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my phone

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cheap thinkpad with your meme distro of choice

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Thinkpad X61

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In the future your desktop "computers" won't exist, old man

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thb kuroba is the optimal shitposting strategy.

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Do they have a FHD Ips panel mod or not?

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>full hd
pick one

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Yeah, I know Kuroba is great but for some reason shitposting on mobile doesn't have the same feel on desktop. I dunno why tho. I kind have a different attitude on fesktop, I tend to post way more and use more pictures since I can link them via Url (something you can't do on Kuroba for instance). Plus I like the iconic 4chan desktop UI better desu.

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only with LED mod though

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jelly of those 4x3

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Build quality goes
IBM > new Lenovo > old Lenovo (up to *30 series)
Anything from *40 series up is way better built than the Lenovo models that still featured IBM's design

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Your mom.

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my X31, X61 and X220 are still going strong.
my X260 has a copule of unreliable keys and an issue with moving the lid causing suspend...
Just one anon's experience, all except the X31 travel with me regularly with the X220 and X260 seeing me through many 12hr+ flights and excursions into the middle of nowhere working outside...

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Isn't that Hiyo Hiyo (creator of Crystal Disk Mark and Crystal Disk Info)?

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>rectangular slit pixels designed for Chink eyes

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You understand literally no-one does this.
And the ones that do are literally fucking retarded try-hards.

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a GNU/Linux desktop

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did he forget the cables?

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