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Frequently because my TV sometimes fuck up and I have to unplug my router.

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maybe ever fortnight

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Everytime I turn off my computer
mobile transfer here

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very rarely, fortunately. It's dynamic but unless I change my router's MAC address I seem to keep mine. This is a good thing because I host a web sight at my house and it'd be a pain to have to update DNS all the time.

>> No.76293604

On local every computer is static. But our network ip changes every month or so.

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>it'd be a pain to have to update DNS all the time.
>what is DDNS

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It's been for as long as I can remember.

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Lol go back to /pol/ tard.

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That entirely depends on the janny

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i don't know anon

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Basically never, I believe. My ISP uses DHCP to assign addresses but I pretty much have a MAC reservation for the IP I get I think. They don't offer me a guarantee of a static, reserved IP address in the contract or anything so they theoretically could give me a different one whenever they please, but in practice it doesn't actually change. I had to get my ONT replaced fairly recently since the old one broke, I got a different IP then but the service dude said that it won't be changing again.

>it'd be a pain to have to update DNS all the time
That can be automated, anon.

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