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All I want is a new csg guide

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I'll help you write it .......

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AX200 got here. As described. Had good experiences with these in the desktop so grabbing one for a future SFF or laptop upgrade. The laptop antennas are a nice addition and I should be able to ditch the big ass antennas

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here you go
>'rona has fucked everything
>read reviews, don't just look at stars
>gearbest is shit
>want to discover something? fucking look
>always get shipping insurance if you order from banggood, 15 cents extra is worth it when they inevitably lose or mispackage your loot and it falls out of the flimsy bag

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Which website or shop did you buy that from?

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can't find screwdrivers, think they're in my car, but here's the wrench

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Just get the K29 instead, even if you do mod the K17, you are using a space of roughly 170mm x 81.5mm x 40.5mm, which does fit a low profile card, but at the same time you have to also make a PCIE riser fit somehow, along with the pico PSU.

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what chinkshit should i purchase to prepare for the upcoming global depression?

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Lots of plant pots and full spectrum grow lamps
Most other grow gear should be purchased from a local hardware or supply store

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That is counting the little metal tab that sticks out the bottom, though, right? That could very well be a little longer than 11 mm of dimension freed, if removed.

If it does fit though, it'd be tight.
And if it doesn't fit, it'd be by an unfortunate few mm.

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The bit of the tab you can remove shouldn't be more than 3cm long, which is around how much you need to remove as the flex PSU is 81.5mm wide.
Look at this on video:

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Ah, yeah, - you seem to be correct - this case does appear to be only 250 mm long, which, subtracting 170mm from an ITX motherboard, does leave only 80mm.

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The PSUs these cases typically fit are Flex, which is a bit different to 1U. Video of the K29 shows a mini card next to the flex PSU, which should give you a better idea of what's going on.

Although if you are interested in a flex PSU case, you can also look at the K39, or the various cases with similar layouts like the Formula Case loli1

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pretty gud thanks

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what are you putting it in ?

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>perhaps I should pay Vienna a visit, if there are more like her over there.
Vienna is a nice city, and there's plenty of hotties there, but the girl from the youtube vid is just some average girl that's wearing some fake countryside tracht (or is that really, a traditionaly viennese tracht? Not too familiar with Vienna, but I'd suppose city wear differs from the various rural Dirndln) that's probably even made in China.
>tfw you actually would love to wear Tracht, but you're coming from an area were no one wears them (but they exist), living in a city were most of it got lost, with a gf from another area were they do wear Tracht, but very different from the city we're in
So what do I do? Fake, made in China city Tracht? Nope, that's just ridiculous.
The Tracht from my home area? It's very different from anything folks here are used to, so it won't work.
My gfs home Tracht? Also unfitting for our current live.
>It's and abstract kind of feel
Thanks for reading my blog!

Back to topic:
how much of a botnet is the aliexpress app? They totally moved all good coupon games over to the app, it seems, so I'm tempted.

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>how much of a botnet is the aliexpress app?
Less botnet than anything Google.

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Well, that's not exactly something to be proud of.

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How so?
What, besides being able to get some coupons is the benefit of an app, that is literally just a browser with some fancy costum buttons?

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How does that make sense? They can't possibly datamine folks that much more that it's worth it for them to pass such savings to the "customer".

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So, shit is being shipped again? Or are there parts of china not doing so yet?

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How the fuck does this work?

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What the fuck is it? An upscaler?

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First the sucking then the excuses.

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What about /csg/ - Cheap Stuff General ?

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Nah faggot

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you can keep playing the victim, im not here to blame you.

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i'm chinese and don't find it disrespectful

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Dear please understand you are faggot

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Based chinese man. Once the day of the glass comes, I'll vouch for your safety.

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>no way to use them to charge my laptop
How much charge do you expect from 5V, 1A USB?
You get 5W tops if you don't have any losses. With a >50Wh laptop battery you can guess how long you have to be plugged in.

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That webm is me when the chinks don't send my packages

Fuck coronachan

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Thank you anon for the recommendation


Looks like a bit too much of a paradigm shift for me (motherboard being upside :O ) but is definitely nice.

>Deng Studio, Sunmilo, and Captain makes some decent cases as well.

How do you even search these cases up on TaoBao? My partner speaks Chinese and I still feel that won't help haha.

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Whoops, meant to thank >>75178519

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To search up SFF cases, there are a few keywords that work. ITX, A4 and etc. 机箱 means case so that helps too

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Has anyone ever bought fake North face jackets in bangood? Those are like 300$ in my shithole :(


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I want to see under the can. Is it an engineering sample and to see if they solder aux antenna. Can you show it to us anon?

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These m.2 cards should be legit.

>> No.75193874

Stay inside virus spreader retard

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did they open it?

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lmbao looks like some chink from reddit.
>doesn't browse any other boards
immediately stopped reading. moot was against insular behavior and i agreed with that

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Cuz you are a dumbass nigger. That's why you don't know. Probably you got scammed and you got the same engineering sample chip under the can and one antenna soldered. But oh well... you just a brainlet sadly.

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>m.2 = msata
no retard you're the dumbass gorilla nigger

>> No.75196392

Can you prove it? Lift the skirt. I don't believe in "legit" without any image. Chinks are chinks and they want to chink you.

The card is like traps. You never know what's down there. You might find a cock instead of a nice pussy.

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Desolder can or GTFO. The use the same shit under. Engineering chips fell off a truck and these mofos reused them plus they cheaped out. So you can plug in AUX and it won't do anything.

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That is why I am asking to show us under the can. If you can prove it that I'm wrong I will leave you alone and won't call you a faggot anymore.

Do what I said or shut the hell up bitch.

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nigger what, are you fresh from reddit or something? first time in /csg/ buying from china?
the jewish fags at incel only show and sell that card in m.2 format, if you see it in mpcie format from china of course it'll be some nigger-rigged crap that may or not work and even then if it doesn't work you can ask for a refund then fix it yourself

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kill yourself newgaf

>> No.75196734

Jesus, what kind of shithole do you live in? I wouldn't buy a replica that's probably being seized by customs to save 15 bucks...

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>tfw 10 things to buy, 1 coupon and enough money
>but I have more debt than I can pay back.

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Can anyone recommend a USB charger with multiple outputs. Preferably with Quick charge or USB PD.

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Just hang yourself. I hope you get the coronavirus.

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And nobody said it's a fake variant. An engineering sample is not a fake variant. It's still from Intel but for some reason they got rid of those maybe cause of a hardware flaw. Even if it doesn't looks like the other one it probably uses the shit. You have some serious mental illness probably and that's why you don't understand. There is a reason why you need to put tape on one of the pin to get bluetooth working. Even on the M.2 version. Both versions have issues and I will bring that up in every single thread in hopes that someone actually listens even if you like it or not. It might not be an issue for you but for others this is unacceptable.

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>make entirely unreasonable requests to strangers on the internet
>gets mad when told no

>> No.75198482

>If you don't do what I want you are X
ok bro

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The only way to prove it to to lift the can. I ain't buying till I don't see what's under. Eventually someone will post photos who has more brain cells than you.

>> No.75198571

Probably used it to make IEDs

>> No.75198699

Most terrorist attacks are against other brown people

>> No.75198708

Enough of this race bait bullshit, can we get a split forum already?
3 rooms.
The old word, the goys, and the shitskins.

>> No.75198711

yeah sure why not?

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Redpill me on 3d pens
has anyone here bought one?

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I guess due to harmful chemicals and what not

What about chink gel polishes and UV lamp?

>> No.75200205

They should be fine. I would recommend asking taobao/chink general on /cgl/ though, they may know more about the quality/color accuracy/chemicals and reactions on users over there.

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What are some nice things I can buy for $25?
Ordered a pair of earphones last week but they said it's out of stock indefinitely and refunded.

>> No.75200630

it says 350 below that tho

>> No.75200685

Which one? I don't want to get chinked

>> No.75200686

if you want to take that chance then go ahead, but I'm not really seeing the point. any processor you can buy with a cell radio (see your previous mention of phone) will be inherently backdoored
if you KNOW it'll fit another phone then feel free to try, but I wouldn't want less than 500 nits on any phone I used so I could use it in direct sunlight

>> No.75200716

is there any way to make a small display out of the cheap ass panels you can get? want to make a tiny, cheap display that i can hook hdmi and/or DP to

>> No.75201670

Oh nice, any reason for this sale?

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GAYS, stop bickering over this shit. The fact is that the AX200 is not technicaly compatibble with mini-pcie. that's why chinks are making these strange contraptions of a card with the useless heatshield. the point of the fake heatshield is only to conseal te chinkery and maybe shield the first antenna cable.

If you get a card like that just complain taht the signal is droping and the seller will 100% give you your money back. I almonst never pay for my chink shit and so should you.

If you want your mpcie AX200 card to work as intended, you should remove the first shield and connect your antenna to the smaller antenna connectors as intended (ignore the cables). Your antenna connectors will be too big, you can solve this by using an adaptator (ibex1 to ibex4) or get a new set of antenna with the smaller connector.

Don't worry about removing the shielld, the chipset is shielded already.

Free shit guys, why complain ?

>> No.75202419

That's not a heatshield. It's an RF shield you imbecile.

>> No.75202659


IF you scam the scammer and end up with free product, whoo's the nigger ?

yeah, typo

>> No.75202671

Fuck, it always feels like i'm spending almost nothing, $2 there, $3 there.. that is hotdog money basically, but now i added up all the purchases i did only on ali only during this month and it comes to a fucking $300 total!!! jesus fucking christ what the fuck is wrong with me... and 90% of the shit i order ends up on a pile of "projects TODO soon, but probably never"

>> No.75202689

And i only BARELY was able to stop myself today from impulse buying another $100 thing from the chins

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>$300 a month
sucks to have your impulse control, I guess. Most of it is even useful to me.

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you probably can't either cause it's not a two liner in american ebonics

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Somewhere on the various subpages, there's some time capsule thing, where they show you your stats and you get a coupon for your efforts.
Probably. But besides the new user coupon, I'm pretty sure aliexpress makes money on every order done on their platform.

>> No.75203293

Du meinst "digga"?
But no, you can't. Unless you're bottom of the barrel low-class.

>> No.75203301

Es gibt doch keine "klassen" in Deutschland

>> No.75204398

Has anybody bought an acog from aliexpress? I wonder how the ones around $100 are

>> No.75205495 [DELETED] 

>£11.57 for 2 shirts at £23
is this because of corona? why the fuck did it cost so much

>> No.75205507

>£11.57 customs fee for 2 shirts at £23
is this because of corona? why the fuck did it cost so much

>> No.75205518

probably B R E X I T

>> No.75205908

>You can't see it because it's too fat from the visible spectrum.
Doesn't mercury also have lines in the >400nm range?

>> No.75205948

253.7nm. There are other radiation bands but it's negligeable. You should not be looking at it to begin with.

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Same, only less bad

>> No.75207140

depends of your country, between 2 to 5 days for me since after that step i can track it locally

>> No.75207236

where did you get a video of the /g/ poster?

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235 orders
By the end of this month i Will probably get to 3k USD
My Mailman is going to kill me

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About 50 days ago I've ordered an LCD Screen for my phone and a seat warmer for my car but the tracking info still says: Shipment left country of origin warehouse. The sellers don't read my messages. Why are the chinks so sluggish this year? My ass is freezing and I can't use my phone.

>> No.75208012

/Chinese SARS-2 General/

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Good soldering irons?

>> No.75208718

Too bad amazfit doesnt have any proper wearOS serves watches. Guess this 45 off 90 coupon is going to waste

>> No.75208746

The chinese virus is killing tons of young healthy people in the US
China lied about only people over 70 dying

>> No.75208758

>healthy people in the US

>> No.75208892

>healthy people in the US
pffft hahaha
>China lied
really? no way!
do you even know where you are? where is your adult?

>> No.75208991

you got chinked

>> No.75209197

They are mostly inbred jews anon

>> No.75209385

According to this you need 5.1+ kernel

>> No.75209394

Also, I'm not sure if the T430 has a m.2 wifi slot, you may need to get a m.2 to mpcie adapter.

>> No.75210110

Don’t have a laptop with a webcam and they want me to use their weird software for the interview so no phone either

>> No.75210243

what are you buying during the sale? I'm looking for ideas

>> No.75210303


>> No.75211121


>> No.75211266

Bear traps are surprisingly cheap, but I don’t need any.
Not sure if they are even legal.

>> No.75211549

It just killed a man in his 20s whose only underlying health condition is asthma. The induced coma from being put on respirator, which happens to 1 in 10 infected, is a killer itself.

>> No.75211639

Is this your first Ali sale? the overall prices always stay the same, the reduced prices are from stacking coupons from the events/minigames/whatever.

>> No.75211848

Sorry, not sure how this happened.

>> No.75211849

Anyone have a promo code for this 10th anniversary sale?

>> No.75212023

I could do a layout for one. But I don't into chinks shit enough to make anything comprehensive.

>> No.75212108

Even a template would be nice, then anons can just post stuff

>> No.75212349

>Also 2MP is outdated
full HD is 2mp why would you need more than that for a webcam?

>> No.75212409

is stuff still being shipped out from china? I cancelled an order a while back because it was projected to get her by the end of april...

>> No.75212445

Depends on the price. KSGER/Quicko T12 units are well received.

>> No.75212543

Do chinks still ship normally?
Just got a fat stack of cash from my cuckoffice.

>> No.75212785

Not all of them, but I'm seeing a lot of 2-5€ shipping fees.
Interestingly (no, not really, kinda expected) I have found quite a few things where one seller has the item at 4.something + 5.something for shipping and another has it for 9.something with free shipping. Guess that shows you their real shipping costs, when they are "free"

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>waiting for the sale to buy some stuff
>plummeting AUD outpaces sale prices
Are there any local sources for IEMs and TWS?

>> No.75213220

Where's the sale/anniversary discount? Everything I look at is the exact same price.

>> No.75213429

4chan is /pol/

>> No.75213457

i bet he didn't send anything and this is just an automated reply from the guard bots at the great firewall

>> No.75213816

vpn + stream music

>> No.75214386

Easy enough to dispute/ask for a refund with the 'shipment cancelled by seller' message. Got my refund accepted in ~1.5 hours. Fully refunded in 3 days.

>> No.75214447

I can add to this, my 'shipment was cancelled by the seller' order was bought with standard aliexpress shipping. When I disputed it, because of the shipping method aliexpress stepped straight in and refunded me, the seller didn't even get a look in.

>> No.75214453

Installed a satellite on my roof for the quarantine. The guy that installed the satellite gave me a crappy receiver that doesn't even support 4k channels (but at least unlocks locked channels).

What satellite receiver do I buy during this sale on AliExpress? So far ZGEMMA H9S got my attention. Supports 4k channel and a bunch of emulators for unlocking the channels. Any other recommendations?

>> No.75214488

>Any other recommendations?
kys dumb faggot

>> No.75214515


Mostly Qotom mini server boxes in bulk.

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Holy shit what has this board come to
I can't tell if you're just pretending to be retarded or you're the real deal

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Can anyone recommend a cheap chink VR headset for porn, or are they all shit?

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