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>> No.75823711

iktf bro just hold out 3 more months for the next ones

it will last but fuck spending $2000 on something that will be outdated in 3 months at least let me have it for a year

>> No.75823737


NO. The 2080ti is going to age like milk. The new Nvidia cards are supposedly as much as 4x faster with ray tracing. Once that becomes a more common feature in games, which doesn't seem to be far off, that card is going to be terrible.

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>buy the 2080ti now
>still hold a decent chunk of it's value.
oh noh noh noh he doesn't know. (don't do this)

2000 series was shit but ampere will be a node shrink too+ pressure from consoles+pressure from amd for big navi (lol) so it will be better/decent buy now
don't buy 2000 series now. def not 2080 ti

>> No.75823841

I dont want to deal with unwashed autistic neanderthals on second hand websites

>> No.75823848

It has finally been said. Ray tracing rapes framerates with a ‘neckst-gen’ condom.

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and yet you're too poor to buy one? seems like you're the unwashed autistic neanderthal.
Do you just throw your old GPU's in the trash?

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>it's not a game changer, it's expensive as hell to do and offers meme-level improvements.
>Ray tracing rapes framerates with a ‘neckst-gen’ condom.
*with first gen cards with shitty raytracing
*without dlss 3.0
*for now

>> No.75823921

/o/tists usually recomend never buying the first year of a car, i suggest applying the same principle to tech. Wait for Ampere to refine RTX (so you won't lose anything if this fag is wrong >>75823809) and hold it for some years.

>> No.75823931

I could probably buy 80 of them but theres no point flushing money down the toilet

>> No.75824760

Fuck it anon, sell your 970, buy a 560ti, spend the savings on alcohol and Doritos.

>> No.75826939

it's going to get BTFO'd in price too, you think nvidia are going to undercut themselves? LMAO

>> No.75827602

Jesus, all the fucking time, these amd shills
>ray tracing is just a meme
>tessellation is just a meme
>direct x is just a meme
>muh higher framerates with zero features in enabled
>doesn't need to look better than quake 3 arena

amd is pathetic, and it only hurts us consumers that they refuse to compete and call everything a meme.

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