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Funniest thing is apple weren't thinking of oneplus when they chose the announcement date, yet ended up mogging them anyway.

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Anyone using Google Fi? Just heard about this today. $30 a month when I'm paying like $60 on Verizon? What's the catch here..

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OnePlus 7T for 499€ new ? Any chance this getting any lower in the coming weeks ?

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I don't think Fi is even the cheapest one, check out Mint Mobile for example.

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>one plus 8 (Not pro, + CRAP front camera hole) = 699/700$
one plus 7T (with camera notch) = 499/500$
And there's the one plus 7T Pro (No visable front camera) = about 668$ (less renewed/used) and plus tax is going to be a little less then the oneplus 8

oneplus 7 (not T) pro with worse specs, and no visable front camera for about 575$ new/530$ renewed.
I guess go for the oneplus 7T with the notch?
Seems like might be the best.

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Which one?

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Can someone who owns/owned/tried the Nokia 6.2 give me their opinion on it?

I gotta buy a new phone and there is a good deal on this one right now (around 200 bucks). I checked around reviews and most complain about the camera being slow.

I'm not one of those phone photographer fags, but I kinda of hate if the camera takes too long to capture a picture. Is it that much of an issue?

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I'd rather avoid Chinese stuff, don't they have some chip that sends all your data to them?

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every phone does.

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Based on oneplus 900$/1,000$ phone
Seems doubtfull in a few weeks, maybe between middle of summer or late fall. Possibly early winter after the new google pixel comes.
It's possible oneplus will be motivated to change because of 400$ iphone, but i doubt it.
Either buy it or don't i think.
Unless you want to wait till end of year to see what google does.

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You're thinking iPhones. They have a chip specially developed by the NSA to harvest all your data. They also partnered with iOS devs to build backdoors to harvest all your data. It's why iPhone apps are 5X the size of android apps.

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Well I think I would rather give my data to white american government official over some insecoid chinks..

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should I keep a phone with android 9 or install an unofficial lineageOS 17.1 rom?

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Why do you guys always recommend Chinese phones? The specs look amazing but aren't you worried about being spied on by the Chinese government? That's the only thing keeping me from buying one.

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>Why do you guys always recommend Chinese phones?
There are no other phones. Every phone is Chinese at this point, at least in part.
>The specs look amazing but aren't you worried about being spied on by the Chinese government? That's the only thing keeping me from buying one.
No, I'm not because I'm not tech illiterate.
You need a custom ROM and microG instead of gapps. And with that you've done pretty much the best you can on a smartphone. Here's more of what you can do:

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poos can't afford apple products, you really are white trash, aren't you? stupid and poor I bet.

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Yfw apple gonna btfo every 1000e phone with a midranger.

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$30 for 1gb data
$80 for 6gb+ data

Depends on your usage. I use wifi most of the time (even more so with corona), so it ends up working out great.

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Is there any reason to upgrade from the original SE to this?

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Here in Australia you either have an iPhone or a Samsung. That's it. I sometimes see LGs but I rarely see anything else despite the fact that tonnes of different brands and models are sold here.

I was buying Google Pixels till the iPhone 11 came out, I've been liking it more than I expected. I'm also happier with the support since there's lots of cases, screen protectors and also I can go to the Apple store whenever I want if I have an issue. I also like that the trade in value remains high so I'll probably upgrade every year.

The Pixel always pissed me off since it was a $1200 phone (in dollarydoos) but only a few months later would be worth half that, then by the next year it would be worth $300 at best. Why the fuck do Pixels depreciate faster than a stone thrown into the ocean?

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Oh, forgot to mention one of my friends owns a OnePlus, the one with the stupid circular back camers arranged in a horizontal line within a larger circle

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Canada. In a major city. My last phone was also a Xiaomi.

A side question - anyone using any custom roms for mi9t pro? I was going to get something immediately but I just ended up getting used to miui. I debloated it with adb and it's been nice for the most part. I didn't want to jump onto a custom one because I've always had OK experience with it all.

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galaxy a20e or a40

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What about connecting to a PC or other phones though?

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>$400 range
Xperia 5

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does gorilla glass actually shatter proof? i don't drop my phone 3 times a day but just curious what if i dropped my phone from 1m height

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Can I use Xiaomi phones in the US on verizon?

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see >>75488924

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google/samsung damage control efforts right here
im buying an apple faggot and there is nothing you can do about it
>muh camera
dont care, dont do social media and rarely take pictures. im sure the se will be fine
>muh big screen
hate them. been rocking a xperia x compact that cant hold a charge anymore and you cant get a battery for because fuck you thats why
>muh snapdragon
literally the niggers of the mobile cpu market

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>>muh snapdragon
it's funny because muh snapdragon is a downside
the A series chipsets BTFO snapdragons

The SD865 is just barely catching up (but not really) to the A13 for last year lmaooo

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I went from the OG Pixel XL to the Pixel 3a. Currently on a used, unlocked Galaxy Note9 due to a weed-influenced impulse purchase. 3a is a fantastic device, gets the google updates and all the bells and whistles, plus it has a headphone jack.

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>mfw the phone on the left will stop getting updates in two years
>mfw the phone of the right will get updates until 2025

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$79 for phone
$50 for series 3 watch

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nice headline reading only
>Not only that, but it even added a switch in the Settings app that allowed users to turn off the processor throttling,

Also the fact that apple gives you the option is great.
I've had a few android phones start shutting of in the cold while using them, due to the weak battery.
that's what this throttling tries to prevent

try again

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get a toilet street shitter

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i can do that too

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yeah new se
do you know what the deductible is for the watch fixes?

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Where can I get the OnePlus 7 Pro for a good price?

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i dunno if its worth it for that

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imagine blowing $500 on a heap of shit that's made of low grade aluminum trash that degrades from skin contact

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Is there anything more patrician than owning Apple stock? My portfolio is 90% AAPL and has earned me $5000 in value over the last year and another $5000 in dividends. After I built my $3000 monster PC in 2015 using iCuck donations I still haven't run into a single reason or need to upgrade it much less replace it.

Apple drones are just giving me their hard earned burgerbucks hand over fist for chink junk mass produced by the lowest bidder for the "privilege" of having a fruit logo on their fragile poorly made toys. With all the money they've generously donated to me, I can build a monster quad CPU quad GPU system every year if I felt like it.

This is what it's like to cuck or dominate someone isn't it? I can call Applecucks drones, retards, sheep, NPCs, whatever, and they'll continue to lick my feet and pay tribute to me. Feels good being a true patrician owning the only good Apple product, their stock.

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Us Apple Patricians just don't concern ourselves with the opinions of the lower class.

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Here in Liverpool (Not sure about the rest of the UK) Certainly in my large office and my jaunts in the city centre - Females only have iphones; males are a mix of mostly Samsung flagships with the occasional lesser spotted Huawei and OnePlus

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I've had the same steel watch since 2008 that was a graduation gift, and I've never seen met anyone else with a regular watch that has ever experienced anything like that. Apple is truly a tax on braindead retards. For the price they charge for that aluminium trash they could get a real watch in gold. KEK

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You apple niggers are subhuman trash. Begone.

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keep 1 upping your retards brands you massive faggot......muh CHINKple....muh CHINKdroid...anyway why didnt lord asus released new phone friends??....no new phone not even a leaked...are they gone from phone arena....im a bit worried here...im planning on buying their phone their dead silent is making me worried!!...

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You're right, I have to go for a date with my super hot model girlfriend.

You android users stay back and make sure that all those image macros get posted, yeah?


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Enjoy your 5G cancer

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>iOS updates actually improve the experience

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It's getting time for me to get a new phone. What's the modern xiaomi meme phone of choice?

pic related, phone I got last time

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>iOS updates actually improve the experience
even most itoddlers arent this delusional

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I literally told you how to do everything to combat anything malicious and Chinese in your phone, but you clearly don't care so I've replied in vain.

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>What country are you /g/uys in where OnePlus and Xiaomi are a legit thing?
Everywhere but the US really. As you can read.
It's the fault of your carriers and their special snowflake network bands only they use, while the rest of the world has managed to standardize them and not have to worry about compatibility and band coverage. And manufacturers also get registration fees if they want their phones to work in the US.

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In Germany mostly Samsung, iPhones, Huawei, occasional ZTE, LG, Sony or Xiaomi. Never seen a Oneplus. Oppo started entering the market just 2 months ago

>> No.75489501

And yet here you are.
For one thing, the S10 series do have Lineage OS support and the S20 series might get it too but the pricing isn't helping developers to work on them sooner.

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>iOS updates actually improve the experience

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Nokia is Chinese now as well

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In NZ I've only ever seen compatible Xiaomi phones for sale inside the country over the internet, never inside retail shops Similar deal for OnePlus and the last time I ever saw a Google flagship in a store it was just the original Nexus 5. For the former two it's kind of ironic given the proportionately large amount of actual chinks in the country.

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Where did it all go wrong for these guys?

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>, iOS updates actually improve the experience

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Here's your "$399" price tag bro

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>europoor learns about taxes

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Even with tax it should be 445€

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designated shitting phones. Didn't know iphone users were pajeets

>> No.75490106

get a toilet street shitter

>> No.75490146

Need a cheap phone, Samsung A30 Y/N?

Or Nokia 6.2 or Motorola One Vision?

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>Didn't know iphone users were pajeets
They aren't, poodroid users are

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I think about selling my 9T and buying the 9 Lite instead
>notch camera (i actually bought the 9T because of the hidden camera, notchless design, but it turned out to be worse for me, i hate it when i am out with friends and they know i am taking a selfie because this stupid camera is coming out of the body)
>infrared sensor
>depth sensor instead of useless 2X zoom (the main camera + cropping gives better image quality than using the zoom camera, yikes)
>sd card slot

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no not at all, i have it since 8 months already and the battery is fantastic

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a coworker of mine wants to buy a decent used smartphone for under 100 euros
any recommendations?

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>(i actually bought the 9T because of the hidden camera, notchless design, but it turned out to be worse for me, i hate it when i am out with friends and they know i am taking a selfie because this stupid camera is coming out of the body)
Imagine caring about this vain, insignificant shit.
>depth sensor instead of useless 2X zoom (the main camera + cropping gives better image quality than using the zoom camera, yikes)
Did you use gcam?
>sd card slot
Realistically the only downside of the phone.
You'll also be downgrading cameras, SoC and 27W to 18W charging.

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Nah, get the OnePlus 8 Pro. LG phones are memes.

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Redmi Note 7
he can get it for new. Either that, or the Redmi Note 9.

>> No.75490843

OnePlus 7 Pro mogs it to hell and I'm sure it can be had for around that much

>> No.75490884

are you a girl?
because you sound retarded

>> No.75490959

you are incel

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>Also my workplace doesn't allow Chinese devices on the property.
Forget about any phone ever then.

>> No.75491133

Stop being a racist

>> No.75491153

I'm not racist, it's only the culture I hate. The ethnically Chinese who grew up here (or pretty much anywhere other than China) are fine.

>> No.75491199

Corean phones like Samsung or LG?

>> No.75491307


Yeah, they're both fine.

>> No.75491601

coffee is bad for you

>> No.75491654

Anyone tried the new Google Camera Go? How does it compare with stock?

>> No.75491834

I want to buy an Oppo Find X2 instead of OnePlus 8 Pro. What do you think about this idea?

>> No.75492044

Only because they can't afford it. The moment pajeet gets a hold of a decent income, they immediately go iphone. It's just because it's a status symbol that they can flaunt over their follow street shitters.

>> No.75492205

Moto G7 Power or wait for the G8 Power

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when they went for the government dollar by implementing Google's version of KNOX and not allowing the bootloader to be unlocked, stupid fucking Finns

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>> No.75492418

Bought the new 128gb se in red, it'll replace my honor 10 which was great but battery only lasts half a day now

>> No.75492448


Why red tho?

>> No.75492470

Is it weird that it works on my phone straight away?

>> No.75492501

I don't even know, gonna have it in a case anyway so might as well contribute to charity with project (((Red)))

>> No.75492564

It works on every phone running Android 8, 9, or 10, from what I've read.

>> No.75492745

Is there a phone on the market that's
>under 500€
>under 160mm tall
>good camera
>256GB storage or sd card slot

>> No.75492907

besides amoled, iPhone SE.
what do you need amoled on a phone for

>> No.75492999


>> No.75493061

I'm replacing a Galaxy Note10, which I regret buying. I've come to realise I don't want to be part of the $1000 phone bullshit.

>> No.75493076

you can't buy an iphone then

>> No.75493078

Never spend more than $500 on the phone
You can pay extra for a good case or earphones

>> No.75493080


>> No.75493557

>more than $500
more like $400

>> No.75493568

>>more than $500
>more like $400
more like $300

>> No.75493575

based and redpilled

>> No.75493682

Probably a stupid question, but is there a way to "force" a app to work on a lower android version?

>> No.75493824

>AMOLED on a phone
For what purpose, please don’t tell me you watch movies on your phone

>> No.75493833

I've already researched the plans, I have several unlimited options with >50GB data plans on hotspot, for cheap too. I want to know what cheap but reliable hotspot devices people use that can be used on multiple carriers. I know there's $300+ 4g/lte routers that support multiple carriers/bands that you can switch between at will. I want to know if there are cheap <$50 versions that does the same.

>> No.75493908

No. I already have half of that dedicated to music

>> No.75493926

I'm thinking of getting the OnePlus 8 Pro. I had the 7 Pro and was pretty satisfied with it, exept it died on me but was still in the warranty so I get the complete euros I paid back.

I need:
wireless charging
decent camera
good battery life
good screen
as minimal OS bloating as possible
SD 865 because it's 2020
Carrier Vodafone Germany

Someone can suggest another phone or should I just take the 8 Pro and pay up the difference?

>> No.75493930

Better brightness, better colors, better contrast, better battery life? Fucking retard.

>> No.75494047

Any reason for me to move from a oneplus 3t to a moto g power? Don't do any gaming except probably PSP emulation max.

>> No.75494076

Thanks. I think I'll wait for the 5G version to come out.
besides amoled, the shit camera, and the fact that 256GB won't be under 500€
Thanks. Best answer in this thread.

>> No.75494143

Shame it's a gamble whether you get shit battery drain or not since Xiaomi don't give a shit.

>> No.75494184

every case and screen protector reads like a scam

>> No.75494270

I don't trust those fuckers. Is that seriously the only place?

>> No.75494351

Nah, Oppo is pretty huge here and Nokia has made an impact somewhat.
t. someone who's worked retail in the past few years. Oppo phones are an honestly insane value if you can deal with their software, as does the Samsung A line.

>> No.75494660

But the phone company is from China too...

>> No.75494664

Then why would you be looking at a chink phone in the first place?

>> No.75494801

There's nothing to blindly trust, this is like the second biggest online marketplace and not a local online marketplace at a third world country.

>> No.75494835

Just ordered the new SE lads

>> No.75494852

Some do, some don't. My eu xz2 doesn't but you can still find it somewhere in the settings app.

>> No.75494876

That guy isn't me. I just don't trust them. Partially cause they're Chinese, and because of the horror stories I've heard about them.

>> No.75494964

Bro that Battery in the SE...What is this 2012?

>> No.75495001

small phone=small battery, it's the uncomfortable truth handlets forget about

>> No.75495004

Look up shit like Android 10 Miui 11 and you find users complaining about excessive battery drain.

>> No.75495098

Well I was initially hyped about the SE2 but it's only ~.2 inches smaller than the X and there are way too many cons for me to justify buying it, even with the A13 and the opportunity to quadruple my storage

>> No.75495265

1800mAh is unacceptable though. Nexus 5 was similar in size and had a 2300mAh battery seven years ago.
Nobody expected a 4000mAh battery but at least a 2500mAh for the size would be acceptable.

>> No.75495435
File: 520 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200417-214908_Software update.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I do it?
Did they make 10 shittier than 9 like 9 is shittier than 8?

>> No.75495944

I'm torn between the SD S10 and the A71. On one hand the S10 has way better performance, better camera setup with OIS and better build quality, the A71 has a much bigger battery, flat display and will probably be supported slightly longer than the S10. I could just slap a battery case on the S10 but most of the cases I've seen are 4000mAh+ and turn the phone into a fucking brick when all I really need is a 2000mAh case which would probably be slim enough, yet those don't seem to exist. I'm in Burgerland so any Chinese phone is out of the question.

>> No.75496068
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my euro model XZ1 had in it hidden away on a plastic strip inside the sim slot that you can pull out, like pic related

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How do I get M$ Authenticator to work on my completely de-googled phone running microG?
It fails when it tries to set up push messages.
I've enabled Google Cloud Messaging in microG settings, but it doesn't work for Authenticator. Works for other apps, though.

>> No.75496173

Because that only applies to the US, sales everywhere else in the world are garbage Australia esp.
You don't know how lucky you guys have it.

>> No.75496195

Lg v20 here, should I upgrade? Leaning to either this new SE OR the LG V60

>> No.75496300

Oneplus 8 pro or S20+ (Exynos)? Price doesn't matter.

>> No.75496322

I started losing 20~25% overnight compared to Pie's 2~3%. Fresh install, factory reset, the usual.
Might depend on the phone, but I've seen a decent amount of people facing the same problem online.

>> No.75496344

I'm pretty happy with the OP7pro I bought at the beginning of the year. The OP8pro is pretty much twice the price and the regular OP8 actually seems like a downgrade in a couple ways.

>> No.75496474

Seems like a bug on your phone
I checked xda and nobody said anything bad so far, someone even mentioned battery life became a little better.
I think I'll let it update overnight

>> No.75496567
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iphone se > xperia xz1c > nokia 7.1

my Nokia feels cheap I'm sick of it. the other two broke down and I don't want them anymore because of lackluster update support. what the fuck can I wait for

>> No.75496575

any recommended icon packs? I've been looking at Minima, Gradion, and Enix

>> No.75496582

Red pill me. Why do I need to spend >$50 on a new phone? Can't I just buy a used LG G5 for daily needs? Is there something special about the new $1000 phones that I REALLY have to buy?

>> No.75496741

iphone SE 2 babyyyyyy

>> No.75496743

>https://www.google.com/search?q=bootloop+Redmi 7
How is this a LG specific issue?

>> No.75496789

Unironically OP8. Never trust Exynos S20s.

>> No.75496817
File: 143 KB, 640x640, 1587149696094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait for the xperia 10 ii assuming you're not a gaymer. Decent SOC (SD665) decent Headcrone jack (24-bit/192kHz) decent battery (Li-Po 3600 mAh battery) 21:9 candy bar 6" screen (not big not small almost perfect) the perfect mid ranger unless something else comes out. Its coming out sometime between April and june. It also has waterproofing and an SD card slot. It really might not be half bad if Sony doesn't fuck up the DRM again.

>> No.75496896

Ideal (relatively realistic) smartphone for you lads?

>XZ2 Compact shape
>Samsung S9 front look
>SD865, maybe even SD855 if it lowers the price without the 5G bullshit
>at least 6GB of RAM
>dual speakers
>just one 108mp largest sensor camera with OIS on the back

That's all I ask for, lads.

>> No.75497005

>around 6 inches 1080p screen completely covering the front
>top tier CPU, >8GB RAM
>120hz with extremely responsive multitouch
>decent DAC with minijack
>fast charging, at least 8 hours SoT, don't give a shit about wireless charging
>aluminium body
>don't care about camera
>less than 500 euros

>> No.75497041

Not him lol but Sony usually uses very stock-like android

>> No.75498310

Moto 8 power or the A50

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