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It seems to be pretty enough for Microshaft to copy it for their 10

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Report Apple advertisement threads.

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anon I don't even own any kind of Apple devices or use their services
OS X just looks nice and the top shilled linux DEs are trash
>gnome is a disgusting hog that keeps bleeding features with every release, their shell extensions are getting more and more unstable
>kde is a crash fest
>none other can compare

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>I'm not a shill, but
Report Apple advertisement threads.

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you're just a nigger head who hasn't tried ricing

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>rice your shit
>half of software now looks like garbage because it was made with default themes in mind

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only reason I'm angry is because GTK is shit. QT isn't any better, it's even less adopted

>> No.75870416

They still haven't fixed a bug where you can't change the notification volume. Imagine being this fucking useless.

>> No.75870838

Apple is fucking garbage it can't even do text scaling for external monitors

>> No.75871253

nbody's that low iq not to realise that you apple haters spammed that shit.
try something better next time dumbass

>> No.75871299

>waagh waagh mods delete thing I don't approve of this instant baaaw
Fuck off back to lebbit, cretin.

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The fuck are you even doing? Did you deliberately install proprietary Nvidia drivers or something on a system with a 1030 and a dual core CPU or some shit?
>1.3GB of used RAM in idle

>> No.75871430

>pretty and stable
you're talking about herbstluftwm, right?

>> No.75872962

KDE is pretty stable, actually it hasn't crashed in a year, and I use nvidias shitty drivers, and much more functional than Mac os desktop.

>> No.75873112

Beauty is subjective, that pic screams ugly to me. Debian + Xfce all day for me.

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>he got his own posts deleted

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>this is the most popular Linux desktop
Linux is just ugly

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>i just want nice things for free
>is that really too much to ask for

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>this picture
Is this a trick picture?
Because this is not how physics work.

>> No.75876895

Linux simply does not have a good desktop experience

>> No.75876911

Well linux always feel like it was made by 2 nerds in the basement.
The sad thing? Reality is not that far off.
A million different distros and like 50 DEs is what is killing linux imo.

>> No.75876925

Then write your own or help someone with it if you are not satisfied. Literally nothing holds you back from doing so.

>> No.75877218

Unironically some LTS distro like debian or centos with gnome is pretty stable and rock solid.

>> No.75877283

>debian or centos
Yes and they have old packages or lack them.

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