on /g/
I heard about it years ago, don't usually come here but this is the only place on the net I can ask for help with stuff without having to create a user name/password.

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thats right

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>Get a time machine and go back to 2013 /g/.
you mean the times before?!

>> No.76361022

>And here in the next cage, as u can see, we have ze arch shits
>You can also see, in the cage across from them, we have, ze slack shits
>"Which one of them is right?"
>"They are both completely full of shit, this is just their autism boiling to the top in different ways, as they try to gatekeep newbies from going into the cage"
>Watch this
>moves cages closer together
>Also watch this
>Tosses loaded guns out to either side
>Instead of them pointing them at each other, or at the tour guide, they all kill themselves because they realize the past 20 years of their lives were a worthless meme and their ubuntu friend made $2M by now as sad music starts to play but then they all buy arch suicide souvenirs on the way out :'(((((

>> No.76361063

>cool looking desktop
YEAH cause you can't install the same rice software on noobuntu, we all know this simple fact. Yep yep play vidya on the hardest diffadiff, that means u gotta get the psuedo-hardest linux distro too. Cause you win "points" just like u do in the video game.

>WHAT is a remote job

So yes, you are doing this to fucking fit in, just like all other arch shits.

>> No.76361078
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hilarious, upvoted

>> No.76361143

Literally the entire point of arch is to have an elitist community, it will take many forms. Perhaps they will be nice at first to draw you in, and wait for you to mention something you did, so they can say it's wrong and tell you to fuck off. Perhaps they will be to the letter of what you expect and just tell you to get lost from the get go. Perhaps they will be like the arch wiki and give you wrong instructions on purpose so you have to keep coming back all the while with them secretly snickering thinking that they've validated their pointless lives. Which is all that this is about.

Arch, slack, gentoo shits, have nothing nothing nothing to do with technology, they are a collection of slightly different losers who found some stupid shit online that they can pretend to fit into. It's like people who buy something stupid and expensive that thinks they are part of some club, but the hilarious part here is that obscure distro shits have no money. So they came up with the next best thing, which is to invent some fake gay online test that takes a lot of fake work to pass. It keeps the suicidal feelings at bay juuuuuuuust a little bit longer, is all, it doesn't matter what the fuck it is.

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trolling is a art and he's a troll of EPIC PROPORTIONS just like big chungus. What an absolute UNIT!

>> No.76361189

>Perhaps they will be nice at first to draw you in, and wait for you to mention something you did, so they can say it's wrong and tell you to fuck off.
So? That happens here all the time. Post any anime on /a/ and they will tell you it's shit.

>Perhaps they will be like the arch wiki and give you wrong instructions on purpose so you have to keep coming back all the while with them secretly snickering thinking that they've validated their pointless /lives.
Again, so?

I managed to trace the problem down to no network drivers, likely my fault for fucking up the install with minimal help from the outside. That process involved learning how init works, learning what networkmanager is and how it works, learning all the networking tools ect.

If you just open a book it's boring as fuck. This is fun because I have some agency.

Where is this arch community you keep talking about?
I've never heard of any community existing for software besides maybe some official forum.

>> No.76361218

>You can't use linux, because I say so, unless:
>you use a shitty obscure distro
>you figure out how to install it with wrong on purpose instructions
>you come back to our irc, forum, board, etc to ask questions that we want you to ask so we can tell you to fuck off
>you rice up your derpterp which you could get on any "noobie" distro
>prove to us how neet you are and have no hope of getting a job
>you also have to shitpost and get more people in on it thinking they want to use this bullshit
Sooooo the more you look at it, the more it seems like it's a shitty basement religion, the kind started by fatty losers so before they can die, they see someone else suffering and say "lol I did that XDDD"

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moment ago you were boosting how much money you make with Ubuntu and now you're shitting on linux as a whole.
>inb4 that wasn't me!
Don't tell me there's more shizoids

>> No.76361347

you should install linux-firmware

>> No.76361520

yea, I think I forgot it in the first install.
It was so weird that i had ping on the disk but not after the install

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