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Because he's the reason why nobody takes FOSS seriously.

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I thought that it was because of the trannys.

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>richard strawman
>rinux installman
>mycomputer stalledman

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he's a literally commy retard

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He does everything he can to avoid going deeper on his beliefs. He makes the Free Software Movement look like a communist idea. This ruins its marketability and hurts the people that support it for other reasons.

>> No.75137023

fp - as always - bp.

>> No.75137222

He tries way too hard to be this "Jesus figure" of computers. No one takes him seriously. Fucking Jews always want to be regarded as gods in everything for some reason.

>> No.75137277

He's the reason FOSS exists in the first place.

>> No.75137291

So you mean literally helping proprietary software by handing out code that can legally be used in the botnet? No thanks.

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Users of software have the right to control it.

>> No.75137337

no, the one who wrote it has the right to control it
if you don't like how they go about it, don't use it

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>Zoomer detected

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>you're not free to make your own code available for others to use as they wish
Freedom means you can't dictate to anyone
Yes, as it creates safer products for everyone

>> No.75137437

>If users are denied control of the software they run on their own machines, the developer has unjust power over them.
it's completely just. their power is justified because it comes from knowledge
>And when they develop a free software replacement that respects the users' freedom, you cry about it, defeated.
why do you assume so much about me? i don't hate FOSS, i use a lot of gnu programs on a day-to-day basis. i just don't like the sort of moral pandering rms uses. he thinks you are evil for exercising your intellectual property rights in different way than he approves. both developers who do and developers who don't release their source code are completely justified in their own decisions.

>> No.75137758

>software is under GPL
>corporate doesnt use it (lets assume they respect the license)
>hire pajeets to do the same thing, but worse
>everyone loses, except of the pajeets (which arguably also lose in the future too)

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