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>> No.75782106

That's by the guy who made the Emacs minor mode for controlling dildos
He's fucking based

>> No.75782120

Cue /g/ suddenly pretending to hate sex technology because of what it's written in

>> No.75782197

>gay tranny shit
Absolutely checks out

>> No.75782220

mother of god! the memes keeps making them/they self!

>> No.75782246

/g/ has always hated degeneracy.

>> No.75782264

>feel horny
>vibro dragon dildo is running javascript
>tfw the botnet doesn't want me to cum

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>> No.75782290

Wasn't there a manga about this, but the software was proprietary

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>/g/ has always hated degeneracy.

>> No.75782457

Oscar Wilde just reincarnated

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holy fucking based

>> No.75782484

I'd probably have gone with "you'd better get a tetanus shot"

>> No.75782679

explain all the lolis then

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you can't made this shit up

>> No.75783809

snibbety snab

>> No.75785575

/g/ loves young naked girls

>> No.75785593

/g/ is like miyazaki:
>Nature and little girls good
>Modern technology bad

>> No.75785606

Lolis are the opposite of degeneracy.

>> No.75785668

What do you mean my onahole won't work without updates?

>> No.75785754
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not bad, kid

>> No.75785959

C programmers are smart enough to know wireless sextoys are a meme
Are people going to comment that I have a hotpink wire from my pocket to my asshole when they hear the buzzing as I go to the super market?
No the karens won't put 2 and 2 together, and anyone else will mind thier own damn business from the noise alone.

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